26 Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

With a huge list of active monthly users, WhatsApp is amongst the most preferred messaging apps today. It made socializing with friends and family easy and helped several business communities gain recognition and credibility. Hence, making it popular as a marketing software among business sectors. There are several bulk WhatsApp marketing software available for business owners to promote their products and services. In this guide, we will introduce and analyze the best WhatsApp marketing software that helps send bulk messages for free, one at a time. Read on to know bulk WhatsApp marketing software free download in detail.

26 Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

25+ Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

Before getting to know the best WhatsApp marketing software, let us understand the perks of using them in the first place.

  • You can convey the information about your business and services with comprehensive and high-quality images, videos, documents, etc.
  • It allows you to greet, brief, and answer any queries regarding processes and deals through chatbots that are available all the time.
  • This software can easily manage the booking, delivery, cancellation, and confirmation notifications that could get more personalized according to each customer.
  • WhatsApp bulk messaging is more affordable and secure in the long run for businesses.
  • You can easily keep a record of customers and their deliveries on one platform.

These were a few reasons why bulk WhatsApp marketing software is popular amongst several enterprises. Now let us start with our list of the best WhatsApp marketing software.

1. Agnitas

Agnitas | bulk WhatsApp marketing software

Agnitas is a widely accepted, cloud-based bulk WhatsApp marketing software that helps monitor marketing activities at a minimal cost. With a clever combination of tools to enable campaign creation, monitoring, and scheduling for both first-time and existing users, it is now one of the leading names in the online marketing industry. It is equipped with multiple features as listed below: 

  • It is multilingual software that enables a wider audience reach.
  • It designs and tests the functionality of a message before sending it to a group.
  • It makes use of PDF files, template-based HTML emails, etc., to send messages across different market segments through fax and push notifications.
  • It also features multimedia support like text, images, audio, video, and animation.
  • It features still-images when sending messages using slides.
  • Using contact management techniques, you can categorize customers into separate groups and also help them connect with various contacts in a group.
  • It supports Mac and Windows OS for all kinds of desktop versions.
  • It automatically sends alerts to its users at the right time.
  • It offers its users the flexibility to send customer-specific, personal messages.
  • It offers a free trial to first-time users.

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2. WhatsApp SMS Myntra

WhatsApp SMS Myntra | bulk WhatsApp marketing software

WhatsApp SMS Myntra, as the name suggests, is an SMS tool. It helps monitor all marketing operations and activities while keeping your marketing expenses to the barest minimum possible. Its state-of-the-art features & user-friendly interface make it a must-have bulk WhatsApp marketing software free download.

  • It is a multi-lingual tool available for use to a wide range of audiences globally.
  • It sends bulk messages for important info or offers updates to prospective clients\ at no extra cost.
  • It effortlessly sends personalized greeting messages to its select clientele too.
  • With a complete list of mobile numbers and efficient contact management, it sends across the desired bulk messages instantly. It does so through e-mails too.
  • Along with text messages, you can also share images, audio, and video messages with your clients.
  • Its multimedia audio and video messaging feature save the time & effort of typing it.
  • It provides round-the-clock, 24X7 support to its users.
  • It is available to its mobile users through WhatsApp, thereby almost zeroing the marketing expenses.
  • This web-based application provides a free consultation. It only charges a one-time payment for the unlimited lifetime subscription.
  • It enables transparency by sharing all transaction details and generating reports for its users.

3. WAAM-it Blaster

WAAM-it Blaster

WAAM-it Blaster software is an instinctively designed, cost-effective WhatsApp marketing application. It enables you to send unlimited distinct individual messages to the market, which helps in business growth and expansion. It also forwards tips and tricks to its subscribers for better usage. A few other beneficial features are detailed below:

  • It uploads templates with beautiful themes to attract the attention of more clients and followers to boost profits.
  • You can include your name, caption a message, send emojis, attach links, send files and videos, etc., to give it a personal touch. It would make the message appear tailor-made, especially to the receiver.
  • You can increase contacts in your contact list by adding them from other formats like .xls, .xlsx, CSV, and text files.
  • Using this software, you can send any number of messages to any number of contacts globally.
  • It is a multi-lingual tool available in almost sixty different languages worldwide.
  • It enables up to three thousand free messages in bulk per hour. It serves as an invite to conferences, meetings, and events for your clients.
  • You can schedule your messages and set time delays between different messages.

