25 Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

Writing an eBook is a whole lot of interesting experience mixed with digging knowledge to a deeper end. Although, eBooks require software too with all the creator tools necessary to make the topic up to the creative standards worth publishing and readable online. Today with this article, we’re going to list out the best eBook writing software for free download. Before we go to the applications, let’s know a thing or two about eBooks first.

Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

Any book that has been transformed into a digital format, such as a computer screen or a mobile device, and is not editable or reflowable is known as an eBook. To begin with, an eBook is a file that can be read on a digital device, such as a tablet, smartphone, computer, etc. Following are few features of an eBook.

  • An eBook should not have editable text, which is a defining trait.
  • True eBooks should be reflowable, which is another crucial feature. This guarantees that the eBook will always fit the screen you’re seeing it on, regardless of screen size. However, PDFs are an exception. Given that PDFs cannot be altered but can’t be reflowed, they do not strictly meet the criteria for an eBook by those features.

Here is the list of best software to write eBook.

1. ePUBee Maker

ePUBee Maker

The very first entry which inaugurates this list is the fabulous ePUBee Maker which is just fine-tuned as an exceptionally simple and excellent eBook creation software. This software is a Microsoft Word add-in that will appear as the ePUBee Maker option on your MS Word toolbar after installation.

  • After you’ve completed creating your eBook in MS Word, you can convert it to PDF and ePUB formats.
  • It will display publishing options such as Quick Publish, Publish, and Save PDF after the eBook is ready for printing. To get a glimpse of how these areas work, the following goes their explanations:
  • Quick Publish: Converts Word to ePUB quickly without adding any additional eBook content.
  • Publish: It will ask you to add an eBook cover and meta description before converting your Word document to ePUB. You can create and feed aspects such as title, author, language, and roles in the meta description.
  • Save as PDF: If you want to save your document as a PDF, this area allows you to do so. To convert Word to PDF format, use this option.

2. Scribus

Scribus official website. Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

The next eBook writing software we’ve is Scribus. This software is a stacked one to take up any publishing project peculiar enough to raise your standards. You may further look up its details mentioned as follows:

  • The high-end designing tools and professional work sense are what make Scribus stand out from every other program here.
  • It’s available for free and is a fantastic and convincing substitute for all the pricey software that is currently on the market. Even with the expensive and high-end eBook creation tools available online, it is fiercely competitive.
  • Scribus may take some time to understand and become accustomed to, it is not something you can learn in one sitting. After mastering its ideas, you’ll be able to produce stunning layouts for your tabloid or news publication.
  • It is made up of open-source Q hardware running OS-X, Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux-based, Haiku, and other operating systems in their original versions.
  • You can create sophisticated files using Scribus that are appropriate for professional publishing, or you can simply save them as PDFs for internet distribution.
  • Scribus proves to be a good choice further as the PDF files can be converted into animated and interactive versions.

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3. Pressbooks

Pressbooks official website

Pressbooks is yet another online tool to provide eBook writing software free download that is quite simple to use. All you need is to sign up, and you may begin creating your eBook right away.

  • Import the file and paste the chapters into this eBook production program in case of an in-hand-ready book which can probably include music, video, and image files.
  • From their collection of display templates, you can also choose how your page will look.
  • Exporting of finished eBooks can be performed in the following formats: PDF, ePUB, ePUB3, Mobi, and XHTML.
  • You can download the files and sell your freshly made eBook by submitting it to eBook retailers or by using a third-party distributor.
  • Pressbooks is a worthy software that has more features unlocked after paying; you’ll find that the free version of Pressbooks will insert a page advertisement inside your book which is found with much other software.
  • You can export an Ad-free and print-ready PDF if you pay to premium, though. It typically costs $99 to upgrade one book. However, if you sign up for their mailing list, they frequently provide discounts, usually bringing the price down to around $60.

4. Calibre

Calibre official website. Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

If you’re developing content on different operating systems simultaneously and looking for a program that works on most of them, Calibre is just best software to write eBooks for you. It has all the essential and modern tools you’ll need to quickly create your own book.

