12 Best Face Merge Online Apps for iOS

One of the best ways to enhance your photos is through photo morphing. You can combine two or more images, so you never know what the final product will look like with your face. You can use the best face merge online apps to edit your photos if you want to share adorable and lovely images on social media platforms. These face merge online free apps are useful for editing and morphing photos with various filters. The majority of them include face recognition technology, which helps identify faces before morphing, and this is how these apps give you believable and fluid results.

12 Best Face Merge Online Apps for iOS

Best Face Merge Online Apps for iOS

The only thing you need is a face morphing app if you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like when you’re old or what you’d be like if you were born the opposite gender. Pretending to be someone else has gained amusement in the world of social media. Face merge online apps for iOS are listed below for your convenience. Use them to edit your photos however you like:

1. Reface: Face Swap Video App

Reface App store | face merge online free

The most popular face merge online app is Reface. Another cutting-edge, entertaining, and well-known app is Reface. You can create absurdly lifelike face swap videos and gifs with just one selfie when combined with a wealth of frequently updated source videos, gifs, photos, and images. Your mind will be blown by Reface as you morph your face, swap it with famous people, and appear as a different person in well-known TV and film clips. Be a pop star or a wizard. With the help of popular movie and TV clips, you can transform your face into a celebrity lookalike. Alternatively, you can use our face editor and face morphing technology to have fun and replace your face with hilarious memes.


  • Amazing faceswap technology to swap your face with those of famous people or fictional characters.
  • Play around with gender and face swaps in real time.
  • Be astounded by the face-changing device.
  • Post your hilarious meme or awesome face swap video to social media and messengers.
  • Try face swapping the daily-updated videos and gifs.

2. FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor

FaceApp App store

Another impressive face merge online app that boasts Al technology is FaceApp. With millions of active users worldwide, this is also one of the most popular photo-editing apps, giving you immediate access to a huge community to find inspiration and share amusing pictures. FaceApp has a ton of features. It includes a variety of filters, carefully chosen backgrounds, and effects to help you create photorealistic images. With just a few taps, you can easily upgrade your photo with the help of user-friendly features that have been provided for you.


  • In addition to photo editing, this app also supports video editing.
  • Any video can be edited with your preferred filters, and portrait videography can be improved.
  • It is simple to enlarge or reduce facial features.
  • To compare before and after, use the simple compare tool at each stage.

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3. FacePlay – Al Art Generator

FacePlay App store

FacePlay is known as a great face merge online free app that changes face and also upgrade your content upon joining, you’ll get immediate access to various video changing templates. Just simply pick a template, choose your image, and let the app do the rest. This app has a wide range of features to customize your creation. In case you want to look beautiful with urban beauty or try a different look with minority clothing then this app has got you covered. Faceplay app comes with a simple design so there’s no way to get overwhelmed when using it. You can choose your best photo and see how this app can bring it to another level.


  • Make your pet into a cartoon character or a person.
  • Al can assist you in creating your own cartoon image, whether it’s an anime, sports, etc.
  • Using double comic SE with a partner or friend will also help you create stunning anime photos.

4. Funveo: Funny Face Swap Filter

Funveo App store

With just one click, Funveo can transform your face into that of a well-known celebrity or pop star. This iOS face merge online app is the best for taking funny selfies and offers a tonne of carefully curated collections of filters to make fun of your face.


  • It enables you to adopt the appearance of a Hollywood actor or famous person.
  • Additionally, it has a voice changer that allows you to alter your voice in videos.
  • It can add sounds like comical animals or superheroes.

5. Jiggy: Impressions App, Deepfake

Jiggy App store

Jiggy is face merge online app that is designed for you if you’re looking to create new and original content using your photos. With the help of Jiggy face-morphing app, you can animate photos and swap faces to produce humorous images, stickers, and GIFs. This app will only recognise your face from a photograph and swap your faces. You don’t need to be a skilled photo or video editor to use this app.


  • You can produce hilarious content right away.
  • To create emoji and dances, you can use a variety of stickers.
  • With animation, you can breathe new life into old pictures.

6. Pic Morph – Photo Face Swap

Pic Morph App store

Through this face merge online app, you can morph into live characters and turn a photo into a live video. With Pic Morph, you can combine human or animal faces to make amazing GIFs and videos for the Face Morph. With the help of this app, you can gradually change one face into a second face of your choosing. With the help of the created gif and video, Face Swap with Morph creates amusing face effects that you can share with anyone. The best face swap app for creating story-like facial transitions is this one. Transform your face into a variety of creations, such as politicians and animals. Face transformation into a famous face.


  • To morph the image, you can use a variety of filters and base animation.
  • Animations like the transformation of an adult into a child or a human into an animal are possible.
  • Transform the people in your picture into real-life, moving characters.

