4 Best Hiding Apps on Android

Privacy is dear to everyone, and so it is to you. Though everyone might not use your phone without your consent, you might get abruptly uncomfortable if someone even tends to touch your phone, so that he does not go through something you do not want him to witness. 

Privacy indeed is an inseparable part of everyone’s lives, even if it comes to their transient devices, i.e., mobile phones. If you possess a phone with many functions like an in-built app hider or a separate function in your gallery to hide photos, you are surely living high on the hog. But if you think your phone lacks these functions, you might want to try third party apps to secure your data.

Now you might mull about which apps to install, as you cannot stuff your phone with any app available on the Google Play Store. 

To give you an insight into the most useful apps, you must read about the apps mentioned below:

4 Best Hiding Apps on Android

1. Calculator App

Calculator | Hiding Apps and Data

A calculator is used for ascertaining the result of a mathematical operation only. Perhaps technology is proving us wrong in every sphere, and it has not failed now too! This Calculator app can unobtrusively hide your data like images, videos, and files. Its icon on your phone will invite the least attention, and its full functionality would not evoke suspicion. It is one of the best Hiding Apps on Android.

Though you will find a multitude of apps in the name of “Video and Image hider: Calculator” or “Smart Calculator,” etc., on the Google Play Store, this app is rated the best among other apps, and it shows through the benefits you will avail after installing it.

How to install the Calculator App?

  • Install the app on your phone from the above link.
  • After installation, open the app. You are supposed to set your password. Type the password and then press the “=” option in the calculator.
  • After setting the password, it will ask you to confirm the password. Type the password again and press the “=” option.
  • It will ask you to give access to your photos and media. Click on the “Allow” option to validate.                                  
  • Now, after giving access, it will ask you to give access to your phone’s storage. Click on the “Next” option to validate.
  • Now you will need to provide a recovery password for the data you store so that if you forget your password or re-install the app, the data can be secure.      
  • Click on the “Next” option to continue.     
  • If you forget the recovery password, you would not be able to retrieve the data. Click on “OK” to proceed. 
  • Now it will inform you about a code you can enter in case you forget the password so that you get the password back.                                          
  • Click on the “Got It” option to proceed. 
  • Then you will be asked for your Email address so that if you forget the password, you will be able to get it on your Email address. Type your Email address and click on the “Save” option to continue. 
  • Now, after completing these steps, you will be able to store your data in the app in a vault.

This app is convenient to use, and you can count on it to store your precious data.

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2. Notepad Vault- App Hider

Notepad Vault

Now a notepad can do many things, and if it comes to conceal your private information, it certainly will not arouse suspicion. Here is an app that can hide your other apps, images, videos, and maintain dual apps just like parallel space.

Steps to install Notepad Vault- App Hider-

  • Install the app on your phone from the above link.
  • Now after installing, open the app. It will ask you to set the password. 
  • After setting the password, it will show a prompt box telling you to enter the password at the end of the note to shift to Hider view. Click on the “Close” option to continue.
  • Now, after you type the password in the note, you will be directed to another view, in which you will be allowed to create dual apps and hide your information.

3. Clock- The Vault: Secret Photo Video Locker

Clock The Vault

After notepad and calculator, this app is one of the smartest ways to hide data inside your phone, particularly photos and videos. It is a fully functioning clock with versatile features to hide your data. It is one of the best Hiding Apps on Android.

Steps to install the app:

  • Open Google Play Store on your phone and search for “Clock hider” and you will get the results.
  • Install the app on your phone and open it.
  • It will ask you to set the password by setting it’s minute and hour hand, according to which the time denoted by those hands would be construed as the password.
  • In case, 0809 is the password. So the hour hand will be on 8 and the minute hand will be near 2. Validate the password by clicking on the middle button between the two hands.
  • Now it will ask for your Email address for your password recovery. Enter your Email address and validate by clicking on the “Finish setup” at the bottom of the screen. 
  • After validation, you will be taken to another page where you will be able to store your data. 

4. Compass Gallery Vault

Compass Gallery Vault

This Compass is fully functional, allowing you to use it only as a compass and hiding pictures, videos, and folders too. You might want to install it in your phone because of its better features than any other hiding app.

Steps to install Compass:

  • Install the app from the above link.
  • Now after opening the app, long-press the button in the middle of the Compass. 
  • It will ask you to set a password of 4 characters. Set the password.               
  • Now it will ask you a security question. Fill it according to your preferences. 
  • Now you will be able to store all your confidential information after you type your security question.

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These apps have been listed after using them and comparing them with other apps available from the Google Play Store. These apps are fairly better than the other ones, and their rating shows. It is because many of the hider apps do not guarantee safe retrieval of data if the app is uninstalled. These apps have friendly and lucid user interfaces, ensuring the security of your data.

While most of the apps interpose intrusive ads, these apps have almost negligible ad interference. After installing any one of them, you would fail to find major faults in them. These apps are absolutely free for use, giving you an uninterrupted data securing experience.

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