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4. Q-Sender.Pro

Q Sender Pro | bulk WhatsApp marketing software

For quick business growth and maximum profits in the minimum time possible, there is no software better than Q-Sender.Pro. It is one of the best, hassle-free, effective, and reliable software for business expansion. It is a bulk messenger that automatically sends messages to multiple users in one go.

  • It helps you to grow quickly with minimum financial investment.
  • It helps establish brand image and value.
  • You can have bi-directional communication with your client.
  • Using this tool, you can spread awareness about your organization, promote your products, broadcast new offers, and a lot at the rate of thousands of customers per minute.
  • It ensures efficient contact management, sending desired bulk messages instantly.
  • Get product feedback & market information from your customers in real-time.
  • It supports multimedia formats i.e., besides text messaging, it also shares images, audio, and video messages with its clients.
  • Its easy-to-use interface makes it simple and easy to operate.
  • You can forward any information to your clients through emails too.
  • Like most marketing software, it supports Windows OS i.e., Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • It also supports Mac OS devices.
  • It does not charge a single extra penny for the latest updates on Windows or Mac OS.

5. Whatso


With its new anti-blocking technologyWhatso is leading the pack in the online marketing arena as the best bulk WhatsApp marketing software. Using this tool, you can turbo send messages and promote your products. You can also interact with end-users via engaging conversations to build a lifetime relationship with them. 

  • Its Anti Blocking technology is the hallmark feature that enables continuous focus on sending messages to its targeted audience.
  • It keeps a huge list of more than 25k big and small target customers, updated with the latest offers, new announcements on its products, and features in one go.
  • It gives a personal touch to messages containing greetings with the name of each customer. It helps to make them feel important and privileged.
  • It builds up its contact list using the filtering technique. And also by copy-pasting their details from CSV, TXT files, and other WhatsApp groups.
  • Once it has generated a list of contacts, it filters the contacts for target marketing in keeping with the market conditions.
  • It schedules quick promotional messages in bulk intermittently.
  • It supports multiple languages for a wide range of global audiences.
  • It lends a 24×7 customer support service.
  • It supports all types of Windows OS.
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS devices too.

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6. WhatsApp Business API Sandbox

WhatsApp Business API Sandbox | bulk WhatsApp marketing software

Whatsapp Business API Sandbox developed by Autochat.io is amongst the most sought-after tool by software developers. It has a completely operational, onboard software technology, which helps employers hire recruits. With its advanced features and the power to give a new life to your business, this tool has propped itself to be positioned in the list of most preferred software today. Following are the features of this bulk WhatsApp marketing software free download:

  • It is an easy-to-install, instant messaging software.
  • It does not require account approval or any special setup. A simple registration process is required to sign-up your business account with this software.
  • It provides a 24×7, all-round customer support service.
  • It has an in-built threat detection software that screens all transactions to ensure secure interactions.
  • With the help of its advanced Chatbot technology, it helps improve customer experience and also helps build their trust and confidence in the software.
  • It offers a free trial; those interested in additional functions can opt for the paid version.
  • Using multimedia templates, you can send alert prompts to the customers too.

7. Whappext


Whappext is a WhatsApp marketing tool that lets you send mass messages to millions of people all at once.

  • Whappext has a variety of features that allow you to contact current and new clients on WhatsApp and keep them interested.
  • It comes with global support and allows you to interact with your consumers abroad.
  • It offers a straightforward and user-friendly UI.
  • To obtain thousands of hits or views, you can also share video links.
  • Any license has a one-time purchase that includes lifetime support and updates.
  • Data security for corporate and consumer data is guaranteed.
  • The WhatsApp numbers filter may be used to filter out both normal and business WhatsApp numbers that are active.
  • For improved decision-making, detailed reports and data are available.
  • All the main forms of multimedia are supported.
  • With the auto-responder option, you can put your campaigns on autopilot.
  • It’s a simple approach to get started sending messages right now with multi-language functionality.