  • Enables the conversion of a large variety of input file types including DOCX, PDF, PRC, HTML, EPUB, PML, AZW, CBZ, AZW3, CBC, and many more to various other output document types, including MOBI, ZIP, DOCX, HTMLZ, AZW3, TXT, and PDF, among many more.
  • By including author bios, illustrations, cover images, and more, you can alter any of your prior eBooks that have been printed or downloaded.
  • Operation of the software isn’t very peculiar, just open the app and go to Add Books, and select the input file format from your computer to begin making an eBook.
  • Add meta-descriptions to your digital book, such as author biographies, illustrations, etc.
  • While utilizing the built-in eBook cover generator, you can add a custom cover image to your eBook, you can also include content tables, word searches, word substitution options, and alter the appearance of your eBook.
  • Once your eBook has been properly converted to the required format, you may save it on your computer or send it directly to any connected eBook reader.

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5. Bit.ai

Bit.ai official website

Using Bit.ai, you can collaborate on documents intelligently online. Anyone on your team, from anywhere in the globe, can update your document using smart features like inline comments, document chat, @mentions, and more. All of the papers you produce at Bit.ai are kept in the cloud.

  • You can create, organize, share, and track eBooks with this cloud-based editor.
  • An eBook can easily include rich media, such as YouTube videos, Excel spreadsheets, SlideShares, Google Docs, and One Drive. You can also include code blocks, GIFs, files that viewers can download, and more.
  • Mathematical equations can be readily incorporated into your eBook since Bit supports LaTeX.
  • Free, Pro ($12/month), Business ($20/month), and Enterprise are the four pricing tiers offered by Bit.ai. Five users can use the free plan at once.
  • With these commercial subscriptions, users can produce an infinite number of eBooks (documents), with a 200 GB file limit, 500 GB of storage, and numerous export formats, including PDF.
  • A content library, several import choices, a 5 GB file limit, and 1 GB storage are among the other features available.

6. Sigil

Sigil official website. Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

Sigil is another cross-platform eBook writing software free download ready.

  • With the aid of this free software, you can quickly add metadata information to your ePub and HTML files.
  • You can also include a cover image, a table of contents, and an index, plus independently update content in your eBook. The eBook cover can also be added to the ePub file.
  • The spell check function in this editor is quite intriguing, along with that, HTML and ePub are acceptable input formats, and ePub is the only output format.
  • With the help of this software, you may add music, video, and photographs to your eBook as well as alter the font layout.
  • Include superscript, subscript, strikethrough, tables, lists, hyperlinks, and many header styles in your document.
  • Both standard view and code view are available for file viewing in Sigil.
  • Only iOS and Windows platforms support the app.

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7. Exe-eBook Creator

Exe eBook Creator official website

Exe-eBook Creator is a very compact piece of software that enables you to produce top-notch eBooks quickly.

  • It is compatible with Linux (32- & 64-bit architecture) and runs on Windows 98, Windows XP, and Windows 7, and takes up just 1.8MB of space on your computer.
  • It is possible to produce executable versions of the TreePad Docs that operate independently by using the Exe-eBook Creator tool, which is provided by Treepad and is available for download and use without charge.
  • It is compatible with every version of TreePad and enables you to combine documents with the HJT and TPD extensions as well as share files, images, hyperlinks, and symbols in a single EXE document.
  • With limited capability, the software has a straightforward user interface.
  • TreePad files that are encrypted and password-protected are supported by the maker of Exe-eBooks.
  • The images that you include in the input documents might have common file extensions, such as GIF, PNG, CO, JPEG, etc.
  • For hyperlinking the document, it also provides a shell context list that makes it simple to open, edit, and print images.

8. Mobipocket eBook Creator

Mobipocket eBook Creator

Mobipocket eBook Creator is your best software to write eBooks if you require an all-round performance for nothing.

