80 Best Websites for Boredom

The amount of content available online is more than enough to cure boredom may it be video streaming platforms or social media, but these platforms too get redundant over time. Websites for boredom include everything from fun websites games to the useless web. Some of these websites do not even make sense as to why they exist but you will definitely have a few giggles.

80 best websites for boredom

Best Websites for Boredom

Today we are going to explore 80 such websites including fun games, random website generator, useless websites and websites related to all sorts of genre you could think of in your mind. Some of these might make your day and some might make you question what you are even doing so choose your options wisely.

1. MapCrunch

mapcrunch | The useless web and websites for boredom

Mapcrunch is the most random websites for its features to take you to random maps on google maps and all you have to do is just enjoy the scenic of the locations.

2. Plasma Globe

plasma globe This is what happens when you combine biology with virtual reality. All you have to do is stretch out the color from the center to the plasma globe boundaries.

3. This Is Sand

this is sand

This is sand might be best websites for boredom because this one is much more capable of making you remember your childhood when all you did was create sand structures.

4. Pug in Rug

pug in rug | The useless web and websites for boredom

Pug in rug gives you the opportunity to honor the pug for as long as you want.to get to higher positions in the eyes of the pug.

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5. Corndogoncorndog


Corndogoncorndog exactly summarizes the level of the uselessness of this website. Here all you get is a stationary image of a corn dog on a corn dog with the same music playing in the background for as long as you wish to stay here.

6. Binary Music Player

Binary Music Player

A Binary Music Player would play notes on each specific 1 and remain silent on each specific 0. While the app seems to be useless but at least it lets you can make some changes to the music tones that enter your ear.

7. Find the Invisible cow

invisible cow

The useless web has the invisible cow that helps you waste your time in a great way by testing your hearing skills. All you do is Find the Invisible cow to play this fun websites games by listening to its moo.

8. Everyday I’m

everyday i am | The useless web and websites for boredom

Hustlin’ is the GenZ word for hardworking life but with its own disco vibe the website provides you with the three keywords Everyday I’m hustling on repeat.

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9. Papertoilet

paper toilet

Yeah, the name might put you off for a bit, but Papertoilet is a total timepass with you rolling the toilet paper in and out with you never realizing how useless it is.

10. Make Everything OK

make everything ok

If are you feeling a bit low then what you might need is a simple yet truthful message that is provided by Make Everything OK. Try it once maybe it will change your perception of life.

11. Falling Guy

falling guy

Feeling done with helping people get up so just try to help this Falling Guy to fall further. It is on the cursor of your mouse that will decide the fate and level of his fall.

12. Ffffidget


Are you a little late to the craze of fidget spinning day in and day out then you must try out Ffffidget an amazing virtual fidget spinner that operates on the swirls of your mouse.

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13. Endless Horse

endless horse

The name of this website might have given all information to we are sure you will still want to visit Endless Horse once to reach its end. It is still not confirmed if it is really websites for boredom.

14. HackerTyper

hacker typer

Everyone in their childhood might have had a dream of becoming a hacker in their life by getting inspired by spy movies. HackerTyper on the useless web gives you a chance to procrastinate in real.

15. Shut Up and Take My Money

shut up and take my money

Shut up and take my money is kind of online store but it just redirects you to other shopping platforms if you want to buy some weird yet best seller stuff.

16. Patience Is a Virtue

paitience is a virtue | The useless web and websites for boredom

Patience Is a Virtue might not be good to reveal how will this app increase your patience level but please do visit it if you want to test your patience.

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17. Always Judge a Book by Its Cover

always judge a book by its cover

If you are so dedicated to search some useless things, then this website might be a treasure trove for you. You might be inclined towards the phrase Always Judge a Book by Its Cover after going through this.

18. Bury Me with My Money

Bury Me with My Money

It might not be the Ancient Egypt times but people in this generation still dream of Bury Me with My Money then please help this little guy to get buried.

19. Smash the Walls

Smash the Walls

If breaking apart fragile walls is your nature, then trying Smash the Walls is quite necessary for you.

20. Jackson Pollock

jackson pollock | The useless web and websites for boredom

Named after one the greatest American abstract painter Jackson Pollock truly deserves a chance to ooze out art from you and don’t forget to click to change colors.

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21. Check Box Olympics

check box olympics

Feel like competing in a race but do not feel like going out then just go to Check Box Olympics and compete in the fun websites games hundred-meter race.

22. Drawing Garden

drawing garden

Set up your garden games has been one of the favorite genre for a lot of peeps in their childhood so Drawing Garden brings to you that fun in a miniature setting.

23. TryPap


Doesn’t matter if you have In-laws or not, TryPap will tell you what they could say when you ask for their help in making a password. This is a good websites for boredom.

24. RGB


Another useless music website where all that you do is hover your mouse over the three letters RGB and different music plays on each one of them.

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25. The Zen Zone

the zen zone

The Zen Zone is developed by Tim Holman and has got three games named Swirl, Switch, and Break. This one will definitely increase your concentration power.

