Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

Steam is a popular video game digital distribution service by Valve. It is the preferred choice for gamers when it comes to exploring and downloading online games. However, many Steam users have reported that Steam keeps crashing on Startup or while playing a game. These crashes can be pretty frustrating. If you are also dealing with the same problem, then you are at the right place. We bring to you a perfect guide that will help you fix Steam keeps crashing issue on Windows PC.

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting methods, you should do the following:

  • Firstly, make sure that no unrequired external devices are connected to your PC.
  • Exit all other apps that are running on your desktop/laptop to free up more CPU, memory & network resources for Steam and your game.

Fix Steam keeps crashing

How to Fix Steam Keeps Crashing on Windows 10

Here’s why Steam client keeps crashing on your desktop/laptop:

  • Background Tasks: When plenty of applications run in the background, it increases the CPU and memory usage, thereby affecting the performance of the system.
  • Third-Party Software Interference: Third-party software programs and modules often interfere with the manifest files.
  • Issues with Local Files: Verification of the integrity of games and game cache is essential to ensure there are no corrupt files in the system.
  • Windows Firewall issues: It too, may block connection with the server and cause problems.
  • Malicious Software: Several malicious software cause frequent crashing of the operating system and installed programs.
  • Inadequate Memory Space: Sometimes, this issue occurs when you do not have enough memory space on your computer.
  • Outdated Drivers: If the new or existing drivers in your system are incompatible with the game, then you will face such errors.

Method 1: Run Steam as Administrator

Sometimes, Steam needs elevated permissions to run certain processes. If Steam is not granted the required privileges, it will run into errors and keep crashing. Here’s how to grant admin privileges to Steam:

1. Navigate to File Explorer by pressing Windows + E keys together.

2. Click on Local Disk (C:) in the left sidebar, as shown.

click on Local Disk C in File Explorer

3. Next, double-click on Program Files (x86) > Steam folder.

C drive Program files (x86) Steam

4. Here, right-click on steam.exe and select Properties, as depicted below.

click on Local Disk C in File Explorer. Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

5. In the Properties Window, switch to the Compatibility tab.

6. Check the box next to Run this program as an administrator. Then, click on Apply and OK to save these changes, as highlighted below.

Check the box next to Run this program as an administrator and click on OK

7. Next, in Steam folder, locate the file titled GameOverlayUI.exe

Next, in Program Files (x86), locate the file titled GameOverlayUI.exe. Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

8. Follow Steps 4-6 to give GameOverlayUI.exe administrative privileges as well.

9. Restart your PC and then. relaunch Steam.

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Method 2: Verify Integrity of Game Files

If the issue Steam keeps crashing occurs when you are playing a particular game, you need to check the integrity of files and cache for that particular game. There’s an inbuilt feature in Steam to search for corrupt/missing game files and repair or replace these, as needed. Read our easy-to-follow tutorial on How to Verify Integrity of Game Files on Steam.

Method 3: Run Compatibility Troubleshooter

The issue Steam keeps crashing may be caused by the incompatibility of Steam with the current version of the Windows operating system. To check this, you will need to run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter, as follows:

1. Navigate to File Explorer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam folder as before.

2. Right-click on the steam.exe file and select Properties from the given menu.

Right-click on steam.exe file and select Properties from the drop-down menu

3. Under Compatibility tab, click on Run compatibility troubleshooter button, as illustrated below.

Select the Compatibility tab and click on Run compatibility troubleshooter. Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

4. Here, select Try recommended settings option and try launching the Steam client.

try recommended settings option

5. If the issue still persists, then repeat steps 1-3. Then, click on the Troubleshoot program option instead.

troubleshoot program. Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

Program Compatibility Troubleshooter will scan and try to fix issues with the Steam client. Thereafter, launch Steam to check if the problem is fixed or not.

If you encounter Steam keeps crashing when downloading issue even now, then follow Steps 6-8 listed below.

6. Once again, go to Steam Properties > Compatibility tab.

7. Here, check the box marked Run this program in compatibility mode for: and choose an earlier Windows version e.g. Windows 8.

8. Additionally, check the box titled Disable fullscreen optimizations option and click on Apply > OK to save these changes. Refer given pic to understand better.

check the box next to Disable fullscreen optimizations and see if Steam runs correctly

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Method 4: Launch Steam in Safe Mode with Networking

If Steam does not crash in Safe Mode, it would imply that a third-party application or antivirus software is causing conflicts with the app. To determine if this is the cause behind Steam keeps crashing on startup, we need to launch Steam in Safe Mode with Networking, as explained below:

1. Read 5 Ways to Start your PC in Safe Mode here. Then, press F5 key to Enable Safe Mode with Networking.

From Startup Settings window choose the functions key to Enable Safe Mode

2. Launch Steam client. 

Note: If Steam crashes even in Safe Mode, then you can try to launch Steam as an administrator, as explained in Method 1.

If it works properly in Safe Mode, then it is clear that third-party antivirus or Windows Firewall is blocking its connectivity with the server and causing Steam keeps crashing issue on Windows 10. In this case, implement Method 5 to fix it.

Method 5: Add Steam Exclusion in Firewall

If Windows Firewall is not causing conflict with Steam, it is likely that the antivirus software on your system is blocking the Steam client or vice-versa. You can add an exclusion for Steam to fix Steam keeps crashing on startup.

