16 Best Audio Editing Apps for Android

Explore audio editing apps and produce high-quality audio files!

As smartphones continue to advance and improve, their functionality has also significantly increased over the decades. Not long ago, mobile phones used to come with a basic audio recorder. However, now the Google Play Store is filled with a wide variety of options. If you are looking for one such tool, we have compiled a list of the best audio editing apps for your Android devices.

Best Audio Editing Apps for Android

Best Audio Editing Apps for Android

Discover versatile tools that cater to both beginners and experts and bring out your artistic flair with intuitive interfaces, seamless multitrack editing, and an extensive array of effects. Fuel the inspiration with previews and precise control over every decibel. From waveform manipulation to noise reduction, these apps will redefine the way you craft and share your musical stories.

1. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile | Best audio editing apps for android

FL Studio Mobile is a comprehensive music production app that allows users to create and save multi-track music projects on their mobile devices. FL Studio Mobile is available on all platforms and provides various editors for different purposes. It offers a range of effects and filters to enhance your mix, including Auto Ducker, Chorus, Compressor, Limiter, and more. It supports MIDI control, allowing users to play instruments and link them to knobs and sliders. User forum helps in finding out free content and therefore it is a powerful tool for creating professional music projects.

2. Koala Sampler

Koala Sampler

Koala Sampler is available for iOS and Android devices where users can import or record samples and create beats in seconds. It comes with various built-in effects and comes with a simple user interface. Older IAA music apps can be sampled into Koala Sampler without the need for a MIDI controller. This app allows sample slicing and editing and offers tips and tricks for users.

3. Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio Editor allows you to record and edit audio files easily. You can find some basic editing options such as cut, copy, paste, delete, insert silence, trim, fade in, and fade out and some advanced features such as noise reduction. It supports multiple audio formats with a user-friendly interface and is best known for its simplicity. It is available for free on both Android and iOS devices where users can mix the current file with another file and therefore it is a great option for anyone looking to edit audio files on their mobile device.

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4. N-Track Studio

N-Track Studio | Best audio editing apps for android

N-Track Studio is a digital audio workstation that allows you to record, edit, and mix music and audio on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. It has a variety of features and plugins and comes with the ability to write and edit MIDI data and create beats and sequences with the step sequencer. It uses amp simulators for guitar and bass and supports external USB audio devices for accessing them directly using its own custom USB driver for lower latency. The app has a free trial version with limited features, and users can subscribe to unlock standard or advanced features.

5. Roland Zenbeats Music Creation

Roland Zenbeats Music Creation

Roland Zenbeats music creation app allows you to create music on any device or platform. It offers a collection of modern and legendary sounds and provides full-touch capabilities for editing tones. Roland Zenbeats also allows easy options to organize clips and sections in the form of a detailed graph. The app is designed to keep users in an effortless artistic flow, making music creation easy for emerging musicians and established producers. Zenbeats comes with a wide range of preinstalled sounds for quick use, but users can also import their own sounds. Overall, Roland Zenbeats provides a versatile and user-friendly platform for music creation on the go.

6. AudioLab


AudioLab is a powerful audio editing app that offers a wide range of features for editing and experimenting with audio files. The audio trimmer allows users to make changes in the audio clips. AudioLab also functions as an audio mixer and allows users to mix different audio and apply DJ effect options and filters. Features such as audio conversion, voice editing, tag editing, audio merging, and a music player are also there in the app. Users can convert audio clips into various formats and it is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

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7. WavePad Audio Editor Free

WavePad Audio Editor Free | Best audio editing apps for android

WavePad Audio Editor is a professional audio and music editor available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices that allows to edit and record music, voice, and other audio recordings in several file formats. WavePad offers a suite of editing capabilities and effects. It is suitable for both professionals and at-home enthusiasts and can be used for ringtones, voice-overs, and trimming sound bits. It is best known for its intuitive interface and tools. Thus, it is great for audio editing beginners.

8. Voice Pro

Voice Pro

Voice Pro audio editing app offers a range of features and options that help you to add new effects, and remove background noises. The app is developed especially for audio editing and is not for music production and provides a simple waveform editing interface. This app is known for its minimalist design and is often used for recording meetings and voiceovers. Moreover, you also get export options, including email and SMS, as well as direct export to Google and it can be accessed on Android and iOS devices.