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8. HubSpot Marketing Automation

HubSpot Marketing Automation

Hubspot Marketing Automation is a wonderful WhatsApp marketing solution for organizations that are searching for total automation of their marketing initiatives.

  • It comes with several useful features that will help you turn visitors into leads quickly.
  • Hubspot Marketing Automation allows you to target the proper market based on who is interested in your items.
  • It will save you time and money while allowing you to concentrate on your key marketing operations.
  • You can make each recipient’s message and email unique.
  • To learn more about open rates and click-throughs, do an A/B test.
  • To construct hyper-targeted marketing efforts, access client information, and historical records.
  • You can monitor brand mentions on all social media platforms and schedule your social media postings.
  • It is easy to create CTAs and track their effectiveness over time.

9. Sirena

Sirena | bulk WhatsApp marketing software

Sirena is one of the most successful WhatsApp marketing tools for finding consumers, communicating with them effectively, and increasing conversions. The features of this bulk WhatsApp marketing software free download are:

  • There is a single platform that allows staff to view and reply to all of the inquiries.
  • There will be no more one-on-one conversations with clients.
  • Customer service and brand loyalty are improved as a result of this.
  • All workers have access to a common WhatsApp mailbox.
  • First contact and responses are automated, and the messages can be easily broadcasted.
  • You can easily keep track of visitors who have visited your website at any time.
  • Multiple channels are easily integrated.
  • Using laptops and PCs, communicate with clients comfortably.

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10. Vepaar


Vepaar is a multifunctional WhatsApp marketing tool that may help you semi-automate your marketing campaigns while also assisting with CRM. This bulk WhatsApp marketing software has these attributes:

  • Vepaar enables you to construct broadcast lists, automate responses, and do other key CRM tasks at a low cost.
  • It allows you to send immediate communications with the quick reply option.
  • You can save customers’ text messages and other vital materials.
  • By preserving all of the information, you can create a client profile.
  • Vepaar helps increase conversions using a sales funnel.
  • You can easily make a WhatsApp store with links and items.
  • When a consumer puts an order, you’ll get a message on WhatsApp.
  • Customers may simply participate in polls and provide feedback.

11. WhatsMarketing


Using this WhatsMarketing Tool, you may create powerful marketing campaigns.

  • The user interface is simple to use and will assist you in creating and uploading a list of possible clients as well as sending mass messages.
  • Once you’ve created a list, it’ll be saved and accessible from the user panel, where you may send promotional messages.
  • Along with text communications, the program also allows you to transmit photos and videos.
  • Create a database of your customers and send out mass communications to them.
  • Messages with more than 1000 characters can include photos, videos, and text.
  • You can easily send automated responses to users.
  • To boost clicks, share the YouTube video URL.
  • Statistics on the results of sent messages are easily accessible.
  • You can sort customers by name, last name, city, and date of birth to easily tailor your marketing campaigns.
  • On WhatsApp, you may make polls for the customers to gather feedback and improve further.

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12. AIMIsocial


AIMIsocial is the ideal WhatsApp marketing solution for small businesses that struggle with content generation and social media consistency. This bulk WhatsApp marketing software free download has the features to envy:

  • By producing content, uploading it, and monitoring the outcomes, the program completely automates your marketing campaign.
  • It can aid in the development of brand awareness and consumer engagement.
  • It is best for monitoring social media.
  • AIMIsocial allows you to automate social media posting on a variety of platforms.
  • It also automates the publishing of material.
  • You may analyze the results of different social media marketing efforts.
  • Internet support is available for customers and visitors.

13. Lead Myntra

Lead Myntra | bulk WhatsApp marketing software

Lead Myntra is a WhatsApp sender program that allows you to create groups and deliver group messages, videos, and information to those groups.