  • It has a very intuitive UI that is very simple to understand.
  • You can use the tool to import already written content or start from scratch while creating an eBook.
  • You can then add content tables, cover pictures, meta-descriptions, etc. to your eBook after importing all of the preexisting information.
  • It accepts input files in the DOCX, PDF, TXT, and HTM file types.
  • You can change the meta-description area by including the author’s biography, illustration, title of the eBook, publication date, publisher’s name, and more.
  • Your eBook can be changed to the PRC or PRCX file extension.
  • The application also allows for immediate publication of your eBook and administration of your online journal. Additionally, Mobipocket excels as an excellent editor for your eBook.
  • Overall, it’s an excellent program for writing eBooks with extra features like built-in templates, photo galleries, dictionaries, calendars, indices, quests, and more.

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9. Kitaboo

Kitaboo official website. Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

With the help of Kitaboo, you may produce and publish DRM-protected material on this cloud-based digital publishing platform. This one would be an interesting eBook writing software free download, especially for the creators who wish to develop interactive eBooks. DRM makes sure that your work is protected from internet piracy and theft.

  • The Kitaboo authoring tool allows you to either produce an eBook from scratch or utilize their conversion service to turn your digital manuscript into ePUB files.
  • To make your eBook more interesting for your readers, Kitaboo enables you to add interactive elements like videos, music, photos, read-alouds, etc. to it.
  • Kitaboo is good for digital content and it does provide a free trial for users with the basic features.
  • The subscription fee is stated via proposal by its authorities based on the requirements you wish to get from the application.
  • To subscribe, go straight to its official website and fill out a simple form available in the Pricing section and you may receive a response from its team.

10. Canva

Canva official website. Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

This might be surprising but the most famous Canva can also be used to create awesome eBooks. You can be confident that when you produce an eBook on Canva, you will have access to the most eye-catching and outstanding designs, giving you the best opportunity of standing out.

  • You can build a professional-looking eBook from front to back using an outstanding array of templates and simple drag-and-drop tools.
  • The process of eBook creation through Canva is almost a piece of cake.
  • Canva’s eBook template collection contains layouts for every style and theme.
  • You can also experiment with various color palettes, backgrounds, and text styles.
  • You can create your unique branding components, or combine pieces from other themes.
  • With only a few clicks, you can upload and share your design online.
  • The app’s free version offers the majority of the features.
  • It charges $3,999.00 per year for one user, who wants unlimited access to premium content.
  • Another package is called Canva for Teams, and it costs $6,590.00 per year for the first five users. It has all the wonderful capabilities of Canva Pro, plus some extras we believe you’ll enjoy.

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11. Designrr

Designrr official website. Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

With more than 100,000 users worldwide, Designrr is the most widely used eBook writing software free download for creating eBooks. Making eBooks, show notes, dynamic flipbooks, transcripts, PDFs, and web pages from your existing blog articles, podcasts, videos, and PDFs is easy with this useful application.

  • You may use Designrr to produce your eBook without having to write brand-new material.
  • You can simply and rapidly reach new audiences with the material you currently have, which will increase your traffic and lead generation.
  • To ensure that you never lose your work, it also has an Auto Save option.
  • Your blog posts may be turned into eBooks that can be utilized as lead magnets to expand your email list more quickly.
  • YouTube Videos may be quickly turned into eBooks using Designrr’s auto-transcription and screen capture editor.
  • You can also create an eBook by importing social media content from your FaceBook page.
  • Your podcast may be quickly turned into eBooks or Show Notes.
  • It supports Hubspot, Squarespace, Shopify, and WordPress blogs.
  • It also supports all publication formats, including Kindle, Mobi, and ePub.

12. MS Word to Epub Converter

MS Word to Epub converter official website

As its name implies, the MS Word to EPUB Converter is a utility that enables the free conversion of MS Word documents to ePUB.

