Fix Email Address Not Found in Gmail

Gmail is one of the popular email service used by people to communicate. You can use Gmail in your smartphone as well as on PC. It is very easy to send emails from Gmail. However, if you are facing Gmail address not found error, then do not worry! We bring to you a perfect guide that will teach you how to fix email address not found error. So, continue reading!

Fix Email Address Not Found

How to Fix Email Address Not Found in Gmail

If you are facing mail delivery subsystem address not found error while sending emails, then we have listed all the possible troubleshooting methods to fix this issue. But before going through these methods, you need to perform a few preliminary checks as shown in the section below.

Preliminary Checks

Firstly you must perform a few checks to ensure the email address entered is correct or not. Here are a few preliminary checks:

  • Check if you have typed an incorrect email address.
  • If you have skipped a character while entering the email address, then this can also create the said issue. So, you should check the email address properly.
  • Also, if the recipient has blocked your email address, also this may cause email address not found error. Ask the recipient to unblock you email.
  • Copy and paste the email address instead of typing to avoid any spelling mistakes. 

Below are the methods to fix Gmail address not found error.

Method 1: Ensure Email Address is Available

If the email address that you entered has been deleted by the owner then you may face Gmail address not found error. So, firstly you must ensure that the email address is currently working or not.

1. Hit the Windows key, type chrome and click on Open.

open google chrome

2. Press the Ctrl + Shift + N keys simultaneously to open a tab in Incognito Mode.

Incognito mode

3. Here, go to the Gmail Sign in page.  Type the doubtful or troublesome email address in Email or phone field.

Gmail Sign in page

4. If there is a message stating This account was recently deleted and can be restored, then this refers that the recipient email has been deleted.

Ask for a different email address from the recipient, if this is the case.

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Method 2: Schedule Email

If the Gmail servers are down then, you will not be able to send any emails. This may cause email address not found error. You can check Google Workspace Status Dashboard to ensure that the Gmail servers are working or not.

Google Workspace Status dashboard page. How to Fix Email Address Not Found 

If the Gmail servers are currently down, then you can schedule you email by following the given steps below:

1. Navigate to Gmail and Sign in to your account.

2. Click on Compose option.

compose gmail

3. Here, type your email.

type email. How to Fix Email Address Not Found 

4. Then, click on the downward arrow icon next to Send button.

click on downward arrow icon beside Send button in Gmail

5. Select the Schedule send option.

select Schedule send option. How to Fix Email Address Not Found 

6. Now, click on Pick date & time option.

pick a date and time to schedule send email in Gmail

7. Choose the date and time and click on Schedule send.

Schedule send Gmail. How to Fix Email Address Not Found 


We hope the guide was helpful, and you were able to fix email address not found error. If you still have any queries regarding this article, then feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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