27 Best Android Apps to Read Manga for Free

Japanese anime series have a worldwide fanbase from the young as well as adult audiences and nearly every other show or comic are being loved tremendously. From Dragonball Z to Tokyo Ghoul to One piece, the list is endless, but are you puzzled about the sites where these manga shows and comics can be found? Worry not as today we’ll be helping you with the list of some of the best android apps to read manga free of cost without paying a single buck. Before proceeding to the apps, let’s get a quick context of what is manga all about for the ones who are new to this culture.

Best Android Apps to Read Manga for Free

Best Android Apps to Read Manga for Free

Japanese people refer to comic books or graphic novels as manga. The majority of comics adhere to a late 19th-century Japanese style, while the genre has a lengthy heritage in previous Japanese art. In Japan, comics and cartooning are both referred to as manga. The phrase is frequently used to describe Japanese-published comics that were first published outside of Japan. Manga is read by Japanese people of all ages and professions. Action, adventure, business and commerce, comedy, detective, drama, history, horror, mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, erotica (hentai and ecchi), sports and games, and suspense are only a few of the genres represented in this media. Language translations of manga are common. Manga has grown to be a significant component of Japanese publication since the 1950s. To find all these shows and comics in one place, you can consider some of the following apps as per your preferences.

1. INKR Comics

INKR official website

INKR is a well-liked app for reading comics. Along with manga, it also includes other comics like WEBTOON and Manhua. INKR has received over 100,000 installs just on Android. Additionally, iOS devices may use it. An extensive collection is offered via the INKR comics app. This library has comics from a variety of publishers, both well-known and up-and-coming. Comics with genres including horror, humor, drama, action, sci-fi, and more may be found online. The app provides you the ability to view the first few pages of a manga so you can decide if you’ll enjoy it before reading it. Neither the manga nor the viewer will need to be downloaded or loaded. Your stress-free manga reading experience is made possible with the INKR Comics app. You receive recommendations from the app’s AI each day. Only manga that you’ll be interested in is recommended to you after analyzing your past. You may customize your dashboard and access various parts. You may subscribe to manga, like them, and express your likes and dislikes as well as receive alerts when new chapters are published. The app is accessible on a variety of devices, too. You only need to sign in to your account because your reading information is synchronized across all platforms.


  • Making book selections using the preview feature.
  • Custom suggestions
  • Provides access to manhua, webcomics, and manga in one convenient place.

2. Manga UP!

Manga UP official website. Best Android Apps to Read Manga for Free

An enormous collection may be found in the relatively new manga reading app Manga UP! There is no charge for any of the manga you read because it is available for free. It is one of best Android apps to read manga for free. Also included in the app are features for offline reading, instant access to new releases, restart reading, and an Otaku level function that lets you advance your level by reading manga. With its varied features, unobtrusive adverts, and preference of reading style, this app’s creators kept its users in mind and worked to make reading a more comfortable experience (infinite scrolling or book-type reading). Even though the app isn’t among the top ones for manga comics, it’s still something to consider and you should give it a chance.


  • Your favorite resource for everything Manga and Manhwa.
  • You can read offline after downloading.
  • You can read to gain points and new levels.
  • It provides high-quality images.
  • It has more rapid image loading.
  • Data use reduction through image caching.
  • You can also scroll endlessly and read a book.
  • It supports several languages.

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3. Manga Z

Manga Z Rock Manga World apppure page

All manga aficionados may read manga at Manga Z, which bills itself as a one-stop shop. Windows, Android, and iOS devices can all use it natively. It’s noteworthy that it’s also a Windows desktop program.


  • You can visit the part of daily suggestions if you are unsure about which manga to read. You may find the greatest brand-new manga there.
  • This program makes it simple to find any certain manga. This is due to the numerous filtering and sorting possibilities in Manga Z.
  • The manga list may be sorted by several criteria, including author, title, genre, and popularity. In contrast, you may download manga comics to read offline or stream them online.
  • When a new chapter of one of your favorite manga is released, Manga Z will let you know.
  • This is true of the majority of the free manga apps already listed. The app offers free access to thousands of manga titles, as was previously described.
  • The entire software may be purchased for a one-time fee if you wish to read more.

