24 Best Free Typing Software for PC

Communication is the essence of life. It can be verbal or written. In today’s times, typing is a must-have fundamental skill to help improve and manage time. In the good old days, written/typed communication was only limited to stenographers, secretaries, and typists working in various departments.  With the advent of computers, the scenario has drastically changed, today. Most communication is exchanged between people through touch typing. We have shown the list of best typing software for PC in this article. So, continue reading to know free typing software!

24 Best Free Typing Software for PC

24 Best Free Typing Software for PC

Let us know what touch typing is:

  • Touch typing means typing on a keyboard using your fingers and without looking at the keys.
  •  A dedicated person will most probably learn and can become a good touch typist within one week.
  • The average typing speed is considered to be 41 words per minute, with professional typing speed going to 65 to 95 words per minute with some advanced typists going up to 120 words per minute.
  • In typing, whether in Hindi or English, or any other language, accuracy, and speed are key elements to master.

Derived from AI-based unique algorithms the best typing software for PC, also known as typing tutor software, is available both for Mac as well as Windows users. The following is the list of the best typing software for PC free download Windows 10:

1. Rapid Typing Tutor

Rapid Typing Tutor. Best Free Typing Software for PC

RapidTyping Tutor software is considered to be one of the best typing software for Windows PC. Using minimum system resources, it is used as a guidance tool by teachers because of the following special features:

  • It provides extensive training statistics and separate lessons for basic typing, shift keys, digit keys, and numeric keys.
  • It enables you to change the in-built lessons and configure your keyboard using customized TXT files
  • It displays your typing skills in the form of graphs enabling you to view the results at any time.
  • Due to its inherent colorful appearance and themes, it is easily understood by children.
  • It has a multi-lingual interface supporting 24 different languages. 
  • It enables remote monitoring and does not require to be installed within a local area network.
  • It can be copied in a USB stick to be used on any number of computers, anywhere and everywhere without installing on individual devices.
  • It offers a host of special features like typing tutor, touch typing, typing tests, and a variety of typing games for kids and adults alike, based on their skills.
  • It displays moving hands over the keyboard that direct which finger to move for pressing the required key, to help simplify your typing.
  • It is easy to operate and helps you get rid of typing mistakes and improve your typing skills.
  • It offers three different courses and test modules for beginners, Intermediates, and professional users to test their skills.
  • It supports a portable version and the virtual keyboard is compatible with different types of keyboard layouts like QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, etc.
  • It supports all major platforms including Windows OS.

The drawback of this tool which users have been complaining about is the prevalence of grammatical errors and typing mistakes in the Advanced levels of the software. This has raised a lot of concern amongst students and typists of rewriting the already pre-written paragraphs in the text.

Its different keyboard layouts are oriented more for institutional use rather than individual use which can be quite confusing at times. It may take a certain amount of time to get used to them. On the whole, barring the above weaknesses, it is still rated to be amongst the best typing software for PCs.

2. KeyBlaze


KeyBlaze is the typing software designed to make you a typing master. It is one of the best Free Typing Software for PCs because of the following features it incorporates:

  • It helps to improve your typing speed by setting a goal of the number of words per minute.
  • It enables you to keep a track of both gross and net words per minute speed.
  • It teaches you how to correctly place your fingers on the keyboard for ease of operation.
  • It takes regular tests of your skills to check your progress maintaining a record of your typing scores, right from day one.
  • It also plots your progress with the help of graphs keeping you updated on your improvements.
  • It is easy to operate and helps improve your skills through short 20 minutes duration fun-filled dictation exercises and typing games.
  • It has several built-in audio files to help you practice if you are learning for dictation purposes to become an efficient stenographer, typist, or a transcript converting a live or recorded speech into a written/electronic text document.
  • It supports multiple keyboard layouts like US English, UK English, Dvorak, German, and many more.
  • The free version of this typing software works best with both Mac as well as Windows operating systems.
  • It enables schools and institutions to custom-designed the typing curriculum for their students as per their own set of goals and requirements.
  • It is not only suitable for beginners but is also helpful for professional writers, secretaries, marketers, and those keen on improving their typing speed.
  • It also notifies any typing mistakes through the use of sound or color highlighting.
  • It issues a printable certificate after completing the full course, for your future reference and use.

