15 Best Email Apps for Android in 2022

15 Best Email Apps for Android in 2020

Looking for the best email app for your phone? With so many options to choose, it might be confusing to select among the top 15 email apps for Android. But don’t worry, with our detailed review you can select the one which matches your particular needs.

The human brain is considered the best among all kinds of species on earth. This brain can make our imaginations run wild. Who would not want to remain in touch amongst family and friends? Everyone, whether in the official or personal arena, tries to find the best and easiest communication platform.

There are many cross-platform messaging and VOIP, i.e., Voice over IP services available, which allow people to send text and voice messages, make voice and video calls, share images, documents, and whatever we can think of. Amongst the various services, E-mail has become a very common official communication method and has taken over as the most common official and personal messaging service.

This has resulted in vast technological improvement in the E-mail communication. The year 2022 has enhanced communication technology resulting in the flooding of E-mail apps in the market. To reduce the confusion, I have tried to share the 15 best Android apps in 2022 in this discussion and hope it is helpful for one and all.

15 Best Email Apps for Android in 2020

15 Best Email Apps for Android in 2022

1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft in 2014 took over the mobile e-mail app ‘Accompli’ and refurbished and rebranded it as Microsoft Outlook app. The Microsoft Outlook app is used by millions of users worldwide to connect through E-mail with family and friends. It is an extremely popular business-focused app used by industry and other commercial establishments and their IT teams to transfer E-mails.

The focused inbox keeps important messages on top and groups the same subject emails, thereby helping in tracking the emails besides allowing the user to switch with a few taps between emails and calendars.

With a built-in analytic engine and quick swipe control, the app easily sorts out, allocates, and sends important emails across multiple accounts according to their urgency. It works flawlessly with various email accounts like Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Exchange, Outlook.com, etc. to bring your emails, contacts, etc. into easy reach.

Microsoft Outlook app is continually improving to enable you to send emails while on the move. It also manages your inbox smoothly, enabling ease of document attachments through the use of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to send files without any hassles just with a single tap.

It also safeguards your information against viruses and spams and provides advanced protection against phishing and other online threats keeping your emails and files safe. In a nutshell, the outlook express app is one of the best email apps for Android in 2021, anticipating your needs to keep you focused on your work.

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2. Gmail

Gmail | Best Email Apps for Android

The Gmail app is available free of cost and is by default on most Android devices. This app supports multiple accounts, notifications, and unified inbox settings. Being pre-installed on most Android devices, it is a very popular app supporting most email services, including Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, iCloud, Office 365, and many others.

With this G-mail app, you get 15GB of free storage, which is almost twice that provided by other email service providers saving you the problem of deleting messages to save space. The maximum file size you can attach with the email is 25MB, which is also the biggest attachment to other providers.

People who are regular users of other Google products, this app is recommended as it can help sync all activities on a single platform. This email app also uses push notification to direct the messages without any delay for immediate action instantly.

The Gmail app also supports AMP technology in emails. The acronym AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and is used in mobile web browsing to help faster loading of web pages. It was created in competition with Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News. This app-enabled sending of AMP powered emails within Gmail.

The app offers special handy tools like automatic filters to help organize your emails and sort out spam emails. Using this app you can define rules to tag incoming mail by the sender and automatically mark them to folders. You can sort out social notifications.

The best part of this app is that it continually keeps on upgrading itself using Google’s services. In the process of upgrading, the G-mail app keeps on adding new features like turn off conversation view mode; the Undo Send feature, tailor-made priority information and alerts, and many more.

The app assists an array of IMAP and POP email accounts. It is a great option for users of search titan’s webmail service and satisfies most of their needs.

Given the above features, it would not be out of place to say it is one of the preferred cheap pick apps for Email, in everyone’s armory, and supports more than a billion strong user base.

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3. ProtonMail


In its free email app version for Android with end to end encryption, ProtonMail allows 150 messages per day and 500MB of storage. The app ensures that no other person other than you as the sender and the other person, the receiver of the email, can decrypt your messages and read them. Besides the free version, the app also has the Plus, professional and Visionary versions with their different costs.

