15 Best Adblock Browsers for Android

Browser applications have become almost inevitable for internet users. From a quick Google search to using your favorite applications like Facebook, YouTube, and many alike, website browsers are the hub for all horseplay. While using these platforms, Google, per se, you might have come across a perfect piece of writing that caught your eye and while reading it, you must have encountered unwanted ads popping up on your screen. Not only are these ads distracting but also annoying as they happen to recur. The key to this displeasing encounter is not Chrome extensions but Adblockers. Adblockers are software that is particularly designed to prevent advertisements from popping up over and again on your screen. It blocks the ads for multiple platforms, including Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and more. These free-to-download software uses filter rules to block the ads on a web page.

Brave Private Browser Fast, safe web browser

15 Best Adblock Browsers for Android

As discussed above, Adblockers work by using filter rules that help to either hide or simply block the unwanted content that pops on a webpage. When a web page uploads, an adblocker looks at the script of the site and then compares it with the list of sites it was built to block. In case the software happens to find any, it blocks them.

There are thousands of Apps and some of the best Adblock browsers for Android which can come to the rescue in such a situation. In the following discussion, we will list down and discuss some of the best amongst the many such Adblock browsers which can come handy in such a situation. To list a few:

1. Firefox

Firefox browser is the first one on the list and is a well-known private browser which is amazingly fast and has in-built Adblockers that can be managed to secure your browser even more. By default, Firefox blocks the annoying trackers and provides more customization too when it comes to security.

Firefox has been around since 2004 and can be used on both systems and mobile phones. This free to download browser is great at tracking your activity on social media sites, hence providing automatic security on the web. Firefox provides an added feature of changing its appearance by adding themes from third-party apps. It is a browser with all the features that a user needs to have a secure and fast browsing experience on the internet.

Firefox Fast and Private Browser

2. DuckDuckGo

Another privacy app that provides safe & secure browsing is DuckDuckGo. It provides an in-built Adblocking option that can be turned on as per need. The application provides safety against trackers by default which leaves you with safe browsing time on the internet. DuckDuckGo provides privacy of multiple types, from getting secure emails to private searches, it makes sure that you are fully secure on the internet.

By filtering the search results and advertising, it provides safe results while blocking unwanted ads. The only drawback with the software is that it does not offer as many services as other browsers. Besides, if you don’t want your browser to track your searches and want to keep your browsing history private then download DuckDuckGo for your Android and enjoy a faster internet experience.

DuckDuckGo browser

3. Vivaldi

If you spend most of the time on your browser, you need to make sure it has all the features to protect you from web threats and unwanted content that can disrupt your browsing experience and also slow down the browsing speed. Vivaldi is one such browser that goes by one motto and that is privacy first. This secure browser does not track your searches or anything that you do on the internet. Along with that, being a complete browser, it comes with built-in features like image properties, notes, and screen capture.

Vivaldi’s Adblocker blocks intrusive ads, protects your device from trackers, and loads the web pages faster. No extensions are needed to use this browser and on top of everything, it is available for free on Google Play Store, making it a top choice for most users.

Vivaldi Browser

4. Lightning Browser

Adblocking is the core feature of Lightning Browser to make browsing effortless for the users. It focuses on security and efficiency to provide a simple yet fast browsing time. It is one of the few open-source browsers which comes with a free as well as a paid version with better features.

Display options in the Lightning browser allow the users to hide the browsing bar, allowing privacy. Along with providing a dark theme on the browser, there is an option of a black theme too, that helps with saving the battery life of the device. It is indeed an impressive approach to give users a safe environment for surfing without a need to encounter ads and an overall amazing experience. You can download Lightning Browser from Google Play Store for free on your Android phone.

Lightning Browser

5. Javelin Browser

AdBlock is directly integrated with the Javelin Browser which makes its use extremely safe and free from nonsense ads. This organized and powerful application has some amazing features like full reading mode and full-screen browsing. It also has additional plus points like password management, sync bookmarks, and incognito mode, replacing the role of the Chrome browser quite efficiently.

Javelin Browser needs a minimum of 4.0 Android versions or above to download. This mobile-first browser also has attributes like navigation bars, touch gestures, status bars, built-in proxy service, and bookmarks that are sorted based on their frequency of use. All these factors indeed make it a must-have browser for Android users.

