18 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online

Cartoons saw an increased interest from creators like Walt Disney. Cartoons are something that everybody has loved at some point in their life. They are more than just “something meant for kids”. Cartoons are a medium for satires in the field of politics and governance. It is a creative outlet. With the rise of anime, we witnessed the new height of creativity to which cartoons have taken. We put forth a list of the best websites that lets you watch cartoons online for free.

Best Websites watch Cartoons online

18 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online

If you are a lover of anime or cartoons, then you would love to watch it anywhere and anytime. The internet has made it easier to watch cartoons and animes, including Naruto Shippuden. The below list is best for watching cartoons.

1. WCOForever


We kick start our list with WCOForever. It provides an easy interface to use, even children can operate this website. This cartoon website has a large variety of cartoon shows that are worth watching. It is free of cost, making it one of the most popular free cartoon websites. It offers a plethora of animated movies as well. One can pick between series and movies easily in its menu section. Watchcartoononline provides you latest episodes of popular shows and movies. One can quickly visit the latest shows or popular series on the right sidebar of the website. You can easily find your favorite cartoons, animated films, and videos as they are arranged alphabetically on the website’s list.

2. YouTube


Sitting in the second position is YouTube. YouTube is a popular platform that brings the latest song videos, short films, movie trailers to your devices. One can even earn money on YouTube by uploading videos. YouTube is also a platform that has a plethora of cartoon videos as well. One can watch various cartoon shows and numerous anime videos free of cost. There are infinite channels on YouTube that provide the latest episodes of cartoon movies and episodes. Many animators earn on YouTube by uploading their cartoon videos. Youtube has a website called YouTube Kids. It has cartoon videos for kids catering not just to their entertainment needs but their educational requirements too.

3. Cartoon Network

cartoon network | Top 13 websites to view cartoon online

Who doesn’t know about the Cartoon Network channel on our television? It is one of the oldest platforms for watching a lot of cartoons. But the Cartoon Network website has a lot more to offer than the television channel. It has various cartoon shows along with a lot of games and gaming apps. Cartoon Network has been entertaining us since the 90s, which means it is an old platform for watching cartoons. It continues to be widely popular among the kids of the present generation. Kids can enjoy the latest cartoon shows ranging from the old, famous classics such as Power-puff Girls, Ben10, Scooby-doo, and Courage the Cowardly Dog to the latest shows such as Peppa Pig. The website has a dedicated cartoon character icon, so one can swiftly go to your favorite cartoon shows.

4. Disney Junior

Disney junior

When it comes to cartoons, Disney is the best. Disney has established its name and fame in the cartoon industry. It happens to be the favorite of every person at some point in time. Disney Junior is a part of Disney and is one of the best websites for enjoying lots of cartoons online. It is a dedicated website for kids. It also acts as a kinder garden school because it offers cartoon shows that teach alphabets and numbers. It also contains popular shows like Sheriff Callie’s wild west, Sofia the First, and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series. It blends  Disney’s unparalleled storytelling and lovable characters with learning language skills good habits healthy lifestyles and many more.

5. Voot Kids

Voot kids | Top 13 websites to view cartoon online

Voot Kids is the one app that lets kids read books, listen to stories, watch their favorite cartoons and shows, and learn with fun. It forms a complete package for kids. Voot offers free viewership for the first 30 days. The viewers need to subscribe for further viewing. It offers ads-free content. Voot allows users to download the episode for later viewing.

6. ToonJet


ToonJet is a popular free website to watch anime and classic cartoon shows online for free. Watching without registration is a huge advantage to it. However, signing up to this website adds a few features like a profile where an individual can add the cartoons to their favorites and can rate & comment on the shows. It has classic animes to offer for all anime lovers. It also has popular cartoon shows like Tom and Jerry, Betty Boop, Popeye, Looney Tunes, etc. for online free streaming. Moreover, ToonJet also has an Android app.

7. Amazon

Amazon prime | Top 13 websites to view cartoon online

There would not be a single soul on the face of Earth who has not heard about Amazon. Amazon is just at the peak of its game in every sphere. It is no exception when it comes to cartoons. It is a paid service but with 30 days trial period and a contractless subscription. The highlight of the app is that it ads free. And it has a plethora of cartoon shows on its platform, but you need to subscribe to Prime membership in order to watch.

