14 Best Free Gmail Alternatives

We all know how effective and majorly compatible Gmail is for handling emails on any platform we’re working on, be it Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, you name it. Its great optimization and personalization bring it as an already installed app in new and fresh Android devices. Apart from the compatibility and all the other plus points of Gmail, as progressive users we all might have observed the drawbacks and limitations of Gmail, for example, the Gmail client’s refresh timing is very long and many a time takes very long to display newer emails even with surplus internet. Therefore, today we’ll list out some of free Gmail alternatives which can be worthy competitors to it. Before we start laying the list, let’s get quick info about how exactly emails work.

14 Best Free Gmail Alternatives

Best Free Gmail Alternatives

The functionality of emails for the user is mostly dependent on electronic mailboxes. When a person receives an email, the mail system immediately places it in their mailbox, which is where electronic mailboxes are kept. Emails are made simple to utilize via mailbox. Users may scan, copy, delete, or forward emails to other users, and they can organize emails into folders such as inbox, outbox, spam, etc. We shall now start with the list of Gmail alternatives.

1. Tutanota

Tutanota official website

The Latin term Tutanota means safe message. Its elite privacy feature makes it a particularly good alternative to Gmail. The email service provider has its headquarters in Germany and offers a free account, reasonably priced upgrades, and end-to-end open-source email infrastructure.

  • The developers also provide a streamlined free plan with email access on any device, all without collaborating with Google.
  • Subject lines, email contents, and attachments are all encrypted.
  • Calendars and contacts are connected, and the web interface is lovely.
  • Additionally, it offers the ability to transmit out-of-office communications, maintain encrypted calendars, and send anonymous emails.
  • For enhanced protection, you can use two-factor authentication.
  • Custom domains are supported.
  • The tool offers text search with advanced features.
  • Also, it has support for multiple users.
  • 1 GB of free storage space (considerably more as they compress emails) is facilitated.
  • You may add users, unique domains, and several calendars with premium options for personal usage, which start at €1 per month.
  • Advanced capabilities including email templates, event invitations, autoresponders, and custom branding are included in business subscriptions starting at €2 per month.
  • Tutanota is accessible on all 3 platforms—Windows, Linux, and macOS—so switching to it will also be simple.

2. Microsoft Outlook

Outlook official website. Best Free Gmail Alternatives

Another one of free Gmail alternatives is an updated version of Hotmail, Outlook’s free edition works smoothly with other Microsoft services. Outlook is a new version of Hotmail. This email provider is one of the topmost alternative of Gmail in terms of integrations with other productivity and storage tools. You receive more storage space with OneDrive, a powerful calendar with color coding, contact management, and a task organizer.

  • Outlook takes pleasure in offering top-notch security, which it asserts is identical across the board for both Outlook and its enterprise-level services.
  • Additionally, similar to Gmail, it allows you to categorize emails.
  • Users of Gmail should become accustomed to the user-friendly, contemporary interface right away.
  • A generous attachment size limit of up to 34 MB is also supported by Outlook.
  • Greater files, up to 2 GB, can also be sent via OneDrive.
  • With free usage of Outlook, you get 15 GB of mailbox storage, an extra 5 GB of OneDrive storage, and the web versions of all of the Office 365 apps.
  • It offers options for synchronizing contacts.
  • It supports Skype real-time chat.
  • The tool has varied accessibility resources (voice-controlled navigation and support for assistive devices).
  • It has malware and spam filter.
  • Email can be accessed using web browsers.
  • For an additional $69.99 a year, you can upgrade and get ad-free service, premium Office programs, extra security features, more storage space, data encryption, and the possibility to create a custom domain.
  • Six user inboxes are included with the $99.99/year Family plan.

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3. ProtonMail

ProtonMail official website. Best Free Gmail Alternatives

ProtonMail is another business that takes pride in its security procedures. It is also one of free Gmail alternatives. You can be confident that your data is secure because they first marketed ProtonMail as the only email system that NSA couldn’t hack. Your privacy is safeguarded by stringent European law, which ProtonMail can ensure.

