24 Best Free Photo Recognition Search Engine

Unlock an innovative approach to image exploration offered by visual search technology in these remarkable tools and see how they benefit you.

With the sheer volume of images shared online every day, trying to find a specific one or gather information about is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Hence, photo recognition search engines are becoming invaluable and indispensable. Utilizing visual exploration techniques, they enable users to discover similar photos, and even identify objects, landmarks, or celebrities within photographs. In this guide, we review some of the best free photo recognition search engines available online. 

24 Best Free Photo Recognition Search Engine

Best Photo Recognition Search Engine

Thanks to the advancements in artificial intelligence and computer vision technology, you can access these tools at your fingertips for free.

  • This makes it an amazing software for students as well as professionals looking for similar content or information related to the searched image.
  • Additionally, some of these tools offer the ability to remove copyrighted images from websites that have been used without consent.
  • We have also added some facial recognition search engines for images that may help you find people and lost connections.
  • You can also use them to identify criminals, scammers, and sex offenders.

1. TinEye

TinEye | photo recognition search engine

TinEye claims to have the world’s fastest and most accurate image recognition APIs. The range of products includes Advanced image identification, Color search, Label matching, Mobile image recognition, Image tracking, and Image verification. The search tool requires a user both options to both paste the URL as well as to upload an image.

2. Betaface


Betaface is a great search engine that includes features like Advanced facial appearance analysis, biometric measures, and functionality to recognize known people or extract unknown people’s looks for subsequent identification. With an emphasis on picture and video analysis, face and object identification, and hosted online services, Betaface also provides custom software development services.

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3. Pimeyes

Pimeyes | photo recognition search engine

Pimeyes is one of the best facial recognition search engines for images that goes through the Internet to find pictures containing uploaded faces. The process of finding a face does not compromise your privacy because of its seamless and private search process that includes uploading of photo and its search. This also has the option of receiving an email whenever Pimeyes will find a similar image. You also have the ability to delete your images permanently from external websites because of their illegal usage.

4. PicTriev


PicTriev idea of face recognition is a little different as it lets you find look-alike celebrities on the web using face recognition. It also has the ability to show your face attributes like your age and if you are male or female. To find an image you can both upload an image as well as paste its URL.

5. Google Image Search

Google image search | photo recognition search engine

Google Images search is by far one of the easiest-to-use facial recognition search engines. As it uses the same database used by the Google search engine, therefore, it is as fast and accurate as its parent company search engine. There is no limit on how many searches you can make or what type of images you can search for.

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6. Yahoo Image Search

Yahoo Image Search

Yahoo image search is another great tool for you to find images of your interest. The process is as simple as you just have to write in the search box whatever images you are trying to find. Yahoo as a search engine is much older than Google and therefore the amount of data available is also quite amazing.

7. Bing Image Search

Bing Image Search

Bing image search might be quite new regarding the database available as it was only properly launched in the year 2007. But recently the launch of New Bing which comes with the support of the AI model ChatGPT has made all the difference. Now Bing image search can not only search for images but also create images out of thin air by just writing what you want.

8. Getty Images

Getty Images | photo recognition search engine

Getty Images has the capability of searching images through text as well as images. As the name suggests this website is particularly only for images. As most of the images are royalty-free therefore the website can be called free but it also has premium features that provide amazing 4k videos too.

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9. Flickr


Flickr is basically an online tool that lets you upload your images on this platform and share them in groups and with people of your choice. But that’s not it as it also has a great database of images that can be freely used by entering in the search box whatever you are looking for.

10. Openverse

Openverse | photo recognition search engine

Openverse is an open-source free photo recognition search engine developed under the WordPress project. The platform claims to have a whooping database of 700 million images that also includes audio files in the context of whatever you search for. The Openverse team finds providers hosting CC-licensed content and then index that data to be discoverable through its website.

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11. Pinterest

Pinterest Visual Search Tool

The Pinterest visual search tool is a great place to search for ideas and images. This is not just an image search engine but a community that works on sharing every daily activity, aspiration, bucket list, and photo of all these. Also, an interesting feature is that you can save all these posts and photos for later by bookmarking them.

