17 Best Apps for Identifying Trees

Nature is loved by all. To be able to experience the beauty of flora and fauna present on this planet is a blessing. Having a plant as a pet can be equally time-consuming as taking care of any other pet. It is only natural to be wanting to know more about your plants and apps that identify tree names can be a lifesaver at times. Either way, whatever you are parenting you ought to know the best possible way to nurture your possessions. This particular article has been designed to list some of best apps for identifying trees as well you will know app to identify trees by bark as well. If you’re a plant parent or if you’re simply just curious, dive in to know more about best free tree identification app.

17 Best Apps for Identifying Trees

Best Apps for Identifying Trees

There are thousands of apps to identify trees by bark and many have claimed to provide best free tree identification app but the authenticity is always questionable. Keep reading to find out the list best apps for identifying trees and best apps for identifying trees.

What is the Best Tree Identification App?

The majority of the world simply runs on AI. Every now and then a new application is being developed in accordance with the fact of making our lives better. We all possess curiosity about something or the other. Trying to find out about a particular something on various websites can be tiresome and annoying at times. Over the years, developers have come up with the idea of having everything in one app that would save time as well as provide us with the information we have been seeking. This is exactly where the importance of an application that identifies plants comes into action.

If you’re a plant mom or going to be one, you must have tried to browse a lot of information regarding plants. What plants are house plants, what plants need sunshine, and a lot more related queries, trying to find out information from different sources doesn’t seem to be any good to people who like to save time and get things done as soon as possible? Well, if you’re anything like them, follow along to find out what is the best tree identification app and more.

You must be curious to find out which app is the best when it comes to identifying plants. Without further ado, let us hop into app to identify trees by bark.

1. PictureThis – Plant Identifier

PictureThis - Plant Identifier homepage

Making it to the first place of app to identify trees by bark as the name suggests, Picture This – Plant Identifier, identifies plants. This is helpful especially when you don’t have a botanist to guide you through your plant parent journey. This application is free to use for a period of 7 days. After that, you’re required to upgrade to premium so as to enjoy the app’s accuracy in determining various things about botany. It can carry out activities depending on customer-provided images, and it is typically accurate. Utilizing AI technology is the aim of this program. It has over 10 million downloads and in-app purchases range from $1.99 – $49.9.

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2. Smart Plant Home: Your All-In-One Plant Care System

Smart Plant Home homepage | Best Apps for Identifying Trees by bark

The Smart Plant Home is currently a piece of software that enhances plant care. There is a feature in the plant identification mobile app that enables you to email a picture of your tree to an expert team to help them figure out what’s wrong. The species will be determined by knowledgeable staff.

Modern software supports it, enabling you to communicate with experts whenever you want. They will provide you with information on each and every component affecting the state of the vegetation. It has over 5000+ downloads, is free, and costs around $1.99 – $35.99 for premium quality plant remedies.

3. Identitree Starter Kit

Identitree Starter Kit

A simple-to-use and extremely well-designed app that helps you identify trees and plants, Identitree Starter Kit is one of free tree identification app on Android. Identify branches, barks, twigs, and many more by using this app to quench your thirst for curiosity. This app offers information on trees such as the width, height, soil type, growth rate, and so on.

A free app that lets you learn more about trees surrounding you, Identitree Starter Kit, making it to the list of best apps for identifying trees, is the perfect app for you

4. iNaturalist Plant Identification

iNaturalist homepage

Artificial intelligence is used by the app iNaturalist to help with plant species-related problems. This huge organization will give you guidance on every facet of planting. You can get advice on all aspects of gardening from this sizable organization. This is a totally free app to use and has over 10 million views.

5. PlantSnap Plant Identification

PlantSnap homepage | Best Apps for Identifying Trees by bark

Anyone who wants to purchase and care for indoor plants should utilize PlantSnap. With a $3.99 price tag, the app is affordable but it is not available on iOS. The program contains 30 dialects because it is widely used. According to surveys, tree lovers should go for the premium version as it provides more detailed procedures of care and nurture to these little greens. It has already been tested on 50,000 species and people are getting amazing results. It has over 10 million downloads and in-app purchases require you to pay an amount of around $0.99 – $29.99.

6. Plantix: Your Crop Doctor

Plantix homepage

Are you someone who loves growing crops and wants to know more about how to? Well, if that is the case, Plantix is your friend, here. It is rich in information regarding the rearing of crops. The software also provided valuable advice on crop protection and is accessible to a wide population who contribute their own knowledge on crop cultivation and more therefore, this serves as best free tree identification app, with over 10 million downloads.

7. British Tree Identification

British Tree Identification

British Tree Identification is a tree ID app that allows you to identify a tree by feature. The app features an exclusive list of A- Z list of UK trees. If you are curious about trees and plants, this is the app for you. Its tree map feature tracks the user’s location and displays icons of all available trees around, your given location. British Tree Identification provides you with the name of the tree and shows what species it belongs to the date the tree was added, and its colloquial name. Sounds cool right?