  • End-to-end and zero access encryption are used by the service provider to safeguard your mail, making it impossible for anybody to read it—not even the provider—to do so.
  • The email client cherishes your privacy so highly that you may create an email account there without disclosing any personal information, you just need a username, password, and, if desired, a recovery email.
  • In addition to a web-based inbox, there are Android and iOS applications.
  • It has a calendar and storage device with encryption.
  • It has open-source code.
  • The software has a biometrically protected data centre.
  • Free ProtonMail users receive 500 MB of storage and 150 messages per day with minimal priority customer support.
  • There are a vast variety of options for different sections like color-coded labels to categorize emails and flag essential chats.
  • For €4 a month, you may also upgrade to have access to greater storage, better customer service, and the capacity to create a unique domain.
  • The Professional plan costs €6.25 a month and the Visionary plan costs €24 a month as an additional plan.
  • It complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

4. Runbox

Runbox official website

Runbox is simple to use and offers most of the features you’d want from a private email server. The business is headquartered in Norway and has rigorous privacy norms that are protected by the constitution. Runbox employs hydropower as a renewable energy source and is a socially conscious company.

  • Any third-party domain may be used to create a Runbox mail account, which can be accessed via the company’s mobile app as well.
  • There is a specific How-to section for any issues, however, importing emails is pretty simple with it.
  • As an open-source platform, the firm claims it does not track your behavior or share any data with third parties, and hence provides full access to the code it is operating on.
  • They also provide subscriptions to the users, which may be paid in bitcoin or cash.
  • Runbox’s end-to-end PGP encryption is off by default and needs manual setup, which is not something a layman can handle. This is the main drawback for which the tech manual is published on their website, which users must consult to crack the setup.
  • In addition, Runbox checks your emails for viruses and spam automatically, which may raise privacy issues. However, with some manual modifications, Runbox can still be a solid option when free Gmail alternatives are concerned.

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5. Zoho Mail

Zoho mail official website. Best Free Gmail Alternatives

For both personal and small-business use, Zoho Mail is a robust email solution and one of good free Gmail alternatives. It is the most similar substitute for Gmail you can discover since it has a full set of organizing tools including a calendar, storage drive, tasks, contacts, and bookmarks. With the use of the Streams function, the simple interface of Zoho Mail may be organized well. If you wish to utilize the site professionally, using streams can let you add comments to your email threads, share files, and assign assignments.

  • The calendar, contacts, and tasks in Zoho Mail are useful for both professional and personal users.
  • They make it easier to switch from Gmail to Zoho and keep your inbox under control.
  • Zoho Mail offers safe email hosting and end-to-end encryption on all communications and so anyone worried about Gmail’s privacy problems may not feel the same here.
  • In addition to all of that, Zoho Mail is a great choice if you want to project a more professional image because it’s quite simple to set up for a personalized business email. But keep in mind that until you subscribe to a premium subscription, you can only use the customized email address using webmail or the specific mobile applications for Zoho Mail.
  • Up to five people can utilize the free plan available always; it includes email hosting for one domain, a 25 MB attachment restriction, and 5 GB of storage per user.
  • The cost per user each month for additional storage and productivity tools starts at just $1.
  • It guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
  • It provides 24-hour customer service by phone, chats, or email.
  • It has user-permissions-based groups for accounts.
  • It provides backup and archival of mail.
  • The sophisticated administration features of Zoho Streams include email filtering and searching.
  • It provides language-based spam filters, a blocklist, and trusted lists for spam.
  • It also provides folders, tags, and automated mail forwarding.
  • Additionally, Zoho Mail sends follow-up emails and notifications.

6. Mailfence

Mailfence official website

The next service we suggest is Mailfence, a private email provider with headquarters in Belgium. If you have concerns about Gmail’s policies, this is a great alternative because they place a strong emphasis on internet security. Only local authorities may seek access to your mail, which happens in incredibly rare situations, under Belgian privacy protection regulations. Therefore, unlike the majority of other providers, this specific free email service provider can guarantee no monitoring and no sale of your data to third parties.