The drawback of this software is that in its free version the software gets locked after using it a few times. It then prompts for online purchase of its paid version at $12.99 for home users and $14.99 for commercial users. However, to continue re-using the free application, you need to re-install it again and again as and when you want to use it. 

Its user interface is also not very galvanic and looks dull as it has not been updated for a long time, by its developers. All-in-all, the software is appropriate for adults already in typing business but is not very alluring for kids or novices looking to improve their touch-typing skills.

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Typing Master. Best Free Typing Software for PC

Typing Master is the software that has maintained its position as one of the best Typing Software in the list of the Best Typing Software for PC due to the following merits:

  • It teaches how to learn typing without even looking at the keyboard, in a very systematic and planned way.
  • It not only helps in improving your word per minute typing speed but enables you to double it.
  • It is available to download free of cost and enables you to analyze and check your typing accuracy.
  • Its web-based, user-friendly, customizable interface provides a modular teaching approach with more than 10 hours of interactive lessons providing a fun-loaded learning experience.
  • It is the most mature tool and is considered to be one of the best type training software for beginners of all ages enabling them to become masters at keyboard handling, once trained.
  • It is also one of the best wpm test tools that enable to assess of the text entry or typing skills of prospective candidates to ensure that they are at par with the recruitment needs of your business.
  • The typing tests provide real-time analytics accepted by numerous organizations all over the world.
  • It also has a separate, independent typing games section that offers a host of top-notch fun typing games that not only help relieve boredom in free time but also help in enhancing typing skills.
  • It is compatible with the Windows OS.

One of the drawbacks of this software is that it is not compatible with units working on the Mac OS. Secondly, the user interface is not very intuitive and is dull and outdated following an old-school design language that might not be very appealing and may seem boring to many users, as on date.

In spite of the above shortcoming, the free version is highly accepted and suits the needs and requirements of most users. It is currently being used and relied upon without any doubt by more than three million users across the world.

Besides the free version of the software, it also offers lifetime Standard and the Premium pro versions at an affordable price for those interested in working with them.

4. Typing.com


Typing.com is one of the best typing software for PC and laptops due to the below-mentioned merits it holds for making typing look like a child’s play for one and all:

  • It teaches you keyboarding i.e. how to correctly place your fingers on the keyboard for better keyboard management.  
  • It provides valuable technological fundamentals to help improve your wpm typing speed and accuracy. 
  • It is in itself a full school and district administration tool providing digital literacy through basic computer knowledge. 
  • It provides necessary coding techniques and typing fundamentals both in English and Spanish languages.
  • It provides interactive customizable lessons, tests, and games and is a one-stop solution for those who want to learn typing while gaming.
  • It enables SSO i.e. Single sign-on, a user authentication service, that teaches online behavior and enables one set of login credentials like Username and password to access multiple applications and remain safe while working on the web.
  • It provides Standardized preparation methods and the one-minute, three-minute, and five-minute testing techniques to check the progress of your typing skills and monitors performance levels. 

Besides the free version, it is also available for download from the Typing.com website at a nominal monthly cost of $3.79 per student.

Though it is one of the most popular online tools to be considered in the list of the best Free Typing Software for PCs it has a limited number of lessons and as such may not be very helpful for the advanced user limiting its usage to beginners and typing novices only.

