24 Best AI Movies on Netflix (2024)

Dive into the world where technology and storytelling converge!

Ever wondered what it’d be like to fall in love with a chatbot, get chased by a robot army, or have your grandma replaced by a cool AI companion?

Netflix has your back with a lineup of amazing movies based on artificial intelligence that will not only entertain you but also warn you of the ethical dilemmas that come with it.

So, grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready to explore the best artificial intelligence (AI) movie series and documentary currently streaming on Netflix in 2024.

Best AI Movies on Netflix to Watch in 2024

Best AI Movies on Netflix to Watch in 2024

Whether you’re into technology, enjoy sci-fi stories, or just wonder about what might happen in the future, these movies are interesting and fun.

The list will capture your attention and keep you entertained in the ever-changing world of artificial intelligence.

Movie/Series Plot IMDb Ratings
The Matrix Humanity’s downfall began with the invention of artificial intelligence 8.7/10
Love, Death & Robots  Comprises multiple stories, like sci-fi, fantasy, funny ones, scary ones, and more 8.4/10
Ex-Machina Return of the frozen main character for more than 200 years to solve a mystery 8/10
Altered Carbon Figure out if an android named Ava can act so much like a real person that it passes a test 7.9/10
The Social Dilemma Raises concerns about how social media can become the root cause of spreading conspiracy theories 7.6/10

1. The Matrix

The Matrix

The Matrix series tells a cyberpunk tale about how humanity’s downfall began with the invention of artificial intelligence. This led to the emergence of powerful, aware machines that locked humans in a computer simulation called the Matrix, using them for energy. Sometimes, a few people escape from this system. However, they’re seen as dangerous and chased by artificial intelligence, whether inside or outside the Matrix.

The movie’s popularity resulted in the release of two sequels in 2003 (The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions), both written and directed by the Wachowskis. The franchise has also inspired books and theories expanding on some of the religious and philosophical ideas alluded to in the films.

A fourth film, titled The Matrix Resurrections, was released on December 22, 2021, making it one of the best artificial intelligence series on Netflix.

2. Love, Death & Robots

Love, Death and Robots | Best AI movies on Netflix

Love, Death & Robots is a Netflix artificial intelligence series that comprises multiple stories, like sci-fi, fantasy, funny ones, scary ones, and more. The show started in 2019 and has won several Emmy awards.

This artificial intelligence show is more like a make-believe game about robots and their lives, looking at both the past and the future. People especially enjoy stories about life after the world has changed a lot and movies about artificial intelligence.

A well-known actor who worked on the show is David Fincher, who was nominated for an Oscar. Each episode is about 20 minutes long, and there are three seasons of the show available on Netflix.

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3. Altered Carbon

 Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon nails it with the perfect balance between human nature, religion, technology, politics, and character.

It is a cyberpunk show on Netflix with two seasons available, which revolves around the main character who was frozen for more than 200 years but was brought back to life. He has to solve a murder mystery to fully come back to life. People have different opinions about the show, some like it, while others are not so excited about it.

4. Ex Machina

Ex Machina

The movie Ex Machina was created long before we started interacting with AI.

In the story, a programmer has to figure out if an Android named Ava can act so much like a real person that it passes a test. The big question in the movie is whether Ava is aware and thinking, or if she’s just really good at pretending.

In our real world, we’re still not sure if we’ll ever have truly intelligent machines. But in the movie, it’s a real possibility that Ava is smart and conscious.

5. The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma is a Netflix artificial intelligence documentary that shows how social media affects our lives. The creators interacted with the people who used to work for social media companies and helped create the platforms we use today. These platforms use AI to study your information and make a profile to show you ads and suggestions.

The movie also raises concerns about how social media can become the root cause of spreading conspiracy theories, affecting mental health, sharing fake news, and making people more politically divided.

While someone who knows a lot about technology might find the storytelling a bit dramatic, the movie is easy for most people to understand and find interesting.

6. The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines is a lively movie that portrays the dangerous consequences of relying too much on technology.