Therefore, Proton mail offers high-end security to its users with a big advantage of being ads free. Anyone can sign up for the free ProtoMail email account but if you want more features, you can sign in to its Premium account.

The app continuously executes its functions using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Rivet-Shami-Alderman (RSA) concept, and the open PGP system. These concepts/methods increase the security and privacy of the ProtonMail app. Let us briefly try to understand what each concept/system implies to get a better understanding of the security features of ProtonMail.

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is an industry-standard for data security or cryptography method used to encrypt data to protect classified information and keep it private. It comes with a 128-bitt, 192 bit, and 256-Bit software, in which the 256-bit software is the most secure standard.

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RSA, i.e., Rivet- Shami-Alderman, is also a system of cryptography to enable a secure data transmission in which the encryption key is public and distinct from the decryption key, which is kept secret and private.

PGP, an acronym for Pretty Good Privacy, is another system of data security used for encrypting and decrypting emails and text with the idea of secure e-mail communication to send messages and e-mails confidentially.

The app also has features like self-destructing emails and other most of the typical attributes like labels and organization features available in other apps.

The one good feature of this app is that it stores emails on a server. Still, for security reasons, that server is completely encrypted. No one can read the emails stored on its server, not even ProtonMail, and is equivalent to having your server. Many features of ProtonMail require you to have a ProtonMail account to make the best use of its Privacy and security provisions.

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4. NewtonMail

NewtonMail | Best Email Apps for Android

NewtonMail though a powerful email app for Android, has had a roller coaster past. Its initial name was CloudMagic and was re-branded to Newton Mail but was again on the verge of dropping shutters in 2018 when it was brought back to life by the phone maker Essential. When Essential went down in business, NewtonMail again came face to face with death, but a few of the app’s fans bought it to be rescued and today is again on the job with its past glory and is considered better than the Gmail app.

It is not available free of cost but allows a 14 days trial so that if it suits your needs, you can go in for an annual subscription at a price.

The app known for its time-saving features shuffles and manages the inbox so that all other distractions and newsletters it sends them to different folders, to be dealt with later, enabling you to concentrate on your most important emails. You can also protect your inbox and lock it to open with a password.

This app has a good and clean user interface and a read receipt feature enabling you to know that your email has been read and also allows through its mail tracking feature to track who exactly has read your email.

With its recap option, the app automatically brings back emails and conversations which need to be followed up and replied to.

It has a snooze email feature whereby you can postpone and temporarily remove emails from your inbox into the snoozed items under snooze on the menu. Such emails will come back to the top of your inbox when required.

The app also has features like Send later, Undo send, one-click unsubscribe, and more.

The Two Factor Authentication or 2FA feature, it has, provides an extra protection layer beyond Username and password to ensure the security of your online account. The first factor of authentication is your password. The access is given only if you present successfully second pieces of evidence to authenticate yourself, which could be a security question, SMS messages, or push notifications.

The app is also compatible or supports other services like Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365, IMAP accounts. It lets you integrate with and save the message to various work tools like Todoist, Zendesk, Pocket, Evernote, OneNote, and Trello.

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5. Nine


Nine is not free of cost email app for Android but comes at a price with a 14 days free trial period. If the trail meets your requirements, you can go ahead and purchase the app from the Google Play Store. It is specially designed for business people, industry, and entrepreneurs who wish a hassle-free and efficient communication anytime and anywhere between their colleagues and end clients. 

This email app is based on direct push technology and basically focuses on security. Unlike many other apps, it has no server or cloud features. Not being cloud or server-based, it connects you directly to the email services. It stores your messages and the account’s password on your Android device only using the Device Administrative permission.

Since based on direct push technology, the app syncs with Microsoft Exchange Server through Microsoft ActiveSync and also supports multiple accounts like iCloud, Office 365, Hotmail, Outlook, and Google Apps accounts like Gmail, G Suite besides other servers like IBM Notes, Traveler, Kerio, Zimbra, MDaemon, Kopano, Horde, Yahoo, GMX, etc.

