11 Best Face Changer Apps for Android

Find out some of the best apps to create fun face swap edits

Smartphones have made it possible for everyone to edit photos and media using advanced tools, without requiring any specialized skills. Various apps that allow you to swap faces have made such editing easy, which generally needs just one touch of your phone screen to get the best result. Since there are hundreds of options available, in this article, we’ll list the best free face changer apps for Android devices.

Best Face Changer Apps

Best Face Changer Apps

Face changer apps are a fun way to spend time with family and friends, but in certain cases, such apps can also be used with malafide intentions, therefore, such apps should be used cautiously. Let’s explore some of the best free and paid face changer apps for your Android device.

1. FaceApp


FaceApp is a revolutionary tool that uses AI to provide the best face-changing edits in photos. With this app, you can perform various experiments and transformations of your pictures. The following are some of the key features of the app:

  • You can give various fun edits to your pictures including impressions, make-up, grins, smile patterns, smile colors, glasses, age, and beards.
  • The app also includes overlays, tattoos, vignettes, filters, lens blur, and backdrops.

2. Snapchat


One of the most popular social media platforms, Snapchat is almost a household name. Known for its quirky lenses, the app provides plenty of options to edit your pictures including a lens to swap your face. The following are some of the main features of the app:

  • Create filters or lenses based on AR technologies.
  • The app allows you to create images, videos, and live videos.
  • You can create your avatar known as Bitmoji.
  • You can save media files in a designated location on your phone.

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3. Reface

Reface app official website. Best Face Changer Apps

One of the most advanced tools that specialize in Face swapping images, Reface gives you high-quality results with the help of AI. The app is updated frequently with new funny GIFs and fun new face swap effects.

  • Create unique images by swapping your face with your favorite movie stars and celebrities.
  • Experience the real-time face and gender swaps.
  • Share your edits to Messenger and other social media platforms in GIF format.

4. Cupace


The Cupace is one of the best photo editing apps on the list, which allows you to cut a face from an image and paste the face onto the desired image with ease. The provides you with tools such as magnifying glass to accurately cut out a face from an image to swap it with another. Once the editing is finished you can store the new picture in Face Gallery.

  • You can reuse cut faces without having to cut them again from the original picture.
  • You can even include a photo within a photo.
  • Also, you can add different stickers and emojis to your edits.

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It may sound difficult to pronounce, but MRRMRR is one of the coolest face swapping apps for Android. The various features of the app make it a unique platform to create fun photo edits.

  • The app has various emojis, masks, filters, and effects.
  • You can create interactive emojis with its live facial tracking system.
  • The masks on the app come in various styles such as soda caps, goths, rainbow drool, cat ears, sunburn, and sunburn with cat ears.

6. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live official website


Face Swap Live is one of the best free face changer apps for Android devices. There are several effects available in the app that you can use. This app works well on both still images and moving pictures. Although Face Swap Live is not entirely as accurate as some other face-swapping apps, it can still deliver satisfying output.

  • Friend-to-Friend Swap is available.
  • You can easily switch between photos and filters.
  • You can also use the great Mask Costume Mode.

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7. Instagram


Instagram is an app that needs no introduction. You can swap faces on Instagram without installing any separate apps. Face-swapping effects for photographs and videos are available on Instagram and standalone software for combining the faces of two still shots.

  • You can explore and use various filters on Instagram to create a swap face swap.
  • Create photos and share them on your stories or send them to your friends and followers.

8. Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth official website. Best Face Changer Apps

Face Swap Booth may look like a lot of work at first, but as you get used to the tools and features, it quickly becomes one of the best face swap apps for Android devices. To modify group photos, you may exchange as many faces as you like. This software stores the facial data of the images you upload.

  • Simple and fun photo face-swapping feature.
  • It is a powerful editor that allows users to customize face swaps to their preferences.
  • Overlay faces can be customized by selecting only the facial traits you want using a particular set of masks.

9. B612

B612 official website

B612 is a well-known editing software for iOS and Android devices. Especially known for its good-quality selfie filters, B612 also provides options to edit pictures. You can create various fun edits with this app including face swapping and editing.

  • The app offers Advanced color editing and assists in bringing out details using tools like split tone, professional curves, and HSL.
  • More natural portrait editing, body editing, and hair color style will round out your picture of the day.
  • Quickly edit videos with current effects and a variety of music.
  • You can create custom text and stickers to add to your images.


10. Banuba


Banuba is One of the best face changing apps available today, it offers you over a thousand funny face-altering filters. You can edit live-selfie and record videos and share the photos directly to your contact list.

  • It also allows you to swap your face with your favorite celebrities.
  • You can change your voice and face in videos to animals, superheroes, or space aliens.
  • You can express exaggerated emotions using emotional amplifiers through the camera.

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11. Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2 Play Store page. Best Face Changer Apps


Available for Android devices, Face Changer 2 is one of the best free tools that you should try. The app is easy to use with additional spooky options for various parts of the face, stickers, and morph faces.

  • There are several automated morphing effects, such as monsters, aliens, and many others.
  • Numerous fun features, including strange eyes, noses, weird hairstyles, hats, tattoos, and scars, are also available.
  • For each subject, there are more than 600 stickers.

We hope you had fun using these best face-changer apps. Do share your valuable feedback and let us know which app you liked the best, and also mention any other app we might’ve missed here.

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