26. Chris McKenzie

Chris McKenzie | The useless web and websites for boredom

Doesn’t matter if anyone gets happy when they see you but with Chris McKenzie, you are rest assured that this cube will get happy seeing your cursor.

27. Random Color

random color

What can be more useless than to see a static color wallpaper that doesn’t even change yes Random Color gives you a chance to change color by refreshing the website.

28. Cat Bounce

cat bounce

Cat Bounce might be the earliest of random websites with an interface that is surely going to make you question what is even happening on your computer screen and do not forget Make It Rain feature.

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29. I Has a Bucket

i has a bucket

Inspired from the famous meme I Has a Bucket seem to be on the top of the list of the useless web but at least you will get to see this epic meme.

30. Pointer Pointer

pointer pointer | The useless web and websites for boredom

Are you a little unsure of where your computer mouse pointer is then pointer pointer might be of great help to you with a lot of smiles.

31. Koalas to the Max

koalas to the max

Revealing the koala by moving your mouse pointer is all that you have to do in the Koala to the Max.

32. I am a Ninja

i am ninja

The Uselessness of this website can only be measured by trying out I am a Ninja and find out where the ninja is hiding.

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33. Partridge Gets Lucky

partridge gets lucky

Partridge gets lucky is one of the clips from the show I am Alan Partridge where the star dances to some music. It is one of those websites for boredom.

34. Lacquer Lacquer

Lacquer Lacquer

Putting on nail polish might be a little laborious task but with Lacquer Lacquer you can enjoy this task virtually.

35. Doughnut Kitten

doughnut kitten | The useless web and websites for boredom

Everyone likes cute cat and who does not like doughnuts, well at doughnut kitten you get both with a dash of rainbow.

36. Crouton


If you have a bown filled with hot piping soup then here is a crouton for you.

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37. Potato or Tomato

potato or tomato

Who does not like quizzes, but this one quiz called Potato or Tomato might intrigue you to question how useless is this website.

38.Strobe Illusion

strobe illusion

Illusions never get old and Strobe Illusion will change your world to appear to warp and distorted but do not use this if you are sensitive to flashing lights.

39. This is not a Jump Scare

this is not a jump scare | The useless web and websites for boredom

This is not a Jump Scare totally goes with the title of the website because it does not scare you at all but no one can predict future so do use this one at your own risk.

40. Scroll 0 Meter Club

scroll to the max

Live to run is talk of the past with this fun websites games you live to scroll and get to be a part of the zero-meter club

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41. Trash Loop

trash loop

How is your throw of trash into the dustbin. If you want to test the same just go for Trash Loop and make your best shot.

42. Space is Cool

space is cool | The useless web and websites for boredom

Want to have a little idea of how does space works and especially how the earth rotates around sun then Space is cool is the best learning yet useless site

43. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

do nothing for 2 minutes

Have you got the patience to sit and do nothing for 2 minutes then this one is a great platform to test yourself. This one is an opposite replica of websites for boredom.

44. One Million Lols

one million lols

One million lols claims to have written Lol a million times. Well, who has got so much time to verify maybe you should go and confirm the lols. It is indeed on top of the useless web list.

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45. Chillest Monkey

chillest monkey | The useless web and websites for boredom

Chillest monkey is the go to website when you don’t have anything to do that you are even ready to chill with a monkey on the useless web.

46. Zoom Quilt

zoom quilt

There is no end to the point of how immersive can an image be and with zoom quilt, you get to experience how great this is as websites for boredom.

47. Bouncing DVD Logo

bouncing dvd logo

Every 90s kid might have remembered that dodging the logo as a screensaver and bouncing the DVD logo will provide you with a rush of all those old memories from your childhood.

48. Yeah Lemons

yeah lemons | The useless web and websites for boredom

Yeah, lemons are costly but this is one of the random websites where you will find abundant of them without bearing the brunt of those dollars.

49. Chihuahua Spin

chihuahua spin

Is there anything more useless than watching a Chihuahua Spin and testing how many spins can you stay in with him.

50. Dad Laugh Button

dad laugh button

Are you missing your dad’s laugh then Dad Laugh Button is what you should press. The button has already been pressed a hundred million times so go and make your contribution.

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51. Shruggie Face

shruggie face

It might have been a hundred times that you might have sent a Shruggie face to someone but do you know how it is constructed so go and test yourself on this website.

52. Looped For Infinity

looped for infinity | The useless web and websites for boredom

May it be candies, safety pins, or capsules everything on looped for infinity, everything goes in a circle but do remain a little cautious as it might make your mind boggle a bit.

53. Remoji

remoji | The useless web and websites for boredom

Well, this one might be a cherry on top websites for boredom for peeps in love with every new and rare emoji as here at Remoji you can create all sorts of trails with an abundance of emojis.