  • It has a straightforward interface and is simple to use and understand.
  • You can easily convert it to the ePUB extension once you’re done writing in MS Word.
  • It accepts MS Word.doc or .docx input file types that can be converted to ePUB extensions.
  • This application has limited features because it only converts from MS Word files.
  • The conversion’s completion can be easily monitored through the progress bar.
  • Even in the demo version, you are free to make changes to MS Word files; however, you are not able to combine all of the MS Word files into one conversion string.
  • It is very similar to the MS Word default add-ons that can be downloaded to perform functions that the Save As option can perform.

13. FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 official website. Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

FlipHTML5 is mostly famous for being a flip book creator but can be best software to write eBooks.

  • It is a digital publishing tool that supports HTML5 and allows you to include video, animation, and hyperlinks in your material.
  • You may publish your books online even if you don’t have a website thanks to the free online hosting option it offers.
  • Your eBook will be more interactive thanks to FlipHTML5 which also converts PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice, and Images to HTML5.
  • You may also design a unique domain for your eBook with its help.
  • Just like the others, FlipHTML5 provides a free and forever version and the paid subscriptions have increased facilities like Ad-free and many others, detailed pricing for this software can be found better on its pricing page.

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14. SCRIBA eBook Maker

SCRIBA eBook Maker official website. Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

With the aid of content that is already existent in other extensions, such as PDF, HTML, etc., SCRIBA eBook Maker is a tool that aids you in making eBooks in PDF, ePUB, or zip formats in online as well as an offline file system.

  • A command line interface can be found in the JAVA-based software SCRIBA.
  • It can pre-develop information before it is published to the eBook and thus can also be used as a Plugin.
  • All that is required to use SCRIBA is the assembly of a labeled XML document that contains references to the text of the eBook that is now being created.

15. Kindle Create

Kindle Create official website. Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

Your Kindle eBook may be formatted with Kindle Create. This eBook writing software free download tool is essential for usage if you self-publish Kindle books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Over the past few years, the program has improved.

  • Its primary purpose, which was to assist you in formatting a Kindle book, was first a little unsteady. But since Amazon combined Createspace with KDP, stability is significantly improved, and the company has started introducing additional features.
  • It can format paperback books even while still being in beta. Your eBook must be fully formatted before being published which is easily possible with Kindle Create.
  • Your text may be formatted to look appealing to Kindle readers.
  • This software is offered for PCs and Macs for free by Amazon KDP.
  • Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Malayalam, Marathi, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil, and other languages are all supported.

16. Crello

Crello official website

For creating eBooks for your blog or company, consider using Crello. It is a website design application similar to Canva that allows users to make animations and visuals for websites and social networking platforms. With the help of its eBook maker tool, Crello lets you produce stunning and appealing eBooks. With its adjustable designer templates, Crello makes it to best software to write eBooks with a polished appearance simple and quick.

  • It has 200+ pre-built design templates.
  • Add your own photos, and change the fonts, colors, or design components.
  • Get the eBook in JPG, PNG, PNG Transparent, or PDF format.
  • An infinite number of pages can be added.
  • You may submit your own photographs using the Crello generator tool.
  • It has 15,000+ premium templates.

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17. Google Docs

Google Docs official website

For the users of both PCs and Macs, Google Docs is the best substitute for creating eBooks. Although it’s an online word processor, you may set it up to function offline. Writing your eBook on Google Docs won’t pose any difficulties for you if you are comfortable with Word. Users may create documents in Google Docs or upload pre-existing Microsoft Word files to their Google Drive accounts.

  • It is free hence no conditions and no purchase is necessary.
  • It’s simple and very similar to Microsoft Word in functionality, but simpler and with fewer features
  • Google Drive is ideal for group projects. You may add your editor and follow their revisions and comments in real time.
  • It’s an online editor for books. There is no software to install, and access is global. No other desktop add-ons or programs are needed to learn how to create eBooks.
  • It synchronizes across devices. All you need to do is keep your Google login information in mind.

18. Flipbuilder

Flipbuilder official website

Flipbuilder is an interactive eBook creator famous for its animations.