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5. RataType


Ratatype is an online typing tutorial tool considered the best free Typing Software for PCs due to the below-mentioned rationales:

  • It has a simple, cool, and intuitive interface that works directly from the web and does not need to be installed on your PC.
  • Its color-coded keyboard focuses on the movement of the fingers of your hand to press each key of the keyboard.
  • Its clean and modern design offers over a dozen free typing lessons to learn touch typing rather than focusing on the layout of the keyboard.
  • It is multi-lingual and offers short typing tests to monitor your progress in terms of speed and accuracy.
  • It’s uncomplicated, a no-limits feature that helps compete with other learners online and records the results for future analysis and improvements.
  • It enables you to make a group of your friends, classmates, and co-workers to encourage healthy competition. 
  • It offers several typing tips helping you to learn touch typing and develop valuable keyboarding skills.
  • It provides a personal typing certificate for outstanding typing speed on successful completion of your training needs and goals.
  • It supports the Windows OS.

The only shortcoming of this software is that the tests for checking the typing/stenography skills of a typist are of very short duration. Secondly, the software does not permit skipping to advanced lessons before having a complete grasp of the required preliminaries. It also does not offer a large number of features like the numerous other alternative software.

6. Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor. 24 Best Free Typing Software for PC

Klavaro touch typing software is considered to be a free Typing Software and a simple tool for PCs due to the below-mentioned merits:

  • It supports customizable keyboards allowing you to edit and save new, unknown multi-keyboard layouts.
  • It is multi-lingual supporting various typing languages including Urdu from the dropdown menu. 
  • This solid structured free typing software accepts external text and offers four different learning modules, exercises, and courses based on the expertise of an individual.
  • It is clutter-free and has a clean, straightforward graphical user interface that identifies the drawbacks and displays your daily progress in the form of a chart to help you know and improve upon your current status.
  • It supports multiple platforms like Windows and Linux.
  • This simple tool is best suited for computers having limited storage space and is low on specifications.
  • It is not resource-hungry software but is a flexible touch-typing tutor that can run as an online game with the only aim to improve your keyboard’s typing adaptability, velocity, and fluidity.

Because of the above traits, we can easily say that this software is loaded with a lot of features and is best suited for professionals and beginners alike, in acquiring the latest touch typing skills. 

However, the biggest deal breaker and a major shortcoming of this free typing software are that it lacks videos and animations, which is a pretty common feature in almost all other tools, as of today.

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7. Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer is considered as one of the best free typing programs and an online trainer for Windows due to the following hallmarks listed below:

  • It provides a simple on-screen keyboard motoric warm-up tool and modules for numbers, symbols, speed building, etc enabling you to double your speed and keyboarding skills in just a few hours.
  • It provides a short warm-up crash course and exercises with over 700+ typing activities and detailed reports to help you practice, learn and review your touch typing techniques. 
  • It also provides a unique Typing Analyzer tool that analyzes your day-to-day typing and identifies keys that repeatedly cause hardships and difficulties.
  • It supports Window OS.
  • This free typing trainer software for PC provides Text drills and various words that help to increase your typing speed.

It provides a lot of advice that enables you to learn a lot. The only limitation of this software is that it lacks an effective testing module due to which the user faces lots of difficulties in checking the daily job activities which have been completed.

8. TypingClub

Typing Club. Best Free Typing Software for PC

Typing club is a web-based free typing tool that is considered one of the best typing software for PCs due to the following advantages:

  • It is a cost-free Google product tailor-made for individuals as well as teachers.
  • It offers multiple tools that help build your memory and keep you motivated.
  • It is a multi-lingual software providing 100% online support for different languages like English, German, French, and many more.
  • It features a proper hand posture guide to see the correct hand posture on the keys as you type.
  • Its voice-over feature enables you to read out every word loudly as you type.
  • It offers Levels, Badges, and Stars to students as rewards as they climb up the ladder to attain new heights.
  • It offers Mobile apps to teachers to help them design lessons for students.
  • It is highly interactive software offering a wide range of games, videos, and discrete typing challenges.
  • Its school edition with advanced features enables teachers to view the past performance and monitor the progress of the students in the class. 

In spite of the many positives, it also has its share of shortcomings. Users complain of goals that are difficult to meet without cheating and the use of inappropriate means makes them lose interest in the application. 

They also lament that its free version has a lot of ads which can be dissuading and time-wasting. They also feel that the software does not differentiate between persons of different age groups and intellect, offering the same set of lessons for one and all.