Go ahead and download British Tree Identification to unveil the vegetation that surrounds you.

8. Wateria- Plant Care & Watering Reminders

Wateria homepage

The name Wateria is evident enough to get an idea of what this app actually is about. In a world full of people running on hectic schedules, it is pretty understandable why people might forget to water their plants. Well, if you’re one, worry not as this app is there to make things a little easier. All you need to do is enter all of your details regarding the plant(s) you have and you will be reminded to take care of them in the best way possible. The best part is it requires no in-app purchases and has more than ten thousand downloads is considered to be a free tree identification app for Android. 

9. What’s that flower?

What’s that flower? homepage | Best Apps for Identifying Trees by bark

What’s that flower? makes it to the list of best apps for identifying trees. This is a plant identification app that doesn’t require you to take photos, rather it asks you questions regarding the physical appearance of a particular plant or flower. This comes in handy when you want to know more about a certain species of flora but don’t have a photo of it. It is free to download, however, the paid version eliminates ads and also allows you to search remotely. It has over a million downloads and in-app purchases are about $0.99 – $9.49.

10. Agrobase – Weed, Disease, Insect

Agrobase - Weed, Disease, Insect homepage

Agrobase – Weed, Disease, Insect is an app that is rich in information about a variety of plants, wildflowers, illnesses related to plants, and many other such relevant topics. This app supports high-quality pictures, is clear on Android and iPhone, and provides an extensive explanation. It is free to download, however, the in-app purchases are about $3.49 – $114.99. it has over five hundred thousand installs. 

11. FlowerChecker

FlowerChecker homepage | Best Apps for Identifying Trees by bark

FlowerChecker is a software that may be useful for plants that people cannot find on Google. All you need to do is add the picture of the plant you’re wanting to know about and that is then identified by an expert. However, it is not free. You are required to pay roughly a dollar since it’s not just an AI but actual individuals identifying the plants and educating people who search on this app. It has over 10,000 downloads and in-app purchases are about $0.99 – $15.00.

12. City Trees

City Trees

City Trees is another identifier app that contains the database of trees. This amazing app displays the number of trees and their species for the selected cities around. City Tree is an app that allows you to access over 23 countries and the best part is if your city’s trees aren’t featured, you can contact the developer in the About section for people to contact him about your issue. As time goes by, more and more cities will be added and the database gets bigger as well. Unfortunately, City Trees is only available for iOS devices only.

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13. LeafSnap Plant Identification

LeafSnap Plant Identification homepage

With its visual detection algorithm, the LeafSnap Plant Identifying app aims to find information about a particular plant species by looking at its foliage. This looks at the bark, leaves, etc to identify the species of flora and therefore can be listed in app to identify trees by bark.

It is free to download with over a million people using the benefits of the app. In-app purchases are about $1.99 – $21.99.

14. Google Lens

Google Lens homepage

Google Lens can pretty much identify anything around you and this includes plants and trees too. The app is extremely well-designed offering translation information in real-time using the camera lens and moreover, it works perfectly for Android. It might not be accurate sometimes, but it is definitely worth the try.

15. Blossom

Blossom homepage | Best Apps for Identifying Trees by bark

Blossom is an excellent choice to identify over 10,000 plants, trees, succulents, and more. The app provides all kinds of details, and information and lets you input your personal plant collection. With the help of this app, you will know when to water, clean, or replant your beloved plant(s). It is also easily available on Android, iPad, and iPhone.

16. Deciduous Trees 2.0 Lite

Deciduous Trees 2.0 Lite

A free version of Deciduous Trees, Deciduous Trees 2.0 Lite is a reference and a tree identification app that focuses on conifers. The app is not like any other tree identification app as it provides tons of unique features that enhance your experience. When using the app, you must choose elements of a tree that it then matches in its database. This feature inclines more on the accuracy of the search results.

Available only for iOS devices, unfortunately, Android users cannot use this app

17. NatureID

NatureID homepage | Best Apps for Identifying Trees by bark

Another best apps for identifying trees is, NatureID it is one of free tree identification app on Android that is available on Android and iOS devices. App to identify trees by bark accurately utilizes the photos of your plants to deliver the needful information to you. It also features holiday tips and will make sure your plants are well taken care of even in off-seasons. Featuring advanced features like plant disease identifiers and care reminders, NatureID proves to be one of the best plant-identifying software out there.


The above-mentioned applications are some of best apps for identifying trees. They all come in handy when you’re not really sure of how to take care of the plants you’re growling at your sweet abode, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t really have the time to visit a botanist to make you aware of the beauty and information plants hold. Applying this to real life, kids can get good botanical knowledge incorporated into themselves and get to connect with nature in a better and easier way. Feel free to ask your doubts and add your suggestions in the comment section below.

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