  • You may style different areas of the material and make it more pleasant for the viewers by using content settings.
  • It’s also feasible to maintain track of marketing campaigns and develop platform-generated content with the program.
  • You may view and import contacts using it.
  • You can use the Filter option.
  • The WhatsApp bulk message sender comes in five different editions, ranging from a two-month free trial to a fourteen-month premium subscription for 60,000.
  • The software is web-based and does not yet have a mobile app version.
  • Using the Lead Myntra Messaging system, you can deliver messages in real-time with personalized content for the intended audience.
  • It has choices at the reseller level.
  • There is a reporting mechanism in place.
  • It has a history of chats.
  • You may use it to send audio messages.
  • Video chat is available.
  • It has the feature of the management of resellers.

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14. Meshink


Meshink Bulk WhatsApp software is one of the most cost-effective ways to send customized messages to a big number of people.

  • It’s one of the most often used WhatsApp marketing tools among eCommerce and retail businesses.
  • This bulk SMS software is used by both large and small enterprises for simple yet successful marketing campaigns.
  • You may produce location-specific content to execute marketing campaigns that are well-planned from beginning to conclusion.
  • It aids in the creation of appealing communications.
  • End-to-end marketing campaign planning is easily achievable.
  • It also provides access to a whitelist database.
  • The SMS sequence and scheduling feature is also available.
  • Other apps and websites can be integrated.
  • Meshink’s WhatsApp broadcast software is priced at $1400 per user per year.
  • It is possible to keep track of all sales and transactions.
  • Using the contact timeline function, you can see all of your interactions.

15. WebXion


WebXion‘s WhatsApp bulk messaging app has creative features that adapt to the demands of its customers’ businesses through its end-to-end management solution.

  • One of the most intriguing aspects of the program is SMS Open Rate Captured, which allows a user to see a list of persons who have opened and read a message.
  • It has support for several languages.
  • You can keep the management of long-term records.
  • The rates of conversion are provided.
  • Lead generation is aided by mass communications.
  • You can contact WebXion for more detailed pricing information.
  • There is no mobile app for the WebXion service.

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16. RapBooster


RapBooster is one of the top open-source WhatsApp marketing tools available online. To know more about this bulk WhatsApp marketing software free download, read the features below:

  • It offers a variety of WhatsApp marketing tools to help initiate campaigns and improve outcomes at each level.
  • It allows you to deliver customized messages to your consumers while also allowing you to add as many sender ID accounts as you want to expand your reach.
  • You may send infinite videos, files, and photographs in addition to bulk texts.
  • You can also send messages as a group.
  • It makes getting contact information from your WhatsApp contact list easy.
  • You can maintain control over your auto-reply rules.
  • Instant chat responses are available.
  • Delivery reports are available immediately.
  • It is effortless to manage many accounts and channels.
  • Data from .text and Excel files may be imported and exported.
  • It is simple to download and utilize.
  • You may send numerous attachments at the same time.
  • The configurations for advanced sending are available to you.
  • Windows Between various messages, you may establish time delays.
  • Multiple file types are supported.

RapBooster offers two price options for its bulk WhatsApp marketing software free download:

  • RapBooster Advance at $999 per user each year.
  • RapBooster Pro is priced at $1499 per user per year.

17. WappBlaster 

WappBlaster. 26 Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

WappBlaster is good anti-blocking software that is easy to understand and use. Using WappBlaster, you can send unlimited messages to your existing as well as new clients.

  • Available in English and many other languages, it caters to a large number of people from various regions all over the world.
  • This hassle-free software enables you to easily switch between accounts while it is in use.
  • You can automatically send text messages, images, and videos to different individuals within a group.
  • There is no character and credit limit. However, it requires an initial payment of INR2400 per license per year.
  • It also generates and delivers reports of messages sent & messages seen.
  • Spin text and speed control features provide good functional support to its users.
  • Its in-built filters ensure a high level of security while sending & receiving messages.
  • It supports Windows OS and various models of computers.
  • With no travel restrictions, it is the most loved tool for mobile users on the move.
  • It enables sending live location, accurate to a few meters; it has proven to be the most useful feature of this tool.