4. Manga Rock

Manga Rock website

For every manga reader, Manga Rock is one of the most well-liked applications. It is also one of best Android apps to read manga for free. This app, which is available for both Apple and Android, contains a fantastic collection of manga that can be downloaded to your phone. Manga Rock can meet all of your manga needs with its more than 100,000 titles. Try out your VPN before you join because this program is geo-restricted; you may even choose the premium version for a small fee.

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5. Tachiyomi

Tachiyomi official website

For Android users, Tachiyomi is one of the most popular applications available. You may download it on your phone for free and it is an open-source Manga reader. Although the program itself doesn’t provide a list of comics to read, you may add manga sources to it, and it will automatically arrange them so you can read whatever comic you like at your leisure. Services like MyAnimeList, AniList, Kitsu, Shikimori, and Bangumi are supported. The reader itself is also very customizable; you can change settings for color filters, reading modes, and more. The fact that this software is only accessible for Android is its sole flaw.


  • Free and open-source software.
  • Several manga sources are supported.

6. Manga toon

Manga toon official website. Best Android Apps to Read Manga for Free

The collection at Manga Toon is updated every day and that’s what makes it distinctive from others. Additionally, they provide English translations of Manhwa and a big assortment of books divided into different genres. Several other languages are also supported for reading manga. Being able to share your own original stories with manga Toon’s users makes it unique from other platforms. The most well-liked ones are adapted into comic novels by Manga Toon. For a continuous reading experience, the app also features a function for smooth scrolling. While it may not be among the top manga apps available, this one boasts a sizable library of original works.


  • Daily updates about comics.
  • Weekly delivery of free comics.
  • Streaming comics.
  • Read offline after downloading.
  • An experience designed for mobile.
  • More than six languages are read.
  • Write your own tales and share them.
  • Make interesting conversation tales for fans.

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7. UR Manga

UR Manga

Over a million people use the famous manga reading software UR Manga. It is another one in the list of best Android apps to read manga for free. Its constantly growing collection makes it among the top free manga applications.


  • The UR Manga collection adds more than 2,000 new manga comics each day.
  • With UR Manga, you may find manga with a variety of subjects, such as love, fantasy, adventure, etc.
  • The software includes an interactive reading model. The stories are customized for each user, and the choice you make will affect how the narrative turns out.
  • Because of the special positioning lens and scroll mode, you can control it entirely with one hand.
  • You have the choice to bookmark your favorite manga for quick access.
  • Utilizing as little data as possible while reading online is made possible by innovative picture processing technology. In a similar vein, the technology will guarantee that any downloads you make to read offline will take up less space.
  • Ads to support the developers are included in this app. Paying for the VIP membership service is an option if you don’t like the commercials.
  • You may access premium content in addition to having the adverts removed.

8. Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll manga official website

Having the official manga app at your disposal makes it simple to choose the newest manga titles straight from Japan. Crunchyroll Manga, an official manga app for Android and iOS, allows you to rapidly access the trendiest manga volumes as soon as they are released in Japanese newsstands, as you may have previously surmised. So it will be easy for you to keep up with all the popular books, such as Fairy Tail, Space Brothers, and Attack on Titan. The app has a simple design and some cool customization capabilities so you can fine-tune all of your favorite books to suit your reading preferences. Be aware that the freemium approach used by Crunchyroll Manga is rather simple, for this reason, a premium subscription is required if you want to access the whole catalog of series or have limitless reading time.


  • Access to the trendiest Japanese manga at all times.
  • Koma-view for the largest scale per panel (premium)
  • Access to reading materials without restriction (premium)
  • Access to the complete series catalog (premium)

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9. MangaZone

MangaZone official website. Best Android Apps to Read Manga for Free

On its app, MangaZone features a library of over 15K manga. Choose a category from this app and get ready for the most epic samurai combat. They have all been translated into English and strike the spot on each manga genre, from Shonen to Shojo. You’ll even have access to the Community page with the free version, where you can ask other manga fans for help and ideas. The only drawback of MangaZone is that it might occasionally be glitchy.

10. VIZ Manga

VIZ Manga official website

The finest manga reading app is undoubtedly VIZ Manga. In reality, the list of the top manga apps would be lacking if VIZ Manga weren’t included. Daily updates on downloadable content are promised by the corporation, and English translations of manga comics are available. When online, you may read manga immediately on the VIZ Manga reader, or you can download the books to read them offline. It is practical for those who frequently travel and aren’t constantly connected to the Internet. You can read single or double-entry landscapes on VIZ Manga, and there is a Bookmark Mode for simpler reading. The software also offers customization options including brightness settings, reading preferences for the right or left, and zoom choices.


