13 Best Audio Recording Software for Mac


Audio is the backbone of the sound and music industry. Every other person wants to be the next Kishore Kumar or Lata Mangeshkar of the music world. To be recognized as the best singer or a radio jockey or the best compare on a TV program or the next indie DJ implying the best DJ of a small independent pop group or a film company or start your podcast. In other words, whether a professional or an amateur, voice modulation technology becomes a must.

For voice modulation, it is indispensable to have robust and good audio recording software. This audio recording software manipulates the audio to add effects to the voice and make it professional to match the specific needs of a project. As seen in the music world this software can be used for multi-track recording, sound mixing, and editing. This software can integrate a voice recorded using a microphone, into the soundtrack and can also do screen recording using Best Free Screen Recorder for PC. using Best Free Screen Recorder for PC..

13 Best Audio Recording Software for Mac

This software can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, or any operating system. We will limit our discussion, for the present, to the best audio recording software for Mac. A list of some of the best audio recording software programs for Mac is detailed below:

  1. Audacity, best for – recording voice over and editing, available for Mac Os, Windows & Linux
  2. Garageband, best for – recording audio for music production, available for Mac OS only
  3. Hya-Wave
  4. Simple Recorder
  5. ProTools First
  6. Ardour
  7. OcenAudio
  8. Macsome Audio Recorder
  9. iMusic
  10. RecordPad
  11. QuickTime
  12. Audio Hijack
  13. Audio Note

Let us consider each of the above-listed programs in detail as below:

1. Audacity

Audacity | Best Audio Recording Software for Mac

A free of cost software released for use of beginners, in the year 2000, is one of the most popular best audio recording software for Mac. You can easily edit and mix a soundtrack. The best part is that you can view a sound wave and edit it section by section. With its built-in features like equalizer, pitch, delay, and reverb, you can produce studio-quality sounds. It is the perfect software for podcasters or music producers.

The only drawback is once edited and mixing is done you cannot reverse the change, in case you want to make any alteration, the operation is irreversible. Another drawback of this software is that it cannot load MP3 files. In spite of these drawbacks, due to a good user-friendly interface, it is still regarded amongst the top 3 software for audio recording. It is also available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

Download Audacity

2. Garageband


This software developed by ‘Apple’ and released in 2004, is more of a full-fledged, free of cost, digital audio Workstation more than a digital audio recorder. Specifically for Mac OS, with a simple user interface, it is one of the best software for the novices, who are new in the field of audio recording. You can without any complications create and record multiple tracks. All tracks are color-coded.

With built-in audio filters and a simple drag and drop process, audio tracks can be provided various effects like distortion, reverb, echo, and many more. You can create your effects besides the range of inbuilt preset effects to choose from. It also offers a studio-quality range of musical instrument effects. With a fixed sample rate of 44.1 kHz, it can record at 16 or 24-bit audio resolution.

Download Garageband

3. Hya-waves


It is basically free recording software for a new user, a solo artist, or a college-going student wanting to share some of his tracks on social media. This is the best Mac software for casual audio recording. Though with an easy user interface, it is not suitable for professionals. This software is easily available on the browser and you do not need to download any big program file.

So, using the cloud you can record, cut, copy, paste, and crop your audio and apply special effects to your audio on your social media account. It can use both an external and its in-built mike for recording. A drawback of this software is it does not allow multi-tracking and has a pause recording feature.

Visit Hya-waves

4. Simple Recorder

simple-recorder | Best Audio Recording Software for Mac

Going by its name it is a very simple and quick method of audio recording in Mac. It is free to download software, once downloaded, the icon of the simple recorder is available on the top right corner on the menu bar. You can start recording with a single left click of the mouse. It is not recommended for the use of professionals but can be helpful to the intermediate user.

From the dropdown menu, you can select the source of recording i.e. external mike or the Mac inbuilt internal mike. You can set the recording volume and from the preferences section, you can pick the recording format whether MP3 file, M4A, or any available format of your choice. You can also select the sample rate and channel etc.etc.

Download Simple Recorder

5. Pro Tools First

Pro Tools First

This tool can be downloaded and installed free of cost and is one of the best software for the young generation of new singers and musicians who are new to the audio recording industry. It had earlier limited three number of audio recording sessions to be stored locally but now you have access to 1GB of free storage on the cloud in addition to 16 instruments, 16 audio tracks, and 4 inputs. It strictly does not allow local storage of audio recordings on to your hard disk.

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It can record at 16 to 32-bit audio resolution at a limited sample rate of 96KHz allowing for professional audio production. It provides for 23 effects, sound processors, and virtual instruments and a 500MB of loop library.

Download ProTools First

6. Ardour


It is an easy to use audio recording software for Mac. It is highly functional allowing for multi-track recording and track mixing with an easy to use user interface. It is a complete feature-filled Digital Audio Workstation in itself. You can import files or MIDI.

You can do unlimited track recording and can crossfade, transpose the recorded tracks with many more options like Routing, Inline Plugin Control, etc in the mixing section. It is very dear software for the audio engineers as they can use its features to the best of their ability to provide some of the best audio recordings and voice modulations.

