19 Best Free Ringtone Apps for Android

Say goodbye to boring old default ringtones and choose something sassy

Growing weary of listening to your phone blasting the old default ringtone every time someone calls you? If you want to jazz it up, then ringtone apps are the perfect solution. They offer a collection of classical beats and many more including, hip-hop tunes, and electro beats. But choosing one among the plethora of options can be tedious. So, here is a list of the best free ringtone apps for Android.

Best Free Ringtone Apps for Android

Best Free Ringtone Apps for Android

While pre-made ringtone options are enough for some people, others prefer a more personalized approach to their devices. If you fall in the latter category who loves to customize every aspect, using the best free ringtone app for Android is a perfect idea. Here are some of the most amazing must-try options.

1. ZEDGE Wallpapers & Ringtones

ZEDGE Wallpapers & Ringtones

ZEDGE Wallpapers & Ringtones is an amazing app to get free wallpapers and ringtones for your device. It comes with an extensive range of options from retro Bollywood to modern releases, so the user can customize various aspects of their smartphone effortlessly. Moreover, it boasts new limited-edition wallpapers and ringtones for special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, etc.

2. Music Ringtones and Sounds

Music Ringtones and Sounds

With the Music Ringtones and Sounds app on your device, you no longer have to manually download ringtones from the internet. Instead, you get an amazing collection of melodies and popular tracks, all in one place. The app features different genres such as funny, cool, and cheery ringtones to accommodate diverse preferences.

3. Audiko: ringtones, notification

Audiko: ringtones, notification | Best Free Ringtone Apps for Android

The next app on our list is Audiko. It is an amazing and easy-to-use ringtone maker and MP3 cutter and editor that comes with a huge database of free ringtone options. Audiko supports MP3, MP4, and WAV formats. Apart from this, you can also find stickers and mesmerizing HD wallpapers to your rescue.

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4. Mobiles Ringtones Download All

Mobiles Ringtones Download All

On the Mobiles Ringtones app, you can find different categories like Bollywood, Hollywood, Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Funny, and Cool ringtones for your device. You can even use its variety of mp3 options to set a new alarm tone or notification sound and customize every bit according to your preference.

5. Pi Music Player – MP3 Player

Pi Music Player - MP3 Player

Pi Music Player is one of the highest-rated music players for Android. It has an in-built equalizer to enhance your music-hearing experience. Moreover, its attractive UI makes it easier for users to navigate without facing difficulties. Pi Music Player also works as a ringtone cutter to easily edit your favorite track and make it your new ringtone. Moreover, it boasts secure cross-platform music sharing.

6. Ringtone Maker: create ringtone

Ringtone Maker: create ringtone | Best Free Ringtone Apps for Android

As the name suggests, Ringtone Maker helps users to create new ringtones, notification sounds, and alarms. This amazing option is among other best free ringtone apps for Android. It supports multiple formats including MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, OCG, and more. You can easily trim any part of your favorite rack and turn it into your new favorite ringtone. Moreover, you get to assign different ringtones to different contacts with just a few taps.

7. Phone ringtones

Phone ringtones

Phone ringtones consist of a cool ringtone collection to make your phone sound exactly how you want it to. From unique melodies, classic hits to new tracks, this app has everything you need. All you have to do is download the app, pick your favorite ringtone option, and make it your alarm sound or notification alert.

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8. Ringtones super 100

Ringtones super 100

Ringtones super 100 is an amazing app that comes with truckloads of ringtone options. Whether you prefer classic comedy, melodious tunes, or something out of the box, this app has everything you need. This lightweight app features high sound quality and is available for iOS and Android devices.

9. Ringtone for Android

Ringtone for Android | Best Free Ringtone Apps for Android

Ringtone for Android features an extensive collection of amazing music tracks from various artists. You can use this app to change your alarm sound, notification alert, or ringtone. Apart from this, you can also find instrumental versions of your favorite songs in Hindi and English.

10. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker is another amazing option on this list. You can select any track from your device or record a new one and edit it to make it your new ringtone. For this, the app features numerous options that help users precisely trim songs. For instance, you can set the starting and end point or zoom in or out. It is easy to use and definitely worth a try.

