How to Identify a Font from an Image

There are times where you find a random image somewhere that has some cool text on it, but you are not sure which font was used in the image. Identifying fonts in the image is a useful trick that you should know. You can find the font and download it which was used in the image. There are many similar use cases to identifying the font from an image. If you are also looking for a way on font recognition from an image then, we have a perfect guide for you. So, continue reading this article on how to identify a font from an image.

How to Identify a Font from an Image

How to Identify a Font From an Image

Method 1: Use Third-Party Tools For Font Recognition From Image

You can use online tools for font recognition from images in this case. But, Sometimes you may not be happy with the outcomes that these tools give you. Remember that the success rate of font recognition relies upon a series of elements, For example:

  • Image quality: If you upload pixelated pictures, automated font finders will match the font on the picture with their fonts database. What is more, this carries us to the following factor.
  • The font database: The bigger the font database, the higher the automated font finders chances is to recognize it accurately. On the off chance that the first tool you used did not yield fulfilling results, attempt an alternate one.
  • The text orientation: If the text is stricken through, words are overlapping, etc., the font recognition tool will not recognize the font.

Try not to transfer pictures that contain personal data. While the online tools we use above are safe to utilize, the picture processing part happens someplace on a server. Hackers are continually hiding in the dark, attempting to figure out how to get their hands on your information. Someday shortly, they may choose to attack the servers of those tools.

These are some reliable font recognition tools that will help you on how to identify a font from an image:

1. Identifont: Unlike other online font-recognizing tools, Identifont needs more manual work. Hence it requires a lot of time to get the font, but on the other hand, it does not cause any algorithmic error. You can search for fonts underlying in several categories from the home page or by clicking on the Fonts by Appearance option. Various questions will pop up regarding what font you are looking for, and you can filter the one you want among them. It indeed consumes time by uploading an image directly into the website, but this tool also offers good results comparatively.

2. Font Squirrel Matcherator: This is an excellent tool for font recognition from images as you can download hundreds of fonts you desire, chat with fellow font fans on the Internet, and buy t-shirts! It has an excellent font identifier tool through which you can drag & drop an image then scan it for fonts. It is very reliable and accurate and offers you multiple typefaces with the best match!

3. WhatFontIs: WhatFontIs is an incredible tool to identify the font in the image, but you need to register with their website to enjoy all their offers. Upload the image that contains the font you want to identify, and then click Continue. Once you click Continue, this tool shows up a comprehensive list of possible matches. This is how to identify a font from an image using WhatFontIs. The option of a Chrome extension is also available so that this tool can identify a font that is not in an image on Google.

4. Fontspring Matcherator: Fontspring Matcherator is more flexible to use than the first option since the only requirement is to click on the font you need to identify. It has a quirky design and thereby delivers attractive presentations on the font names it displays. But on the other hand, if you need to download the font you desire, it can get expensive. For instance, if you want to buy a 65-font family, such as Minion Pro italic, medium, bold, etc., it costs $569! No worries, though. This tool will be beneficial if you only need to know the font name and do not want to download it.

5. WhatTheFont: This program is the most popular tool to do font recognition from images on the web. But there are some rules to be followed:

  • Make sure that the fonts present in the image stay separated.
  • The height of the letters in the image should be 100 pixels.
  • Text in the image should be horizontal.

Once you have uploaded your picture and typed in the letters, the results will be displayed on the next page. The results are displayed along with the font name, an example, and the creator name. If you still do not find the right match you need, the application suggests consulting with an expert team.

6. Quora: Quora is an excellent app where users visit and search for answers to their questions. There is a category called Typeface Identification within many subjects in Quora. You can upload your image and ask anyone on the Internet about the type of font used. There are many users, so the chance of getting insightful answers from an expert team (without paying them) is high.

Below are the steps on how to identify a font from an image using WhatFontIs tool.

1. Download the image that contains the font you need.

Note: It is recommended to download a high-resolution image that does not break even when zoomed in. If you cannot download the image on your device, you can specify the image URL.

2. Go to the WhatFontIs website in your Web Browser.

3. Upload your image in the box stating Drag & drop your image here to identify your font! message.

drop the image | How to Identify a Font from an Image

4. Crop the text from the image.

Note: If the image contains many texts and you want to get the font for a particular text, then you should crop the text you need.

Crop the text

5. Click NEXT STEP after cropping the picture.

Click NEXT STEP after cropping the picture

6. Here, you can adjust brightness, contrast, or even rotate your image to make your image clearer.

7. Scroll down and click NEXT STEP.

8. Enter the text manually and check every image.

Note: If any letter is split into more images, drag them on top of each other to combine them into a single character.

Enter the text manually

9. Use the mouse cursor to draw the lines and make your letters unique.

Note: This is only necessary if the letters in your image are too close.

Use the mouse to draw the lines and make your letters unique

10. Now, the font that matches the image will be listed as shown.

et the font matching your image, which can be downloaded later | How to Identify a Font from an Image

11. Click on DOWNLOAD to download the font you are interested in and use it wisely. Refer to the pic.

Note: You can get various fonts from an image showing the style of all alphabets, symbols, and numerical.

You can get a type of font from an Image showing the kind of all alphabets, symbols and numerals

Method 2: Join The r/identifythisfont Subreddit

Another method of how to identify a font from an image if you do not wish to use any of the online tools listed above is by joining the Identify This Font community on Reddit. All you need to do is upload the image, and the Reddit community will suggest the fonts that the image contains.

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Method 3: Do Some Online Research About The Font

If you are trying to find the exact font used by an image online, an online tool may not be helpful all the time. A lot of free and premium typefaces are present on the Internet today.

According to our analysis with font finders, WhatTheFont has played a significant role in giving you results similar to the text it goes through. This tool will help you all the time when you upload an easy-to-read image. In some cases, there may be situations where you need to find out a specific font. In that case, there are entire online communities suitable for this task.

Two of the best include IdentifyThisFont of Reddit and Typeface Identification of Quora. All you have to do is to upload an example of the font you are trying to name.

There are several tools available on the Internet today that can identify a font from an image. It depends on the fact that you need to use the correct database when you upload a file. It is always recommended to use an easy-to-read image.


This article deals with how to identify a font from an image and the tools that are helpful to identify a font from an image. Let us know which tool did you find easier for font recognition from image. If you still have queries, please feel free to ask us in the comment section!

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