20 Best Free Music Editor Online

Feeling happy, lonely, depressed, or sad, there is music for your every mood. Listening to music and editing music as per need are two different things and when it comes to setting music for videos you need to look for perfect timings, rhythms, and tones to match your featuring video and this requires an editor. And if you want to record your own music and edit but are confused about how to do it then we will help you know about some best music editor online including free as well as open-source audio editors.

20 Best Free Music Editor Online to Use

Best Free Music Editor Online

Audio Editor is a platform that provides you the space to record or edit music. Sound elements such as production raw tracks, dialogue tracks, library material, and foley in analog or digital form are chopped and synced to the picture by a sound editor to construct the soundtrack. They are then presented to the re-recording mixer for the final sound balance.

In the market, there are a number of apps and software for music editing depending on your interest and audio usage. Some are meant for experienced audio editors as they have an uncluttered interface and simple workflow, while some others offer just one click to remove the hiss and pops from the recording. But if you want to edit some complex projects then you will require a multi-track editor which can support multiple sources at once. For this, you will require more system resources than simple waveform editing. Some of you may like to add effects in the audio so for that, you will require an editor that can even support external effects via plugins.

To select the appropriate one what you can do is just make a comparison of the editors you think suits your need based on the ease of Admin, quality of support, ease of use, and how good it is with the task you want to perform. Now let’s look at the best music editors online so that you can choose the desired one from the list.

1. Audacity


Audacity is one of the best free music editors online for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s a bit ancient but it works awesomely and so it is even called the godfather of free audio editing software. It offers you amazing stereo tracks, recordings, effects, and plugins. A simple inexperienced person can also use it easily.


  • Edit more than just one stereo track
  • Range of effects and plugins available
  • Volume automation possible
  • Delete or mute your audio

2. Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio. audio editor Windows 10

Want to try a really colorful interface that is simple to use, then Ocenaudio will be perfect. Audacity is good but it is much faster and lightweight than it. This one is not at all destructive like other editors. This is the best audio editing software for Mac where you can easily record audio straight into the software.


  • Bundled with loads of effects
  • Play with effects and hear the changes instantly
  • Simple with editing stereo music files or mono audio files
  • Colorful interface

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3. Sodaphonic

Sodaphonic. 20 Best Free Music Editor Online to Use

If you want a little to do with the audio editing you can use this simple software which keeps things quick and easy to use. Just import the file and begin with the trim, cut, delete, or paste in the audio then Sodaphonic is the best choice. It also allows you to open files directly from Dropbox.


  • Make use of Dropbox to import files
  • Fade-in or fade-out can be applied
  • Record your audio
  • Save files in MP3 or WAV format

4. Bear Audio Tool

Bear audio tool. audio editor Windows 10

Bearaudio is an HTML5-based free music editor online. It can directly edit files from your local storage so that you don’t require to upload any files to their server. This software can be of great help when you need to pull audio from various places. With this, you just don’t add your files and edit but you can also record and edit your own audio.


  • Own library of music
  • Import files online and offline
  • Options to undo and redo
  • Import audio even from YouTube
  • Save or convert to any format

5. Hya Wave

Hya Wave

Hya-Wave online audio editor software was released in January 2015 and is user-friendly with a clean interface. This one is really simple and easy to use. You can use it to record or edit audio on the fly as you don’t have to install a large program on your laptop or PC.


  • Multi-tracking support
  • Load and save in the cloud
  • Apply live effects and share them on your social media
  • Cut, copy, clear, crop, and paste your audio

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6. WavePad

Wavepad. 20 Best Free Music Editor Online to Use

WavePad is a free online audio editor for Windows 10, Mac, iPad, and Android, you can use it on any device. This one is easy to install and easy to use which can save you hours. The interface may not be sleek but it has some amazing features and great analysis tools for advanced users.


  • Change speed and pitch
  • Handy audio scrubbing
  • Edit stereo or mono audio files
  • Apply compression, EQ, reverb, or any effect to many audio files at once

7. Soundop

Soundop. 20 Best Free Music Editor Online to Use

Soundop is for Windows users where you can record, edit, mix tracks, and master audio with advanced features. This software has well-designed built-in effects. You can load audio from all popular audio and video formats. It provides a comprehensive feature set with an optimized design for ideal audio creation and production.


  • VST and VST3 effect plug-ins supported
  • Edit operations like copying, pasting, and applying effects
  • Multiple instances of batch processors run simultaneously
  • Support automating of effect parameters

8. AudioDirector365

AudioDirector 365

If you want to perform various functions within the same software for your audio then AudioDirector 365 can best direct you. It is a one-stop shop for everything you want. It not just edits audio but also restores and fine-tunes speech in your video and audio projects. With this software, you can set the perfect recording and editing environment anywhere. This is one of the best free music editor Online.


  • Remove wind gusts, echo, and reverb from the audio clips intelligently
  • Perform batch processing
  • Produce error-free podcasts and voiceovers

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9. Blender

Blender. 20 Best Free Music Editor Online to Use

Another one of the best audio editors for Windows 10 is Blender. This software works well for editing audio tracks as well as images and movies. You can change the volume, pitch, and pan the audio clips. You can easily mix sound strips which makes it a suitable audio editing software for Mac.


  • Save the audio file into the blend-file
  • Play files from RAM instead of the hard drive
  • Offset the beginning and end of a sound strip
  • Append the audio frequency

10. LANDR Studio

Landr Studio

LANDR Studio is not just software to edit your music or audio but it also helps you create, collaborate, distribute, master, and promote the music in one single place. Creating your audio with the help of this software will make your creation separate itself from the crowd.