  • All OpenPGP services are compatible with Mailfence’s encryption, which takes place in the browser.
  • Additionally, you may specify a password and even an expiration date for communications. In this approach, not even Mailfence will be able to view your correspondence.
  • You also have access to other more crucial tools with Mailfence in addition to its sophisticated security and privacy features. For instance, you may save and update documents in the cloud or manage your appointments in an intuitive calendar.
  • The Mailfence webmail client is free to use and comes with two-factor authentication, email customer support, 500 MB of storage, and a 500 MB document limit.
  • You may upgrade for €2.50 a month if you want greater storage space as well as support for mobile applications and email clients. Plans with more storage are priced from €7.50 and €25.00 per month.
  • It provides encryption of email.
  • It can be accessed through mobile.
  • It supports IMAPS, SMTPS, and POPS.
  • Email spoofing is reduced using digital signatures.
  • The interface has no advertisements or email trackers.

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7. Mail.com

Mail.com official website. Best Free Gmail Alternatives

With more than 200 domains available, Mail.com, the topmost of free Gmail alternatives, may be customized to fit your interests or brand. For freelancers who want to seem more professional without investing money in a custom domain, it’s a great solution. ABC@XYZ.com, for example, is a free email address that you may create. If you wish to use it for private contact, you may also go with something informal, like CDE@FGH.com.

  • Mail.com includes strong anti-virus capabilities. This service provider guarantees that your email privacy is secure and that only virus scans are performed on its system.
  • Additionally, spam filters, the usage of secure US servers, and 2FA (2-factor authentication) are included in the security features.
  • Mail.com has a feature called Mail Collector that lets you access and manage several accounts from a single inbox.
  • In addition to all that, Mail.com’s user-friendly interface makes it possible for you to maintain an organized inbox.
  • It is a good alternative to Gmail because it also has an organizer tool, an online calendar, and an office suite.
  • About 10 alias addresses, 65 GB of email storage, and 2 GB of general cloud storage for documents and photographs are all the features that you may use without paying a cent.
  • If you’d also prefer more storage, fewer advertisements, and the ability to use third-party email clients, there is a premium version.
  • The prices for their premium plans range from $9.99 for three months of service to $47.87 for a full year, and they are sold as extended bundles rather than monthly plans.

8. Posteo

Posteo official website

Here we have an amazing mail service Posteo which solemnly falls under European privacy regulations and standards. It’s also encouraging to know that this business was established more than ten years ago, and has yet been self-funded since then. This implies that they are not obligated to disclose any information to investors or partners, and that also leads us to the fact that the email service is not free.

  • To maintain a high level of security, Posteo employs OpenPGP encryption together with several additional levels of encryption.
  • You may access your email on any device with Posteo because it also supports the IMAP protocol.
  • Anyone may look at the software’s source code because it is open-source.
  • Additionally, Posteo allows you to sign up and make purchases entirely anonymously. They will segregate this data from your account whether you pay with a card, Paypal, or another electronic means.
  • All of the subject headers, body content, metadata, attachments, contacts, and even your calendar events are encrypted and kept on German servers.
  • They employ zero-knowledge encryption, which prevents them from being able to decipher your emails even if they tried.
  • The business does not maintain any logs and also masks your IP address.
  • The minimum monthly charge for Posteo is merely one Euro ($1.13).
  • Subscribers have several payment options, including cash over the mail, PayPal, bank transfer, credit card, and vouchers.
  • Added to that, Posteo provides a 14-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, even if you can’t test the email service for free, you can decide you don’t like it and request a refund.
  • A pair of alias addresses since no .com addresses are available.
  • 2 GB of email storage which can be upgraded to 20 GB for 0.25 EUR per month for each additional GB.
  • It also offers virus and spam protection (with the ability to whitelist).
  • Filters that can be customized to automatically sort emails as they arrive.
  • Additionally, there is an Auto Response feature to catch up with connections even during unavailability.

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9. Mailbox

Mailbox official website

After the Snowden leaks, the excellent all-arounder Mailbox was introduced in Germany in 2014. It is one of free Gmail alternatives. A calendar, contact lists, a task planner, and cloud storage are all features of this safe and ad-free email service.