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7. Face Story – Morph, Change Face

Face Story App store | face merge online free

With face merge free app, editing and changing faces can be a lot of fun. And Face Story is a worthwhile face merge online free app to try if you’re looking for one to do the job. With this app, you can transform any image into your favourite animals or famous people. Face Story has automatic face recognition technology that aids in identifying human faces. This app uses intelligent face feature extraction to quickly summaries your images for photorealistic results. With the Face Story app, face morphing is much simpler.


  • Human face detection is automatic.
  • Efficient extraction of facial features.
  • Easily switch between faces.
  • Post face story videos on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and other social media.
  • Real-time preview and playback of the finished effects.

8. MORPH – Face Story & Flipagram

MORPH App store | face merge online free

Looking for the top video-friendly face merge online app? If the answer is yes, Morph is a pleasant app to use. The process is as simple as adding photos, adding music and a filter, and sharing to your preferred social networks. What’s great is that you can drag photos around to reorder them. Save your work, then export it and share it on Facebook, Instagram, or another social media site.


  • Human face detection is automatic.
  • Efficient extraction of facial features.
  • Easily switch between faces.
  • Post face story videos on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and other social media.
  • Real-time preview and playback of the finished effects.

9. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live App store

On all popular mobile platforms, face merge free Face Swap Live app is accessible. Gain the ability to instantly switch faces with a friend or photo, according to the creator’s straightforward promise. The user can switch faces with a celebrity in their preferred movie scenes by using this imaginative tool in video format. Filters can also be used to add objects. Use filters to add accessories to your face, such as hats or glasses, to alter the video you want to appear in, or to simply give your friend a gorgeous moustache. Face Swap Live gives you the option to use the camera function to change the content in real-time, unlike the competition, which only allows users to apply filters to previously created content. You can instantly transport yourself into your favourite movie scene using the video feed on your phone or tablet.


  • Real time face swapping with friends.
  • Built in FX & masks.
  • Finger paint to distort your face in wacky ways.
  • Edit your face masks to get that perfect fit.

10. B612 Camera & Photo / Video Editor

B612 App store | face merge online free

Due to its unusual name, this face merge online free app may come off as a little strange, but it’s actually a face merge online free tool for mobile devices. With the option of face morphs, it was initially intended to be a beauty and selfie camera with filters. The face swap option in the menu can be accessed after the application has launched by simply tapping the Smiley icon. Since it works in real-time, it can’t be used to edit photos or videos after they’ve been taken. To ensure that the functionality has the desired effect, make sure that your shot includes at least two faces. B612 allows you to capture both still and moving selfies.


  • Can design custom filters.
  • With high-resolution mode and night mode, you can capture clearly whenever and wherever you are.
  • By removing a sound source from your video, you can use a customised sound source for music.
  • With the Gif Bounce feature, one can create amusing moments.

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11. MixBooth

MixBooth App store

Instead of swapping the faces in your photos, MixBooth combines two faces into one, which is also quite entertaining. This face merge free app allows you to add your photos as well as photos of people whose faces you want to be automatically detected and mixed with your own. You can even combine your face with the faces of random people or famous people to see how you would look and feel in their skin.


  • Works with images from your photo library, Facebook albums, or images taken with the built-in camera on your device.
  • Pick a face from a variety on a single image.
  • Automatic cropping with face recognition.
  • There is no need for an internet connection during the transformation process.
  • Shake your iPhone to compare before-and-after images.
  • Scroll through the app gallery for the results.
  • Save the outcomes to your photo gallery.
  • Send to friends using MMS, email, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Automatic adjustment of skin tone.

12. Snapchat

Snapchat App store | face merge online free

The numerous filters on Snapchat is hugely popular messaging service are periodically replaced. However, the ability to apply filters and swap faces with friends will always be available. Most of your friends already have this face merge online free app on their phones, so we probably don’t need to go into great detail about it. But do remember to occasionally dive deep into the menu to make sure you are aware of the face morph option among the many filter options in this app. You can begin exchanging faces with your friends or instantly adding filters!


  • Every day, you can experiment with new lenses made by the Snapchat community.
  • You can use lenses and filters while video chatting with up to 16 friends at once.
  • You can find breaking news and original, exclusive programming.
  • You can see your friend’s location as well as theirs by sharing your location with them.
  • You can keep as many images and videos of your favorite moments as you want.


Photo morphing is entertaining on its own. With these apps, there are no restrictions on what you can try. These face and photo morphing apps offer a variety of amusing features, such as the ability to transform into an animal or another gender, see your future self, and predict the appearance of your future children. We’ve listed the best face merge online apps for iOS online. To try photo morphing and see all the features, pick any app. Please leave us your suggestions and queries in the comment section.

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