How to Play Outburst on Zoom

Of all the unexpected things the pandemic brought along with it, video calling applications such as Zoom have to place at the very top. The unavailability of conference rooms and offices has led to multiple organizations using conference video calling software to conduct their daily operations.

As the time spent in front of the screen has increased, people have developed unique ways to turn virtual family meetings into fun events. Outburst is one such popular board game that has been adapted to fit in perfectly with Zoom. The game requires little material and can be easily played with friends and family on Zoom.

What is the Outburst Game?

To add a tinge of flavour into long and boring meetings and ramp up the fun between separated friends and families, users tried to incorporate board games into their meetings. This unique form of innovation has helped people overcome loneliness during the pandemic and connect with separated friends and family.

The Outburst game is a classic board game that can be played with negligible skill and practice. Within the game, a host writes down two lists of things, one for each team. The list includes names of common things we are all aware of. This could include fruits, cars, celebrities, and basically anything that can be turned into a list.

The participants are then split into two teams. The host then calls out the name of the list, and the participants of one team have to answer on the spot. The game’s objective is to match the names that are on the host’s list within a time frame. In the end, the team that had a higher number of correct answers wins the game.

The game is not about being technically right or trying to answer objectively; the whole purpose is to force the participants to think like the host.

Things Needed to Play the Game

Although Outburst requires little preparation, there are a few things you will need to ensure for the game to be conducted smoothly.

1. A place to write: You could either write on a piece of paper or use any writing-based application on your PC. You can create the lists before the game starts or download readymade lists from the internet.

2. A timer: The game is more fun when there are time-imposed restrictions and each time has to answer quickly.

3. A-Zoom account.

4. And, of course, friends to play the game with.

How to Play the Outburst Game on Zoom?

Once all the objects necessary for the game have been gathered, and the meeting is ready, you can start playing the Outburst game.

1. Gather all the participants and divide them into two teams.

2. Prepare your list and your timer just before the game.

3. Assign the first list to the first team, and give them around 30 seconds to answer as much as they can.

4. On the zoom page, click on the share screen button.

On the zoom page, click on the share screen button | How to Play Outburst on Zoom

5. From the options that appear, click on ‘Whiteboard.’

From the options that appear, click on Whiteboard

6. On this whiteboard, you can note down the team’s score as the game progresses.

On this whiteboard, you can note down the teams' score as the game progresses

7. In the end, compare the scores of both the teams, and declare the winner.

The Online Version of Outburst

Apart from playing manually, you can download the online version of the Outburst Game. This makes it easier to keep score and provides the hosts with readymade lists.

With that, you have successfully managed to organize and play the Outburst Game on Zoom. The addition of games like Outburst adds an extra layer of fun to online family events and get-togethers. With a little more digging, you can bring back many more classic games to your Zoom meeting and fight the boredom caused by the pandemic.


We hope this guide was helpful and you were able to play outburst with your friends or family on Zoom. If you still have any queries regarding this article, then feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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