  • Mailbox can be used by individuals, teams, or organizations, and it also supports email clients from other companies. This email service provider offers required SSL/TLS encryption for data transit and PGP encryption for data storage.
  • All emails are kept on two different German servers, so even if one of them crashes, your information will be protected.
  • Mailbox values your privacy and accepts payments and registration made anonymously. Bitcoin or even postal money orders are accepted forms of payment.
  • Furthermore, they are adamant that the data you provide is yours. Not even for statistical purposes do they read your emails, and they don’t divulge any of your personal information to outside parties.
  • It offers a larger selection of applications: Mail, Calendar, Address Book, Drive (cloud storage), Tasks, Portal (access to all apps), Text, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and Webchat.
  • It provides a fully automated and guided tour of all the features and applications.
  • It provides a drag-and-drop interface with three clear panes.
  • This software was certified with SwissSign Certificate Authority’s Enhanced Security Certificate.

10. StartMail

StartMail official website. Best Free Gmail Alternatives

A product from the Dutch private search engine Startpage team, StartMail’s main motive is to conserve its users’ privacy at all costs which would be a plus point when looking for an alternative of Gmail.

  • Data is the new gold nowadays and marketing is the currency for it but here, your IP address, device model, country, and clicked links are the only pieces of information they collect that are required to function for their services.
  • Even the IP addresses which are saved for security reasons are encrypted, anonymized, and erased after three days.
  • Tracking cookies are not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Your emails are saved on StartMail’s local Dutch servers, which also offer PGP encryption. Your information is encrypted server-side rather than in the browser, which distinguishes this email provider.
  • Additionally, you may generate a temporary email on the fly and it supports both the IMAP and SMTP protocols.
  • Cards or cryptocurrencies can be used to pay for your subscription. The latter option will segregate your account information from your payment information and issue each payment record a distinct number.

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11. CounterMail

CounterMail official website

Although CounterMail’s UI may appear a little archaic and unfriendly, it has over ten years of experience and some of the greatest encryption on the market. It is also one of free Gmail alternatives. It employs OpenPGP, just like its rivals, but only CounterMail offers 4,096-bit encryption keys in addition to its no-logs guarantee. To prevent IP leaks and middleman attacks, this service has a built-in password manager and additional security measures, such as servers with complete disc encryption and tunnel connections to the servers.

  • Since CounterMail accepts cryptocurrency payments and custom domains, all of these security features make it one of the priciest email providers available.
  • Users are given a seven-day trial period without charge via CounterMail.
  • Premium accounts are available for three different subscription periods, each of which includes 4 GB of encrypted storage space in addition to the same capabilities.
  • You can subscribe to any plan for $29 for a six-month subscription, $49 for a year, and $79 for two years.
  • A one-time cost of $15 must be paid by everyone who wants to use a custom domain. This is not uncommon because many secure email services do charge a flat fee for transferring (or creating new) custom domain name inboxes.
  • The option to enlarge their mailbox is available to users who have trouble with the 4 GB storage limit.
  • Users can choose extra space ranging between 250 MB and 1.75 GB.
  • It costs $19 for 250 MB, $35 for 500 MB, $59 for an additional GB, and $89 for 1.75 GB as a one-time flat rate to increase the storage capacity.
  • It also assists PGP/MIME.
  • It provides web servers without discs.
  • It has filtering messages and autoresponders.
  • It also has a chat server for XMPP.

12. iCloud Mail

iCloud official website

iCloud Mail is an email service operated by Apple. It is the best alternative of Gmail that can be used with the Mail app on your Mac computer or iOS device or using MS Outlook on a computer having a Windows operating system. Owners of Apple devices will appreciate how simple it is to connect to the internet and sync their emails between devices.