Its other notable features include Secure Socket Layer (SSL), rich text editor, Global Address list, Email notification per folder, conversation mode, Widgets, which are an app’s remote control like Nova Launcher, Apex launcher, Shortcuts, Email List, Tasks list and Calendar Agenda.

The only drawback, if permitted to say so, it is rather expensive for email clients and also harbors a few bugs here and there.

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6. AquaMail

AquaMail | Best Email Apps for Android

This Email app has both free and paid or pro- versions for Android. The free version has in-app purchases and displays an ad after every message sent, but many of its useful features are accessible only with the pro version.

It is the go-to app that offers various email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, Apple, GMX, AOL, and more both for office or personal use. It can be termed as a corporate exchange server for all your official work. It allows complete access with full transparency, privacy, and control.

AquaMail does not store your password on other servers and uses the latest SSL encryption protocols to provide security and an extra layer of protection to your emails when working on the net.

It prevents spoofing of emails and builds trust and confidence to receive incoming mails from any unknown sources. Spoofing can be described as the method of disguising a communication from a new source as if it is from a known and trusted source.

This app also supports email accounts provided by Google Apps, Yahoo BizMail, Office 365, Exchange Online, and others. Additionally, it also provides a calendar and contacts synchronization for Office 365 and Exchange.

The AquaMail app uses a more secure login method namely OAUTH2, to login to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Yande. Using the QAUTH2 method does not require entering a password for an even higher level of security.

This app provides the excellent Backup and restores feature by using a file or popular cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive, giving full justice to this attribute. It also supports Push mail for most mail services except yahoo and also incorporates self-hosted IMAP servers and caters for Exchange and Office 365 (corporate mail).

 The app beautifully integrates with a diverse range of popular third-party Android apps such as Light Flow, Apex Launcher Pro, Cloud Print, Nova Launcher/Tesla Unread, Dashlock Widget, Enhanced SMS & Caller ID, Tasker, and many more.

In its list of advanced features, the rich text editor with a range of formatting options like embedding images and diverse styling choices helps create a perfect email. The Smart Folder feature enables easy navigation and management of your emails. The signature support allows the attachment of a separate signature, images, links, and text formatting to each mail account. You can also modify the app’s operation and look using the four available themes and customization options.

All-in-all its an excellent app with so many features under one roof with only one limitation as indicated in the beginning that its free version displays ads after every message sent and that access to many of its useful features is on the pro or paid version only.

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7. Tutanota


Tutanota, a Latin word, coming from a union of two words ‘Tuta’ and ‘Nota’, meaning ‘Secure Note’ is a free, secure, and private email app service with its server based in Germany. This software client with a 1 GB encrypted data storage space is another good app in the list of best Android email apps providing encrypted mobile and email app services.

The app provides both free and premium or paid services to its users. It leaves the discretion to its users, those looking for extra security, to go in for the premium services. In its bid for extra safety, this app uses the AES 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, the Rivet-Shamii-Alderman i.e. RSA 2048 end to end the encryption system and also a two factor Authentification i.e., 2FA option for a safe and secure data transfer.

The Graphical User Interface or GUI pronounced as ‘gooey’ allows users to interact with electronic devices like the PCs or smartphones by using audio and graphical indicators such as windows, icons, and buttons instead of text-based or typed commands.

The app, built by a team of passionate people, does not allow anyone to track or profile your work. It creates its own Tutanota email address ending with tutamail.com or tutanota.com with a secure password reset for users allowing no unwanted access to anyone else.

Tutanota open-source software auto-syncs with all types of app, web, or desktop clients enabling the flexibility, availability, and back-up benefits of the cloud usage without any security breach or compromise. It can automatically complete an email address as you are typing from your phone or Tutanota’s contact list.

The app, in-keeping the maximum level of privacy, asks for a very few permissions and sends and receives both end-to-end encrypted and even the old unencrypted emails stored on its server. Tutanota unfolding the instant push notifications, auto-sync, full-text search, swipe gestures, and other features at your demand, respects you and your data, providing complete security against unwanted infiltrations.

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8. Spark Email

Spark Email | Best Email Apps for Android

This app launched in 2019, is a very new app available free of cost to an individual but comes at a premium for a group of people using it as a team. The app created by Readdle is safe and secure and does not share your personal data with any third person or party catering to its users’ privacy needs.

