23 Best Video Player Apps For Android

Android is easily the best operating system for app developers. The Google Play Store is not as stringent as the App Store for new applications. There are hundreds of thousands of applications on the play store that serve many different purposes. Users can find apps for any of the things that they want to do on their phones. Many times, users can be on a long journey, or they might need entertainment, or they might not have anything else to do. At these times, these people need to find something to entertain themselves. With the help of a video player app for Android, phones can be great fillers. One of the great features of phones is that they can become mini-theatres for people to end their boredom. They can simply turn on a new movie or TV show to entertain themselves. 

While Android phones often have a stock video player to play videos, they usually don’t have enough features. Therefore, there are many other applications to play video players on Android. Not all video player apps for Android are great, however. Some have too many applications. Others do not support enough file formats. Thus, it is important to know the best video player apps for Android.

23 Best Video Player Apps For Android

The following are the best video players that users can download for their Android apps:

1. Archos Video Player

This is arguably the best video player for an Android phone user. The interface is highly visually appealing, and it is very easy to use. The app supports almost all types of file formats of videos, and it can play videos from both internal and external storage. It can even play internet videos also. Archos helps accelerate the hardware performance of phones, can automatically detect and download subtitle files, has multilingual support for video and audio files, can establish a connection to Android TV. Moreover, it can even improve audio files that have poor audibility and clarity. This is why it is a great video player app for Android phones.

2. BS Player

BS Player ensures that the playback speed of videos on Android phones is really fast. This is because it has HW decoding support for the video files. It even has support for PIP mode, which means it can play almost all file formats. If a user has difficulty understanding, the BS player can automatically search for subtitles for that video file online and download it. Users can even play files from RAR files. Users can also play files from a common online drive using the wireless network. This is why it is among the best video players for Android phones.

3. Plex


Plex is a video player that can also play many other things such as music and photos. It also helps users save space on their phones. This is because it helps users create a server on their phone for videos that stream videos from a computer to the phone screen. People can stream some of the best TV shows and movies from around the world directly from this application. They can even listen to podcasts and global apps through the app itself. It also has support for many different file formats. This is why it is one of the best video players apps for Android.

4. VLC For Android

VLC is already one of the most popular applications for playing videos and similar media on laptops and personal computers. VLC provides a similarly great experience on Android phones through its apps. It is among the apps that support the most file formats. Since it is an open-source platform, developers are constantly updating the application to ensure that it remains one of the best. There are no advertisements on this app to annoy users continuously, and people do not even have to pay a single penny for this. There is a great five-band equalizer, great subtitle and multi-language support, gesture controls, and it can even support 360 videos and 8K video quality.

5. XPlayer

XPlayer is an application with one of the highest number of downloads on the play store. It is one of the few applications that even supports video quality like 4K and Ultra HD file formats. XPlayer also has a vault that allows users to hide their local video files. So it essentially ensures that other users cannot open the app and delete important video files. Some of the best features of this application are that it accelerates the phone hardware, it allows users to download subtitles from the app directly, and it has different options like Quick Mute and Night Mode theme. Thus, it is one of the best video player apps for Android phones.

6. MX Player

MX Player is the Android video player application with the most downloads on the Google Play Store. It is because it is a very reliable video player for laptops and personal computers also. It has many great features like gesture control also. Moreover, it has support for almost all relevant video file formats. MX Player also has a wide range of other features such as a changeable aspect ratio, audio boost for the phone’s speaker, and the ability to play directly from online streams.

7. GOM Player

GOM Player does not have as many features as the other application on this list. But it covers most of the important basic features, and unlike most of the other apps, it is completely free. The best feature for the GOM player is that it can easily play 360 videos, which also works very fast. There is also a sleep time to ensure the phone’s battery does not keep draining, and GOM Player can even connect to online clouds like Dropbox and Google Drive.

8. FX Player

FX Player

FX Player is the best free video player app for Android users. It has many amazing features, and it packs a very good-looking interface also. In fact, the FX player’s best feature is that it provides one of the best UIs among Android video player apps. It has all the basic features that a user needs in a video player for phones. Moreover, it supports almost all file formats and can even play flash format files, which is not there in many other applications. Not only does it support multiple video formats, but it also has support for different audio file formats such as MP3, APE, WAV, etc. The app also supports videos in different languages and automatically scans the device to find all the files it can play.

9. Player Xtreme

There is nothing extremely special about the Player Xtreme video application. It can play all things such as music, video, stream online videos, and many other things. But it is still one of the most popular video player apps for Android because it does all of the simple things right. One of the best features is that it can download subtitles for a video directly from the internet without making the user switch to a web browser app. The private folder option gives extra safety to all videos and protects them from other people who might delete them. Since the website allows users to stream videos directly from the internet, people can also easily watch TED Talks and NPR clippings without needing to download them previously. It is why it is a great option to have on your phone.

10. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is already one of the best video players for personal computers. Since it came out on the Google Play Store for Android, it has always been among the best video players for Android phones. The application quickly scans the device and finds all the media files that it supports, and it even helps a user space due to the cloud service it provides. KM Player has great features like slow-motion videos, 3D video support, subtitle customization, and KMP connect to share media files easily. The interface of the application is fast, clean, and has great visuals, and it supports formats like 4K and UltraHD.

11. Leopard Video Player

Leopard Video Player supports almost all the relevant file formats and can play most files without any lag. It also has great features like widgets, gesture controls, and playback speed customization. It has a small memory, but the overall working of the app is simple, which gives a great performance. The app can play different languages and even has home screen widgets for easy audio control. Thus, it is a great video player app for Android phones.

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12. Video Player All Format

The name of this Android application tells everything that Android users need to know. As the name suggests, this is possibly the only good application that supports all video file formats. It even plays 4K and Ultra HD files. The app also has great features like hardware acceleration and Chromecast support. Users even get a private folder to save their personal media files securely and away from prying eyes, and people can also easily share media files through this app.

13. VideoShow Video Player

This application also supports almost every video file format that is available on the internet. The app has great features that allow it to control screen rotations, screen locking, and even themes like Night mode. It even allows Android users to film and edit videos, as well as editing features for photos and audio files. Users can easily customize their video and audio files with great effects using VideoShow Video Player.

14. Ultron Player

It is one of the newer video players apps for Android phones, but it is already very popular. It is because it plays all of the common video file formats, and it also plays 4K and Ultra HD videos. It even has support for casting services. Moreover, it accelerates phone hardware performance, has a private folder feature, a subtitle downloader, and a night mode theme and an option for quick mute. This is why it is a great Android video player.

15. QPlayer


The best feature of this application is that it can seamlessly play 4K videos. It supports many different types of file formats, and it has a great feature pop-up video player as well as the ability to play videos just as music. Moreover, it has night intervals for videos, online subtitle download support, hidden video folders, and pop-up video player while the user browses other applications. QPlayer is another great video player for Android.

16. SX Video Player

The biggest proof of this video player is that even Google Play Store says that this is an app that supports the most file formats. It has some of the best features, such as display control options and aspect ratio. It also has an equalizer to optimize sound quality. Moreover, it even offers sound effects, 8k video quality support, as well as other features like online subtitle support and background media player.

17. Samsung Video Player

This is only for Samsung phone owners. While most stock options for video players in Android phones are not great, the Samsung video player is the exception. It even allows users to edit the video that they are playing. Thus, if you have a Samsung phone, you don’t need to download any other video player.

18. SR Player

This app has a very great display and does not lag when playing. It plays most of the popular file formats for video files, and it has great features like floating media player and background video display. Moreover, SR Player even allows Android phone users to create and edit their own clips. There are many home-screen widget options for the SR Player that enable quick access to the application. Users can also bookmark videos they want to return to later, and finally, SR player also allows users to live stream content from the internet.

19. Video Player

The name of the app is simple, but the features of this app are not. Users can use gestures to change brightness, playback speed, and even the equalizer. If people choose the premium option, they can even get rid of the annoying ads to make this app perfect. Moreover, Video Player HD has multilingual support for different types of videos, and users can even stream live videos directly from the internet. Video Player is thus another great video player app for Android phones.

20. nPlayer

While this is a premium app, it still has many great options. It has support for multiple file formats, and even offers subtitles, cloud storage, as well as casting support. Cloud storage ensures that people do not run out of space on their phones. Moreover, users can even easily import their video files from clouds like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. Moreover, nPlayer also supports 3D videos, offers HDMI output for larger screens, and even has DTS Audio codec. This abundance of features makes it a great video player app for Android phones.

21. Wondershare Player

WonderShare player

Wondershare is not as great as the other apps on this list. The other apps have a better interface, but Wondershare is a strong and reliable option regardless. It allows users to discover new videos online, and it can also support Chromecast. Moreover, if a user is watching a video on their phone and wants to cast it on their TV screen without delay, Wondershare will seamlessly handle it. Users can also easily transfer videos to other people who are on the same Wifi network. It even saves the web address of streaming sites that the user visits to watch a live stream.

22. Kodi

This is a great option, even though it is heavier than the other apps on this list. It lags a bit at times, but despite this, it is a great app. It supports many different file formats, and it can even access videos on the internet. Since it is an open-source app, developers are constantly updating it with the new features. The application also supports multiple types of audio file formats such as MP3 and WAV, and it also offers support for Retro Gaming emulators. Finally, it also has a voice control feature, which only increases the convenience for Android users. It is a great video player app for Android.

23. Xender

Xender is both an app to share files and play videos. Users can not only view videos on their Android phones easily, but they can also share great music and videos with other people. It’s not great for high-quality viewing, but it is a reliable option, nonetheless. Moreover, it also has great features like easily converting video files to audio files, sharing video files without needing any network connection, and cross-platform support.

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Users sometimes need their phones to be their key source of entertainment. Turning a phone into a mini portable theatre is not easy, but the apps in the above list offer many great options for Android phone owners. The above list of video players will satisfy all kinds of different needs if someone is looking for the best video player apps for Android phones.

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