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9. MaxType PRO

MaxType PRO Typing Tutor

MaxType pro software is considered in the list of the Best Typing Software for PCs due to the below-mentioned reasons:

  • It is completely free and you don’t need to shell out a single penny from your pocket to use this software.
  • It offers multi-functional typing interfaces that help to learn typing with six different modes.
  • Its uniqueness lies in the fact it enables a multi-user interface implying that the same software can be used by other members of the family also, on the same PC, having their password-protected profiles.
  • It enables each user to make his profile as per his customized settings with its independent visual analytics and statistics.
  • It supports several European keyboard layouts like German, French, Russian, and many more.
  • Its user interface offers a lot of practical sessions and supports a lot of graphical elements that plot your progress with the help of graphs enabling you to gauge your performance to quickly become proficient in using the application.
  • It offers typing tests using virtual components that only exist inside the assembly and not physically on the hard drive. 
  • It offers practical sessions and records your keystrokes while typing maintaining a unique daily and weekly reporting feature that monitors your learning curve so that your level of typing is increased from a beginner to the advanced level in the shortest possible time duration.
  • It also supports a network challenge mode enabling you to compete against other real-time typists, all over the world.
  • It also offers many fun mini-games for beginners so that they don’t feel bored and enjoy while they learn. 

The word Pro in its name gives a feeling that it is only for use of Professional typists, secretaries, and stenographers. Undoubtedly so, being a slightly complex tool it is a little bit difficult to use for the beginner who has just started to learn typing. Secondly, being a relatively older tool it is found to have some compatibility issues if you want to use this on any system working with the latest Windows 10 OS.  

10. Type Faster

Type Faster

Type Faster is another quite popular tool since the Windows 98 era and is still considered in the list the best Free Typing Software for Windows PC due to the following arguments in its favor:

  • It enables you to learn typing quickly in just 15 practice sessions.
  • It enables you to increase or decrease the font size as per your requirement.
  • It can be customized to keep a track of the progress of your students.
  • It is easy to install and supports 14 different languages including Spanish, British as well as American English, and more.
  • It detects the weakest keys and types using the required finger without damaging the keyboard. 
  • It offers the choice of single and multi-user options being popular amongst coaches, teachers, office goers, stenographers, and other people whose job involves typing on computers.
  • It includes an addictive, straightforward three-dimensional word game combined with a retro-fitting jet.
  • It enables you to tracks your usage pattern, teach, takes exams, and improve your typing skills while you play.

The user interface of this application, as also mentioned earlier, belongs to the Windows 98 era giving it a feel of the 1990s. The major drawback of this tool is that it lacks regular updates and is currently not under development.

Despite the above drawback, it is a greatly recommended software that incorporates a lot of futuristic novel features making it highly compatible with modern computers that run on the latest, state-of-the-art, Windows 10 operating systems. 

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11. Touch Typing Study

Touch Typing Study. Best Free Typing Software for PC

Touch Typing Study is an easy to use and free typing software considered in the list of the Best Typing Software for PCs due to the below-mentioned reasons:

  • It enables you to learn 15 free typing lessons to improve your typing or data entry speed and accuracy.
  • The lessons are taught in multiple languages and you can choose the language of your choice that you find is most comfortable for you to understand and follow.
  • These typing lessons are broken down into different subheadings so that you can forego the topic you are already familiar with and work on those sub-headings you feel you are weak in and need to put in more effort, for better functioning.
  • It offers you the choice of multiple keyboard layouts as per your comfort and ease of working.
  • It has on offer a wide range of games to play while you learn.
  • It helps improves your touch typing skill using the muscle memory concept, a form of procedural memory method, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of a particular movement without any conscious thought and effort.
  • It also enables you to test and evaluate the progress in your typing skills with the help of speed tests.
  • It is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac OS.

It only offers text lessons through written instructions and does not provide any audio or video presentations. Some users consider this concept of teaching in black and white as a drawback, which may not be so for others, as it is purely an individual choice.