Download Ardour

7. OcenAudio

OcenAudio | Best Audio Recording Software for Mac

It is a cross-platform implying besides Mac OS it can work on other operating systems too. It is a good and fast audio recording cum editing software. With a user-friendly interface, it can do basic to highly advanced audio recording depending on a novice or a professional using it. The detailed audio spectrum analyzer and over 31 band equalizers, flangers, the chorus can help to help to improve it in real-time use.

The audio spectrum analyzer can cut different parts of the audio for analysis and add effects to it so that you can apply similar effects all at once and have a real-time playback of the effects.

It is compatible with many formats like the MP3, WAV, etc. etc and also supports a lot of VST plug-ins. The best part is that all time-consuming functions like opening and saving audio files or applying effects does not impact your day to day work on the PC but is a responsive software continues to run in the background, doing its work without hampering yours.

Download OcenAudio

8. Macsome Audio Recorder

Macsome Audio Recorder

It is an audio recorder for Mac OS X. It is one such voice recorder that can recorder from different sources such as Mac internal microphone, the external mike, other apps on Mac, and many other applications like the audio from DVDs, voice chats etc.etc. It is, for this reason, it has amongst the best audio recorders but not a very dynamic user interface. The beauty of this software is that whether it is a speech, music, or podcast its recording efficiency is the same in all three modes.

For a better file organization, it provides ID tags usually not more than one to three words providing details about a document, making it easier to locate the digital file when required. You can start recording a voice immediately using a single click. It does not, in this respect, allow wastage of time in recording and location of any file. The only disadvantage is that it does not optimize itself to work on minimal resources.

Download Macsome Audio Recorder

9. iMusic

iMusic Best Recording Software for Mac 2020

iMusic is good audio recording software for recording for Mac. It is free of cost music player. You can listen to your favorite songs, comedy TV shows, news, podcasts, and more from your iPhone/iPod/iPad. You can set your quality settings to personalize your recording.

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Technically, it can differentiate tracks when it records and the best part is you do not need to tag the audio file for storage. It automatically tags the audio file depending on whether it’s an audio or a music file by putting the speaker’s name or artist, album name, and song name. This helps in the easy creation of a playlist or a library of the recorded audios. To personalize your recording it helps to modify your quality settings as per your needs and requirements.

10. RecordPad

recordpad | Best Audio Recording Software for Mac

RecordPad being lightweight, only 650KB, is a simple to operate, quick and easy audio recording software. It is an ideal software for digital presentations and recording messages. It can record from both Mac inbuilt internal microphone and other external devices. It is compatible with different output formats like MP3, WAV, AIFF, etc. You can also select the sample rate, channel, etc. and categorize your recordings using distinct parameters like formats, dates, duration, and size. Some more advantages of this software are as indicated below:

  • Using Express Burn, you can directly burn the recordings to a CD.
  • While working on other programs on your PC, you can continue to keep control of your recordings using the stem-wide hotkeys.
  • You have an option to send recordings via email or upload to an FTP server
  • It is very simple and robust recording software for both professional and corporate applications
  • This software can edit recordings and add effects when used in combination with WavePad Professional audio editing software
Download RecordPad

11. QuickTime


It is a simple inbuilt audio recording system with Mac OS. It has a simple User interface making it easy to operate. It allows you to record using the Mac internal microphone and also external Mike or system audio. You can change the quality of recording with options of high and maximum. You can view your file size as the software records your program. The software exports your file to MPEG-4 format, once the recording is completed.

One of the drawbacks of this software is that it has limited customization options. It does not have any provision of pausing an audio recording and can only stop it and start a new one. Due to these drawbacks, it is not recommended as professional audio recording software but is ok for intermediaries.

Download QuickTime

12. Audio Hijack

Audio Hijack | Best Audio Recording Software for Mac

Developed by Rogue Amoeba, this software is free to download with a 15 days trial period. It is one of the best audio recording software for Mac and can record audio from multiple applications like internet radio or DVD audio or the web e.g. good for recording interviews on Skype etc.

With an impressive user interface, the Audio Hijack recorder allows audio recording from Mac internal mike, any external mike, or any other external app with sound. It has an inbuilt ability to adjust volume and add effects and filters.

It can support multiple formats like MP3 or AAC or any other audio file extension. The best part about this software is that the audio recording is crash-protected. This feature is a big bonus as you will not lose the audio even if the software crashes while recording.

Download Audio Hijack

13. Audio Note

Audio Note for MAc

It is excellent recording software that records and syncs notes. It is available at a cost on the Mac Appstore. When you start making notes on the system or a device it will automatically sync with the audio and start recording the lecture, interview, or discussion. It is an option preferred by the student as well as a professional community, alike.

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It also has features like text, shapes, annotations, and a lot of others so that you can utilize them if required when making notes. Once through making notes you can convert them into PDF documents too. The notes can be stored on the cloud. At any time later when you playback, you can listen to the audio and in tandem see all the notes on the screen too.

Download Audio Note

The list of the best audio recording software for Mac is inexhaustible. To conclude, it would not be justified to close my discussion on best audio recording software for Mac, without a passing mention to a few more software like Piezo, Reaper 5, Leawo music recorder and Traverso., this software, in addition to those detailed above, manipulate the audio to add effects and modulate the voice, professionalizing the recorded speech, music or a digital presentation.

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