Spark is fully GDPR compliant; in simple terms, it implies that it meets all the legal requirements of the collection, processing, and protection of personal information of individuals living in the European Union or European Economic Zone.

Being central to individuals’ privacy needs, it encrypts all your data relying on Google for its secure cloud infrastructure. Besides iCloud, it also supports various other apps like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, etc.

Its smart inbox is a neat and clean feature that intelligently examines incoming mails, filtering out trash emails to pick out and keep only the important ones. After having picked out the essential mails, the inbox sorts them into different categories like personal, notifications, and newsletters for ease of use.

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Spark mail’s basic features allow snoozing of messages, facilitating a reply later, sending reminders, pin important notes, undo sent mails, gesture control, etc. Its clean User Interface allows you to view each mail address separately or combined, depending upon the user’s needs.

Spark amalgamates with variety services supporting teams to collaborate amongst themselves to draft emails, privately share, discuss and comment on emails in addition to a delegation of emails besides saving them as PDFs for future reference.

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9. BlueMail


 This app is believed to be a good alternative to Gmail with a lot of features. It supports various email platforms like Yahoo, iCloud, Gmail, office 365, outlook, and a lot more. The app also assists an array of IMAP, POP email accounts in addition to MS Exchange.

An excellent user interface gives you various visual customizations and allows you to sync several mailboxes of various email service providers like Google, Yahoo BizMail, Office 365, Exchange Online, and others.

It also boasts of features like Android wear support, configurable menu, and time locking the screen to protect the private emails sent to you by friends and family. Android Wear Support is the Android OS version for Google, which supports various applications like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE connectivity, basically designed for smartwatches and other alike wearable’s.

Blue mail also has attributes like smart mobile push notifications, which are alerts or small messages that pop up on customers’ mobile phones and reach them anytime and anywhere. Using these messages, you can set up a different type of notification format for each account.

It also has a dark mode that looks cool and is a color scheme using a light text, icon, or graphical elements on a black background, which helps improve the time spent on a screen.

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10. Edison Mail

Edison Mail | Best Email Apps for Android

This email app has a variety of features and is very instinctive, having the ability to know something without any direct evidence. To elaborate, the Edison mail app with its built-in assistant gives information like attachments and bills without even opening up emails. It also allows the user to search his local folders for content.

It provides unparalleled speed and supports a massive number of email providers and you can manage unlimited email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Protonmail, Zoho, etc.etc.

Having a stylish design, the app takes care of your Privacy with no ads and also does not allow other companies to track you when you use the app.

The app provides real-time travel notifications i.e. delivering instant alerts through SMS or email for example for flight update, waitlist confirmations, ticket cancellations, etc. etc.

It also sorts out emails automatically as per their category e.g., newsletters, formal emails, informal emails, transactional emails e.g invoice emails etc.etc. The app allows swipe gestures with the use of one or two fingers across the screen in a horizontal or vertical direction, which can be configured or interpreted.

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11. TypeApp


TypeApp is a well designed, beautiful, and appealing email app for Android. It is free to download and contains no in-app purchases and is also devoid of ads. It uses an ‘Automatic cluster’ feature, which enables your contacts and friends’ photo and name to help check the incoming mail faster, in a unified inbox. The app allows you to manage multiple accounts.

To enhance the unified platform’s security, the app is encrypted as per available encryption formats along with the double protection of passcode. It also gives you the option to lock the screen, making it inaccessible to one and all. It thereby keeps your communication secure, safe from prying eyes. It’s has a simple User interface and a very simple way of switching accounts.

The app also provides the Wear OS support, formerly known as Android Wear is a software version of Google’s Android OS, which brings all the good features of Android phones to smartwatches and other wearables. It also provides wireless printing and supports a wide range of email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and other services like iCloud, Outlook, Apple, etc.

TypeApp also supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE Connectivity, and a whole range of other features. LTE is the acronym for Long Term Evolution, a 4G technology wireless communication system that provides ten times the speed of 3G networks for mobile equipment like smartphones, tablets, etc.

