14 Best Free Video Downloader for iPhone

In this modern era, everyone likes to watch something or the other whenever they get time. What can be more relaxing than watching your favourite videos whether it is related to fashion, food, lifestyle, clothing and more. But have you ever wanted to download your most liked videos so that you can watch them anytime and anywhere without any barriers. However, it is really tough to download videos from websites to your iPhone. But after reading this article you will be able to download videos easily because, in this article, we would discuss best free video downloader for iPhone or easy downloader for iPhone. So, stay tuned with us.

14 Best Free Video Downloader for iPhone

14 Best Free Video Downloader for iPhone

Following is the list of best free video downloader for iPhone:

1. Snaptube

snaptube | best free easy video downloader for iPhone

Snaptube is a fabulous video downloader for iPhone free. It allows you to download videos for free from your favourite sites and apps. This offers amazing features like:

  • It supports 50+ sites like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, DailyMotion and more.
  • The video resolutions it provides are in the range of 144p, 720p, 1080p HD, 2k HD, and 4K HD.
  • Additionally, Snaptube has a user-friendly interface and it is safe as well as reliable.

2. VideoProc Converter

videoproc converter | best free easy video downloader for iPhone

VideoProc Converter is one of best free video downloader for iPhone. It is the No.1 fast video processing software. Its features include:

  • It helps you resize, convert and process large 4K/HDR videos and audio at a blazing speed.
  • Furthermore, it works with videos shot with iPhone, GoPro, Android, DSLR and various other 4K cameras.
  • VideoProc Converter gives Level 3 Hardware acceleration.
  • Additionally, it has 420+ output formats.
  • Besides recording live streams, it also enables proxy servers so that users can download videos and audio anywhere and anytime.

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3. Cloud Video Player Pro

cloud video player pro

Cloud Video Player Pro is an easy downloader for iPhone that allows you to download your most loved videos and save them on your iPhone. It lets you download videos with just one click. Its features include:

  • It safely stores downloaded videos in in-app storage.
  • Cloud Video Player Pro allows you to watch downloaded videos without any hassle.
  • Furthermore, it also ensures your security by allowing you to put a passcode on videos.
  • It allows you to download videos with subtitles.
  • Moreover, it supports various formats like MP3, MP4, FLV, WMV and more.

4. MyMedia


MyMedia is the free video downloader for iPhone that offers various features like:

  • It has a built-in video player so that users can play the videos inside the app.
  • Additionally, its download manager feature allows you to download files securely and easily.
  • It also allows you to save the videos on your device after downloading them and to export the video to various other apps.

5. 4K Video Downloader

4k video downloader | best free easy video downloader for iPhone

4K Video Downloader is a free video downloader used by millions of people. It is trusted by major IT magazines. By using this you can convert any video to MP3 in just one click. Its features are as follows:

  • 4K Video Downloader allows you to download videos from sites like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more.
  • It allows you to save playlists, channels, and stories in high-quality and various video formats.
  • Furthermore, it helps you download subtitles and annotations along with videos. You can select the language from over 50+ options.
  • This video downloader also offers its users various resolutions like HD 1080p, HD 720p, 4K, and 8K.

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6. FoxFm

foxfm | best free easy video downloader for iPhone

FoxFm allows you to download videos and files from a number of online sites like YouTube, DailyMotion and more. It helps you convert videos to audio. Besides this, its other features are given below:

  • It allows its users to share files between various apps.
  • Furthermore, it supports file types like MP3, MP4, PNG, DOC, JPG and more.
  • FoxFm ensures security by offering its users the feature to save their files with a passcode.
  • It is available for free and is compatible with iOS 12 or later versions.

7. YouTube


YouTube is an amazing site that lets you upload your own content, stream videos, music and more. Besides this, it also allows its users to download videos. Its other features are as follows:

  • It has an easy to use interface and it supports various languages.
  • The iOS devices support YouTube app so you can download the app from the App store.
  • YouTube app has videos of all sorts for instance food vlogs, beauty and lifestyle vlogs, gaming and more.
  • It is available for free and also has premium plans starting at $11.9 per month.