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11. Ringtones Videos 2023

Ringtones Videos 2023

If you want tons of free ringtone options and a caller screen in one app, then you should try Ringtones Videos 2023. This app is often counted among the best free ringtone apps for Android. It is full of a plethora of features that help users customize their notification sounds, SMS sounds, and ringtone with just a few taps. For this, Ringtones Videos 2023 contains high-sound quality options ranging from classical music, Japanese flute to Nokia ringtones. Moreover, the app also features ringtone options in Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Hindi, and English.

12. MobCup Ringtones & Wallpapers

MobCup Ringtones & Wallpapers | Best Free Ringtone Apps for Android

MobCup Ringtones & Wallpapers app comes with thousands of high-quality ringtones, notification sounds, and live wallpapers for your device. It is a lightweight app that features a simple UI and tons of amazing collections. Apart from the options on your screen, you can also manually search for something specific using keywords. Moreover, you can find different categories such as Bollywood, pop, and rock.

13. Krishna Ringtones

Krishna Ringtones

Are you a true devotee of the Hindu god Krishna? If so, then you are going to love the Krishna Ringtones app. It allows users to download thousands of Krishna flute ringtones, Bhajan ringtones, Radha Krishna ringtones, and so much more. Once you find what you are looking for, you can then use it as your ringtone, notification tone, or alarm.

14. Ringtone App Song for Android

Ringtone App Song for Android

With Ringtone App Song for Android, you can customize your ringtone with something more modern or classic as per your preference. It features tons of high-quality unique ringtones and different genres like Animal, Country, remix, Bollywood, Christian, and so on. Owing to its collection, you will never run out of options.

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15. Phone Ringtones and Wallpapers

Phone Ringtones and Wallpapers

Phone Ringtones and Wallpapers features 12+ categories including country, classical music, jazz, pop, Latino, and more. You can easily find high-quality ringtone options and animated call screens in one app. This makes your usual phone call sessions even more fun than ever. Moreover, it also boasts an in-built Mp3 player so you can enjoy bird sounds and melodious tunes with no interruptions. Apart from this, you also get live wallpapers, a unit converter, and amazing stickers for your WhatsApp collection.

16. Ringtones for Android Phone

Ringtones for Android Phone | Best Free Ringtone Apps for Android

Whether you want the popular wallpapers and ringtones or the cool ones, Ringtones for Android Phones has got you covered. It features 1000+ HD wallpapers and trendy ringtones to customize certain aspects of your device effortlessly. Moreover, the app features 20+ categories including cute baby, electro music, rhythm & blues, heavy metal, and so on.

17. Ringtones for Android

Ringtones for Android

With Ringtones for Android, you can download tons of amazing wallpapers and say goodbye to boring ringtones. The app has hundreds of mind-blowing options to help you stand out in the crowd. You can use Ringtones for Android to customize your phone wallpaper, alarm, notification sound, and ringtone. For this, you can explore categories like animal sounds, Halloween, Japanese, hip-hop, etc.

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18. Color Call Flash: LED Ringtone

Color Call Flash: LED Ringtone

Color Call Flash is a call flash creator that offers numerous call themes and displays to spice up the excitement of incoming calls and messages. Using this app, you can experiment with different LED flash alert options. This way, you will never miss a call even if your phone is silent. Moreover, you can instantly respond to urgent messages.

19. Garage Ringtones

Garage Ringtones | Best Free Ringtone Apps for Android

Garage Ringtones offers 2000+ high-quality ringtones and MP3, M4A, ACC, and FLAC audio support. With this app, you get to explore categories like electro-music, funk, house, Indian, pop, trance, and so much more. Moreover, it features wide device compatibility. Apart from this, Garage Ringtones allows users to create ringtones, notification sounds, and alarms using music files on their devices.

By reading this article, you now know about the best free ringtone apps for Android. Whether you want to pick something from pre-made ringtone options or curate a new one, these apps have got you covered. So, if you are ready to embrace a melodious change, pick one ringtone app today and choose your new ringtone.

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