  • Selection of curated samples and exclusive plugins
  • Manipulate sound
  • AI-driven mastering engine to provide the final touch
  • Stream the songs you want

11. TwistedWave, an audio editor

TwistedWave. audio editor Windows 10

For Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Windows users TwistedWave an audio editor is a software that can be fast, easy to use, and powerful. The best thing about using this software online is that you don’t need to download or install anything for using this editor, simply just launch it from your browser and continue editing. It is also ideal for recording audio on your phone and editing them later. With this software, you can easily edit mono files up to 5 minutes in length. This is also considered as best Audio editor for Windows 10.


  • Process files on Google Drive
  • Record or edit any audio file
  • Audio stored and processed on the server making it easier for your not to download anything

12. Audio Trimmer

Audio Trimmer. 20 Best Free Music Editor Online to Use

Audio Trimmer is an online audio and Mp3 cutter. This lets you trim your audio files on the go, you just choose the file and upload it and it will just get started. For this, you don’t have t install anything just browse it online and you can start. this one is designed to work effectively on any of the most modern devices including mobile phones and tablets.


  • Quick trim and cut
  • Simple interface
  • Remove unwanted sounds from audio recordings
  • Mobile friendly

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13. Audio Joiner

Audio Joiner. audio editor Windows 10

Audio Joiner is a free online single-purpose audio editor that is simple and not fancy with simple to use interface. On this platform, you may not explore complex music production but you capture your ideas and compile them together. Over an easy-to-use editing platform, it supports over 300 audio formats.


  • No limit on the number of tracks to join
  • Crossfade feature to join songs seamlessly
  • Adjust the intervals between songs using the mouse or arrow keys
  • Automatically convert audio to Mp3 for quicker and easier operation

14. Soundtrap

Soundtrap. audio editor Windows 10

Soundtrap by Spotify is a platform with basic features to record or produce audio. This one is easy to use with great collaborative features. This is known to be the first music-centric online audio editor. Not just editing but you explore new sounds, creating a song, or collaborating with others. It works on any device.


  • Project stored online in the cloud
  • Pitch and modify your voice recordings
  • Tweak volume, pan, and use filter sweep effect
  • Create your own high-quality beats, chords, and melodies

15. Bandlab


If you want to do more than just edit the audio files like playing musical instruments then this app will be of use. You can simply connect instruments to mobile devices and work on your phone with the audio. You can record, mix and collaborate without paying any money. Use BandLab with multi-tracks without any boundaries and get instant results.


  • Professionally designed and curated royalty-free loops and samples
  • Lightning fast, no limits
  • Release your tracks and engage with fans

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16. Amped Studio

Amped Studio. audio editor Windows 10

Besides just editing audio this sleek online audio editor is created for music creation. Amped Studio has the ability to convert vocals into MIDI data. You can use this editor for free but if you want additional features in your basket then you will have to buy the premium subscription. This editor provides you with your own personal studio at any place with an array of tools and resources.


  • Connect microphones or use the internal mic
  • Store your creations to access on any computer
  • Integrated sound library
  • High-quality virtual instruments and effects
  • Record and edit sound quickly and easily

17. Apowersoft

Apowersoft. 20 Best Free Music Editor Online to Use

If you are a website owner, or blogger, or own an online education platform then Apowersoft is developed for you. It is one of the best audio editors for Windows 10. For using this editor, you need a launcher and then you can access it with a single click.


  • Security for audio files
  • Anyone can use it, no skills are required
  • Unlimited editing options
  • Totally free, with no hidden payments

18. Soundation Studio

Soundation Studio. 20 Best Free Music Editor Online to Use

If you want to create instead to edit music then Soundation can be of use with its powerful features. You can easily mix your sound alongside a bunch of sound loops, effects, and virtual instruments.


  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Share music in form of a link
  • Excess to the extensive library with ready-to-use sounds

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19. MP3 Cutter

MP3 Cutter. audio editor Windows 10

MP3 Cutter is a free online audio editor which is meant to cut audio files from your browser in whatever formats they are. With this, you can also edit them. Use its fade-in or fade-out feature on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices with ease.


  • Cut any file directly in your browser
  • All kinds of format supported
  • Free of cost, with no subscription fee or hidden charges

20. GarageBand

GarageBand. 20 Best Free Music Editor Online to Use

GarageBand audio editor is meant for Mac users. It is free and it comes preinstalled on Mac. It is the most accessible and versatile. It is easy to make compositions regardless of your skill. It comes with a complete sound library that includes instruments that make you ready to make music like a pro.


  • Create music with or without an instrument
  • Morph and tweak the sound with Transform Pad Smart Control
  • Fix rhythm issues with a click

How Free Music Editors Online Help You

The open-source audio editors available for music editing are much more convenient and can be used anywhere at any time. They are also best because they provide you desired service free of cost. They allow the music creator to create different music by a combination of various audios at once. Also, these editors make fast and perfect trimming in a large number of formats like MP3, WAV, AAC, MP4.

How to Edit Audio on an Open-source Audio Editor

There are a number of open-source audio editors which can help you to record audio, add music, remove background noise, and much more. To edit audio online you just need to begin by uploading your audio files. Start editing (cut, trim, split, or merge) using the options provided. Lastly, click on export to save your edited audio file in a folder on your device.


With some amazing features and personality, the above-mentioned list of the best free online music and audio editors is going to be a useful asset for you. Let us know about any of your queries or suggestions in the comments section below.

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