  • It provides free manga to read.
  • You can read manga the day they are released in Japan.
  • It has free excerpts from paid volumes.
  • It provides cult favorites and audience favorites.
  • It contains many different genres.
  • It provides 10k+ chapters in the digital Shonen Jump vault (premium)
  • It also provides free membership trial of seven days.

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11. Shonen Jump

VIZ MANGA official website with Shonen jump section

A list of manga applications for iPhone and Android would be incomplete without mentioning the Shonen Jump series. If you like the Shonen Jump series of manga, the Shonen Jump app is the ideal manga reader for you. You may read up to 100 chapters every day on the app for free. If you’d want to read more than that, you can purchase an unlimited reading for $1.99 per month. You won’t ever have to wait for new chapters again thanks to Shonen Jump, which offers all the most recent chapters from all of your favorite Shonen Jump series.

12. Manga Reader

Manga Reader. Best Android Apps to Read Manga for Free

Manga Reader by Robin Studio is undoubtedly a deserving addition to the list. You have no restrictions while using Manga Reader to read manga for free on Android. Its collection is rather big and contains articles from more than 20 manga websites.


  • Included here are the libraries from MangaHere, MangaFox, MangaReader, Batoto, MangaPanda, KissManga, and more websites.
  • A single library’s collection of manga can be streamed at once, or several libraries can be streamed at once.
  • With the advanced filtering tool in Manga Reader, it’s simple to find your favorite manga. The library may be arranged according to category, ranking, title, author name, etc.
  • The app downloads the manga quickly and is available for reading and downloading online.
  • Strong and pleasant reading is made possible by the manga viewer. Each chapter ends with a backup of your reading progress, and you may save your preferred pages.
  • The pages of the manga that you like may also be cropped and saved.
  • The software lets you bookmark your favorite manga, and since your account is kept on a cloud server, you may view your manga on many devices.
  • You may read in three different orientations using Manga Reader: vertically, left to right, and right to left. Similar to this, there are 3 reading modes: continuous, page scroll, and page curl.

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13. Manga Plus

Manga Plus

Manga Plus is well-known in the world of comics readers because they offer high-quality scans, free access to the newest manga, and releases that coincide with Japan. The most recent manga is available for free, but to read the past issues, you must subscribe to their monthly services. Numerous well-known and independent manga collections are available on Manga Plus. Interact with the community by adding manga you enjoy to your “Favorites” section and posting comments on a chapter. I would unquestionably suggest Manga Plus to everyone who likes manga since it is one of the greatest manga applications available on the Play Store.

14. Manga Fox

Manga Fox official website. Best Android Apps to Read Manga for Free

Manga Fox, a no-cost manga and manhwa comic reader, is offered by Free Manga Studio. It can only be used on Android smartphones, however, it is a quick and simple manga app. Manga Fox is not suitable if you own an iPhone. One of a kind is this software.


  • You may browse several manga websites using it, which functions as a proxy. As a result, it includes manga from a range of comic online sources, and the reading quality is excellent.
  • When reading comics, Manga Fox lets you do it uninterruptedly and continually.
  • To make your favorite manga websites easily accessible, you may personalize your dashboard.
  • Your most frequented manga websites, bookmarks, and history may all be kept track of from the smart toolbar.
  • An option for privacy is included in this free manga software. Your browsing data is concealed to safeguard your online privacy while you visit manga websites anonymously.
  • Similarly, a Do Not Track option stops marketers from gathering information about your browsing activity.
  • When you browse manga websites with adverts, Manga Fox has an ad blocker to stop ad annoyance.
  • Using this app often results in quicker streaming and browsing.