9. Music Editor Application

Music Editor Application

Music Editor Application is a great audio editing app that helps in editing, mixing, and manipulating audio tracks while balancing technical skills and artistic creativity. You can find tools such as trimming, slicing, and cropping audio clips and sound effects, including a normalizer. The app helps in adding effects such as reverb, equalizer (EQ) adjustments, and compression that enhance the quality of recordings or create entirely new sounds from scratch. The media library of the app offers access to sound effects, music, and audio filters and therefore it is a great option for those who want to edit music on the go.

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10. Mp3 Cutter App

Mp3 Cutter App | Best audio editing apps for android

MP3 Cutter audio editing app allows you to cut and merge audio files in a convenient and easy way. It supports almost all audio file formats and is designed to make music editing simple and fun, with a simple and clean user interface. Specific parts from audio can be removed, export quality and file size can be changed, fade and silence can be added to the audio, and adjust the volume of MP3 music. The app has an integrated MP3 player that helps to play audio before cutting, and the edited file can be saved to the SD card and set as a ringtone.

11. Media Converter App

Media Converter App

Media Converter is a versatile app that allows you to convert various media formats to popular formats and offers audio editing capabilities like trimming a media file or extracting audio to make a ringtone. The app can easily compress video file sizes and supports various output audio formats. It is available for both Android and iOS devices and the audio conversion features and its ability to compress videos have been praised. Media Converter has a simple user interface and is easy to use.

12. Music Maker Jam App

Music Maker Jam App

Music Maker JAM app allows you to create, remix, and discover amazing tracks across various genres. You can easily create or remix music beats and tracks using loops from a wide range of musical genres. It offers features like an 8-channel mixer for recording tracks with a perfect mix, and real-time effects like reverb and delay. The vast library of loop samples allows you to put together music genres to create your own unique sound. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store, App Store, or Microsoft Store.

13. Mp3 Cutter and Merger Application

Mp3 Cutter and Merger Application | Best audio editing apps for android

MP3 Cutter and Merger audio editing app allows you to edit music files in an easy and convenient way by offering features such as cutting and merging MP3 or any audio files together into one file. It supports various audio formats and has a built-in audio/music recorder for editing purposes. The app allows you to preview and play all the output ringtone lists before finalizing their edits and utilizes the FFmpeg multimedia library for high-performance cutting and merging of audio files. Overall, MP3 Cutter and Merger is a popular app for basic audio editing on Android.

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14. Walk Band – Multitrack Music App

Walk Band – Multitrack Music App

Walk Band – Multitrack Music App provides a toolkit of virtual musical instruments for music makers. The features include a piano, a guitar, a drum kit, a drum machine, a bass, and multi-tracks. It is available on the Google Play Store and can be used for creating and mixing music using different musical instruments and tools. Walk Band – Multitrack Music App is popular among music enthusiasts who want to create their own music.

15. Timbre Application

Timbre Application

Timbre is a free audio and video editing app that allows you to cut, join, and convert audio or video files. This comprehensive audio editor and pro video editor app performs many kinds of operations on audio or video files and the popular features include mp3 and mp4 cutter, ringtone maker, and MP3 video converter. Timbre also has an audio/video splitter that allows users to quickly split any audio or video file into two parts and the popular FFmpeg library supports a wide variety of media types.

16. Recording Studio Lite Application

Recording Studio Lite Application | Best audio editing apps for android

Recording Studio Lite app is available for iOS and Android devices and it is designed for quick and simple operation like making recording, editing, and mixing audio a breeze. You can find features like multi-display support, cutting, moving, stretching, and copy-pasting audio, and support for importing MIDI or audio from the free sound database or hard drive.

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If you’re seeking professional-grade audio editing or just want to experiment with audio creativity, the above mentioned best audio editing apps for Android will open up a realm of possibilities. Embrace the rhythm of your imagination and compose delightful harmonies with ease. Elevate your soundscapes, fine-tune your voiceovers, and weave mesmerizing audio spells like never before. Happy editing.

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