How to See Everyone on Zoom

How to See Everyone on Zoom

Zoom, as most of you must be aware, is a video-telephonic software program, which has become the new ‘normal’ since the Corona-virus pandemic began worldwide. Organizations, schools & colleges, all kinds of professionals and a common man; everyone has used this app, at least once for various reasons. Zoom rooms allow up to 1000 participants, with a 30-hour time restriction, for paid accounts. But it also provides rooms for 100 members, with a 40-minute time restriction, for free account holders. This is why it became so popular during ‘lockdown’.

If you are an active user of the Zoom app, you must understand how important it is to know all the participants present in a Zoom room and comprehend who is saying what.  When there are only three or four members present in a meeting, things go smoothly as you can use Zoom’s focusing method.

But what if there are a large number of people present in a single Zoom room?

In such cases, it would be helpful to know ‘how to see all participants in Zoom’ as you would not need to switch between various thumbnails constantly, during the zoom call. It is a tire-some & frustrating process. Thus, knowing how to view all participants at once, would save you a lot of time and energy, while increasing your work efficiency.

Fortunately for all of us, Zoom provides an in-built feature called “Gallery view,” through which you can easily view all Zoom participants. It is very easy to enable it by switching your active speaker view with “Gallery view”. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about ‘Gallery view’ and the steps to enable it.

How to See Everyone on Zoom

How to See Everyone on Zoom

What is Gallery View in Zoom?

Gallery view is a viewing feature in Zoom that allows users to view thumbnail displays of multiple participants in grids. The grid size depends completely on the number of participants in the Zoom room and the device you are using for it. This grid in gallery view keeps updating itself by adding a new video feed whenever a participant joins-in or by deleting it when someone leaves.

  • Desktop Gallery View: For a standard modern desktop, Zoom allows the Gallery view to display up to 49 participants in a single grid. When the number of participants exceeds this limit, it automatically creates a new page to fit the remaining participants. You can easily switch between these pages using the “left and right arrow buttons” present on these pages. You can view up to 500 thumbnails.
  • Smartphone Gallery View: For modern Android smartphones and iPhones, Zoom allows the Gallery view to display a maximum of 4 participants on a single screen.
  • iPad Gallery View: If you are an iPad user, you can view up to 9 participants at a time on a single screen.

Why can’t I find Gallery View on my PC?

If you are stuck in “Active speaker” mode where Zoom only focuses on the participant who is speaking and wondering why you are not seeing all the participants; we’ve got you covered. The only reason behind it is – you have not enabled the “Gallery view”.

However, if, even after enabling Gallery view, you are not able to view up to 49 members on a single screen; then it implies that your device (PC/Mac) does not meet the minimum system requirements for this viewing feature of Zoom.

The minimum requirements for your laptop/desktop PC to support “Gallery view” are:

  • Intel i7 or equivalent CPU
  • Processor
  1. For a single monitor setup: Dual-core processor
  2. For a dual monitor setup: Quad-core processor
  • Zoom client 4.1.x.0122 or later version, for Windows or Mac

Note: For dual monitor setups, “Gallery view” will be available just on your primary monitor; even if you are using it with the desktop client.

How to see everyone on Zoom?

For desktop users

1. Firstly, open the Zoom desktop app for your PC or Mac and go to “Settings.” For this, click on the “Gear” option present at the top-right corner of the screen.

2. Once the “Settings” window appears, click on “Video” in the left sidebar.

Once the “Settings” window appears, click on “Video” in the left sidebar. | How to See Everyone on Zoom

3. Here you’ll find “Maximum participants displayed per screen in Gallery View”. Under this option, select “49 Participants”.

Here you’ll find “Maximum participants displayed per screen in Gallery View”. Under this option, select “49 Participants”.

Note: If this option is not available to you, check your minimum system requirements.

4. Now, close the “Settings”. “Start or Join” a new meeting in Zoom.

5. Once you have joined a Zoom meeting, head to the “Gallery view” option present at the top-right corner to see 49 participants per page.

head to the “Gallery view” option present at the top-right corner to see 49 participants per page.

If the number of participants is more than 49, you need to scroll the pages using the “left and right arrow buttons” to see all the participants in the meeting.

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For Smartphone users

By default, the Zoom mobile app keeps the view to the “Active Speaker” mode.

It can display a maximum of 4 participants per page, using the “Gallery view” feature.

To learn how to see everyone in a Zoom meeting, on your smartphone, follow the given steps:

  1. Launch the Zoom app on your iOS or Android smartphone.
  2. Start or join a Zoom meeting.
  3. Now, swipe left from the “Active speaker” mode to switch the view mode to “Gallery view.”
  4. If you want to, swipe right to come back to “Active Speaker” mode.

Note: You cannot swipe left until you have more than 2 participants in the meeting.

What more you can do once you can view all the participants in a Zoom call?

Customizing the Video Order

Once you enable the Gallery view, Zoom also allows its users to click and drag videos to create an order, according to their preferences. It proves to be the most useful when you are doing some activity in which sequence matters. Once you reorder the grids corresponding to different participants, they will remain in their places, until some change occurs again.

  • If a new user enters the meeting, they will be added to the bottom-right space of the page.
  • If there are multiple pages present in the conference, Zoom will add the new user to the last page.
  • If a non-video member enables their video, they will be treated as a new video feed grid and added to the bottom-right spot of the last page.

Note: This ordering will be limited only to the user who reorders it.

If the host wants to reflect the same order to all the participants, they need to enable following their “customized order” for all the participants.

1. Firstly, host or join a Zoom meeting.

2. Click and drag any of the member’s video feed to the ‘location’ you want. Continue doing this until you see all participants, in the desired order.

Now, you can perform any of the following actions: 

  • Follow the host’s video order: You can force all the meeting members to view your “custom video order” by enabling this option. The custom order applies to the “Active speaker” view and “Gallery view” for desktop and mobile users.
  • Release the customized video order: By enabling this feature, you can release the customized order and revert to “Zoom’s default order”.

Hide Non-Video Participants

If a user has not enabled their video or has joined by telephone, you can hide their thumbnail from the grid. This way you can also avoid the creation of multiple pages in Zoom meetings. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Enable the “Gallery view” for the meeting. Go to the participant’s thumbnail who has turned their video-off and click on the three-dots present at the top-right corner of the participant’s grid.

2. After this, select “Hide Non-Video Participants.”

After this, select Hide Non-Video Participants.

3. If you want to show non-video participants again, click the “View” button present at the top-right corner. After this, click on the “Show Non-Video Participants.”

click on the “Show Non-Video Participants.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1. How do I see all participants in Zoom?

You can see video feeds of all the participants in the form of grids, using the “Gallery view” feature offered by Zoom. All you need to do is, enable it.

Q 2. How do I see everyone on Zoom when sharing my screen?

Go to the Settings and then click the “Share Screen” tab. Now, tick the “side-by-side” mode. After doing so, Zoom will automatically show you the participants when you share your screen.

Q 3. How many participants can you see on Zoom?

For desktop users, Zoom allows up to 49 participants on a single page. If the meeting has more than 49 members, Zoom creates extra pages to fit these leftover participants. You can swipe back and forth to view all the people in the meet.

For Smartphone users, Zoom allows up to 4 participants per page, and just like PC users, you can also swipe left and right to view all the video feeds present in the meeting.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to view all participants, order the grid & hide/show non-video participants on Zoom. If you still have any queries regarding this article, then feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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