12. Speed Typing Online

Speed Typing Online


Speed Typing Online is another typing tutor that maintains its place in the list of the best free Typing Software for PC due to the following merits and advantages:

  • This is free-to-use online typing software offering 17 typing lessons that allow you to learn all the letters on the keyboard to help improve your data entry speed and accuracy.
  • It is customizable, offering the choice of two lesson formats i.e. classic lessons and advanced lessons depending on your typing proficiency as a new hand at the game or an experienced user.
  • The best part of this online application is that this typing tutor automatically suggests to you which lessons you have to work on next, for your betterment depending on your existing skills and mastery.
  • It enables you to customize the length of all lessons depending on whether you are a novice or an experienced hand.
  • It enables you to set your own typing goals in terms of your target speed and accuracy.
  • It also has on offers a broad range of test rounds and saves the reports to enable you to monitor your progress from time to time.
  • It is compatible with the Windows platform.

The only drawback of this typing software is that not anyone and everyone can use it and have access to its tutorials or save the available lessons for future reference unless you are registered with it. All-in-all, it is considered to be one of the best typing software for beginners but not a very helpful application for the advanced user.

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13. The Vehicles Typing

The Vehicles Typing

Vehicles Typing is a typing tool considered to be suitable only for kids and beginners and it maintains its place in the list of the best typing software for PCs due to the following traits:

  • It is free to download with in-app purchases supporting animations of ten popular vehicles including cars, trains, airplanes, and ships.
  • It has on offer more than 30 lessons with hints for the keys to be pressed, to help you type just a single word or a complete sentence.
  • It enables you to transform some of the vehicles into monsters, depending on the user’s wish
  • It enables to switch between three users. 
  • It supports the iOS platform based on Mac OS which runs Apple’s desktop and laptop computers, iPhones, iPods, and other Apple mobile devices.
  • The best part of this software application is that it does not support any ads saving time and memory space.

As stated earlier it has its biggest limitation of being suitable only for kids and beginners. It is such a good learning tool for the novices but is of no importance for the professional typist, stenographer, clerk, or executive secretary in an office. 

14. Typing Bolt

Typing Bolt. Best Free Typing Software for PC

Typing Bolt is an online web typing tutor tool considered in the list of the best Free Typing Software for PC due to the following reasons:

  • It is AI-based online typing software that enables you to learn touch typing based on which finger one should use to type each letter.
  • Its user interface with the help of your keystroke dynamics enables you to understand the typing pattern of your index finger.
  • Its user-friendly interface offers real-time statistics of your performance using graphical representations and other multiple unique algorithms. 
  • It studies your typing patterns offering customized typing courses for enhancing your typing skills, automatically managing your difficulty levels to obtain better results.
  • It issues a certificate of achievement once you attain the required professional level skills to show to your customers for employment purposes. 

All-in-all, it is a beginner-friendly application that helps new users quickly learn the tricks of the trade to become accurate and high-speed professional typists or stenographers.

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15. Typing Fingers LT

Typing Fingers LT

Typing Fingers LT is a free typing app that is considered in the list of the Free Typing Software for PC for

the following reasons:

  • It is an interactive software application that helps make typing a fun activity.
  • It makes use of modern technology and the latest teaching methods to help you type accurately without having to look at the keyboard.
  • It is an ideal software for homeschooling offering US/EN QWERTY keyboard layout.
  • Its user interface is beautifully designed with a piece of soft music playing in the background, making typing a fun experience.
  • It also has on offers typing games to enable you to learn while you play. 
  • This Symmetric super-learning software is supported by Windows 10 and Mac Operating Systems.
  • It also forwards support to Android as well as iOS devices.

Once having acquired all the skills and successful completion of the course by anybody, may he be a kid or an adult; it gives a Typing Fingers Diploma accordingly. 