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15. Manga Dogs

Manga dogs official website

Online manga reading is free while using the Manga Dogs app. Both iOS and Android users may download the software. In addition, it has a lot of well-known manga and is quite simple to use. The manga in this app are accessible in around six different languages and come from more than 20 different sources. You can see what other users are reading from the app’s popular area, and the app generates suggestions based on the manga you’ve read. Using the bookshelf, you may arrange your favorite comics, and the program also keeps track of your reading habits. For an even better reading experience, Manga Dogs offers a variety of sophisticated settings that let you adjust the already optimized viewer. The software has a sophisticated speed optimizer that reduces data use and preserves battery life. Additionally, you may receive push notifications to be informed once a new manga chapter is available. Different devices can sync with the Manga Dogs app. Once you connect to your account, your actions are the same regardless of the device you’re reading from. Although you may purchase their removal, this software contains advertising.


  • Massive comics collection.
  • Individual suggestions.
  • Both vertical and horizontal reading modes.

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16. Manga Browser

Manga browser playstore webpage. Best Android Apps to Read Manga for Free

Manga Browser has a simple, easy-to-use interface and is entirely free to download for Android users. It is also one of best Android apps to read manga for free. As a free app, there are a few annoying commercials you’ll have to put up with, but other than that, it’s jam-packed with manga that you can browse through at your leisure. You may simply decide to sign up for a one-time free trial or subscription package if the adverts start to bother you if you want to read without interruption.

17. Mangamo

Mangamo official website

There are a lot of illicit manga vendors to be found while searching for the top manga reader applications for Android and iPhone which is a big issue most of the time. Hence Mangamo is the app if you want to read manga legally and make sure the creators get their just share of the profits. With a good selection of titles for you to browse, it is one of the best manga reader applications available. The app includes some of the most popular manga series, including Attack on Titan. You may view more than 300 manga comics with the membership, which costs $4.99 each month. You’ll always have something to read because new chapters are uploaded every week. Furthermore, there are no advertisements, so they won’t interfere with your experience by popping up at random or in other places. Mangamo also enables everyone to read one free chapter every 24 hours without registering, so you may test it out before paying.


  • No advertisements.
  • More than 300 books.
  • Complete membership, no additional costs.

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18. Toomics

Toomics playstore webpage

The popularity of manga is also widespread in Korea, in case you didn’t know. Manhwa is the name for manga created in that nation. Therefore, the Toomics app is great if you enjoy reading comic books, online cartoons, manga, and manhwa. Visit Toomics to check out your favorite manga series. This manga app includes a large library of both manga and Manhwa. Since its manhwa library is bigger than its manga collection, this app isn’t really the best manga app. The software is still fantastic for reading manga, though. You’ll have to pay $8.99 every month to join VIP.


  • Weekly updates with new episodes.
  • Different genres.
  • Free registration for a few free episodes.
  • Keep a record of your likes.
  • Unlimited accessibility (premium)

19. Manga Box

Manga Box. Best Android Apps to Read Manga for Free

Users of smartphones and tablets may have fantastic reading experiences with Manga Box. For proper viewing and to read manga for free on Android, the program appropriately scales the document picture to the screen. You don’t have to pay any money to use Manga Box, which is an intriguing feature. Every manga they publish is available for free reading. Along with their lesser-known issues, it also contains popular manga.


  • It is free to read every manga.
  • Authors of popular Manga.
  • Daily changes to the content.

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20. Manga Geek

manga geek. Best Android Apps to Read Manga for Free

The innovative and very addicting interface of Manga Geek is simple to use and beautiful. It is another one of best Android apps to read manga for free. With its amazing offline mode function, Manga Geek is your greatest companion when you’re on the go. There are now 40K titles available. You’ll never miss out on the newest issue or series thanks to the massive stream of content providers interacting with this app.

21. Manga Now

Manga Now

For iOS devices, check out one more of the top free manga apps. Manga Now supports color and lengthy strip manga by default and was built with performance in mind. Although it is not officially supported because it is not available in the Google Play Store, the software is also compatible with Android OS.


  • The UI of Manga Now is straightforward. You may quickly and simply find any manga comic you’re looking for with such a straightforward user interface.
  • It employs a strong engine to maximize the manga loading speed and conserve user data and has no unnecessary features.
  • The software offers manga from a variety of genres, such as humor, science fiction, action, horror, adventure, and much more.
  • Notably, Manga Now offers comic books from well-known websites like MangaNelo, Mangakakalot, Manga Eden, and Mangago, among others.
  • In addition to English, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese, Manga Now comics may also be translated into five more languages.
  • Both the app and its adverts are free. Furthermore, there are currently no payment options.