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18. WhatsApp Bulk Sender

WhatStack Bulk WhatsApp Sender

WhatsApp Bulk Sender is another advanced bulk messaging software. It caters to the needs of various organizations such as SMEs, NGOs, educational institutions, etc.

  • It enables contact management i.e., categorizing contacts into groups. It makes keeping in touch with various contacts in a group easier & more efficient.
  • It receives alerts whether your message has been sent through auto mode or manual mode. In other words, it helps keep track of your marketing activities.
  • Its multi-lingual support helps expand and build a bigger base of end-users.
  • The intuitively designed user interface supports long texts and multimedia formats such as images and videos, etc.
  • It helps lure potential customers through the option of free demos.
  • It also provides the flexibility of its Lite and Fast versions at a minimal cost. It is available to all users who wish to utilize its advanced features.
  • Short Code feature is an excellent mass communication & marketing feature mostly used by companies with huge marketing budgets.
  • It provides the option to change the on-display profile picture, channel name, and status messages.
  • The Auto-alert feature of this software keeps its users aware of all notifications.

19. WhatSender


WhatSender is one of the most user-friendly, 64-bit WhatsApp Marketing Software. It is available in two versions: WhatSender Free and WhatSender Professional. This software comes with innumerable features, like:

  • This software can source contacts manually or from CSV or TXT files by simple copy-pasting.
  • It enables users to send loads of personal messages, promotional or marketing offers, etc., right from their computer or laptop.
  • WhatSender supports the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10 PC, besides supporting Windows XP, 7, 8, and Vista.
  • It can help attach images & videos to messages.
  • It has the provision to send messages to unsaved numbers too.
  • This software helps create alternative messages of a message to be sent to different groups.
  • It also ensures proper scheduling of messages at fixed time intervals to help counter spam detection software.
  • It tracks messages and generates reports by maintaining a log sheet of sent messages.
  • It can access various WhatsApp groups to look for new contacts.
  • It has a number filter for all contacts, which helps run targeted campaigns.

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20. Viking WhatsApp Tools

Viking Whatsapp tools

Viking WhatsApp Tools is a free messenger sending publicity messages in large quantities to its clients. This bulk WhatsApp marketing software has the following interesting attributes:

  • Its tailor-made inbox sends both bulk word and Excel files in just a few clicks.
  • It transfers documents and text messages using vCard, Docx, Xls, and png formats.
  • It supports multimedia formats viz sending messages as texts, images, audios, and videos to its clients.
  • It generates reports taking into account all log-in details.
  • Its new problem detection technique screens all transactions and halts any suspicious activity which does not meet the required norms.
  • The broadcast message logging feature keeps track of all broadcast messages sent.
  • Broadcasts are messages sent to all subscribers or a group of subscribers in one go.
  • The DUP Key feature is used when there is repeated information that requires to be entered time and again at regular & frequent intervals.
  • DUP key represents a frequently occurring number or value.
  • It sends across-the-board messages to the unlimited WhatsApp numbers customer database. 
  • It has a starter pack available at an annual premium of INR 6270/-, which permits users to send 1000 to 20000 messages hourly. It, however, does not charge any expenses to provide minor information.

21. Allwebmart 


cost-effectiveness makes it a favorite amongst small business houses. Allwebmart WhatsApp Bulk Sender software is an interesting marketing tool to own especially for growing organizations with limited or fixed marketing budgets. Its key features are as follows:

  • It is an easy-to-use bulk messaging software that ensures efficient marketing and quick business growth.
  • You can send messages in bulk without any credit limit.
  • It also allows its users to send 100 messages to anonymous users in one go.
  • It supports multimedia formats via texts, images, videos, and audio.
  • It is easy to create. Additionally, you can add WhatsApp groups using this software.
  • Multi-lingual support makes it globally acceptable & accessible; it makes it popular too.
  • Being a web-based software, it makes campaign management on the internet a smooth process.
  • Without any delay, it instantly generates reports of the messages forwarded to its clients.
  • It does not set any limit to the number of characters you can add to your text message.
  • With the help of this tool, you can send messages to 5000 customers per day at an excellent speed of 20 messages per minute. That too, without any fear of spamming.

