14 Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

Manga Browser

Comics are the favorite pastime of children. You can keep them away from mischief by getting them busy in comics and novels. For that matter, the elders and people of all age groups enjoy novels and comics too.

In Japan, these comics and novels for people of all age groups are referred to as Manga. So these cartoon comics and novels with pictures, depicting various characters pictorially, in the Japanese language are referred to as Manga.

These are available on a variety of topics covering comedy, horror, mystery, romance, sports and games, science fiction, detective stories, fantasy, and anything else that comes to the mind. Since 1950 Manga has become a publishing industry in itself in Japan and the world over.

14 Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

It may be noted since traditional Japanese is read backward from right to left, so is Manga. Since it is now followed and read the world over, its audience has spread to the US, Canada, France, Europe, and the Middle East. It is therefore recommended to read Manga on dedicated apps rather than the comic book reader apps. In view of the same, some of the best manga apps for Android readers are given below:

1. Manga Browser

Manga Browser

This Manga Reader app helps to enjoy reading Manga comics on Android and is available free of cost. You can fast download, without any limit and read loads of Manga anywhere and anytime. It can also fast download up to five pages simultaneously. Having the most effective user interface is very easy to use having to simply select and read. It is also very safe from threats of malware, virus, etc. and is a very secure app to use.

This app is supported by the jpeg, png, BMP, and gif file formats. It supports three reading directions vertical, right to left, or left to right with three reading modes of curl, page scroll, or continuous. You can crop or save your Manga pages easily or bookmark your favorite page. You can update notifications and as a favorite update, it will check Manga update every two hours for you.

It has a collection of twenty-plus Manga sources like mangahere, mangafox, manga reader, batoto, mangapanda, kissmanga, mangago, mangatown, read manga, etc. You can surf various libraries at the same time and choose the one you like or create your own library too.

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2. Manga Rock

Manga Rock

This app with a whole range of comic libraries is a gift for comic lovers who want enjoyment and fun at home, in school, or on a journey by road, rail, or air. It is free to download the app with some free content, with ads that can be annoying and disturbing while reading. To get rid of this issue you can subscribe to its premium model available at a nominal price, which is sans the ads.

Using Manga Rock you can read a comic on the screen of your mobile phone in horizontal or vertical mode, reduce or enlarge an image to full-screen mode and adjust its brightness according to requirement.

With a good user interface, this app is easy to manage and you can set up this app to find any Manga on the internet using its search tool. The only hitch can sometimes be non-availability in a particular geographical region but that can be overcome using a VPN i.e. a Virtual Private Network.

Using the Transverse Electric i.e. the Te mode you can download any Manga of your choice from the internet at very high speed and scroll in a continuous mode going from left to right.

Having downloaded a manga you can store in your SD card and for instant access to any most liked manga, you can save it in the ‘Favourites’ panel too.

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3. VizManga

VizManga | Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

This is another very good manga app that allows downloading any manga in the offline mode too. VizManga app also provides a variety of manga on varied topics like action, adventure, mystery, romance, and any other of your choice for each and every fan with different tastes and likes. Every day you can find more additions so that your hunger for a variety is never satiated.

This app provides a table of contents so that you can immediately locate the chapter you are looking for. Further, you have the privilege to bookmark the page of your manga for ease of reading, enabling you to continue from where you stopped, in case you had to discontinue midway, to attend to something else.

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4. Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll Manga

It is another great and leading app developed by a leading organization of Japan to provide a variety of manga for reading, right on your smartphone or a tablet, wherever you are and at any desired time.

You have the availability of the latest most recently published comics on the very day they hit the bookstands in the market.  You do not have to wait for the bookstore to open to purchase your most wanted manga giving you immediate access to the most popular manga like Uchu Kyodai, Naruto, Attack on Titan, etc.etc.

The best advantage of CrunchyRoll manga is that it provides a complete list of a literally unlimited range of most popular, recently added manga-comics with the details of the author, the publisher as per your asking. Since each manga is written in the form of chapters it offers you the best and most convenient form of reading.

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5. Manga Box

Manga Box | Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

Manga Box using the Wi-Fi gives the opportunity to part-time readers to read the best of manga comics on their smartphones or tablets. This app adjusts the image of the document which you are reading to full screen making it easily readable.

This app provides access to a range of comics of a variety of authors and publications with daily updation to the list. You can get to read, free of cost, the latest and most popular manga through the Wi-Fi without having to go anywhere.

You can download the Manga box application to read offline too and if reading online the next chapter automatically downloads in the background giving you non-stop continuous reading.

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The other good part of this app is that based on your preference it will recommend a manga for reading. It also suggests from the list of most-read mangas, for ease of selection. Another good feature is that if you were reading your manga on one device you can continue the reading on another device also.

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6. MangaZone


It is a good Japanese comics app with a lightweight software which does not occupy much space. The best part is to install it you do not require any special settings. It quickly installs itself with tips on how to use it.

On opening the app it provides a list of works to choose from. It shows a cover page with the name of the comic /Novel and a brief write-up on it. There are a number of topics and a variety of categories of Manga to choose from and you just have to click on the story of your choice from the list to open it.

The beauty of this app is if you have to exit midway between your readings you need not remember the page where you left, it automatically remembers it for you. You simply have to click on the ‘Continue reading’ button and the page where you were last at the time of closing reopens. This app also provides the facility of bookmarking. It is an easy to use the app.