22. Manga Monster

Manga Monster website

Despite not having the most features of any manga software, Manga Monster will nevertheless provide a respectable manga reading experience. The app is up to the task when it comes to diversity because it has a huge database with over 24000 manga. Furthermore, the consistent updating ensures that you always have timely access to the most recent versions. The software won’t take much time to get into your groove because of its clear design and rather basic tools. Because it is lighter, jogging with it feels more nimble. For your enjoyment of reading comics, it’s a respectable app overall.


  • Manga comics number over 24,000.
  • Updating frequently.

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23. Tapas

Tapas official website. Best Android Apps to Read Manga for Free

The bulk of their comics, manga and manhwa may be read for free on the Tapas – Comics, Novels, and Stories app. If you’d like, you can even buy the content afterward. The Tapas app is among the best android apps to read manga free since it has more than 10,000+ entries, giving you a broad choice of genres to pick from. In addition to having a strong community of devoted manga fans, they also encourage webcomic creators. Despite only featuring English entries, their app has received positive reviews and serves its target market effectively.


  • You may read the majority of the content for free.
  • Obtain ink to access episodes.
  • A vast collection of tales.
  • Only offered in English.

24. Manga Geek

Manga geek playstore webpage

The user-friendly interface of Manga Geek is attractive, simple to use, and highly addicting. With its amazing offline mode function and 40K titles to pick from, Manga Geek is your ultimate travel companion. You won’t ever miss the most recent issue or series thanks to the massive stream of content providers interacting with this app.

25. Comixology

Comics and Manga by Comixology. Best Android Apps to Read Manga for Free

If you want the greatest manga app that provides a large range of manga and comics, with material from more than 125 publishers and hundreds of independent creators drawn from across the globe, Comixology has a lot to offer. ComiXology, which was originally developed for lovers of Marvel and DC comics, offers an unequaled collection of comic books, graphic novels, and of course, manga. It offers more than 100,000 different stories. The Guided View technology on ComiXology, which was created specifically for reading comic books, gives readers an immersive, cinematic experience. Although you may download the App for free, the individual comics cost money. If you want a wider variety, you may also choose to subscribe and pay a few dollars each month to read their manga selections.

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26. MangaMan

Mangaman official website

A vast selection of manga and other comics are offered by MangaMan. It is one of best Android apps to read manga for free.


  • To provide the finest visual quality, they are offered in HD quality.
  • MangaMan also offers a variety of comic book subgenres. This program has a unique user interface that is simple for everyone to use.
  • It features a big collection with more than 4,000 no-cost manga titles.
  • You can always keep up with the most recent manga since the app is always updated right away and a new chapter is available. Notably, MangaMan includes a few captivating short tales.
  • Through the app’s three primary areas, you may find comics. This covers the most current, most popular, and category sections. While the Popular area showcases the most popular manga on the app, the Latest section contains freshly added manga chapters and comics.
  • The library may be sorted by genre from the categories section. Hot updates, currently read comics, and more areas are also accessible. There are either free or paid manga comics on MangaMan.
  • They are also accessible in a variety of languages, including Thai, Vietnamese, and English. It also works well on iOS and Android smartphones.

27. Webcomics

Webcomics official website

Do you require an engaging free manga app? If so, you should look at WebComics. This program not only allows you to read wonderful manga comics, but it also allows you to talk with other users like a social network. Over eight million comic book fans utilize WebComics.


  • The app includes comics by artists from all around the world. It is notable for including manga and other sorts of comics.
  • Fantasy, love, action, and romance are some of the genres accessible. Many of them are available for free, and you can get even more by collecting free comic cards.
  • You may go to numerous comic sections from your home dashboard. Must Read, Editor’s Pick, Complete Comics, New Comics, and Rising Comics are just a few examples.
  • Similar to that, you may use the search box to sort the comics by genre. If you enjoy a manga, you can mark it as one of your favorites to encourage others to read it as well.
  • The WebComics app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.


There are plenty of apps on the internet which provide manga content but above we’ve tried to share the most legitimate and updated list of best Android apps to read manga free. If this article added some value and knowledge to you, please do share your feedback in the comment section below and also share any other good manga apps which we missed out on here to help the community. Until then, keep reading and spreading knowledge, we’ll see you with another interesting topic.

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