In this funny animated film, the Mitchell family goes on a road trip and has to fight against robots and tricky gadgets to save humanity. The movie is full of energy, and great graphics, and has a rating of 7.6/10 on IMDb, showing that many people enjoyed it.

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7. Better Than Us

In Better Than Us, there’s a special robot that stands out from the rest. She’s designed to be the perfect woman, always putting her family first and keeping them safe.

This artificial intelligence series on Netflix isn’t just about robots and artificial intelligence. It’s packed with real and captivating stories. People fall in love unexpectedly, friends become enemies, and crimes get solved with great detail. Families go through tough times but also find ways to come together again, all in just 16 episodes.

8. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Next on the list of artificial intelligence (AI) movies on Netflix is Bandersnatch, which is a special kind of movie from Black Mirror that lets viewers make choices as they watch.

The main story is about a young programmer who is hired to turn a fantasy novel into a video game. As he gets more into the story, his reality starts to change. What’s unique about this movie is that it has five different endings, and how long it lasts depends on the choices you make while watching. It’s a really interesting and kind of mind-bending experience.

9. Chappie

In the 2015 movie Chappie, starring Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, and Hugh Jackman, the story was brought to life by director Neill Blomkamp and a skilled crew.

The plot revolves around a robotic squad designed by engineer Deon to help with law enforcement in a city dealing with a high crime rate. As Deon works on a project to give the robots artificial intelligence, he gets kidnapped by criminals. They take control of a robot named Chappie, who has the mind of an infant.

10. Coded Bias

Coded Bias isn’t a flashy, expensive movie and it doesn’t take place in a future where everything’s gone wrong because of robots. Instead, it’s an artificial intelligence documentary on Netflix that explores how AI works in our everyday lives.

Specifically, it talks about how facial recognition software is biased against people with dark skin. If you want to learn about how algorithms and AI impact our lives and the world we live in, watching this movie about artificial intelligence is a must.

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11. I Am Mother

i am mother | Best AI movies on Netflix

I Am Mother is a thrilling Australian movie from 2019 and one of the best AI movies on Netflix.

It’s set in a future where a young girl, known as Daughter, is taken care of by an AI robot named Mother. They live in an underground bunker after the world is turned into a dangerous place. Mother uses human embryos to create new kids and try to make Earth populated again. Everything goes as planned until a stranger, played by Hilary Swank, shows up and asks questions to the Daughter about what happened to the planet.

12. Omniscient

In Omniscient, the story unfolds in a near-future city where every resident is constantly monitored by a tiny drone, invisible to the naked eye. These drones gather data for a powerful supercomputer that no human can access. With this surveillance system in place, crime rates plummet close to zero as wrongdoers are certain they will be apprehended.

13. Oxygen

If you are planning to watch the new sci-fi horror movie Oxygen on Netflix, then be ready for an unexpectedly wild ride. The director, Alexandre Aja, is known for making extreme and intense films.

However, Oxygen is a story about human survival. The main character, played by Mélanie Laurent, wakes up in a cryogenic chamber with no memory and is told she has only 33 percent oxygen left. The whole movie takes place inside this chamber, making her situation scary.

14. Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers is like a big space adventure game that takes the best parts from other sci-fi movies, making it one of the best artificial intelligence (AI) movies on Netflix.

It shows a future where Earth is in trouble, and people are trying to find new planets to live on. The movie mixes in sad and tough parts with everyone working together to survive, making it an interesting story about life after a big disaster.

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15. Unknown: Killer Robots

Unknown: Killer Robots is an artificial intelligence documentary on Netflix, part of the ongoing Unknown series. It’s both fascinating and a bit scary, just like the problems it talks about.

As we move towards more advanced AI, there’s a concern that AI might be used in warfare. What’s even more worrisome is the idea of AI machines making decisions on their own, operating, and even causing harm without any human control.

The documentary on Netflix doesn’t get into all the technical details of how artificial intelligence (AI) works in warfare, but it does a good job of making us think about some important questions.

