20 Best App for Reducing Screen Brightness

There is no doubt that over the last 2-3 years, our lives have become more digitalized than ever. Work-from-home and offline classes evidently resulted in more screen time and degrading eyesight. Not only this, but people are also suffering frequent migraines, obesity, and whatnot. Luckily, you can get your hands on the best app for reducing screen brightness and make things easier for your eyes. Continue reading this article to know more about the features of 20 apps to find your favorite brighter screen app.

20 best app for reducing screen brightness

20 Best App for Reducing Screen Brightness

Did you know that the brightness in your phone affects the battery life of your device? Yes, it is true. The brighter your screen will be, the faster the battery will drain. Although bright screens look attractive, you must keep the brightness low at all times to save battery and also spare yourself from constant headaches.

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1. Easy Eyes

easy eyes playstore

If extremely bright screens have been eating your eyes out then this app is for you. Easy Eyes give your phone a warm and welcoming look. By canceling out the blue glaze that cause irritation and redness in eyes, Easy Eyes prevent eye straining by changing the overall color temperature.


  • Easy Eyes is available for free to override screen brightness on Android.
  • It is user-friendly with a simple one click on/off feature.
  • You can set Easy Eyes to turn on automatically at a specific time during the day.
  • It has an in-built temperature filter for warm lighting.
  • With its brightness filter, you can set brightness below the minimum level.
  • Easy Eyes require Androd 4.1 and up.

2. Twilight: Blue light filter

Twilight Blue light Filter

With over 10M downloads and thousands of positive reviews, Twilight: Blue light filter emerges as one of the best options in the list. It helps you enjoy bedtime scrolling but with extra safety measures for your eyes. The best part is that this app for reducing screen brightness is packed with several features that will help you during endless screen time.


  • The app automatically adjusts the brightness of your phone screen.
  • Users can also change the intensity and color temperature of the blue light filter on Twilight app.
  • It offers a quick settings dialog for easy adjustments.
  • You can set app-specific profiles with different adjustments and settings.

3. CF.lumen


CF.lumen is another great option if you are looking for the best app for reducing screen brightness. With its default settings, your phone screen gets a warm tint of lower color temperature which thus, minimize straining. It is easy to use and makes screen brightness a pal of your eyes.


  • It has a light sensor that automatically adjusts the color of your screen.
  • Various color filters convert images on screen to grayscale and then display in the selected color.
  • The app uses a red filter during sleeping hours to minimize straining your eyes.

CF.lumen is available for 100% free.

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4. sFilter- Blue Light Filter

sFilter Blue Light Filter

sFilter prevents your screen from emitting blue light harmful for your eyes. Instead, it lets you pick from 18 different options to minimize harm and make scrolling easy on the eyes. Moreover, sFilter offers a widget which further helps in readjusting and making brightness dim within seconds.


  • sFilter offers up to 18 different types of color filters.
  • Users can quickly change filter settings using the status bar.
  • You can schedule filter timing to automatically execute it at the specified time.
  • It does not consume high battery.
  • sFilter is available for free to adjust brightness app.

5. Night screen

Night Screen

Night screen is a great option if you want to avoid severe headaches and eye-straining issues due to smartphones. It helps you dim the brightness to a level where it no longer possesses a danger to your health. For this, it uses an overlay filter to dim the screen. n. Apart from this, it has other features such as:


  • It prevents screen from turning off when an app is running.
  • You can set default brightness level to enable it automatically from next use.
  • Night screen features auto enable and disable feature for more convenience.
  • It is available for free to override screen brightness Android.

6. Dimmer


Dimmer automatically takes care of your screen brightness to prevent it from hampering your eyesight. It can help you stay below the minimum level with cool features and adjustments. Dimmer is easy to use and helpful for people who use smartphones for basically every aspect of their lives. Here are the other features of this app for screen brightness


  • It is available for free.
  • Dimmer is for Android users only to adjust brightness app.
  • This app has a beginner-friendly interface.
  • It lacks features that other similar apps offer.

