19 Best Face Changer Apps

Best Face Changer Apps

The craze for face swapping apps is no surprise to everyone, and it has and seems to be a never-ending trend used by people on their smartphones, especially when talking about youngsters. With the advent of smartphones, anybody may apply sophisticated photo-editing tools without requiring photoshop expertise. This is now made pretty simpler with a few touches on the phone screen, thanks to face swapping applications. Hence, today we’ll be enlisting some of the best face changer apps which can be downloaded and used on your Android and iOS smartphones. But before that, let’s know the differences between the face changer app free and the deepfake app.

Best Face Changer Apps

Best Face Changer Apps

Though face swapping or a face changer app free works on close dynamics and is branched to deepfake photos and videos, the usage of both differentiates them. To edit or create visual and auditory information with a high capability/probability to deceive, deepfake technology uses appropriate machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches. This can be used to make photos and videos with a bad record of being misused and is a topic of the debate itself. However, face swapping or facial expression manipulation is the core function of deepfake or face swap technology and is provided as a fun feature by some legal apps on the Play Store and App Store. Now that we know about them, let’s move to the list of best free face changer apps.

1. FaceApp

FaceApp official website

Both on iPhone and Android platforms, the FaceApp app is groundbreaking when face swapping is considered. It gives your photographs a brand-new appearance using artificial intelligence. You may experiment with changing your age to look younger or older to see how it affects your appearance. You can also include grins in your photos if you feel awkward in front of the camera. Therefore, this app might be helpful if you are camera-conscious when staring into the camera. You can also choose to alter your gender and see how you may appear if you were the other gender for fun. This app includes various unique styling filters, which should be tried.


  • The uploaded photo may be altered in various ways, including using the editor’s choices to add an impression, make-up, grins, smile patterns, smile colors, glasses, age, or beards.
  • The app also includes overlays, tattoos, vignettes, filters, lens blur, and backdrops.
  • The LGBTQ and transgender groups are particularly interested in FaceApp’s gender change.

2. Snapchat

Snapchat official website. Best Face Changer Apps

We can never forget the most famous app to date that started this trend. Face swapping is one of the many functions offered by Snapchat, one of the most well-liked applications among young people. By utilizing one of its lenses, Snapchat users may switch faces. The filters in Snapchat vary from the massive famed dog to the more recent (and anticipated) Game of Thrones.

There is nothing better than Snapchat if you’re not seeking a specialized face swap app but rather something more varied. Recently, Snapchat is coming up with a developer-based app, Snapchat+, which will include all the experimental features to be introduced in the Snapchat app. This app can be availed at a monthly subscription fee of $3.99 per month. If you feel intrigued by the basic Snapchat app and want to be a part of something bigger, you can subscribe and use the app from the official website.


  • You can send movies, messages, and live video chats.
  • You can create cartoonish bitmoji characters.
  • It has the ability to post a chronological story that is broadcasted to all of your followers.
  • A designated Discovery section was available to showcase quick reads from significant publishers like Buzzfeed.
  • You may save media on Snapchat in a secure location as well.
  • You can create snaps with the option to apply filters and AR-based lenses.
  • Also, it can display your current position in real-time.

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3. Insta Face Changer Pro

Insta Face Changer Pro Play Store page

The popularity of the animal filters must have caught your attention if you are a fan of Snapchat filters. That degree of filtering is raised significantly by Insta Face Changer Pro. You may apply various filters that look amusing, adorable, frightful, and more. This software produces an image of a hybrid animal. Additionally, this software is quite famous among best free face changer apps, especially among teens. This app increases the fun quotient while sharing and forwarding funny pictures and videos of each other.


  • More than 50 animal faces are available, including tiger, lion, owl, cat, and more.
  • Six distinct face morphing kinds.
  • You can add vibrant text or a message to a photo in the text font of your choice.
  • You can use two-finger gestures to move, rotate, and scale photographs.
  • Animal face’s range can be changed using the bar.
  • You can share links of the filtered images via email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other social media.
  • Additionally, you can import a picture from a gallery or camera.
  • Also, this app allows your customized photo as phone wallpaper.

