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17 Best Adblock Browsers for Android (2021)

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Web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and many others on the World Wide Web are some of the best tools to surf the web. You can search for anything, may it be a product or a write-up. They are without a doubt the best media to interact with anyone through E-mail, Facebook or play videogames on the internet, etc.

The only issue arises is when in the midst of a game or going through an interesting video/article or sending an E-mail suddenly an advertisement pops-up on the side or bottom of the android screen of the PC or the mobile. Such ads pull your attention and become a major source of diversion from work.

Most of the sites encourage advertisements, paying for an ad display. These ads have become a necessary evil and many a time a major irritant. The only answer then which strikes the mind is the use of Chrome extensions or Adblockers.

Chrome extensions are a bit complicated to install and the best solution is the use of Adblockers.

17 Best Adblock Browsers for Android (2020)

There are thousands of Apps and some of the best Adblock browsers for Android which can come to the rescue in such a situation. In the following discussion, we will list down and discuss some of the best amongst the many such Adblock browsers which can come handy in such a situation. To list a few:

1. Brave browser

Brave Private Browser Fast, safe web browser

Brave is a fast and secure web browser with a built-in Adblocker for Android providing an ads-free consistent and harmonious browsing experience. It is an open-source, free of cost web browser alternate to Chrome and Firefox. When active it blocks all pop-ups and ads automatically.

Brave browser is three to six times faster than Chrome providing security and protection against tracking, with single touch information on the blocked content. As an adblocker, it also helps optimize data and battery performance.

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2. Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Fast & Secure | Best Adblock Browsers for Android

Google Chrome first released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows is a cross-platform Web Browser developed by Google. It was initially developed for Windows but later modified for use on other operating systems like Android, Mac OS, Linux, and iOS.

It is free of cost open-source web browser.  It is the main constituent of Chrome OS and is an absolutely secure site with a built-in Adblocker. It filters out and blocks pop-up ads, large sticky ads, auto-play video ads with sound etc.etc. It has a more aggressive mobile blocking ads strategy where in addition to the above ads it also blocks flashing animated ads, full-screen scroll over ads, and particular dense ads that unnecessarily occupy large space.

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3. Firefox Browser

Firefox Browser fast, private & safe web browser

A free of cost open-source web browser, is a secure and private browsing site, an equivalent alternate to Chrome with an Adblock feature as an add on. This means you can by yourself enable and disable this feature as per your requirements and needs.

This add-on Adblock feature helps not only in blocking ads but also blocks trackers used by social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and messenger which follow you and track your activity on the internet. So this Adblock feature provides enhanced tracking protection automatically.

The Firefox browser is powered by Gecko, an open-source software developed by Mozilla for Android and is also used on other operating systems like Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

Another good browser from the Firefox family is the Firefox Focus.

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4. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus The privacy browser

Firefox Focus is a good open-source, free  Adblock browser from Mozilla for Android users. It provides good security Adblock functions and blocks trackers as its main concern is privacy. Being a privacy-focused browser the Adblock feature removes all ads from all its webpages giving you a single aim of work focus and evading distraction.

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5. Armorfly

Armorfly Browser & Downloader | Best Adblock Browsers for Android

Armorfly is a safe, secure, and fast internet browser available for use by all. It is a free, open-source, and powerful adblocker application developed by an organization called Cheetah Mobile. To install on an Android device simply search the Armorfly browser download on the Google app store, once it appears, install the browser and it is now ready for use.

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Armorfly effectively blocks annoying ads, pop-ups, and banners. It protects against certain potentially dangerous java scripts by blocking them too. In addition to these functions, it back confirms and communicates the action having been taken. It alerts and intimates a user of fraud or unsafe websites. It also scans APK file downloads for malware, maintaining background checks keeping your device safe.

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6. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

It is a good default browser in Windows 10 with a built-in Adblock plus powered adblocker for Android users.  Being a mobile browser, unless built into the browser, it lacks features like blocking of unwanted ads on the internet. It needs to be emphatically re-emphasized of its lacking extension support, being a mobile browser.

Microsoft Edge considers some good websites, like Troubleshooter, which do not spread malware as trustworthy. It completely blocks ads which it does not consider to be trusted for malware.

Microsoft Edge initially supported backward compatibility with legacy layout engine of web standard but later due to strong feedback decided to remove it. They decided to use HTML the new engine with web standard leaving the continuing of the legacy layout engine with internet explorer.

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7. Opera

Opera browser with free VPN | Best Adblock Browsers for Android

It is one of the oldest browsers available on Google play store and is one of the most active browsers on Android as well as on Windows. The best part of the Opera browser is that it relieves you of the headache of ads as it has one of the best Adblocker feature blocking all Ads on any site you visit. This relieves you of unwanted distractions while at work. Secondly, it is one of the fastest and secure browsers with a lot of more features you can think of for improving the browsing experience.

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8. Free Adblock Browser

Adblock Browser Block ads, browse faster

Going by its nomenclature it is free of cost Adblock browser, using the Android when surfing the World Wide Web, to save yourself of the trouble of unwanted pop-ups ads, which pull you away from your work and take your mind into aimless surfing world of Ads, pop-ups, videos, banners, etc. this is one of the best browsers to bring your mind back to concentrate on the work at hand by blocking all such time-wasting activities. The main focus of this browser is to block all ads and help you be work-focused.

