Top 10 Best Torrent Websites

Top 10 Best Torrent Websites

We’ve put together a list of best torrent websites that are still operational this year. Many torrent sites have come and gone in recent years as filesharing services have come under investigation, leaving you unsure which ones you can trust. We have made a list so you can enjoy all the content you love. When every provider abuse consumer desires by providing premium services, torrents come in as a lifesaver. Unfortunately, while torrenting allows users to access premium things for free, it is also frequently used to unlawfully distribute content. As a result, they frequently suffer retaliation from authorities throughout the world. They endanger users and compromise the company’s security and integrity. Second, they infringe on copyright. Finding the finest torrent sites is difficult with a simple Google search. Of course, you won’t be able to test dozens in a single day. So the websites you need to know are shown below for you to save that excruciating task. Various traffic reports were used to compile this list. And these top torrent websites might help you locate the stuff you’re looking for in no time.

Top 10 Best Torrent Websites

Top 10 Best Torrent Websites

As torrent usage rose in popularity over the past few years, ISPs, law enforcement agencies, and copyright holders began monitoring and probing it. These organizations target both private individuals and big torrent indexing sites, such as the ones we’ve described further in this article. Following are more points to know about torrents.

  • Peer-to-peer download technology, such as torrents, is still one of the most efficient ways for customers to obtain material without filling up a hosting site. By downloading small bits of a file from other users as they also download simultaneously, the torrent method enables extremely fast file transfers for users.
  • It is quite probable that your internet activity will be scrutinized if you download files using an insecure internet connection. You may face harsh consequences if your ISP somehow manages to establish that you unlawfully downloaded copyrighted information.
  • Because of how torrenting works, it is treated more seriously than other types of download methods. When you use a torrent to download a file, you are simultaneously hosting the portions of the file that you have previously downloaded for other users to see. It means that you are theoretically not just downloading but also hosting illegal information, which is a grave legal offense.

Obviously, you want to safeguard yourself against such exploitative behavior. If you’re going to use torrents, make sure your internet traffic is encrypted. Using a VPN or Virtual Private Networks service (e.g. ExpressVPN), you will be able to encrypt the data you transfer over the internet, making it impossible for your ISP or other third parties to detect. It is essential for staying safe when downloading torrents. We consider the following elements while determining which VPNs to recommend to you:

  • Security: VPN provider policy of no-logging should be in place. Strong encryption should be their top priority.
  • Torrent compatibility: It should be possible to utilize torrents and other P2P downloads through the VPN network.
  • Speed of the connection: The connection speed should be fast with the capability to download enormous files promptly.
  • Server accessibility. The firm should have plenty of servers located in various countries.
  • No restrictions: Downloading torrents should be free of bandwidth limitations, throttling, and other restrictions.

Note: We recommend using a VPN tool before surfing and downloading a torrent. You can read this article to learn about a few VPN providers available in the market.

1. KickassTorrents

KickAssTorrents | top torrent websites

KickassTorrents has been one of best torrent websites in the market for a while. It’s also one of the first torrenting services to experience government retaliation. Last year, the website was decommissioned. Following its demise, a slew of clone sites appeared to be authentic recreations of the original site. However, the developer team did not officially support these sites.

Thankfully, the original KAT team reunited to resurrect the beloved pirate service under a new URL. The new site has the same material and functionality as the old, such as community connections that allow users to discuss and propose different types of content and file-sharing techniques.

On the mirror site, the user interface and option layout are practically identical. The torrent library, the most popular torrents, and the torrent websites are all located at the top of the website. These are accompanied by a tag cloud that displays the site’s most popular searches.

KickAsstorrents features a large number of seeds and leeches, which allows you to download torrents quickly and simply. The service provides both files and magnet connections.

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2. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents is back on our list for this year. LimeTorrents is popular with knowledgeable users because of its simplicity to use, extensive material, and intuitive style, which displays the most popular torrents in numerous categories. It is another website where you can download TV series, movies, games, applications, and animes.