  • It offers a quick and simple method for bulk creating gorgeous books out of regular PDF files.
  • The intriguing feature of this program is that it simulates turning pages when you open your eBook and switch to the subsequent page.
  • Your eBook files can include multimedia components.
  • It enables you to turn PDF files into appropriate eBook files for whatever eReader you choose.
  • EBooks are accessible on every device and platform. This app would need to be downloaded on your Windows, iOS, or Android device before you could use it.
  • Without having to pay royalties, you may post it online, transmit it by email, and even distribute it on a CD-ROM, Mac, or mobile device.
  • It also has premium memberships: the app provides three membership plans which serve for lifetime, starting from $99 for 1 pc, $299 for 2 PCs, and $999 for 5 PCs along with other premium benefits which can be found on the website.

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19. Kindle Previewer

Kindle Previewer official website. Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

Kindle Previewer is a unique desktop application that shows how eBooks would look when read on a Kindle. The ability to check a book’s layout before it is made available for purchase is a huge benefit for writers and publishers.

  • The fact that Kindle Previewer is so simple to use is one of its many amazing features. After installation, users have the option to upload their preferred eBook and utilize the program to access it instantly.
  • Although there are more sophisticated apps that have a modest fee, there are many options available here to pick from to assist in making the eBooks appear simple.
  • The app’s general design is quite plain, much like the Kindle itself.
  • Make sure to spend some time exploring Kindle Previewer if you intend to publish an eBook on the Kindle.
  • People who also hope that their eBook will be available for other types of devices, such as tablets, should know that the actual formatting may change, even though this program appropriately depicts Kindle’s formats and settings.

20. Kotobee

Kotobee official website

Kotobee Author is a complete eBook creation and EPUB editor that may be used for publishing, teaching, and training. The winner of the 2016 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award is none other than Kotobee Author.

  • It’s simple to make interactive eBooks that are full of video, music, 3D, book widgets, quizzes, and other features.
  • Export your eBook to more than 10 formats, including web applications, mobile apps, and e-books.
  • In addition to a large number of embedded widgets, the program also supports music, video, and web links.
  • Also, interacting with external systems provides cloud support and manages user access.
  • Kotobee collaborates on movies, interactive visuals, and widgets to keep readers interested.
  • Since the application has features which unlock after paying, the degree of features and the necessary number of users determine how much Kotobee Author should cost. Basic: 1 user: $150, 3 users: $350, 10 users: $800, 100 users: $4000. One premium user costs $300, 3 users: $700, 10 users: $1800, 100 users: $4000. Institutional – 10 users: $2000, 25 users: $4000, 50 users: $7000, 100 users: $10000.

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21. Ulysses

Ulysses official website. Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

Ulysses can be an excellent option for Mac users. With crucial features like document management, auto-saving, quick synchronization, and others, it is best software to write eBooks that offers you a pleasurable writing experience.

  • It provides a straightforward interface that makes use of current OS X ideas.
  • Despite being primarily a text editor, Ulysses allows you to effortlessly insert graphics, footnotes, and links into your eBook material.
  • Additionally, you’ll discover options like full-screen mode, typewriter mode, dark mode, and compatibility for up to 10 languages.
  • You may sync your eBook with iCloud and also integrate it with Dropbox after saving it in formats like PDF, Docx, ePub, and others.
  • You can also keep local copies of all of your text files.
  • Manage your writings by grouping them according to projects or topics.
  • For Mac and iOS devices, Ulysses is among the greatest eBook creation programs.
  • Writings can be exported as Markdown files, HTML code, plain text, or rich text.

22. Scrivener

Scrivener official website

For long-form authors, Scrivener is the greatest writing program since it was designed with their requirements in mind. Scrivener provides you a place to write, edit, and organize all of your work, whether you’re churning out endnotes for a nonfiction book or creating characters to unleash in your upcoming novel.

