How to Solve Fingerprints Someone Gets Arrested Innocent Story in Storyteller

Read this walkthrough to solve the next chapter of this story!

We know that the game’s appealing animations and comic panels in Storyteller test our ability to create the best outcome.

Fingerprints Someone Gets Arrested but innocent is one of the game’s most captivating chapters on Storyteller.

Let’s see the complete walkthrough on how to solve an innocent character getting arrested.

How to solve fingerprints someone gets arrested

How to Solve Fingerprints Someone Gets Arrested Innocent Story in Storyteller

In Storyteller, players construct a narrative and arrange slides that dictate how the story will end by arranging locations and interacting with individuals.

The game provides a vast array of themes and characters, ranging from vampires and dragons to heroes and villains.

Players get to manipulate the secrets and emotions of these characters and come up with amazing tales that include lunacy, deceit, and love!

Here’s how you solve someone gets arrested but they are innocent in Storyteller:

  • Slide 1: Let’s start with the Gun and the Butler. 
  • Slide 2: Present the Butler and the Duchess in the Ballroom. Characters arrive in the magnificent environment, and the narrative thickens.
  • Slide 3: Go back to the Gun and insert the Butler.
  • Slide 4: Go back to the Gun, but add the Duke this time. The Duke starts to show his innocence.
  • Slide 5: The Detective and the Gun appear together in this slide and the pieces are starting to fit for the detective.
  • Slide 6: At last, head back to the Ballroom. Invite the Detective and the Duke this time.

How to Solve Fingerprints Someone Gets Arrested Innocent Story of duke

The Detective’s presence brings the tale to a close and clears the Duke of any wrongdoing.

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How to Solve Someone Gets Arrested Guilty in Storyteller

In this alternative version of the story, the Duke is the murderer. Here’s how you should align your slides to get the Duke arrested for his crimes:

  • Slide 1: Position the Gun and the Duke on the first slide.
  • Slide 2: Present the Butler and the Gun.
  • Slide 3: The Ballroom serves as the background in this scene. Put the Butler and the Duchess together.
  • Slide 4: Go back and place the Butler and the Gun.
  • Slide 5: The Detective and the Gun are back, this time together.
  • Slide 6: We return to the Ballroom in this last slide. Include the Butler and the Detective this time.

How to Solve Fingerprints Someone Gets Arrested duke guilty

The narrative comes to a close with the Detective’s arrival, exposing the Duke’s guilt.

Storyteller Walkthrough: How to Solve Every Puzzle

Storyteller is divided into thirteen captivating adventures and two final chapters that keep unfolding as you proceed in the game. This arrangement of art is as follows:

Chapter 1: Life and Death

This chapter is divided into Love, Heartbreak, Afterlife, and Miracle.

You have to place Adam and Eve together but kill Adam. Then do the same with Eve and finally revive them and get them together.

Chapter 2: Broken Hearts

This chapter includes Recover, Dismay, Unlucky, and Grief.

You have to add wedding scenes of two characters and death scenes of one character in the next. The surviving character heals their broken heart and finds a new character.

Unfortunately, Edgar gets rejected by everyone and surviving spouses find comfort with each other.

Chapter 3: Apparitions

This chapter includes Revelation, Reunion, Calamity, and Aging. Shock Edgar and reunite him with Lenora.

However, Lenora dies and they meet in the afterlife. In the last tale, everyone is heartbroken as none of the characters get to be with their loves.

Chapter 4: The Cellar

Posion, Tragedy, Haunt, and Envy are the tales in this chapter.

Make Lenora drink poison followed by Edgar consuming poison too. In the next scene, someone will drink poison twice.

Now, Isobel will poison Edgar again and he will haunt her. Lenora commits a crime by poisoning Isobel to be with Edgar.

Chapter 5: Beauty

This chapter includes Competition, Scorn, Duplicity, and Deceit.

A witch will become the mirror’s favorite. In a forest scene, Snow White will kiss a prince but soon the witch will curse the prince and turn him into a frog. In the end, the prince saves Tiny.

Chapter 6: The Manor

Manor is divided into Murder, Weapon, Telltale, and Fingerprints.

The butler goes into a rampage and takes the gun. He then kills the duke but is caught by the detective since his fingerprints are found in the gun.

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Chapter 7: Crown Intrigue

It contains Rivals, Rescues, Ursurpers, Forgiven, and Suitors.

There will be four deaths but falling off the cliff. The queen will be saved by a knight and revenge will be taken against the kidnapper.

Everyone will kill to sit on the throne but a dog will finally save the queen and she will be married.

Chapter 8: Secrets

This chapter includes tales like Red-handed, Thief, Revenge, and Report. Murdered will get arrested.

Butler will get fired so he will kill the Duke but his wife will take revenge. Butler will also get arrested.

Chapter 9: Justice

Treason, Unforgiven, Stockholm, and Matriarch are the tales in this chapter.

The Knight will kill the Usurper but will be executed by the queen. The Baron will arrest the queen, make her fall in love, and kill her.

Finally, the Baron will get amnesia and die. In the last scene, the queen will kill all and rule alone.

Chapter 10: Genesis

Genesis includes Temptation, Punishment, Repentance, and Vengeance.

Adam rejects the apple but Eve is tempted. God punishes Eve and she takes revenge with Freidrich.

Chapter 11: The King

This chapter includes Noxious, Spite, Purge, Promotion, and Machiavelli.

There is a mutually toxic love affair. Queen executes the King and his lover but he takes revenge.

The next scene has three executions and the maid becomes the Queen.

Chapter 12: Monsters

This chapter includes Werewolf, Sematary, Dragon, Vampire, and Professor.

Bernand drinks poison after Juliet is killed by the werewolf. Pet comes to take revenge in the next scene and the queen gets the Baron arrested.

The monster is slain and the Dracula Professor dies.

Chapter 13: Drama

This chapter has Narcissus, Oedipus, Hamlet, Salome, and Godot.

The mirror praises all characters. Hatey murders his father and marries his mother.

Then, Tiny avenges his father by killing his brother. Hatey gets killed by his daughter but Tiny and Hatey both wait forever for each other.

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Final Chapter: Novels

This chapter includes:

  • Mad Husband: Edgar kills his wife.
  • Loose End: Duke kills the Detective to save himself from being imprisoned.
  • Vindictive Wife: An unfaithful husband is punished.
  • Love Revolution: Knight and Maid decide to kill the Monarch to be lovers.

The Devil Chapters

After finishing the game, you also unlock devil chapters where a Devil ruins the story of your already-played games.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How many chapters are in Storyteller?

Ans. There are 14 chapters divided into 4-5 tales in Storyteller.

Q2. How long is the Storyteller game?

Ans. The average playtime for Storyteller is 2.5 hours.

Q3. Where can I play Storyteller?

Ans. Storyteller can be played from the App Store or Play Store available exclusively for Netflix members. You can also play the game on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Q4. What happens at the end of the Storyteller?

Ans. In the final chapter’s last story, Knight and Maid decide to kill the Monarch to be lovers in Love Revolution.

Q5. ⁠Is Storyteller free on Netflix? 

Ans. Yes, if you have a Netflix subscription, Storyteller is free to use.

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Now that you have understood how to solve Someone Gets Arrested in Storyteller, create a narrative as to what happens to the character and form your own ending. Do not hesitate to drop your queries or suggestions in the comment section.

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