11 Best Phone Cooling Apps for Android and iOS

No matter what electronic device you deal with, heating is always a big buzzkill especially when mobile phones are concerned. Elongated usage hours induce overheating in many mobile sets due to higher rpm of the processor fans which can directly affect the device life and cause burn in the device hardware. Usually, this happens due to bad application management by the phones where a background app or process keeps running without permission draining out the battery and inducing extra load on the processor of the phone, which is why we have various on-set apps which help in cooling down of smartphones and this article will list out some of best Android and iOS phone cooler apps. Before we proceed with the list directly, let’s understand their working process.

Best Phone Cooling Apps for Android and iOS

Best Phone Cooling Apps for Android and iOS

For a variety of reasons, your phone might become extremely hot very quickly. When using a phone, some heat is to be expected. However, too many active applications on your phone might cause it to overheat. It can potentially become extremely heated as a result of intense sunshine or infection. Cooling applications are effective, but not in the sense that most users believe. Cooling applications function by monitoring the real-time temperature of your phone and alerting you about overheating. The cooling applications will then modify your phone’s settings and close the power-hungry apps that are causing your phone to overheat. This helps to cool down your phone. So now that we know the basics of phone cooler applications, let’s proceed with the list.

1. Cooler Master

Cooler master play store webpage

Being quite simple to use, Cooler Master is top on our list. All it takes is a simple tap to cool down your Android handset. As soon as the software is opened, it displays your RAM and CPU percentages. If the app alerts you that the temperature is not appropriate, touch the blue button below, and Cooler Master will search through your installed programs. If you feel it’s essential, you also have the choice to deselect an app. To assist in lowering the temperature, selecting the Let’s Cool Down button will shut down every app on the list. Make sure your phone isn’t in direct sunlight when you leave it alone for the cooling-off period because that will stop the cooling-off process.


  • With a single swipe, you may close apps that are using too much CPU.
  • You may be reminded about high power consumption apps by keeping an eye on any programs that consume power even when they’re not active. According to the list, one-click saving is possible. Increase the longevity of your battery after hibernating.
  • With a single click, the Android Accelerator will speed up the phone.
  • Junk cleaner for simple, secure cleaning with the help of cleaning master & power cleaner features.
  • Reclaim storage by deleting cache junks, memory cache, advertisements files, and leftover files! Recover memory space and your smartphone and SD card will operate better.
  • For a faster, cleaner Android phone, just remove garbage files.

2. Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master

Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master playstore webpage. Best Phone Cooling Apps for Android and iOS

Phone Cooler is among the perfect Phone Cooling Apps that regulate the device’s temperature while cooling it. Your phone will operate more quickly since it manages and exits resource-hogging programs. It lessens the demand placed on the CPU, improving performance. Better performance is possible with the Phone Cooler, which also addresses and resolves several issues. The Play store has it at no cost.

3. Battery Doctor

Battery doctor playstore webpage. Best Phone Cooling Apps for Android and iOS

Battery Doctor is a well-liked app that helps to extend the life of your phone’s battery and improve its overall efficiency. It is also one of best Android and iOS phone cooler apps. Furthermore, it functions as a superb Android phone cooling software and may assist you in keeping your phone clear of garbage files.


  • It’s simple to use and optimizes with a single swipe.
  • Its battery meter organizes and displays the power usage of each app.
  • You can simply disable the applications that are consuming your phone’s battery and causing it to overheat with a single push.
  • It has excellent cooling properties.
  • It can monitor the temperature of your phone and safeguard it from both overheating and overcharging. When you’re charging your phone, you may notice it growing extremely warm, especially if you’re using it.
  • Battery Doctor improves the charging condition of your phone to safeguard it. You’ll also learn how to keep your phone cool while charging.

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4. Cooling Master – Phone Cooler

Cooling Master Phone Cooler playstore webpage

Cooling Master is a mighty entry in the list of Phone Cooling Apps that simply lower temperature and enhance wifi speed. The overheating will shortly return to normal, and your CPU will begin to operate better. This phone cooler software notifies you about power usage and heat-producing applications so you can avoid them. If you do not want your favorite app to be removed, place it in the ignore category while cooling your battery. This software also keeps you informed of your device’s current temperature, RAM, and charging status.

