100+ Funny Questions to Ask on Instagram Story

Q&A or ROFL? Tickle the funny bones!

Why not let’s turn your Instagram conversations more witty and quirky, full of silliness?

Asking questions on a story or live session can help you engage more with your friends and followers. So, don’t be lost when it comes to what questions you can ask as we got your back.

Get ready to make them outright laugh or be lost in thoughts as we will provide you with a compilation of funny, interesting, and deep questions to ask on your Instagram story.

Funny Questions to ask on Instagram story

Funny Questions to Ask on Instagram Story

Nothing appeals more to people than humorous questions that can sweep away boredom. Interact with your Instagram followers with the following questions and have fun.

  • Which is the one food item that looked tasty but tasted disgusting?
  • What is the most embarrassing yet funny moment in your life?
  • Have you ever had a prank gone wrong?
  • Have you ever been caught dozing off in an important meeting?
  • Have you ever snorted while laughing in front of your crush?
  • Have you ever told someone off who was innocent?
  • Did you ever get scared of a tree in the night because of its silhouette?
  • Did your stomach rumble loudly in a quiet place filled with people?
  • Have you ever sneezed so hard that you farted?
  • Did you ever reveal someone’s secret by mistake?
  • Have you been caught stalking someone?
  • Have you ever liked your crush’s picture from long ago?
  • Have you ever caused a fight between two people without anyone knowing?
  • Did you ever fall in front of your crush?
  • Have you ever thought your pet spoke to you?
  • Did you ever get scammed?
  • What do you do when you are blamed for someone else’s farting?
  • How do you control your laughter in serious situations?
  • Did you ever forget your wallet at home and there is no online payment for the things you purchased?
  • Have you ever worn your clothes inside out for the whole day without realizing it?
  • Did you ever have bird poop on your head without realizing?
  • Did you ever get slapped by a monkey in a zoo?
  • Did you ever break something precious and blame it on someone else?
  • Did you ever get trolled by your whole gang of friends?
  • Have you ever had to finish the food on your plate even if you hate it?
  • Did you ever eat a food item that spilled on the floor?
  • Have you ever mistakenly waved at a stranger?
  • Have you ever sent a nasty text message to your parents by mistake?
  • Have you ever scammed someone?

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Interesting Questions to Ask on Instagram Story

Here are some interesting questions you can ask your followers on Instagram.

  • Do you think there is a shortcut to success?
  • What to look for in an ideal life partner?
  • Does exercise really help to lose weight?

Does exercise really help to lose weight

  • How to be more confident in public?
  • Ways to get the best discounts at any restaurant?
  • How to choose the best outfit for school?
  • Best movie to watch on a date?
  • What is your go-to comfort meal?
  • How to spend your free time in the best manner?
  • Do dreams mean anything?
  • How to manage your time in the most effective manner?
  • How to save money while enjoying the luxuries of life?
  • Is Netflix addictive?
  • Is cooking a skill that you should definitely know?
  • Can you make your career as a YouTuber or as an influencer?
  • Is technology actually taking us backward?
  • Social life or social media?
  • How to control your cravings?
  • Should you post your personal moments on Instagram?
  • Is the movie industry dying because of OTT platforms?
  • What would you do – be an employee or have your own business?
  • What’s better – life in a small town or life in a big city?
  • Is world peace achievable?
  • What’s better – earning loads of money or making beautiful memories?
  • What makes Music relieve stress?

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Deep Philosophical Questions to Ask on Instagram Story

If you want to have long and deep conversations, here are the questions you can ask your 

  • What is the moment where you found spiritual enlightenment?
  • Is it possible to live a life without regrets?
  • Why are humans selfish?
  • Are humans better than animals?
  • Does religion define a person?
  • Does being religious make the world a better place?
  • Is spiritual awakening a true fact?
  • Is being religious and being spiritual the same?
  • What is the best philosophy to live a peaceful life?
  • Are wars inevitable?
  • Can a person change his entire personality?
  • Can a TV show change a person’s perspective on life forever?
  • What can cause a person to lose all hope in humanity?
  • How to overcome anxiety?
  • Should religion be given priority over humanity?
  • Is it possible to overcome depression on your own?
  • How to know if you are in a toxic relationship?
  • How are some people sadists?
  • Is addiction to drugs always related to mental stress?
  • Can a normal-looking person be a serial killer?
  • How to avoid suicidal thoughts?
  • Why is bullying harmful to young minds?

Why is bullying harmful to young minds

  • Does mental trauma in early childhood damage a person as an adult?
  • Is there a way to recognize a toxic person?
  • Can a toxic friendship harm you mentally?
  • Does every human have a trigger point?
  • Should mental illness be declared as a disability?
  • Is world peace even possible?

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Best Questions to Ask on Instagram Story About Me

  • What is my favorite color?
  • What is my favorite movie star?
  • Guess my favorite obsession?
  • What is the one thing you like about me?
  • Which is the one thing you hate about me?
  • Two things I should change about me?
  • Should I change my post theme?
  • What should I change in my Instagram profile?
  • Guess what scares me the most?
  • Can you guess the craziest thing I have done in my life?
  • Should I post more often?
  • Guess my favorite time of the year?
  • What makes my Instagram unique?
  • Do you think I am an introvert or an extrovert?
  • What do you think is my favorite spot in this city?
  • What is the one thing that you think I hate about a person?
  • Do my profile pictures look edited?
  • Which color suits me the most?
  • Guess my favorite series on Netflix?
  • Do you think I have a sweet tooth?
  • Do you think I am a cat lover or a dog lover?
  • Guess if I am a pessimist or an optimist?
  • What are your honest thoughts about me?
  • Do I use Instagram or YouTube more?

With the above-mentioned funny questions to ask on your Instagram story, you can connect with your audience and grow engagement. 

If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments section.

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