Javelin Browser

6. FAB AdBlock Browser

FAB AdBlock Browser is another runner in the list of effective Adblockers. It is a safe and secure option to watch videos on YouTube without ads or while browsing a news page on Google for a quick read. Free AdBlock Browser makes everything easier with its fast and stable VPN connection. It delivers a private browsing experience without the need to worry about search history. Not just it but you can also download videos and files much faster with this browser.

Free AdBlock Browser also protects against malware or sites that can infect your smartphone by notifying you beforehand. Apart from it, various customization features are also available on the browser including the ability to change interface color, manage bookmarks, incognito mode, and password saving option. All in all, it is a great AdBlock browser to have on your Android phone.

FAB adblock browser

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7. Cake Web Browser

The next AdBlock browser that we are going to discuss is the one that has an in-built VPN protecting privacy efficiently. It is none other than Cake Web Browser that provides the best search and surfing experience altogether. It is a lightweight browser and yet so powerful that it provides fast search results.

The browser gives its users the ability to choose which websites they want to see as results in the search area with the help of app settings. Also, the browser offers modern features that include the famous incognito mode, bookmarks, multiple tabs, and many more. The search results that you get on Cake Web Browser are a little different from other browsers but are equally effective and rather faster making its use a cakewalk indeed. One of the downsides of Cake Web Browser that has been reported is the lack of transparency.

8. Atlas Web Browser

Atlas Web Browser makes use of AdBlock filters that help to block, or hide ads, tracking or other annoying pop-ups that are usually encountered while browsing. This quick-to-access browser comes with slide-out controls that make the use of the browser quite easy. Also, you get full page reading mode which is extremely helpful for smartphone users, plus night mode with images to make its use even easier.

The browser has all the needed AdBlock features that are needed to make sure the user does not feel the interference of unnecessary content. While some desktop sites do not work properly on mobile devices, Atlas Web Browser makes sure nothing of this sort is encountered on it and rather provides quick access to all the searches and features the browser has to offer. All of these features with this amazing browser are available for free on Play Store for Android users.

9. Opera

Opera browser for mobile and desktops is a built-in Adblocker that provides a free VPN, battery saving option, and multitasking video pop-out. It provides a complete web experience which can be seen to be lacking in famous browsers like Google or Edge.

Opera has been seen to provide maximum security, privacy, and flexibility for online users. It is a great app for a distraction-free and smooth experience while surfing online. Also, it offers fast-loading pages and allows customization inside the app which makes its use to be quite convenient. You can download Opera from the Play Store and have all the features you need in a browser in your hand.

10. Via Browser

Via Browser is another great browser that can be used on Android phones for a secure and fast surfing time. It is a lightweight browser that takes only 1.5 MB of space on your device and yet offers powerful features like Adblocking. It blocks unwanted feeds that keep on popping while using a browser. Also, its users can easily customize it according to their choice including changing the homepage of the browser, desktop mode, and more.

Via Browser is certainly worth trying if you do not want a heavy and ad-showing browser on your smartphone. This geek-friendly browser is efficient and also offers night mode which makes its use easier on the eyes. From normal to complex functions, Via Browser has everything that you need in a good browser. The only downside to this light browser is that it is a Chinese browser and some users have questioned the browser because of its integrity.

11. Frost

Frost Private Browser is another secure browser that can be freely used on Android devices. For incognito mode lovers, Frost can be a new favorite browser for its amazing private browsing experience. It is extremely fast and easy to use too. It accompanies features like pop-up blocking, automatic browser clearing, password protection, organization of images into folders, and a simple design that can be used efficiently. Frost works effortlessly for Android users with versions 2.1 or above and can be downloaded from the Play Store for free.

12. Bromite

The next AdBlock browser that is going to be discussed is Bromite. It is aimed at providing a clutter-free experience while browsing, watching a video, reading an article, and mindlessly scrolling. The software is available for download for Android Marshmallow (v6.0, API level 23) or above. This Chromium fork along with blocking ads also provides privacy enhancements.  

Along with the mentioned features, Bromite maintains the privacy of the user better than any other Chromium-based browsers. Apart from being an Adblocker, it offers videos to be played in the background and also removes click-tracking.

The filters used in Bromite are EasyList, EasyPrivacy, and others, delivering a smooth browsing experience. It is a more secure and private browser for Android users than the majority of browsers available. Although, some users reported to have faced a lack of ad-blocking and other privacy features of the app on Android phones.