12. Facecheck.ID

Facecheck.ID | photo recognition search engine

Facecheck.ID as the name suggests is a facial recognition search engine for images that helps you find people online by using the photos that you already have of them. It lets you find people on social media, News, and Blogs. This can help you find scammers, sex offenders, and Mugshots so that you can avoid dangerous criminals and find out if someone is real or not. This way you can avoid becoming a victim and keep your family safe.

13. Yandex


Yandex is an online search engine just like Google or Bing. Here too you can write down whatever image you are searching for and get results in a few seconds. Interestingly it also has other search features like maps and navigation, e-commerce, and online advertising.

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14. Berify

Berify | photo recognition search engine

Berify is another free photo recognition search engine that is one of the best for searching stolen photos and videos. As it is a reverse image search tool thereby you can easily find your stolen or any other kind of images by just uploading an image. Also, the number of files on this platform is more than 800 million so it is a great chance that you will easily find the image you are searching for.

15. Social Catfish Reverse Image Search

Social catfish Reverse Image Search

Social catfish reverse image search is in a similar category as the Berify search engine but with lots more features that let you search for people’s names, emails, phones, usernames, and addresses. The platform basically helps people find their lost connections by tracking online accounts. In image search you can find duplicate images, do product research, and find copyrighted photos.

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16. Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition | photo recognition search engine

Amazon Rekognition can identify and find people, text, objects, activities, and scenes. It does not exactly work on the premise as other photo recognition search engines but it has a deep learning tech that can quite easily scan a large bunch of databases to pin down an exact match of your choice.

17. EyeEm Vision

EyeEm Vision

Using a combination of sophisticated algorithms and deep learning EyeEm Vision can detect images as well as the ideas and emotions behind an image. This algorithm is trained with data so that it is able to read an image. This ability lets it find similarities in content for both photo buyers and photographers.

18. LeafSnap

LeafSnap | photo recognition search engine

The LeafSnap Plant Identification app uses a visual recognition algorithm to attempt to identify a specific plant species by analyzing its leaf and bark. It does so by identifying identify leaf shapes and venation patterns. The app has a large database of more than 32,000 plant taxons from all over the world.

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19. ScreenShop


ScreenShop is an amazing free photo recognition search engine for clothes. The idea behind this is to take screenshots of whatever clothes are displayed on your social media apps or any website. These images then can be uploaded to the app and it will find you those clothes if it is from one of its partners.

20. CalorieMama

CalorieMama | photo recognition search engine

CalorieMama is an instant food recognition app that uses deep learning to track nutrition from food images. Here you just need to click an image of the food and identify the nutritional information of your meal, and food categories from all around the world.

21. Google Lens

Google Lens

Google Lens is a much popular app among the newer generation who make use of it for not just image search but to copy and translate text or scan homework to find answers to queries they are stuck on. It can also identify plants and animals. It is available for iOS as well as Android devices and can be accessed through the Google app, Google Camera, and Google Photos.

22. Snapchat

Snap image search

Snapchat is one of the most famous social media apps, but it too has some other features. In 2018 this social media app launched a feature that lets users identify products on Amazon using the snap camera. All you have to do is point your camera at the product or barcode of the product you are searching for and press and hold on to the camera screen to search for it.

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23. TapTapSee

TapTapSee | photo recognition search engine

The CloudSight Picture Recognition API underpins the blind and visually impaired assistance system TapTapSee. It uses a phone camera and voiceover to record a picture or video and then the app announces the name of the object out aloud. Also, you can double-tap on the right side of the screen to take a picture and double-tap on the left side of the screen to take a video.

24. Vivino


Last but not least is the Vivino app and the name might have given a little idea of what the app potentially searches for which is wine. Here you can set a price range and ratings while choosing from categories like Red, White, Sparkling, Rose wine, etc. Moreover, you can search for wines according to region and what is the best food to pair with a particular wine.

With photo recognition search engines, you no longer have to spend hours sifting through countless images to find what you’re looking for. Instead, you can simply upload an image and let the search engine do the work for you. They are easy to use, free, and provide accurate results. Let us know which one of these picks you like the most, in the comments section below.

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