It has several fantastic extra features like a verification system that marks torrents that have been certified to be secure, correctly labeled, and of good quality with a star, indicating that you can trust them. It also has RSS feeds for several categories that you can plug into your torrent client to automatically retrieve the most recent items in that category.

Finding a healthy torrent looks to be reasonably straightforward, and one of the reasons LimeTorrents is one of the amazing websites is because its content is updated regularly. The torrent site features two unique websites, one with updated lists of the top 100 most popular torrents and the other with the most recently uploaded torrents.

Users may create accounts to submit torrents, post reviews, bookmark torrents, and communicate with other users, among other things.

Like many other items on this list are restricted by ISPs in nations all over the world, which appears to harm total traffic. Last year, the site vanished from the top results of many search engines, a fate echoed by many of the other torrent sites on our list.

3. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 debuted in 2003 as a standalone torrent search engine that drew material from several popular torrent sites. Until 2012, the site was a popular destination for individuals looking to download desired content. Because of back-to-back legal concerns, the original Torrentz site was taken down.

The site has thankfully returned under the new name Torrentz2. Torrentz2 has a lot of content in the usual categories, and you can view lists of new popular torrents and the weekly best torrent websites, which are both good places to look for new ideas. Users may look for their desired content in the torrent file, which contains games, movies, and TV shows, among other things. The quality index is one element that distinguishes Torrentz2 from other torrent services.

It offers a user-friendly design that makes it easy for anyone to locate what they’re searching for without having to sift through adverts. There are procedures in place for both confirming and assessing the quality of the torrents. Because it collects data from a large number of different torrent sites, Torrentz2 is one of the most powerful torrent search services.

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4. 1337x

1337x | best torrent websites

1337x is another unindexed site that professional torrenters frequently utilize. 1337X was founded in 2007 and is available in almost every country except the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and Austria, which have banned it. It features a very well-designed user interface that makes it run faster and seem more professional than other torrent sites. It has everything you could desire in terms of torrents, including TV series, movies, and music, as well as niche categories such as anime and documentaries.

This well-known torrent site has files in a variety of genres. It also features a section called Trending that showcases the most popular torrents of the day and the week. Users can also use the top 100 torrents listings to find good torrents to download in other categories.

The 1337x website provides a wealth of information about its torrents, including the number of seeders and leechers with the date that file was uploaded, and the size of the same. Unlike some other sites, it has a dedicated crew of uploaders that consistently produce new content. You may subscribe to your favorite and most reliable torrent uploaders. The comment tool is useful for expressing opinions on the quality of specific torrent links.

Like The Pirate Bay, it features magnet links as well as many URLs for the same content. The site is updated almost every hour with new torrents. As a result, you can imagine how diverse the options are available to you.

5. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

For many years, The Pirate Bay was at the top of several lists. Unfortunately, in recent years, TPB has gained a reputation as one of the most heavily criticized and impeded websites by law authorities. This torrent site isn’t at the top of the list since it had to change the URLs so many times that many people have moved on to other sites.

TPB, on the other hand, will continue to feature in the top torrent websites in a wide range of genres for as long as they are available. On the site, you may find software, eBooks, comics, and games, as well as movies, TV series, and music. For decades, TPB has proudly flaunted its outdated UI, which has been disabled and revived several times. It’s not only a reliable site, but it also eliminates the annoyance of pop-up adverts off your screen.

The ability to quickly identify torrents with strong seeds, resulting in faster download rates, is a major selling feature of the pirate bay. If TPB is prohibited in your country, you can access it with a VPN service.

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RARBG | best torrent websites

RARBG is one of the oldest and most active torrent sites on the internet. It was launched in 2008. The less-than-stellar design of RARBG may irritate some users while its producers don’t update and maintain it as regularly as other newer torrent sites. However, the website efficiently accomplishes its goal of giving healthy torrent files to the leeches. RARBG, on the other hand, still has a lot of fantastic torrent content and some committed admirers.