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7. Blue Light Filter- Night Mode

Blue Light Filter Night Mode

Blue Light Filter- Night Mode helps in suppressing blue light dangerous with its power-packed features. By using this app, you can promote good sleep and enjoy utmost relaxation with every scrolling session. It is easy to use the Blue Light Filter app to protect your eyes from pain and hurt.


  • It is available for free.
  • You can also adjust the screen filter intensity with a simple bar.
  • Blue Light Filter does not consume as much power as other similar apps.
  • This app also features an auto-timer for more efficiency.

8. Screen Filter

Screen Filter

The best thing about Screen Filter is that it helps users to set the brightness level according to time and place. With its impressive features, Screen Filter ensures that your eyes remain as healthy as before. This is a great option for gamers, shopping, and browsing enthusiasts.


  • Screen Filter widgets make it easy for users to easily use preset brightness settings.
  • It features a brightness slider for precise control over adjust brightness app.
  • Screen Filter is available for free on Android.
  • Ensures to save the battery life of AMOLED displays.

9. Brightness Control & Dimmer

Brightness Control & Dimmer

Brightness Control & Dimmer is also a great app for reducing screen brightness. You can test this app for 7 days with a free trial and see whether your money is worth it or not. It features a slider to easily adjust brightness level as per your preference.


  • It does not hamper installation of apps on the device.
  • AMOLED users can use this app while saving their phone battery.
  • You can let the app run by turning on the Auto feature.

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10. Light Delight

Lower Brightness Blue Light Fi

Light Delight or Lower Brightness Blue Light Fi is among the top choice in apps for reducing screen brightness. Equipped with multiple features, Light Delight ensures that your scrolling sessions remain as delightful as you are. It has everything you need to suppress the dangerous of blue light.


  • Light Delight offers up to 10 ready-made anti-glare blue light filters.
  • You can also create new filters or edit existing ones to fit your preference.
  • Users can use Light Delight temperature control to decrease the intensity of blue light.
  • It features a simple Ui to override screen brightness Android.

11. Velis Auto Brightness

Velis Auto Brightness | brighter screen app for reducing screen brightness

Velis Auto Brightness strives to replace the default brightness in your phone by making it better than anything else. It uses device sensors to determine the environment and adjust brightness accordingly. In other words, Velis app for reducing screen brightness helps you exercise better control over different aspects.


  • It features custom app language options.
  • It also offers multiple user-selectable sensors including camera, light, proximity, and so on.
  • You can create multiple profiles on Velis to save specific settings under your name.
  • Velis contains several brightness presets.
  • It lets you disable brightness adjustments on specific apps of your smartphone.
  • The super dimming feature make the screen darker than you expect.

12. Auto Brightness Control: Display Brightness level

Auto Brightness Control: Displ | brighter screen app for reducing screen brightness

Auto Brightness Control: Display Brightness level is a great addition to your Android smartphone. As the name suggests, it helps you to control the brightness level by effortlessly adjusting things to avoid eye-straining. The best part about this free app is that you can create a custom brightness plan to suit your preference.


  • It is quick and easy to use.
  • Auto Brightness Control is available for free on Google Play Store.
  • You can create and set a manual brightness plan.
  • The app lets you set brightness at low, normal, and high levels.

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13. Lower Brightness Screen Filter

Lower Brightness Screen Filter | brighter screen app for reducing screen brightness

Have you ever felt that the lowest screen brightness on your smartphone is not low enough for you? If so, then Lower Brightness Screen Filter is right for you. How? To begin with, it simply helps you to reduce the brightness anywhere between 0% to 100%. This app is loaded with features such as:


  • It lets you surpass the minimum brightness limit on your phone.
  • Lower Brightness Screen Filter has a beginner-friendly interface.
  • The app is available only for Android.
  • It features auto start after reboot.

14. Night Shift – Bluelight Filter for Good Sleep

Night Shift Bluelight filter | brighter screen app for reducing screen brightness

Night Shift- Bluelight Filter is for those who want more than simply adjusting screen brightness. This app offers a handful of amazing features that can help you make things better for your eyes. whether you are a student who works all day on a laptop or an occasional scroller, this brighter screen app for reducing screen brightness can be pretty useful.