  • Scrivener’s library, templates, corkboard, menu choices, and formatting panels are considered to be potential writing-related distractions, despite its wealth of capabilities.
  • You receive a lot more than you may anticipate for the one-time payment of $49 for Scrivener for Mac (there are versions for iPhone, iPad, and Windows, too).
  • Despite being more costly than almost all other apps in this category, Final Draft is still the de facto standard in the film and television industries.
  • Accessible on Mac, Windows, and iOS.
  • Installations can be done more than once.

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23. Flipsnack

Flipsnack official website

Flipsnack is a web-based eBook writing software free download provider that allows users to create, download, and distribute interactive flipbooks, eBooks, magazines, catalogues, brochures, and many other types of documents. Flipsnack is the best option for making your own eBooks because it has over 6 million users and is trusted by well-known companies like BuzzFeed, Foundr, Pandora, Nike, and Decathlon.

  • Either upload your PDF eBook and add a 3D flipping effect or start the creation process by selecting an eBook template from Flipsnack’s extensive collection.
  • Everything is completed with the help of a simple drag-and-drop interface in an integrated design tool.
  • They provide a free plan with which you can get started.
  • If you require additional features, you may opt for one of their premium plans, such as Starter, Professional, Business, or Enterprise.
  • Choices for privacy (Public, Unlisted, Password locked, Private).
  • Options for sharing on social media, by email, links, or embedded content on your website.
  • It provides Integrations between Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and eBook statistics.

24. Visme

Visme official website. Best eBook Writing Software to Download Free

Now we’ve come to one of the top programs for designing eBooks. Visme is a platform for team collaboration and the development of visual content in the cloud. You may also create stunning on-brand presentations, infographics, and other visual communications with this tool. Numerous well-known companies, like PayPal, IBM, Unilever, Zurich, and others, are among its more than 6 million members.

  • The primary areas of expertise for Visme are infographics and presentations, but it also offers a potent tool for producing free eBooks.
  • Numerous pre-made templates are available in the EBook Creator by Visme, or you may start with a blank template.
  • If you have previously worked with Canva, you may believe that Visme’s Dashboard is virtually identical to it and that you have access to all the tools necessary to produce an eBook.
  • The templates may be altered in every way. You may customize your eBook using the following features found on the Visme dashboard:
    • Layout: Use an existing template or begin from scratch.
    • Basics: To add Text, Graphics & Text, Stats & Figures, Diagrams, and your own custom blocks
    • Graphics: Add dynamic images, shapes, arrows, and lines.
    • Photos: To upload pictures from its library of cost-free or premium pictures
    • Media: Adding audio, video, or embedding web material
  • Apart from the free plan, Visme provides premium services with two paid subscriptions, Personal plan at $12.25 per month billed every year and Business plan at $24.75 per month billed every year.

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25. Marq

Marq official website

Last but not the least, we yet have a fantastic tool for creating an eBook which is Marq. It is another one in the list of eBook writing software to download free. Here are its few features:

  • You may easily produce an eBook with a professional appearance using the editor’s straightforward drag-and-drop functionality.
  • You may get started on writing your first eBook using the hundreds of free templates that are included.
  • Every template can be customized and to ensure that every piece of content you create adheres to the visual style of your business, you may alter colors, fonts, and pictures.
  • You don’t have to download or install any software to generate eBooks; Marq does it all for you.
  • Your eBook may be created using the web-based platform of this service.
  • When creating your eBook, you may also import pre-existing information from InDesign, Dropbox, FaceBook, YouTube, Google Docs, and YouTube.
  • It enables in-team collaboration in real-time. Assign team responsibilities and distribute templates and brand materials to your team members.


That goes all for the selective eBook writing software free download required for your eBook development work. There are many other software for writing eBooks with a variety of features but the ones mentioned above are genuine to download and are regularly updated so are dependable. Do share your valuable feedback in the comment section below and also tell us about any other program you wish should’ve been mentioned here and missed by us. Keep sharing and giving us love and we’ll see you with another story.

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