8. Netflix


Netflix has established itself to be one of the top contenders in the field of OTT platforms. Apart from being an obvious choice for adults, it is also every child’s dream come true. It offers an excellent range of cartoons. It has new and popular animation as well as good old ones. Netflix also contains adult animated series to cater to different audience tastes. It is not a free website but offers a 30-day free trial period. Netflix offers both annual and monthly subscriptions for its users.

9. Comedy Central

Comedy Central | Top 13 websites to view cartoon online

Another excellent choice for all the cartoon lovers out there is Comedy Central. It offers an incredible collection of animated movies and series such as South Park, Futurama, Ugly Americans, Drawn Together, Professional Therapist, and others. It does not require any signing up or subscription shenanigans. It is free of any and all costs. One should only have a good internet connection and, you can watch cartoons online for free without any issues.

10. Hulu Cartoons

Hulu Cartoons

Hulu Cartoons is another website on our list. It is perfect for watching cartoons online. It is one of the popular USA streaming services sites. Some series or movies are not free on this website which means one will have to purchase the series, anime, etc. The only downside of this website is the non-skippable video ads that pop up anywhere. It disturbs the entire mood and is very irritating. The solution to this problem is the usage of a VPN and ad-blocker.  One can enjoy its favorite cartoon series anime and movies without any disturbance once the ads are blocked. One can also find some widely admired cartoons such as Dragon Ball, The Power Puff Girls, and many more on Hulu cartoons.

11. Cartoonito

Cartoonito | Top 13 websites to view cartoon online

When it comes to kids, Cartoonito is the best option to watch cartoons online. The highlight of the website is that all the animated shows and series on this website are kid-appropriate. The contents are curated, keeping its demographic audience in mind.

Cartoonito has a dedicated education section that can easily be accessed with a single tap so that kids can learn while having fun. It has a unique feature in which one can watch all episodes directly on the screen. Some of the best cartoons in Cartoonito are Bob the Builder, Super Wings, and many more. It also comprises songs and rhymes. One can also download their kid’s favorite ones.

12. Super Cartoons

Super Cartoons

If you are looking for a website with a clean UI with a good collection of old cartoons, you can visit Super Cartoons. You can use the intuitive filter and search for the cartoon by using keywords of characters, studio, or series, such as Donald Duck, in the characters category. One of the popular classic cartoon series, Scooby-Doo, is also available on the website. This free website houses all sorts of classic cartoon episodes; the additions are on the home page.

13. Boomerang


As the name of the website suggests, Boomerang is another website that can be used to watch old classic cartoons in HD quality. This includes the nostalgic Tom and Jerry and Johnny Quest to align with the concept of Saturday Morning Cartoons. All genres, including Action, comedy, and Fantasy, are available in good resolution on the website. This online tool is free for the first week, and the subscription pack of $4.99 is charged monthly. This website is only available in the US.

14. WB Kids Go

WB Kids Go

Being one of the popular streaming platforms for cartoon content, WB Entertainment has sponsored the WB Kids Go website to stream all licensed cartoons. The website suits young children and includes the cartoon Looney Tunes show. Apart from this, the website consists of comic books and online games.

15. Kimcartoon


As a successor to the Kisscartoon website, the Kimcartoon is a website rebranded from the original website with an extensive catalogue of cartoons. You can use the quick search filter to search for the cartoon using the genre, popularity, or characters. The cartoon on the website is of 720p resolution and of high quality. These are compatible with the mobile and Desktop versions. One of the major limitations of using the website is the interference from the ads while streaming.

16. CartoonSaloon


Awarded as the award-winning producer for animated series and movies, the CartoonSaloon website has achieved a remarkable place in the International Animation Industry. This website houses a collection of anime series and movies available as shorts and series.

17. BilliBilli


If you are looking for one of the best websites to watch cartoons online, you can consider the BilliBilli website. Most anime content can be streamed for free on mobile and Desktop versions. Some of the series require a Premium subscription to unlock.

18. Nickelodeon


Giving a nickname to your friend makes them feel special; Nick is the nickname of the popular streaming platform Nickelodeon. The website has a good collection of cartoon content streamed on the channel. Along with these, it includes the movies produced by the own production studio and evening shows.


These were a list of some of the best websites to watch cartoons online for free. Each website in the list is worth a try and then you can make the final call according to your taste.

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