13. Brave

Another Adblocker in the race for you is Brave for Android. Brave protects your privacy online and makes use of internet privacy tools to shield you from ads or pop-up content that you can come across while browsing. Brave helps in blocking the ads by default whenever you visit a website. Also, the best thing about this application is that it encrypts your whole device, from another browser to an app, it helps in connecting you to a faster connection.

Its list of features does not end here, Brave comes equipped with free calling and chatting as well which ensures your privacy and is a great replacement for many famous calling apps on Android. This fast-in-action app is efficient to use on both Android phones and desktops. When it comes to updates, you can rest assured because it automatically checks for new updates. While on the other hand, Brave was initially criticized for its open-source code, it has now been proven to be a safe & sound browser to use.

All in all, all these features make it the best in town and indeed best for your Android phone too. Download your own latest version of Brave and bravely get over all the ads and annoying pop-ups forever.

14. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi is just like any other browser where a user can browse the internet, watch videos, play games, and listen to music. The cherry on the cake is you can do all of it without encountering ads. It is a safe application that secures your internet browsing experience while allowing surfing at extra high speed.

Unlike other web browsers, Kiwi provides the ability to add a large number of extensions which other Android Adblocker usually tend to miss. With features like night mode, protection against internet threats, and a plus point of extra speed, Kiwi has popularly become one of the best Adblocker out there. You can download and install Kiwi Browser on your Android from Play Store for free.

15. OH Web Browser

OH Web Browser might be last on the list of best AdBlock browsers but it does not stand last when it comes to amazing and a re-invented browsing experience for mobile users. The browser lets the users safely surf the internet securing them from online threats and unwanted pop-ups. The app can be customized according to the user’s needs with the help of a menu that makes it easy to adapt to the required changes.

Another advantage of the browser is its night mode feature which is always welcomed by Android users for its ability to provide a darker screen that is easy to look at. Apart from it there are tons of other features that make use of OH Web Browser, Oh So Easy.

Adblockers That No Longer Work or Are Insecure

There are a few AdBlock browsers that were earlier available but either their use has been banned in the country or they no longer exist or have been found to cause issues. A few such Adblockers have been listed below:

  • CM Browser has been banned by the Government of India due to privacy concerns. Although it is claimed to have the first secure dual-engine browser with an intrusion prevention system, it is not available for use in India.
  • UC Browser is another browser that is not as secure as it seems. Browsing activities are not safe on the browser and it was also accused of stealing a user’s data.
  • Another browser that has compromised users’ information is Mint Browser. The Indian variants of the browser have been seen to face malicious activities on the browser.


We hope that our guide helped you in knowing about AdBlock browsers better. From features to their best possible use, AdBlock browsers can help you out in many ways to have a smooth browsing experience on your Android phone. Let us know which one of the browsers is the best match for you. For more queries or suggestions, leave a comment down below.

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  1. When other sites articles were showing browsers caught and confirmed to be tracking, logging, storing sensitive data and sending it to undisclosed location in a foreign country (usually China). Are injecting tracking scripts for when users perform certain actions. The list of private browsers is shorter than your list. And I have used everyone of of the browsers I pulled from this list on Android Only. Except Oh web browser and Ad blocker browser. Brave is my daily browser but definitely Not with DDG search engine. Use Lycos,Whaleslide,Yippy and Qwant engines(main engine). Frost is your Best recommended for privacy behind brave on here. Via lags to much for me, but still good browser. Focus was discontinued before date article written. Can still download it but why? Gets No updates anymore. Try Armorfly great downloader, but feeling towards privacy just isn’t there, specially with all the redirects you get. Suggest y’all do some research by true tech sites or those that have actually used or researched the items. At least this article did name some browsers other than the same usual one’s everyone else is naming.

  2. How on Earth did Google Chrome in Android started blocking ads to that level? It only blocks the heavy and intrusive ads on some web pages and that’s it. And for ad block browsers it being listed 2nd on this list! Geezzzz….

  3. I have a question here for the article writer. Did you actually use any of the browser’s you wrote about, or did you just read about them and rewrite what you read? Mint browser caught injecting scripts code for users info when in stealth mode, UC and Maxthon browsers found to be collecting sensitive info and sending to unknown servers in foreign locations. Even Brave was caught in cryptocurrency scam. So I guess the answer is NO, y’all didn’t actually test anything here. Figures.. 💯👎

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