How to Use Google Translate to translate images instantly

Google Translate has been the pioneer in the field of translating from one language to another. It has spearheaded the project to bridge the gap between countries and overcome the linguistic barrier. One of the best features of the Translate app is its ability to translate texts from images. You can simply point your camera to an unknown text and Google Translate will automatically recognize and translate it to a language familiar to you. It is an extremely useful feature that allows you to interpret various signs, read menus, instructions, and thus communicate in an effective and efficient way. It is a lifesaver, especially when you are in a foreign land.

How to Use Google Translate to translate images instantly

While this feature has been only recently added to Google Translate, the technology has existed for over two years. It was a part of other Google apps like the Lens which works on A.I. powered image recognition. Its inclusion in Google Translate makes the app more powerful and adds a sense of completion. It has greatly increased the functionality of Google Translate. The best part about this feature is that if you have the language pack downloaded on your mobile then you can translate images even without an active internet connection. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the cool features of Google Translate and also teach you how to translate images using the app.

Extensive List of Supported Languages

Google Translate has been around for quite some time now. It keeps adding new languages and at the same time improving the translation algorithm to ensure that the translations are as accurate as possible. Its database is constantly increasing and improving. When it comes to translating images, you stand to benefit from all these years of improvement. The instant camera translation now supports 88 languages and can convert the identified text into 100+ languages that are a part of the Google Translate database. You also no longer need to use English as an intermediary language. You can directly translate text from images into any language that you prefer (for e.g. German to Spanish, French to Russian, etc.)

Automatic Language Detection

The new update eliminates the need for you to specify the source language. It isn’t always possible for us to know exactly what language the text is written in. To make lives easier for users, the app will automatically detect the language of the text in the image. All that you need to do is simply tap on the Detect Language option and Google Translate will take care of the rest. It will not only recognize the text on the image but also detect the original language and translate it to any preferred language.

Neural Machine Translation

Google Translate has now incorporated Neural Machine Translation into instant camera translation. This makes translation between two languages more accurate. In fact, it reduces the chances of error by 55-88 per cent. You can also download different language packs on your device. This allows you to use Google Translate even when you are offline. This allows you to translate images at remote locations, even if you do not have an internet connection.

How to Use Google Translate to translate images Instantly

The new feature of Google Translate that allows you to use your camera to instantly translate images is pretty easy to use. Follow these simple steps and you will be able to use it too.

1. Click on the Google Translate icon to open the app. (Download Google Translate app from Play Store if not already installed).

Click on the Google Translate icon to open the app

2. Now choose the language that you wish to translate and also the language that you wish to get translated to.

Select the language that you wish to translate

3. Now simply click on the camera icon.

4. Now point your camera to the text that you wish to translate. You need to hold your camera still so that the text region is in focus and within the designated frame region.

5. You will see that the text will instantly get translated and will be superimposed on the original image.

You will see that the text will instantly get translated

6. This will only be possible if the instant option is available. Otherwise, you can always click the image with the capture button and then translate the image later.

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As mentioned earlier, you can also download different additional files for different languages that will allow you to use Google Translate and its instant image translation feature even when you are offline. Alternatively, you can also use Google Lens to do the same thing. Both the apps use the same technology, just point your camera towards the image and Google Translate will take care of the rest.

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