RARBG can be a good choice if you’re searching for a basic torrent service with only the fundamentals and no-frills. There aren’t many extra features on the website apart from the usual torrent download categories, such as movies, music, software, games, and so on. RARBG also has a separate web page dedicated to movie and television program trailers. However, one element that stands out is the suggested area, which has a diverse selection of films that are more art house than a blockbuster.

It is presently illegal in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Italy, Finland, and Ireland. India and Greece, on the other hand, were added to the list in 2019. Copyright infringement and piracy are the primary reasons for RARBG exclusion.

7. YTS


YTS, created in 2011, is one of the finest torrent providers for all movie fans. This one, too, has several domains and is quite popular among torrent users. One thing to keep in mind is that the website is unrelated to the original YTS/YIFY organization, which ceased operations a few years ago. Despite this, the website has climbed the popularity rankings.

The aesthetic look of YTS is well-known. The front page currently just has a search page, following the lead of other torrent indexing services. YTS is largely powered by pirated content, yet its aesthetics are good enough to compete with some popular streaming services.

Users may quickly submit content requests and provide comments to the site administrators. However, creating a user account and leaving comments on the website are also required.

YTS has accidentally become part of an anti-piracy campaign by sending over client data to legal companies, as was recently discovered. We felt forced to include it here because it is one of the suitable torrents for cinema buffs. However, due to its policies, we highly advise all users to connect to YTS via a powerful VPN.

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8. TorrentGalaxy

Torrent Galaxy | best torrent websites

TorrentGalaxy is another fantastic option for torrent downloading. It’s a relatively new torrent site, with a lifespan of just over two years. Its olive green-themed user interface neatly organizes all of the torrent entries as well as all of the user pertinent information.

The built-in search bar is swift and produces accurate results. On the other hand, the Torrent Galaxy website may appear cluttered if there is a lot of information about the show.

The site features an active community and a devoted group of uploaders. In addition to downloading torrents, TorrentGalaxy now offers streaming of select movies. You name everything, and TorrentsGalaxy will find a torrent link for it. Movies, TV shows, music, games, apps, software, ebooks, and even online skill development classes fall under this category.

The website also has a function that allows you to register and save your favorite torrents. There is also a space in the comments section where people may discuss the torrents.



For the past several years, the domain has managed to stay out of the top 1000 websites. For those who appreciate downloading television shows, EZTV is a one-stop-shop. EZTV is a website where those who want to get TV show torrents may do so. It is, in fact, the sole form of the content offered on this well-known pirate website.

The torrenting website features a basic design with tabular listings of links and other information. Visitors may also create user-profiles and add torrents to their favorites list.

The ad-free platform on the web, which initially appeared in 2005, was wonderful. It stopped working in 2015, and various mirror URLs with adverts surfaced on the internet. You may use it to download an eBook torrent, your favorite shows, or anything else you need. However, you have to be cautious when surfing, such as utilizing adblockers to prevent clutter.

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10. Zooqle


Zooqle, which claims to have over five million verified torrents, is back in the top ten after a year away. Zooqle was established in 2013. This expansion may be traced back to the ever-increasing amount. The site traffic hasn’t recovered to its previous levels, but it appears to maintain a loyal following.

The website’s simple and clear appearance, which is supplemented by the lack of invasive adverts, makes it easy for users to explore and discover what they’re looking for. The website’s top page features a selection of popular TV shows, movies, and the most seeded content. The majority of Zooqle content is TV programs and movie torrents, but the popular torrent site also has software, games, and other sorts of torrents for a variety of device platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it possible to go to jail for torrenting?

Ans: You can’t go to jail or pay a fee for sharing data this way if you just share info that isn’t copyrighted. You are, however, breaching the law if you work with torrent files that are owned by someone else. You can go to jail for it in some nations, such as the United States.

Q2. When torrenting, should I use a VPN?

Ans: We always recommend using a VPN. Your IP address is encrypted via a VPN, making it difficult for your ISP to trace your online activities. Your ISP will be able to view your internet behavior if you surf the internet without a VPN.


We hope you found this information useful and were able to provide you with information on best torrent websites. Please let us know which site worked best for you. Please leave any questions or comments in the space provided below.

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