14 Best Android Apps to Download Paid Apps for Free

Want to enjoy premium services on your favorite apps but fall short of funds for subscription money? Well, guess what? Everything can be surpassed if it’s digital (ironically good and bad at the same time) and so are the paid apps. Today, we’re bringing you different applications which will help you download paid apps for free. Free trials provide limited access to mobile apps, and the paid versions unlock many features to be offered to the users. Today, we’ll be suggesting ways to download and use paid Android apps for free, but before that, let’s know the process.

14 Best Android Apps to Download Paid Apps for Free

14 Best Android Apps to Download Paid Apps for Free

You’ll be ready to use download paid apps for free from the list. You know the post steps to be followed. Let’s jump to the applications one by one.

1. AppsFree

AppsFree. 14 Best Android Apps to Download Paid Apps for Free

AppsFree is one of the finest services while considering the notable features listed below:

  • There’s usually no way to search for a specific program or be alerted when one of the applications you want becomes free until you start using AppsFree.
  • Not totally the same issue, but here you can configure notifications by category.
  • You may also remove applications from the list that you do not want to view again in the future.
  • By watching a 30-second movie on the app, you can get rid of advertisements for 24 hours.
  • Overall, AppsFree would have been the most satisfactory service for finding and downloading premium applications for free if it had a search tool and the option to set app-specific notifications.

2. Aptoide


Aptoide is a well-known third-party app store and competes with the Google Play Store for the following reasons:

  • You may use it to obtain free access to hundreds of premium Android apps.
  • All you have to do is download Aptoide and look for the premium programs you’d want to utilize.
  • Several programs that require purchase in the Play Store, such as Nova Launcher Prime, Kinemaster Pro, Greenify Premium, Poweramp Full Version, and others, may be downloaded for free on Aptoide.
  • Multiple security checks and antivirus scans are performed on the programs published by Aptoide.
  • The information regarding this scan will be displayed on the app page, and you can then select whether to download the app.

3. AppSales

AppSales. 14 Best Android Apps to Download Paid Apps for Free

Next on the list is AppSales, and it made its place on the list due to the following reasons:

  • AppSales isn’t a marketplace where you can get free paid apps.
  • Instead, it informs you of the free programs that are currently accessible.
  • You may use it to find and download apps that have recently gone free and are available on the Play Store at a 100% discount.
  • You may also compare app pricing over time by seeing their price history.
  • AppSales notifies you of paid applications that have become free and also displays apps with significant discounts.
  • Those searching for specific app discounts can add them to a watchlist to keep an eye on their costs.
  • Overall, it’s an excellent tool for keeping up with the newest Google Play Store software deals.

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4. Blackmart


Blackmart is another software store that provides free versions of practically all paid Android apps. Go through the significant features of this software listed below:

  • You do not need to register or pay any money to use this service.
  • It offers a simple UI that practically anybody can use.
  • Similar to the Google Play Store, you may classify applications.
  • It also allows you to sort by Free vs. Premium if you only want to download paid programs.
  • What’s more, you’ll be able to use applications that aren’t available in your own country.
  • Blackmart allows users to test out programs before purchasing them. If you enjoy paid software and want to use it, you should consider purchasing it from the Play Store. Piracy is not something we support.

5. Paid Apps Gone Free (PAGF)

Paid Applications Gone Free is one of the best free apps download software for the following notable reasons:

  • Paid Applications Gone Free (PAGF) is another software that allows you to search for and download free paid apps, games, wallpapers, icon packs, themes, and more on the Google Play Store for a short time.
  • However, it functions in a somewhat different way.
  • PAGF offers a list of premium Android applications that have gone free for a brief time instead of advertising them on its main page.
  • The apps are updated regularly on the UbuntuVibes blog (to which the app redirects).
  • Apps may be sorted by ratings, downloads, and price.
  • There’s also the option to display applications by categories, such as Featured, Apps, Games, and Family Apps/Games.
  • Despite its unappealing appearance, PAGF provides an easy option to download premium programs officially accessible for free.

6. 4shared

4shared. 14 Best Android Apps to Download Paid Apps for Free

Even in the current year, 4Shared is one of the most popular and well-known websites for its most beneficial features given below:

  • This app is very beneficial, especially when you wish to download paid apps for free on Android.
  • They just released an Android app with a responsive user interface.
  • The site also offers a variety of game data, mp3 music, movies, premium programs, and some essential zip files, cracks, and modified APKs.

7. Freapp

Freapp is another platform that satisfies your need to download paid apps for free for a short time due to the following reasons:

  • You may connect your Google account to Freapp so that it can learn what kinds of applications you like to use and download from the Play Store and then propose apps that are right for you.
  • Hit the first symbol at the bottom to learn about current discounts and deals on premium applications.
  • Freapp looks to be an app recommendation network that caters not only to premium apps that are currently free but also to the most popular games and apps, which are divided into categories.
  • Freapp is also available as a web app, in addition to Android.