The only drawback with the app is its problem of re-occurring bugs when handling more than one account. With so many other pluses, it is undoubtedly one of the best apps amongst the list of Android apps, which is worth a dig.

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12. K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail | Best Email Apps for Android

K-9 Mail is amongst the oldest and is free to download, an open-source email app for Android. Though not a flashy but a lightweight and simple app, it carries a lot of necessary features in spite of that. You can build it on your own or get it and even share it amongst friends, colleagues, and others through the Github.

The app also backs most IMAP, POP3, and Exchange 2003/2007 accounts besides multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, BCC-self, PGP/MIME, and many more features. It Is not the same user interface friendly app, and through the UI, you cannot expect much support, which becomes quite irritating at times. It also does not have a unified inbox.

In common parlance, you can say it does not boast of any BS implying Bachelor of Science experience as it does not qualify to provide many features that a lot of other apps support but yes, you can equate it a simple graduate with basic minimum and necessary features from the old school of thought.

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13. myMail


This app is also available on the Play Store, and by the huge number of downloads, it has can be considered another popular app amongst users. It also supports all the major email providers like Gmail, Yahoomail, Outlook and other mailboxes enabled through IMAP or POP3. It is also believed to have a neat and clean, clutter-free user interface providing a lot of conveniences.

It has a very good unlimited storage making it a very handy app for people in business and other people alike. The virtual mailbox and interaction amongst your business group are very natural and congenial and allows correspondence using gestures and taps.

The other features the app provides is you can send and can receive real-time personalized, tailor-made notifications to the person you are sending to or receiving from. It has the property to compress data while sending or receiving an email. It also has a smart search function enabling searching of messages or data instantly without any hassles.

The ability to keep all the emails safely in one place makes information sharing fast, light, and even mobile-friendly. You need not go to your PC to interact but can do so through your smartphone too.

The only drawback with the app is it gives preference to ads also and is not ads-free, thereby wasting your time to compulsorily view ads you may not be interested in at all. Besides this, the app is fairly good and decent.

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14. Cleanfox

Cleanfox | Best Email Apps for Android

It is a useful free of cost app for email users. The app saves you time by unsubscribing you from many unwanted things that you accidentally happen to subscribe, thinking of their usability in your work. You have to connect your email accounts to the app, and it will run through and check all your subscriptions. If you permit and want to unsubscribe them, it will do so without any delay, immediately.

It can also help you in the deletion of old emails and manage your emails in a better way. It is not a difficult app to use, and you can handle its operation in very uncomplicated, simple ways. It also has an option of ‘Unroll me’ if you are not interested in the App.

Presently, the handlers of the app are catering to some of its issues on the Android and hopefully would soon get over them for its failsafe operations.

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15. VMware Boxer

VMware Boxer

Initially known as Airwatch, before being acquired by VMware Boxer, is also a good email app available on Android. Being a very innovative and contact app, it connects directly to the email, but never stores the contents of the email or passwords on its server.

Being light and easy to use, it has many features like bulk edit, quick replies, built-in calendar, and contacts, which makes it easier for you to work smartly with it.

The app also has a touch ID and PIN support features, giving it better security. This all-in-one email app builds up your confidence, and its swipe feature enables you to quickly trash, archive, or unwanted spam emails. It also has options of starring mails, adding labels, marking a message as read, and taking bulk actions.

This app is seen to have more utility for corporate users because of its workspace ONE platform option for managing and integrating all functions in the app.

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Finally, after having an idea of the best of emails apps for Android, to understand which of these apps would be the apt app to help manage an individual’s email inbox in a smart, quick, and efficient manner, he must ask himself the following questions:

How cluttered or packed in his inbox?
How much time of the day is spent in drafting emails?
Is a significant portion of his day going into it?
Is email scheduling a significant part of his daily work routine?
Does your email service support calendar integration?
Would you like your emails to be encrypted?


If these questions are answered judiciously in combination with your emailing habits, you will get the answer to which one of the discussed apps is best for your working style, which can make your life a lot more simple, easy and uncomplicated.

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