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22. Rapid Planner

Rapid Planner

Rapid Planner is a proficiently designed, real-time, bulk messaging WhatsApp Marketing tool that is the most preferred planner for small and mid-sized business organizations. The key features which make it among the top choice of users are listed as:

  • It is the best search engine optimization (SEO) tool for social media marketing.
  • It has an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface that makes sending messages effortlessly.
  • It allows you to send unlimited bulk messages to targeted clients.
  • The direct customer interaction facility has earned it a good brand value.
  • This web-based browser is compatible with mobile versions too. It can be used both for PCs well as mobile applications.
  • It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and is also available for Android users.
  • It blocks unwanted e-mails, thereby enabling prompt dispersal of bulk emails to its customers.
  • It filters and screens contacts to ensure that customer focus is maintained.
  • The pricing varies depending upon whether the end-user is working on Windows, Mac, or Android operating system.

23. AutoBlast Messenger

AutoBlast Messenger

AutoBlast Messenger is a WhatsApp marketing solution for agencies, small companies, and medium enterprises.

  • The application contains all the capabilities that allow you end-to-end solutions for marketing campaigns.
  • Apart from mass texting, the solution offers several contract management capabilities by ensuring adequate user participation.
  • For efficient marketing, collect web subscribers from all of your websites and SMS them.
  • Constant assistance is available with this bulk WhatsApp marketing software free download.
  • By creating seamless communication channels, contact management may be improved.
  • It is effortless to send mass messages to a specified set of clients without any restrictions.
  • AutoBlast Messenger provides multiple options that start from $9.99 as a one-time purchase per user.

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24. Bulk WhatsApp 

Bulk Whatsapp messenger. 26 Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

Bulk WhatsApp Messenger is a marketing automation solution for WhatsApp that is best suited for small enterprises and educational institutions.

  • It enables you to send messages to WhatsApp users without having to save their contact information.
  • You may also import contacts from the .txt or.CSV file into the app.
  • It is great for all of your communication needs because it supports numerous languages and multimedia types.
  • Multiple accounts may be created and managed from a single location.
  • You can send messages to an infinite number of people.
  • All major multimedia formats are supported, including images, videos, documents, and more.
  • All Windows versions are supported, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • Filter WhatsApp numbers to find out who is active and who is not.
  • Extract contacts from WhatsApp groups and generate WhatsApp numbers.

Bulk WhatsApp Messenger is offered in three different plans

  • 1 PC (INR 1,899 per license)
  • 2 PC (INR 2,999 per license)
  • 5 PC (INR 4,999 per license)

25. Mazzapper

Mazzapper | bulk WhatsApp marketing software free download

Mazzapper is one of the best bulk WhatsApp marketing software available in the market currently. This marketing solution has several attributes. Read a few of them below:

  • It is perfectly ideal for outbound marketing.
  • You will be able to stay GDPR compliant in your WhatsApp marketing campaigns with Mazzapper’s various solutions.
  • For personalized messagingcopy-paste spreadsheets or text files in the Mazzapper software and start broadcasting immediately.
  • There is no need to save contacts on the phone to broadcast messages in bulk.
  • You can easily contact your leads and customers using this software.
  • You may send a personalized welcome message to greet and brief the visitors and to-be customers about the products and services.

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26. Sendwo

Note: The site is currently under maintenance.


Sendwo is the best bulk WhatsApp marketing software free download in the market today. 

  • It supports vCard, images, text, videos, and audio to enhance the user experience and provide quality information about the services and products.
  • You can use your own customized sender ID to send all the bulk messages at once.
  • You may just import all the contacts to create a contact management list.
  • The personalized messaging feature on this software allows you to interact with the customers in a more engaging and friendly way.


These are the few marketing software available in the market that helps businesses to widen their market base and reach targeted customers in a short amount of time. So, we hope you learned about bulk WhatsApp marketing software and will use any of these to strengthen your business marketing strategy. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to drop them in the comment box.

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