54. Check Box Race

check box race

This too is one of the time-bound fun websites games where all you have to do is make up good speed at clicking the mouse for a check box race and let’s see how fast you are with clicks.


long dodge challenge

Too much clicking might have bored you a bit so why don’t try out some scrolling on LONG DOGE CHALLENGE to collect the maximum number of wows to increase your score on the useless web.

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56. Eel Slap

eel slap | The useless web and websites for boredom

Feel like slapping someone yeah we all have that feeling but an Eel slap can do that for you too with help of an eel so that your hand doesn’t get hurt.

57. Mondrian and Me

mondrian and me

If you are done with abstract painting, then abstract lines drawn by your mouse click on Mondrian and me might interest you a lot.

58. Cursor Effects

cursor effects | The useless web and websites for boredom

Want to have some fun with your mouse swirls then cursor effects might be a great website for you. Also, you can change the effect pattern with the click of your mouse.

59. Move Now Think Later

Move Now Think Later | The useless web and websites for boredom

It takes a lot of time to think about your next strategy and act upon it but with Move Now Think Later you just sit back and enjoy the game taking place on the screen of your computer.

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60. Staggering Beauty

staggering beauty

Staggering beauty might be completely opposite to what the name suggests because of its unimaginable shape and don’t forget to move your mouse at a slightly higher pace to enjoy the website to the fullest.

61. Is My Computer On

is my computer on

Are you a little unsure about your computer status then is my computer on can do a wonderful job at wasting your time to tell you the simple answer yes.

62. I am Awesome

i am awesome

After computer now let’s go on to your awesomeness with I am Awesome which shall tell you if it is true or it is true because you don’t have a choice.

63. Corgi Orgy

Corgi Orgy | The useless web and websites for boredom

Who is not aware of the famous Corgi Orgy now at these websites for boredom you get him everywhere on the screen and if that is not enough then a bigger gif file is waiting to enter your computer screen.

64. I am Ninja

I am Ninja

Yeah, many of us might have dreamt about being a ninja in our childhood, and just if you are unsure if you have made it or not then do visit I am Ninja for the same.

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65. Ten Cents

ten cents

It is the most wonderful site for whosoever in their lifetime haven’t seen a One dime coin or ten cents

66. Cross Divisions

Cross Divisions | The useless web and websites for boredom

This site can make any person a bit trippy with its cross-division illusion that changes with every click of your mouse.

67. Yes No If

yesnoif | The useless web and websites for boredom

Prisms are one of the most interesting objects on this planet and yesnoif gives you an inside image as you get lost in the depth of the light coming out of prisms that you can create with the click of your mouse on this useless web.

68. Is it White

is it white | The useless web and websites for boredom

It is sometimes difficult to decipher the color of the screen you are watching. On the Is it White Random websites try to guess the color and if it feels hard then just double click on the screen.

69. Pixels Fighting

pixels fighting

We all have seen living beings fight but pixels fighting gives you the experience of pixels on your computer screen fighting till the last breath making this a must-visit on the useless web.

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70. OMFG Dogs

omfg dogs | The useless web and websites for boredom

Dogs most often bark but at OMFG Dogs you see them only running with mini video game-like music playing in the background.

71. Existential Crisis

existential crisis

We at least once do face an existential crisis in our life and this website is great at worsening it by informing us that you are alone here.

72. Not Day of the Week

not day of the week | The useless web and websites for boredom

We often ask each other what day is it today but a simple solution to this is rephrasing it to what is not the day of the week and this website will tell you the correct answer every single time.

73. AM I Alright

I am Alright website for boredom | The useless web and websites for boredom

Am I Alright is our go-to question whenever something bad happens to us. At that moment we do try to find an answer which is easily available on this websites for boredom so do next time try it out.

74. Buzzy Buzz

Buzzy Buzz

Remember those old simple graphics that everyone in their childhood might have got to experience then buzzy buzz will bring back your memories in your search for the useless web.

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75. Great Big Nothing

grat big nothing

There might only be one thing in this whole wide world that is great big nothing at the same time and if you have still not guessed it now then please do visit this website.

76. Random Colour

random color

This is where you can’t guess the next color that is going to pop up on your screen. All you have to do is reload the page and a new random color will appear.

77. Weird or Confusing

wierd or confusing | The useless web and websites for boredom

This is one of those useless and yet interesting random website generator where Weird or Confusing can redirect you to an online shopping site where you find things you might not have seen in your entire life.

78. What’s my Starbucks Name

what's my starbucks name

This website named What’s my Starbucks name is capable of revealing your name but not the true one the one you are called in Starbucks.

79. The Useless Web

the useless web

The Useless Web is a random website generator which means it redirects to some different kind of random website when you click on the Please button.

80. Shut Up and Take My Money

shut up and take my money | The useless web and websites for boredom

Shut up and take my money is kind of online store but it just redirects you to other shopping platforms if you want to buy some weird yet best seller stuff.


We hope that this doc could guide you on best websites for boredom. If you have any queries or, suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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