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8. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Definitely, you might have heard about Google Opinion Rewards, which is considered the best app to download paid apps for the following reasons:

  • For those unfamiliar with Google Opinion Rewards, it is a reward-based program that pays you money in the form of a Google Play balance in exchange for completing surveys.
  • The amount you receive varies and is determined by the number of survey questions.
  • When a survey is ready, Google will tell you automatically.
  • You earn Google Play credits as you complete surveys, which you can use to purchase premium apps on the Google Play Store.
  • So, you may utilize Google Opinion Rewards to get free downloads of premium applications and games from the Google Play Store.
  • It may appear tedious at first, but keep the app loaded on your phone, and you’ll continue to earn little credits regularly.
  • You’ll soon earn enough money to purchase your favorite software or an in-app purchase.

9. Giveaway Of The Day

Giveaway Of The Day. 14 Best Android Apps to Download Paid Apps for Free

Another app discovery tool is Giveaway Of The Day, and it took its position on the list for the following factors:

  • This app allows you to download premium programs for free.
  • Like the others on the list, it displays a variety of daily offers for Android, Windows, and iOS devices.
  • In addition to displaying a list of cheap applications from developers, this site also organizes unique giveaways at its end, with a limited number of activation licenses available.
  • You must join up and post a particular link on social media to be eligible for these contests.
  • You get points based on how many times you share the link.
  • The top users with the most points win free downloads of premium programs.

10. Shareware on Sale

Shareware on Sale

Unlike the other alternatives on the list, Shareware on Sale is a website (not an app) and one of the best for the following significant reasons:

  • This website allows you to search for Android and Windows programs that have just had their prices reduced or are free.
  • The platform’s advertisements might be a bit overbearing.
  • It’s a fantastic choice for individuals who don’t want to download a specific app to get discounts.
  • However, if you’re looking for discounts on a particular app, you won’t be reminded or informed since there isn’t one.

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11. Apk4Free

Apk4Free. 14 Best Android Apps to Download Paid Apps for Free

Even the year 2022 has Apk4free running the finest for the features listed below:

  • It is a website where you can get paid apps for free on your Android phone.
  • If the apps mentioned above don’t work for you, you may utilize this as a backup platform. We’re also employing it as a major strategy.
  • However, it is just for those people who are less or good tech-savvy because it occasionally displays pop-ups or other types of obnoxious advertisements.
  • Despite the advertisements, you can download paid Android apps for free here.

12. AppVN


AppVN can be Japanese or Chinese, but the app icon will tell you which. But this doesn’t affect the app, and it is considered best for the following reasons:

  • This might be a complex undertaking, but you should give it a shot.
  • It contains a large bundle to download paid Android apps for free in its database.
  • As a result, AppVN allows users to download many premium programs.

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13. Reddit

Reddit. 14 Best Android Apps to Download Paid Apps for Free

Another best site to download paid apps is Reddit for the reasons listed below:

  • These applications and platforms can keep you up to date on the newest paid app deals and discounts.
  • Subreddits such as r/googleplaydeals and r/AppHookup may also help you keep track of the latest discounts.
  • The pinned article on the former maintains track of some of the most popular applications and games that are routinely reduced, so you may refer to it unless you’re seeking a specialized app.

14. XDA


One of the most interesting outlets for getting free paid software is XDA. Initially, it was known as XDA Labs and is considered best for the following reasons:

  • While it does not offer a large selection of Android applications, it does have a large number of indie apps available on the Play Store for a dollar or two.
  • MiXplorer, a superb Android file organizer that costs roughly $4.49 on the Play Store but is free on XDA, is one of the better examples.
  • In the Play Store, EasyJoin costs $10, but it’s available for free on XDA.
  • Many specialized applications have become popular as a result of positive word-of-mouth.
  • Developers on the Play Store eventually implement a barrier, while apps on XDA remain free.
  • To cut a long story short, XDA provides free programs that you should certainly try.

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How to Install Paid Apps

Now, let’s understand how to set up these apps on your phone. The process involves small and easy steps which you’ll follow after downloading the apps from the list. Follow the ones starting below:

Note: The following steps and pictures are shown for the OnePlus 7T phone. However, the terminologies and interface would be different for different models, hence verifying before making any changes.

1. Open your mobile Settings.

2. Swipe down to find and tap on Apps & notifications.

Open your mobile phone Settings and scroll down to find and tap on Apps and notifications. 14 Best Android Apps to Download Paid Apps for Free

3. Now, tap on Special app access after scrolling down.

Now tap on Special app access after scrolling down a bit.

4. Swipe down to tap on Install unknown apps.

Scroll down to tap on Install unknown apps. 14 Best Android Apps to Download Paid Apps for Free

5. In this list of apps, find the installed app from the list below (4shared considered here) and tap on it to open some options.

In this list of apps, find the installed app from the list below 4shared considered here and tap on it to open some options.

6. Turn on the toggle switch beside the option Allow from this source.

Turn on the toggle switch beside the option Allow from this source


These are some of the ways through which you can surpass the payment boundaries on Android apps and watch them for free. As mentioned, these apps are all safe, but misusing the content from here may also raise a piracy problem, so make sure to watch your steps before using the content here and there to avoid unwanted circumstances. We hope this article helped you download paid apps for free with some options. Share your experiences in the comment section below and mention any application we might’ve missed to support the community. If you’re still stuck with the paid app problems, reach out to us directly!

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