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7. MangaDogs

MangaDogs | Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

This is an app that allows downloading thousands of manga from various sources. You can read them in six different languages on your Smartphone or the tablet.

With a simple user interface, MangaDogs allows the privilege of direct reading online from the app itself or the facility to download and read later, in your free time, without using the internet. You can read them in a horizontal or vertical orientation with a brightness adjustment option to low or high as per your requirement.

You can also store a large collection of comics using the MangaDogs app and create your own virtual library to have the flexibility to read in your available spare-time.

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8. Super Manga

Super Manga | Super Manga

This app is completely free of cost Manga app with any easy to use and highly practical and effective user interface which allows a quick search of the manga you are interested to read from the inexhaustive list.

These mangas are classified in different categories and arranged in such a way, making it easy to search one of your choice from a thousand.

You can tag as favorite or follow a particular manga of your choice so that you receive a notification immediately if there is a new chapter added to it or any new manga has been added as a serial continuation to the one you are reading.

In addition to online reading, it allows you to download a comic of your choice for reading in offline mode too.

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9. Manga Reader

Manga Reader

This android app is free of cost app which allows free of cost reading on your tablet or mobile phone. Manga Reader has a list of favorite comics with the ease to search any comic by its name or the name of its author. You can also conveniently filter a comic by source, by category or alphabetically, the choice is left to the reader.

You can read a comic from left to right or right to left direction depending on the preference of the reader. It has a very friendly and beautifully designed user interface allowing downloading comics to your phone for reading online or later in offline mode. You can also tag a comic to your favorites.

This app will also send a notification in case of a new addition. Additionally, it also has a backup and a restore function, where backup involves the process of creating copies to be used in case of loss and restore would imply to store them to their original location or an alternate place from where they can be used as a replacement of the lost or damaged copies.

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10. Manga Bird

Manga Bird

It is another excellent app available on the android for manga buffs.. Manga bird is known for the vast range of mangas,  it almost stores 100, 000 mangas for reading. These mangas are available both in English and Chinese languages. If you are a reading buff then this the right place for you where you will get all types of mangas and novels of your choice.

It has a very simple, beautiful, and easy to use user interface. You can enjoy this favorite manga from anyplace and at any time.

You can read the mangas in two orientations i.e. horizontal or vertical direction with an option to lock the orientation of your choice.

You also have the flexibility of reading either in the daytime or at night with the brightness adjustment feature. In addition to this, you can also have a background color of your choice.

Like most other good apps the manga bird app also has the notification feature which immediately informs of any new content being added either in the form of release of a new manga or an addition of a new chapter to the existing manga.

The app also allows zoom in or zoom out of a manga implying that when you zoom in you enlarge a text, if it is not readable, and in the case of zoom out you reduce the size of the text, if it is too large. You can also crop a picture if needed as this app facilitates cropping.

It also allows bookmarking a page enabling you to start reading again right from where you had stopped at the time of leaving the page ridding of the headache of remembering the page number.

Like most other good apps the manga bird app also has the notification feature which immediately informs of any new content being added.

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11. MangaShelf

MangaShelf | Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

It is amongst one of the oldest manga reader apps of Android.  With little outdated features, Manga Shelf still works without any hitch and is immaculate in its working as per its design.

It not only allows you to read the manga but even upload manga of your own choice.

You can also search for free manga available from the market on the web.

Being an old manga app though with not many features, it is still a favorite app for many.

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12. Manga Net

Manga Net

The beauty of this app is that any new manga available at the bookstores or to hit the newsstands in Japan it is immediately available on this app. This app, therefore, not only keeps you in touch with the most read and liked mangas and novels but also gets you updated with the latest manga to hit the town.

With an easy to use user interface it makes reading very simple and easy. All your favorite mangas are available on this app and you do not need to go helter-skelter in search of new comics. What else do children want, a storehouse of mangas and that also the latest ones at a click away. All the favorite ones like Naruto, Boruto, Attack on Titans, HunterXHunter, Space Brothers, and many more are all available here.

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13. MangaKa

MangaKa | Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

With its latest technological updation in design with Android Pie, this app has a very smooth user interface and has become very easy to use. It is a storehouse of thousands of manga comics.

The best part is unlike many other apps where you have to shell out money from your pocket, here all the mangas are free of cost. The children are always starved of pocket money so this is their most favored app. This puts it ahead of many favored apps also.

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14. Manga Geek

Manga Geek

This app provides you access to 40,000 different comics and Novels. With a highly user-friendly and creative user interface, it is easily available to many. With the ease of access and a storehouse of mangas, this app has an extremely large viewership.

In addition to online reading, it allows you to download comics of your choice for reading in offline mode too. The offline mode is a boon for people on the move who can easily download and pass the journey time enjoying their favorite comics and novels.

Manga Geek has a good majority of distributors like Mangakakalot, Manga Reader, Mangapanda, Mangahub, JapanScan, etc. from where it sources its mangas, ensuring new contents every time. The readers are also happy that they get a variety of new material to read.

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The above is just a partial list of the best Manga Reader Apps for Android. The best part is the availability of so much readable material like comics and novels in these apps has pulled a lot of people towards manga. Apps like My Manga, Manga Master, Mangatoon, Tachiyomi, Comixology, Web Comics, Comic Trim, Shonen Jump, and many more are also available for those interested.


The ease of accessibility on tabs and mobiles has proved a boom for light readers and hope this will help a lot of frequent travelers and others alike to enjoy reading. Once again, I wish happy reading and the best of time pass to all readers.

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