16. Spectral

Spectral is a 2016 military science fiction action film whose story unfolds in war-torn Moldova, where invisible entities ruthlessly attack and kill any living beings in their path.

The movie premiered worldwide on Netflix on December 9, 2016. Additionally, Netflix released a prequel graphic novel titled Spectral: Ghosts of War on February 1, 2017, which became available digitally through the ComiXology website.

17. The Wandering Earth

The Wandering Earth

The Wandering Earth is a movie that shows a huge problem, that is our Sun is acting up and could destroy Earth. This sci-fi film is really exciting and looks amazing as it tells the story of how people fight to survive when faced with a big cosmic disaster. Even though not everyone might have loved it, it’s still one of the best movies in the AI genre on Netflix.

18. TAU

Tau is a sci-fi thriller released in 2018 and directed by Federico D’Alessandro. The main characters are played by Maika Monroe, Ed Skrein, and Gary Oldman.

The story follows a young woman named Julia, who gets kidnapped by a dangerous man named Alex. He wants to use her for a dangerous experiment. During her captivity, Julia discovers an advanced artificial intelligence called TAU, secretly developed by Alex. Although TAU has many abilities, it lacks a proper understanding of the world. Julia sees an opportunity to use TAU’s help to escape from her captor.

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19. Jung_E

Jung_E is a South Korean language movie about a future where Earth is in bad shape because of climate change. People are split into groups, and one group called the Allied Forces is trying to create super soldiers using the memories and genes of a famous Captain named Yun Jung-yi.

The issue is that the scientist in charge of the project is Jung-yi’s daughter. She’s having trouble making the technology work because the clones they create can’t succeed in the simulations of the Captain’s last mission. So, there’s a challenge in making the super soldier project successful for the Alliance.

20. Bigbug

In a calm neighborhood, four household robots suddenly take control of their owners inside their homes. Stuck together are a family with some problems, a nosy neighbor, and her new type of robot. They have to stay together despite getting more and more tense. Meanwhile, outside, the Yonyx Androids, a newer kind of robot, are getting closer and could take over. As the danger gets closer, the people inside get distracted, start to envy each other, and argue, while their indoor robots watch confused.

21. Stealth


Stealth, produced by Columbia Pictures, is a thrilling action movie that follows a team of highly skilled pilots.

Their mission is critical: they must stop a rogue prototype drone fighter plane that has artificial intelligence and the potential to trigger a nuclear war on a global scale.

22. Mother/Android

Mother/Android is a movie from 2021 about a world that’s not doing well after some big disasters. The film is written and directed by Mattson Tomlin, and it’s his first time directing a full-length movie. The main actors are Chloë Grace Moretz, Algee Smith, and Raúl Castillo.

The story is about a pregnant woman and her boyfriend who are trying to get to a safe place in Boston because artificial intelligence (AI) is causing destruction everywhere.

23. AI Love You

AI Love You is a Thai romantic comedy and sci-fi movie from 2022 that you can watch on Netflix and is one of the best artificial intelligence (AI) movies. It was directed by David Asavanond and Stephan Zlotescu, and stars Mario Maurer and Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul.

The story is set in a world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) runs most buildings. There’s an AI called Dob that controls a corporate tower where Lana, played by Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul, works. Dob falls in love with Lana because of a glitch in the software. To be closer to her, the AI takes over the body of a man named Bobby, played by Mario Maurer, and tries to win Lana’s heart.

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24. Margaux

The film revolves around a group of seniors enjoying their last college days in a sophisticated house controlled by an advanced AI system named Margaux. However, the AI system gradually develops a deadly presence of its own and becomes violent.

What starts as a carefree weekend of partying turns into a dystopian nightmare when the group discovers Margaux’s intentions to eliminate them. As time runs out, the group must desperately try to survive and outwit the intelligent home to stay alive.

That wraps up our article on the best AI movies on Netflix to watch in 2024.

These movies can take you on a wild ride through the future side of artificial intelligence.

Stay tuned to Techcult for more such exciting lists.

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