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5. All-in-one Toolbox: Cleaner

All in one Toolbox Cleaner playstore webpage. Best Phone Cooling Apps for Android and iOS

Super Phone Cooler comes with the All-in-One Toolbox software and can lower the temperature of your smartphone while also monitoring its general performance. It is an efficient garbage remover, keeping the phone from overheating by removing superfluous data and cache. This one is ultimately handy for monitoring your device’s temperature.

6. Assistant for Android

Assistant for Android app playstore webpage

One of the best and most complete management tool apps for Android is the Assistant for Android app, which helps your Android phone run more efficiently. It is also among the top programs for clearing caches. It gives you access to the 18 finest functions to manage your smartphone fast and effectively, and it keeps your phone cool while it deals with overheating problems. It also identifies the programs that constituted a barrier to improved performance.

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7. CPU Cooler – Antivirus, Clean

CPU Cooler Antivirus Clean playstore webpage

This one of phone cooling apps features an eye-catching symbol that simulates the chilly air surrounding you. As one look at the symbol cools you, so does a single tap on your cellphone. The CPU cooler software allows you to easily find the programs that are causing heat problems. Depending on your order, the app will eliminate them to allow you to detect a noticeable shift in the temperature of your phone. This phone cooler program also cleans RAM, regulates CPU temperature, and monitors battery consumption. Your phone’s overall performance will improve and speed up.

8. CPU Cooler – Cleaner, Booster

CPU Cooler Cleaner Booster playstore webpage. Best Phone Cooling Apps for Android and iOS

Don’t let the similarity in the names with the previous one confuse you. Although it functions similarly, the CPU Cooler – Cleaner, Booster software will allow your phone’s temperature to rapidly decrease by hitting only one button.


  • It starts by keeping an eye on your phone.
  • It also gets rid of any programs that make your device hot.
  • Third, it prevents your phone from growing hotter once again.
  • The powerful cooling effects of Cooling Master help to cool your phone while also enhancing your CPU and accurately measuring temperature.

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9. Cleaner master – Super cleaner

Cleaner master Super cleaner iOS app store webpage. Best Phone Cooling Apps for Android and iOS

The smart cleaner Cleaner Master can help you identify and erase comparable photographs, and videos, combine duplicate contacts, and backup contacts from your phone so that you may get rid of unnecessary data and speed up performance. It is one of best Android and iOS phone cooler apps. This fantastic software cleans out garbage from the phone and addresses lagging and overheating problems. Positive comments for best Android and iOS phone Cooler apps about this software are coming from all around the world. You may access more sophisticated features by purchasing a Premium membership.

10. Cool Down Phone: Cooling Master & CPU Cooler

Cool Down Phone Cooling Master and CPU Cooler

There’s no surprise how this one of phone cooling apps performs wonders like the others on the list. Without slowing down the phone or requiring a long time, this application acts as a battery cooler and keeps track of all actions. With the aid of the Cool Down Phone: Cooling Master & CPU Cooler app, you can cool your phone with a single tap. It automatically analyses, identifies and eliminates any issue that is posing a barrier. Users find it less difficult to use and less complex.

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11. Phone Master–Junk Clean Master

Phone Master Junk Clean Master

Phone Master – Junk Clean Master is another popular phone cleaning and cooling software. Your cache, garbage files, RAM, and other items are all deleted by the app’s cleaning.


  • To increase the performance of your phone, it also cleans up your RAM.
  • Additionally, to conserve storage space and battery life, its Speed Booster disables auto-start programs.
  • The software serves a variety of functions, including an app locker to safeguard your privacy and an antivirus scanner. It continues to work well as a cooling app despite all of this.
  • Identifying and terminating programs that might raise the temperature of your phone, the app lowers the CPU’s temperature to a great extent.


Phone heating sucks a lot no matter what phone you’re using and what operations you’re handling with it, of course excluding the excessive processing. There are plenty of Phone Cooling Apps available online but you can rely on the above ones which may help you to a great extent. Do share your valuable feedback in the comment section below and we’ll see you in the next article.

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