8. Documents


Documents is one of best free video downloader for iPhone. Though it does not sound like a video downloading app but it is. It is basically a file manager where you can store your digital content in one place. The features of Documents are discussed below:

  • It allows you to download videos, MP3, books, music and more from the web.
  • Document app also allows users to keep their video files handy for any situation.
  • Furthermore, you can stream your most liked songs from the cloud or download tracks and albums so that you can listen to them offline.
  • Its super-fast Wi-Fi transfer technology lets you transfer videos, music and photos from your iPhone to your PC or vice versa.
  • Besides that, it also lets users change their virtual location to stream TV shows, videos and more.

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9. Total Files

total files

Total Files is an easy downloader for iPhone. Besides being a file manager, it also lets people download videos for free. Total Files features are as follows:

  • It supports multitab browser with automatic link detection to make the downloading process for any files easier from the web.
  • Total Files not only support simultaneous downloads but also simultaneous uploads to the cloud.
  • Furthermore, it is easy to navigate and user-friendly.
  • It supports iCloud, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex, OpenDrive and more to download and upload to any cloud from any app.
  • It is available for free.

10. Video Downloader & Video Cast

video downloader & video cast

Video Downloader & Video Cast allows users to easily download videos from the web. Besides that, you can also cast your videos. Its features include:

  • It supports large files and HD videos.
  • Moreover, Video Downloader & Video Cast lets users convert videos to MP3 and MP4.
  • Additionally, it also allows users to cast videos on any smart TV.
  • This app helps you edit videos in terms of resizing, trimming, cutting, scaling and more.
  • It also lets people share and AirDrop their videos.
  • It is available for free and you can upgrade at $ 4.9.

11. iDownloader

idownloader app store

Another video-downloading app is iDownloader. It is an amazing app and has various features that you all can make use of.

  • It lets you download a number of files, including audio, videos and documents with a single tap.
  • Additionally, it also has an in-built file manager and viewer.
  • iDownloader allows users to download high-quality videos in several formats.
  • Moreover, this app also lets people share videos with their family and friends.
  • Furthermore, you can download 50+ videos at one time.
  • It is available for free.

12. DownloadMate

downloadmate app store | best free easy video downloader for iPhone

DownloadMate is a download manager that lets users download videos, and files on their iPhone, iPad and various other devices. It’s amazing features are as follows:

  • It allows users to edit, play and view downloaded videos on their iPhone.
  • DownloadMate has a graphical user interface.
  • Additionally, it lets users resume the downloaded videos that get interrupted.
  • This app helps you compress the videos which you have downloaded into a zip file.
  • Besides, changing the location of the video, you can also see the progress of the video that you are downloading with help of the life progress bar.

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13. Video Saver Pro+

video saver pro

Video Saver Pro+ is a video downloader for iPhone free. Its features are as follows:

  • It has a user-friendly interface and makes it simple to view your videos on a large screen.
  • Video Saver Pro+ supports HD videos and files that are large in size.
  • Furthermore, you can share videos through AirDrop by using this app.
  • This app gives you the choice to edit the videos and convert them into MP3 and MP4 formats.
  • It is available for free and you can also upgrade it at $2.99.

14. Video Downloader Pro

video downloader pro

Video Downloader Pro allows users to download videos, and music from any website for instance YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and more in just one click. This app has amazing features which are discussed below.

  • It allows you to download any video for free.
  • Additionally, it saves the video in the same format as downloaded by the users thereby maintaining the quality.
  • Video Downloader Pros downloader works with Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and more.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.


I hope you enjoyed reading our article as we have discussed best free video downloader for iPhone. If you like to read such information, then you can check our page as we keep coming up with insightful and interesting information. We also keep updating our page. If you have any suggestions or queries comment below.

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