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9. CM Browser

CM Browser Ad Blocker , Fast Download , Privacy

It is a lightweight web browser implying occupying nominal storage space and other resources of the computer like the RAM and processer usage as compared to other web browsers with similar functions. With one of the best Adblock features, it is the most sought for browser on the web. It instantly blocks these sidetracking and annoying ads.

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It is also very popular, in addition to the Adblocking feature, on Google play store for its smart download function detecting files that are downloadable from the net and downloads them.

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10. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet | Best Adblock Browsers for Android

This is a new browser, with the Adblock feature that is a very powerful, super-strong tool which when enabled can instantly block the unwanted, disturbing ads interfering with our day to day work and causing diversion of the mind from the work at hand.

Based on Chromium, having a lot of Chrome and WebKit features, it is one of the best and super fast browsers on the Android to display web-pages.

It also blocks intrusive trackers and unwanted notifications protecting your privacy when working on the net. It is the first Android browser that blocks hackers who through the use of special software, using your device, try to obtain new cryptocurrency which is a digital currency produced by a public network rather than the government.

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11. Via Browser

Via Browser - Fast & Light - Geek Best Choice

A simple and lightweight browser with minimal use only 1 Mb, of your device memory and can be easily installed on your mobile phone. Via browser comes with an inbuilt default adblocker which practically with 100% success removes ads from the webpage. It is another adblocker browser that can be used on Android with full confidence.

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12. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser - Fast, Private & Adblock

This browser, available on the Google Play Store is one of the best and top-rated blazing fast browser on Android. It has a built-in Adblocker which successfully removes ads on the webpage to get rid of all distractions at work and enable a 100 percent smooth, without any disturbance, work on the web.

Besides the in-built Adblock feature, it also has many other useful features like flash player, bookmark manager. The incognito mode, also known as private browsing, is a nice method of surfing the web using a web browser allowing a user to hide his web activity from other users on a shared computer by not allowing storing the browsing or search history by automatically erasing it. It also deletes all cookies at the end of each browsing session.

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13. Mint Browser

Mint Browser Video download, Fast, Light, Secure | Best Adblock Browsers for Android

This is a new web browser on the Google Play Store from Xiaomi Inc. It is a lightweight browser that requires only 10 MB of the memory space in your smart mobile phone, to be installed. It has an in-built adblocker which blocks ads from web pages automatically taking care of security and privacy. It also through the blocking of these annoying ads, not only hastens the browsing speed but also saves data and improves battery life.

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14. Frost Browser

Frost - Private Browser

This is a private browser, implying that it automatically cleans the browsing history once you close the browser, not allowing anyone to go through your browsing history. This Android web browser also has a built-in ad blocker that blocks all ads on the webpage when you browse the web. This adblocker thus saves your memory from getting cramped and slowing down the device. On the contrary, it speeds up the webpage loading speed.

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15. Maxathon Browser

Maxthon Browser - Fast & Safe Cloud Web Browser

Maxathon is another popular web browser on the Google play store for Android. It has a built-in ad blocker that blocks all ads and is another one of the very popular browsers on the Play store.

Besides the in-built Adblock feature which does not allow any display of ads on the webpage it also has many other in-built features like the built-in password manager, built-in E-mail address manager, night mode and many more. The smart image display feature which saves a lot of internet data in its memory does so by compressing the images, is a very notable feature of this browser.

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16. OH Web Browser

OH Web Browser - One handed, Fast & Privacy | Best Adblock Browsers for Android

This browser, with a powerful Adblock feature, when enabled can instantly block the unwanted disturbing ads which interfere in the work, causing the mind to divert from the work at hand.

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The OH web browser is one of the best web browser apps for Android on the Google Play Store. With a focus on privacy, it is an app mostly used for private browsing. It also supports multiple search engines and also has many other functions like the PDF converter, download manager, web archive converter, etc. etc.

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17. UC Browser

UC Browser

This web browser is a famous multi-feature packed browser available on the Google Play Store. It comes with an Adblock function that removes all the disturbing, distracting, and annoying ads from every webpage on the browser.

In addition to the Adblock function, it also comes with other functions like data saver function and many other features starting from turbo mode to the download manager mode. You name any feature it has them all.

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In a nutshell, from the above discussion we see the benefits of using AdBlockers for Androids are Blocks Ads in apps, saves memory bandwidth and battery increases online loading speeds, and protects privacy. Besides that, we have also discussed the various other useful features of the web browsers which can come handy when using them. I hope this article will help you become more versatile in the use of these browsers in your day-to-day works.


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  1. When other sites articles were showing browsers caught and confirmed to be tracking, logging, storing sensitive data and sending it to undisclosed location in a foreign country (usually China). Are injecting tracking scripts for when users perform certain actions. The list of private browsers is shorter than your list. And I have used everyone of of the browsers I pulled from this list on Android Only. Except Oh web browser and Ad blocker browser. Brave is my daily browser but definitely Not with DDG search engine. Use Lycos,Whaleslide,Yippy and Qwant engines(main engine). Frost is your Best recommended for privacy behind brave on here. Via lags to much for me, but still good browser. Focus was discontinued before date article written. Can still download it but why? Gets No updates anymore. Try Armorfly great downloader, but feeling towards privacy just isn’t there, specially with all the redirects you get. Suggest y’all do some research by true tech sites or those that have actually used or researched the items. At least this article did name some browsers other than the same usual one’s everyone else is naming.

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