  • It offers 24-hour eye protection.
  • Night filter helps you reduce blue light.
  • 24-hour eye protection.
  • Prevent eye strain in just one-click.
  • Extend your smartphone’s battery life by at least 15%
  • Rating: 4.3

15. Lux Auto Brightness

If you feel like your phone is too bright in dark rooms, you need to download and install the Lux Auto Brightness app today. This is not like your typical app for reducing screen brightness. Instead, it acts intelligently to maneuver brightness levels according to your environment.


  • It automatically adjusts brightness in dimly and well-lit rooms.
  • Lux Auto Brightness app preserves the battery power.
  • This app does not feature too many annoying ads.
  • You can also select Auto, Day, Night, Car and Cinema light profiles with different brightness adjustments.
  • Lux contains an automatic night mode feature which automatically changes the color temperature for more comfort.

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16. My Screen Dimmer

My Screen Dimmer

My Screen Dimmer is another Android brighter screen app specifically designed to shield your precious eyes from blue light. This too helps in reducing screen brightness lower than what your smartphone usually allows.


  • It only takes one touch to lower the brightness and restore to default whenever you wish.
  • My Screen Dimmer features a Do not disturb mode.
  • You can schedule the on and off timings for My Screen Dimmer on your smartphone.
  • It helps in keeping screen on forever.
  • This app features a widget for easy turn and off.

17. Screen Filter

screen filter webpage | brighter screen app for reducing screen brightness

This free brighter screen app for reducing screen brightness comes packed with features you need if you are on your smartphone for longer durations. By reducing the brightness lower than the in-built settings on Android, Screen Filter ensures that you can enjoy scrolling as much as you wish without harming your eyes.


  • It saves battery life for AMOLED.
  • Screen Filter widgets facilitate easy access to preset brightness settings in the app.
  • You can set brightness according a specific time and place.
  • Its brightness slider promotes precise control over how much you wish to enhance or diminish.
  • Its feature to disable soft-key backlight is not available for all Android smartphones.

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18. Darker (Screen Filter)

Darker (Screen Filter)

Darker is another great option if you are looking for apps to diminish the harmful effects of blue light. It reduces screen brightness to an extremely low level and makes scrolling easy on the eyes. With its in-built color filters, you can easily adjust the display color according to your preference.


  • Darker (screen filter) offer a free and paid version of brighter screen app.
  • It spares you from annoying ads and interruptions.
  • You can easily pause or reset color filters with just one touch.
  • In-app purchases costs $2.99 per item only.

19. Night Owl – Screen Dimmer

night owl screen dimmer webpage

With thousands of positive reviews, good rating, and an attractive interface, Night Owl emerges as a sturdy competitor. It helps you enjoy social media and YouTube videos at night without being too bright for you or others around you. Instead of teary and irritated eyes, Night Owl Screen Dimmer gives you a good night’s sleep. So, say goodbye to headaches and get ready to have a blast.


  • You can stop Night Owl from working by simply shaking the device.
  • You can schedule the app to start and stop working automatically according to your schedule.
  • You can customize the tint to filter blue light and prevent it from causing harm.
  • Night Owl lets you adjust the filter intensity directly from the notification bar.

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20. Dimglo

dimglo playstore | brighter screen app for reducing screen brightness

Dimglo is perfect brighter screen app if you have been struggling with extremely bright screen brightness. It shields your vision from harmful rays of the phone screen by adding a color filter of your choice. The best part about Dimglo is that this brighter screen app strives hard to offer ad-free experiences to all users.


  • You can manage different tones, brightness, and hues at the same time.
  • Dimglo offers multiple color options to combat blue light.
  • You can simply shake your smartphone to turn the app on or off.
  • Dimglo does not drain your phone battery like many other similar apps.


You can easily choose the best app for reducing screen brightness by comparing the above-mentioned options. Some apps are packed with unique features which others may lack while some are simply more efficient with fewer features. Let us know which app you use for reducing screen brightness in the comments down below.

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