16. KTouch Typing Tutor

KTouch Typing Tutor. Best Free Typing Software for PC

KTouch Typing Tutor is an open-source software to be considered in the list of the best typing software for PCs due to the following merits:

  • It is a lightweight application available for use with the Linux operating system only.
  • It displays the keyboard enabling you to learn touch typing step by step indicating which finger to be used to press a specific key. 
  • It helps you to collect comprehensive statistical information offering more than twelve courses in many different languages.
  • It supports only Linux OS.

Its major drawback is that it is available for use on the Linux OS and is not compatible with Windows or Mac OS. It is, without an iota of doubt, considered to be one of the best lightweight tools to have for people working on the Linux OS.

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17. GNU Typist

GNU Typist

GNU Typist also termed as gtypist, is considered in the list of the best typing software for PC due to the following reasons indicated below:

  • This is an open-source application that helps you acquire good typing skills in the minimum possible time.
  • It is an authorized GNU software released under the GNU General Public License.
  • It is packed with hundreds of typing lessons, exercises, tests, etc to help you to improve your typing skills through daily practice on your device, whether it be a PC or a laptop.
  • It is available in multiple languages and offers tutorials in the language you are comfortable in i.e. Czech, English, Russian, German, French, Norwegian, and even Spanish, and even has easy exercises in German, French, and even Norwegian, for testing your learning’s.
  • It supports multiple keyboard layouts like Qwerty, Dvorak, and Colemak keyboards.
  • It enables you to modify any existing tutorials or make new ones depending on your needs and requirements.
  • It is compatible with Windows.

This software helps you to acquire the best typing skills and improve upon them through regular practice, daily. 

18. Typing Instructor Platinum

Typing Instructor Platinum

Typing Instructor Platinum is a free typing tool that is considered in the list of the best typing software for PC due to the following reasons indicated below:

  • It helps you to learn and improve on your typing proficiency at the earliest providing immediate results.
  • It offers 20 customized lessons and even permits the user to modify the lesson as per his needs and wants.
  • It offers multi-level, multiplayer 30 different kinds of action-packed typing games to play while you learn.
  • Besides games, it also has on offer dictations, drills, 250+ magazine articles, and challenges for its users.
  • It is free to download and is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, OS X.
  • Besides the free trial, it also offers a fully paid version at $29.99.

This software is an efficient mix of education and entertainment and is considered as one of the best typing software for Windows PC users who are interested to learn typing on the double.

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19. Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard

Bruce's Unusual Typing Wizard

Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard is again free of cost typing software that helps in learning the art of typing from a basic level and is considered in the list of the best typing software due to its following merits:

  • It is a multi-user application supporting a lot of novice and advanced users, having different skill levels, at the same time.
  • It has been developed with more significance on the tutorials rather than its aesthetics.
  • It enables the user to customize his lessons and practice sessions according to his typing needs and wants.
  • Its advanced algorithms analyze your keystrokes and guide you on how best to position your fingers while typing.
  • It offers a few typing games that enable you to judge your typing skills as well as enjoy and have fun while at the work.
  • It is a 500 KB tiny little package but has managed its resources very beautifully and in a very impressive manner for the low-end users.
  • Its user interface though is not all that polished but it has on offer intuitive controls with a graphical on-screen keyboard for reference sake.

It is not officially compatible with Windows 10 OS and as such is not rated to be a state-of-the-art tool for typing.

 On the whole, if we overlook this drawback, this Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard software tool is considered quite similar to other tools in the market and pretty handy software for the absolute beginner.

20. Bodie’s Typing Tutor

Bodie's Typing Tutor

Bodie’s Typing Tutor is considered in the list of the best free typing software due to the following reasons.

  • It is an easy-to-use software that is free.
  • It enables the user to start learning within a few weeks.
  • It helps in increasing the rate of typing.
  • It enables the user to learn a type of typing that a person can type without even seeing the keyboard.

Though this tool helps to ensure faster typing it has its own set of shortcomings, one has to ensure to learn it from the PC keyboard and not the mobile ones, and also to be more efficient one has to practice it daily.