4. Reface

Reface app official website. Best Face Changer Apps

Next on the list is Reface to create face-swapping films of the highest quality, if possible. Making video face swaps is the app’s primary focus, and it would be best if you want to have your face performed during a famous Hollywood movie. The app is updated frequently with new funny GIFs and fun new face swap effects. The videos’ watermarks are removed, and you can create your own GIFs from the subscription version. The subscription version also disables ads and grants unlimited access. The subscription fee starts from $6.99/month and can also be availed through an annual plan. The app offers various in-app purchases ranging from $2.49 to $39.99. You can also make the purchase in-app while using.


  • The face-swap technology of this app allows you to swap your face with celebrities or movie characters.
  • You can also experiment with real-time face and gender swaps.
  • You can share your face-swapped clip or amusing meme to messengers and social media as a GIF or video.

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5. Cupace

Cupace Play Store page

The Cupace is one of the best photo editing apps on the list, which allows you to cut a face from an image and paste the face onto the desired image with ease. You can cut the face precisely by enlarging the image using a magnifying lens, and the cropped face is stored in Face Gallery for future use. Additionally, you can include text and stickers in images.


  • You can re-use cut faces on many photographs without having to cut them again from the original.
  • You may even include a photo within a photo.
  • Also, you can add different stickers/emojis to your shot.

6. Photo Face Swap

Photo face swap Play Store page. Best Face Changer Apps

One of the best face changer apps is Photo Face Swap, known as face juggler, which is ideal for swapping faces on existing images. The faces you will exchange must be correctly aligned to get an excellent result. Another best feature of this is the face bomb feature.


  • The app gives excellent and real outputs that are simple to use.
  • A maximum of 6 faces can be seen in each of 1 or 2 pictures.
  • You can share or post your photos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites.
  • The app is entirely free, and no purchases are needed.

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MRRMRR app official website

The name looks quite weird, but don’t confuse yourself. DeepAR powers this app named MRRMRR. The app has various emojis, masks, filters, and effects. You can create interactive emojis because of its live facial tracking system. The masks come in various unusual styles, such as soda caps, goths, rainbow drool, cat ears, sunburn, and sunburn with cat ears. But the biggest drawback of this app is that only three different emojis, such as Kanye West, Donald Trump, or an animated emoji, are available.

8. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live official website

Face Swap Live is one of the best apps and uses locally saved images on your phone. Fortunately, there are several effects available. This app works good on both still images and moving pictures. Though this app is not entirely as accurate as some other face-swapping apps, the output would be satisfying.


  • Friend-to-Friend Swap is available.
  • You can easily switch between photos and filters.
  • You can also use the great Mask Costume Mode.

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9. Instagram

Instagram official website. Best Face Changer Apps

Face swap has not been exempted from Instagram’s practice of adopting the most popular features from other applications. You can swap faces on Instagram without installing any separate apps. Face-swapping effects for photographs and videos are available on Instagram and standalone software for combining the faces of two still shots.


  • You can record or upload videos as reels (short videos of 1-minute max and long videos).
  • You can also send messages and media which disappear as per requirement.
  • Faceplay feature became famous due to its ability to show people in their older versions.

10. Funny Face

Funny Face App Store page

Funny Face is only available for the iPhone, and the primary function is to make your face amusing. There is something for every face type to try. This app offers you a variety of possibilities, whether your goal is to pass the time or genuinely make funny images with your friends’ photos.

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11. Face Blender

Face blender Play Store page. Best Face Changer Apps

Face Blender is one of the best face changer apps on the list, a humorous selfie maker. This app lets you insert your face into any other image, ranging from an astronaut to a gymnast. The software is simple, and the controls are easy to use. There are over a hundred templates available on this app.


  • You can create your face swaps by adding pictures from the camera roll.
  • The app has automatic face detection.

12. Faceover

Faceover App Store page

Faceover app is more like a photo-editing service than a face-swapping program. Using this app, you can create high-quality face swaps with ease. You can resize and crop to improve the quality of photos. The best features of this app include limitless face swaps and no advertisements. The premium feature named Faceover Pro is available on the App Store for $9.99.


  • Use Faceover Lite on any image to edit, save, and share images.
  • With your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can create amazing picture editing effects.
  • Various celebrity eyes are available for editing on personal photos.

