Google Rolls Back File Creation Limit on Drive After Introducing it Without Announcement

Recently it was discovered that Google has changed the limit to the number of files in users’ Google Drive account. But this change didn’t come with an announcement rather with an error message to users who had crossed the 5 million mark. But it now seems that after facing a lot of backlash Google rolls back file creation limit on Drive after introducing it without announcement.

Google Rolls Back File Creation Limit on Drive After Introducing the Same Few Weeks Back

The new policy of Google Drive might have changed the way its limits work even for the users who pay for extra storage. The users noticed a message that read an “Upload Fail” error with “this account has exceeded the creation limit of 5 million items. To create more items, move items to the bin and delete them forever” message.

Also, Google had not made any official notice regarding the change, which infuriated many online users. It was because they were unable to add new files to their Drive without first erasing the millions of data they had already saved there.

But the rollback of these limits was informed by Google Drive through its official Twitter account saying “We recently rolled out a system update to Drive item limits to preserve stability and optimize performance. While this impacted only a small number of people, we are rolling back this change as we explore alternate approaches to ensure a great experience for all.” Also, it said that if Google Drive will make any changes in future, then they will communicate them to users in advance.

It’s important to note that the policy would only have restricted how many files individuals may create in Drive, not how many files could be shared across all of their Drives. If they did not all generate them, users might have had over 5 million files in the system.

Source: Google Drive Tweet

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