  • The iCloud app for Windows should be there to use iCloud Mail with Microsoft Outlook on Windows machines, and the setup might not be as simple.
  • To prevent spam from reaching your inbox, iCloud’s spam filter performs a fantastic job of identifying it.
  • The ability to categorize your mail as required is provided by folders in iCloud, much like labels in Gmail.
  • Additionally, you can search for mail by sender, recipient, or subject, and filters can be created to organize messages according to straightforward criteria.
  • Also, there’s a VIP setting on the sender’s name drop-down menu which lets you make quick-access folders for your preferred senders.
  • A free iCloud account with 5GB of storage is given to everyone who buys an Apple device. But to encash benefit, you don’t need to buy a gadget.
  • However, Apple also offers three premium plans with varying storage capacities (opens in new tab). 50GB of storage costs $0.99 per month, 200GB costs $2.99 per month, and 2TB costs $9.99 per month.
  • One of the greatest Gmail alternatives that offer access to IMAP is this one.
  • It checks for new messages automatically and adds them to the inbox.
  • HTML images are automatically loaded by iCloud Mail.

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13. Yandex

Yandex.Mail official website

Email service provider Yandex.Mail is amongst the most intelligent, secure and free Gmail alternatives available. Yandex.Mail offers labels and folders to help you organize messages even though the search tool lacks built-in operators and sophisticated filters.

  • It can be configured to conduct activities automatically, such as removing specific emails and sending pre-written responses, using filters.
  • You can use Yandex.Mail more quickly if you use keyboard shortcuts.
  • It provides a useful document viewer for attachments that you receive, displaying Microsoft Office documents and PDF files in your browser.
  • All incoming mail is checked by Yandex.Mail for spam, viruses, and phishing.
  • For increased security, Yandex.Mail does not support two-factor authentication; nonetheless, a thorough activity log enables the detection of shady activities.
  • From the web interface, you can even log out distant customers.
  • Yandex.Mail allows you to attach any files up to 30 MB in total per email and up to 22 MB each. This restriction is increased to 2 GB per file when you include a link in a file that you upload to Yandex.Disk cloud storage service.
  • It also provides an easy-to-use document viewer for attachments that shows Microsoft Office documents and PDF files on your browser.
  • You can start using a VM for as little as $1.50 per month or an allotted cluster for only $6.75 per month. On the free tier of the serverless ecosystem, you can host a small website, app, or service for nothing at all.
  • You may set messages on a timer with this Gmail substitute so you can compose them ahead of time and send them when the alarm goes off.
  • All Mail is scanned for viruses, and any suspicious communications are placed in the spam folder.
  • You may use one account to log into all Yandex services with this Gmail substitute.

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14. GMX

GMX official website

Another free Gmail alternatives is GMX. This Email service provider GMX (Global Mail eXchange) provides an advertising component which is unique from all till now. POP3 and IMAP4 webmail protocols are available for users to access GMX Mail. Undoubtedly, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are the market leaders in Web-based e-mail, but Global Mail Exchange (GMX) is releasing strong competition.

  • Although the company claims to have more than 10 million users, setting up a GMX email address was simple.
  • It also boasts the availability of your preferred email addresses, which might already be claimed by customers on other providers. @gmx.com and @gmx.us are the two suffix options available.
  • You can forward up to 10 email accounts to your GMX account using this solution for home users and small and medium-sized organizations, which supports POP3, IMAP, and SMTP protocols.
  • A 5GB storage cap, though, would put off some users.
  • Any POP3, IMAP, SMTP, or Web Mail service, such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail, can be forwarded, collected, and organized into distinct folders in your GMX inbox with the help of what GMX refers to as its Mail Collector.
  • The configuration of the web-based account is easy; all you need to do is enter your email address and password into GMX.
  • The business also offers seven anti-spam modules, including a Spam Server Blocker, GMX Anti-Spam List, and a Global Anti-Spam List.
  • GMX Global Mail Exchange Beta appeals to users looking for a Web-based email client that is comparable to their desktop counterpart and can draw in email from various accounts.
  • To manage your schedule, this Gmail alternative email features drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • You can manage all of your contacts with GMX thanks to its online address book.
  • You can keep your inbox organized with the help of its powerful email filter rules.


These were some of the most legitimate and free Gmail alternatives available on the internet till date without any deactivations and all. Since Gmail has started going down in its services, sooner or later any of these substitutes might create an impact of its own and for that, you’re already informed through this article. If you found this article insightful, do share your feedback in the comment section below.

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