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13. Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth official website. Best Face Changer Apps

Face Swap Booth might look tedious initially, but many features become available as you master the software, making it a decent face changer app free. A photo or face limit is not included in Face Swap Booth. To modify group photos, you may exchange as many faces as you like. This software stores the facial data of the images you upload. Additionally, you may discover many tools for fixing any errors that Face Swap Booth’s algorithms generate.


  • The photo face-swapping feature is simple and entertaining.
  • It is a powerful editor that allows users to customize face swaps to their preferences.
  • Overlay faces can be customized by selecting only the facial traits you want using a particular set of masks.

14. B612

B612 official website

A well-known basic photo editor called B612 can be used as a face swapper in still images and moving pictures. The functionality of the feature is much the same as that of Snapchat. Use the Face Swap effect in B612 to quickly swap faces with friends or your favorite public figures. Additionally, it may be entertaining as a video and photo editor for Instagram Reels.


  • Filters and effects of many types, ranging from emotional vintage to contemporary, are available.
  • Advanced color editing is offered and may assist in bringing out details using tools like split tone, professional curves, and HSL.
  • More natural portrait editing, body editing, and hair color style will round out your picture of the day.
  • Anyone can quickly edit videos with current effects and a variety of music with ease.
  • You can create custom text and stickers to add to your images.
  • Additionally, you may utilize unique stickers created by you.

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15. Banuba

Banuba official website. Best Face Changer Apps

Banuba offers you over a thousand funny face-altering filters and masks rather than focusing only on face swapping, making it one of the best face changer apps. Using the app, you may edit live-selfie and record videos. This software is convenient and accessible. You may share the photos directly to your contact list without any social media.


  • It also allows you to swap your face with your favorite star.
  • You can change your voice to sound and face swap in videos, including animals, superheroes, or space aliens.
  • You can express your true emotions using emotional amplifiers through the camera.
  • You can easily edit images and videos with interesting effects and retouch selfies.

16. MixBooth

MixBooth App Store page

MixBooth is not a face-swapping app but is best if you want to merge two faces into one. You must input personal images and photos of another person you want to be automatically detected and combined with your own.


  • Automatic cropping and skin tone modification using the facial recognition feature are available.
  • There is no requirement for an internet connection during the transformation process.
  • You just have to shake your iPhone to compare before and after images.
  • Scroll through the app gallery for the findings.
  • The app offers sample images so you can start using the app right away.

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17. Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2 Play Store page. Best Face Changer Apps

Face Changer 2 is the Face Changer’s updated version with better features and is the best option if you’re looking for face changer software. The app is easy to use with additional spooky options for various regions of the face, stickers, and morph faces. You may make funny facial movies with the facility to play the replay instantly.


  • There are several automated morphing effects, such as monster, alien, and many others.
  • Numerous absurd features, including strange eyes, noses, weird hairstyles and hats, tattoos, and scars, are also available.
  • For each event or topic, there are more than 600 stickers.
  • In your shot, you can put a new background, like moon or beach.
  • You can use pre-made backdrops and import them.
  • Additionally, you can use the clone tool to add make-ups, stickers, or text or drawings to the image.

18. Face Swap

Face swap app Play Store page

Face Swap app is one of face changer app for free. Though there is a lack of wanted features, this app provides an excellent face-swapping function. The app offers both automatic and manual face detection. The UI of the software is simple and easy to use.


  • Face Adjustment is possible by using the Selection oval to adjust the faces.
  • You can just touch any face with one finger and drag another finger anywhere on the screen to scale.
  • Select a face and use the rotation slider to maintain the rotation of the selected face
  • You can save the final image to an SD card.

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19. Face Changer Photo Editor

Face change photo editor Play Store page

Face Changer Photo Editor app works seamlessly by importing pictures from the gallery. Furthermore, you can directly take a photo using the app’s camera. The app offers a range of stickers to create funny expressions. You can also include text in your captured image.


  • Face changer Photo Editor has more than 300 stickers for users to recreate.
  • You can adapt the size to the form of your face.
  • You may adjust the opacity in any way that works for the sticker.


We hope you had some fun using and learning about best face changer apps for free. Do share your valuable feedback and experiences related to the app you have used, and also mention any other app we might’ve missed here. Also, let us know what you want to learn next.

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