Method 5A: Add Exclusion in Windows Defender Firewall

1. Press Windows key, type virus and threat protection, and click Open, as shown.

type virus and protection in windows search bar and click open

2. Click on Manage settings.

3. Then, scroll down and click Add or remove exclusions as depicted below.

click on Add or remove exclusions. Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

4. In the Exclusions tab, click on Add an exclusion and select Folder as shown.

In the Exclusions tab, click on Add an exclusion and select Folder

5. Now, navigate to Drive (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam and click Select folder.

Note: The above step path is according to the default storage location for Steam. If you have installed Steam elsewhere on your system, go to that file location.

navigate to C: then, Program Files (x86), then Steam and click Select folder. Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

Method 5B: Add Exclusion in Antivirus Settings

Note: Here, We have used Avast Free Antivirus as an example.

1. Launch Avast Antivirus. Click on the Menu option from the top right corner, as shown.

click on Menu in Avast free antivirus

2. Here, click on Settings from the drop-down list.

click on Settings from the dropdown list Avast Free Antivirus. Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

3. Select General > Blocked & Allowed apps. Click on ALLOW APP under List of allowed apps section, as highlighted below.

select General then, blocked and allowed apps and click on allow app button in Avast Free Antivirus settings

4. Now, click on ADD > corresponding to Steam to add it to the whitelist. Alternately, you may also browse for Steam app by selecting the SELECT APP PATH option.

Note: We have shown App Installer being added as an exclusion below.

click on app installer and select add button to add exclusion in Avast Free Antivirus. Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

5. Finally, click on ADD in the prompt to add the Steam app in Avast whitelist.

Method 6: Delete AppCache Folder

The AppCache is a folder that contains Steam cache files. Deleting it will not affect the application in any way but, might help fix Steam keeps crashing issue. Follow the steps below to delete Steam AppCache folder.

1. Go to File Explorer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam folder as shown in Method 1.

2. Right-click on AppCache folder and select Delete, as shown below.

Locate the AppCache folder. Right click on it and select Delete. Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

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Method 7: Update Windows

If Windows has not been updated, then the old system files will conflict with Steam. Hence, you should update Windows OS as follows:

1. Launch Windows Settings > Update and Security, as shown.

Update and Security

2. Click on Check for updates button.

click Check for Updates.

3A. If your system has Updates available, click on Install now.

Check if there are any updates available, then install and update them. Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

3B. If your system does not have any pending updates, You’re up to date message will appear as shown below.

it will show You're up to date.

4. Restart your system after updating to the new version and confirm that Steam keeps crashing issue has been resolved.

Method 8: Update System Drivers

Similarly, update your system drivers to fix Steam keeps crashing problem by resolving incompatibility issues between Steam client & game files and game drivers.

1. Press Windows + X keys and click on Device Manager, as depicted.

Press Windows and X keys together and click on Device Manager

2. Here, double-click on Display adapters to expand it.

3. Next, right-click on display driver (e.g. AMD Radeon Pro 5300M) and select Update Driver, as illustrated below.

right-click on your driver and select Update driver. Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

4. Click on Search automatically for drivers.

Click on Search automatically for updated driver software

5. Windows will automatically search and update the driver.

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Method 9: Reset Network Protocol

Network adapters are components inside your computer that create a line of communication between the operating system and the internet servers. If it becomes corrupt, your computer will not be able to work with the drivers or Windows OS. You need to reset the network adapter to fix Steam keeps crashing on startup issue.

1. Type & search cmd. Then, click on Run as administrator to launch Command Prompt, as shown below.

Type command prompt or cmd in the search bar, and then click on Run as administrator.

2. Here, type netsh winsock reset and press Enter key.

netsh winsock reset

3. Now, restart your PC and launch Steam as it should not crash anymore.

Method 10: Leave Beta Participation

In case, you opted for Steam Beta program, the application may face instability issues and therefore, cause Steam keeps crashing issue. Thus, it is recommended to opt-out of it, as explained below:

1. Launch Steam app. 

2. Click on Steam in the top-left corner and click on Settings, as illustrated here.

click on Settings. Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

3. Select the Account tab from the left pane.

4. Under Beta participation, click on Change… as shown highlighted.

In the right-pane, under Beta participation, click on Change

5. Select NONE – Opt out of all beta programs to leave Beta participation, as depicted.

Steam NONE - Opt out of all beta programs

6. Lastly, click on OK to save these changes.

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Method 11: Reinstall Steam

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above and are still experiencing this issue, you will need to reinstall Steam. Follow the given steps carefully so that you do not lose any important Steam game data while reinstalling it.

1. Go to File Explorer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam folder as directed in Method 1.

2. Locate and copy steamapps folder to your Desktop or anywhere outside the Steam directory. In this way, you will not lose any game data even when you reinstall the Steam client on your Windows 10 PC.

select steamapps folder from Steam folder. Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

3. Now, delete steamapps folder from the Steam folder.

4. Next, search and launch Apps & features, as shown.

Now, click on the first option, Apps and features.

5. Search for Steam in the search this list bar. Then, click on Steam and select Uninstall.

click on Steam and select Uninstall | Fix Steam Keeps Crashing

6. Visit the official Steam website and click on INSTALL STEAM.

Install Steam

7. Double-click on the Downloaded file, run steam.exe installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install Steam.

Once Steam has been reinstalled, launch it and check for errors. Hopefully, Steam keeps crashing on startup issue is resolved.


We hope that you were able to fix Steam keeps crashing on Windows 10 and can enjoy glitch-free gameplay with your friends. Leave your questions or suggestions in the comments section below.

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