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21. Kiran’s Typing Tutor

Kiran's Typing Tutor. Best Free Typing Software for PC

Kiran’s Typing Tutor, developed by Kiran Reddy, an indie developer, is considered in the list of the best typing softwares due to the following important merits it has in its kitty:

  • It is an ads-free tool providing a hassle-free one-click installation from the Microsoft Store.
  • It is not commercial software that requires you to pay any fees to download this tool.
  • It offers good and convenient lessons for all including primary school students and advanced computer institutes.
  • It has a dedicated kid typing section called Kids Typing for small kids.
  • Its theming and customization feature offers several pre-installed themes and a lot of fun games for beginners. 
  • Its statistics page provides a graphical analysis using graphs and many different types of tests, exams, and even games. It provides a helping hand to see your real-time typing speed and other analytics that help in improving you’re on-screen typing speed and accuracy.
  • It also issues a certificate once you have completed all the modules available on the sidebar.

The only drawback or weakness of this application software is that it doesn’t offer any online content which can be of any help in further extension of its functionalities.

On the whole, if we overlook the above shortcoming, we can say that this software offers great help in understanding and improving the rate of typing and precision of an individual user, daily.

Additionally, for our beloved Indian readers, we have listed some tried & tested Hindi typing software below.

22. Hindi Writer

Hindi Writer

Hindi Writer is an excellent tool that makes Hindi typing easier and is considered in the list of the best Free Typing Software for PCs due to the following reasons:

  • It does not compel you to remember any new keyboard layout.
  • It has built-in Indic language support from Windows.
  • It does not require you to upload any additional font installation and is considered the best application for Spell Check and Auto Word Lookup.
  • It supports Firefox, MS Office, and Internet Explorer besides the use of OpenOffice.org suite, Outlook, Notepad, and much more.
  • It makes use of the iTrans scheme for transliteration, which can be considered as a process that helps to convert text from one script to another.

The only deficiency or limitation of this tool is that a few characters used in this application are a bit difficult to type. 

Secondly, this software is considered to be a bit complicated while installing. The best part of this software is, as stated earlier, is that it is free to use and download from the web. 

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23. Anop Hindi Typing Tutor

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor is another Hindi typing tool that helps you improve your skills enabling you to type quickly and accurately. It is considered in the list of the best free typing software for PCs due to the following reasons:

  • It can be used offline and does not require an internet connection for running.
  • It has a nice and colorful interface that keeps you glued to the screen improving your Hindi typing speed.
  • It is the best tool for those learning Hindi typing lessons for competitive exams such as SSC and others.
  • It is considered to be one of the best tutoring tools for Kurti dev and Devlys font.

The tool is undoubtedly good software for quick learners and helps to build your speed in typing the Hindi script. Its user interface is but a bit slow and not very interactive for quick online typing. Barring this drawback, it is without any iota of doubt, considered to be one of the best Hindi typing softwares, available for use today.

24. Google Input Tool

Google Input Tool

Google Input Tool for Hindi typing is considered in the list of the best free typing Software for PCs due to the following reasons:

  • It enables you to start typing in the Input Box in languages other than Hindi too.
  • It has a streamlined, neat clean, and intuitive interface that allows you to type quickly without any difficulty.
  • It is compatible with both Android and Google Services.
  • It is also available for use of Chrome and Windows users working on the web.
  • It makes use of help text in case of any problems encountered while typing.

Though this tool helps to ensure faster typing it has its own set of snags and shortcomings. It has issues with joint words and punctuation marks. It automatically adds punctuation during dictation. Secondly, it automatically capitalizes words arbitrarily while typing without any grammatical requirement, resulting in a wastage of time and effort.

Despite the above, it is still recommended and considered to be a good Google input tool to download on your Android device or emplace its Chrome extension on the web for quick, and interactive online typing.


From the above discussion, we can say that free typing software is a must-have program for those who want to manage their computers in full capacity. Last but not the least; it can safely be concluded that the above best typing software for PC is the need of the day, for those who are interested in establishing a successful career in any work field and make typing their profession and means of livelihood. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Let us know what you want to learn about next.

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