Can I Play The Forest Game on PS4?

Find out if you can get The Forest game on your PlayStation 4 console for intense gameplay and spine-chilling experiences.

Are you interested in embarking on an epic survival journey as Eric LeBlanc on your PS4? While the PC version of The Forest game offers a unique level of immersion, playing it on a console can provide a thrilling and entirely different gameplay experience. So, continue reading this guide to explore whether you can play The Forest game on PS4.

Can I Play The Forest Game on PS4?

Can I Play The Forest Game on PS4?

Yes, you can play The Forest game on your beloved PS4 console. You can explore the mysterious forest, gather resources, build shelters, and defend yourself from creatures on your PlayStation 4 console.

Can You Play The Forest Offline on PS4?

Yes, you can play The Forest game offline on PS4. In fact, the survival horror video game is meant to be single-player and does not require an internet connection. In single-player, you play as Eric LeBlanc, which cannot be changed.

Note: You will require an internet connection to play the multiplayer mode with your friends online.

The Forest game on PS4

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How Big is The Forest on PS4?

The download size of The Forest game on PlayStation 4 is between 1.8 GB to 3.5 GB. However, the install size is 5.7 GB.

Does The Forest PS4 Have an Ending?

Yes. The Forest game on PS4 gives you to play with one ending out of two, each of which leads to two different endings.

Note: Spoiler alert! You may want to skip this part if you want to discover the endings yourself.

Ending 1: Save Timmy and Get the Creative Mode

The first ending results in Timmy being alive. The plane crashes when Eric activates the artifact. It implies a sacrifice being found to revive Timmy. A year later, Timmy and Eric have seemingly been rescued. They are invited to a talk show, where they promote the book written by Eric, featuring his experiences on the peninsula. Timmy collapses suddenly and begins shaking violently amidst the talk show. He returns to normal when Eric comforts him. However, older Timmy is shown struggling to suppress his mutations some years later.

Ending 2: Stay on the Island

The second ending is reached when Eric shuts down the artifact. By doing so, he spares everyone else’s lives on the plane except Timmy. Then, Eric is shown to leave the facility and burn a photo of Timmy to let it go. After the cutscene ends, you can continue the gameplay, surviving on the peninsula as Eric.

What Age Rating is The Forest on PS4?

The Forest on PS4 has a PEGI 18 age rating, indicating that it is restricted to adults only. The game contains strong violence, including violence toward vulnerable and defenseless characters. As a result, it is not suitable for individuals under the age of 18.

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Is The Forest PS4 Single Player?

Yes, The Forest is a single-player game, where you play as Eric LeBlanc to survive after the plane crash. Eric has no dialogue throughout the single-player mode in the game.

Is The Forest Game 4 Player on PS4?

Yes, The Forest game is a 4-player on PS4 at its maximum. By accessing PS Plus, you can play the game online with up to four friends on PS4. The online Co-Op feature in the PS4 version allows you to crash land on the peninsula with your friends, and this is how the game on multiplayer mode begins.

How Long is The Forest on PS4?

The main objectives of The Forest on PS4 can be completed in approximately 15 hours and 30 minutes. However, for players aiming for 100% completion and fully exploring the game, it may take around 55 hours. Casual players often overlook various aspects of the game, so staying attentive is advised to make the most of the experience.

How Much is The Forest Game on PS4 Australia?

The PS4 edition of The Forest is currently priced at $25.95 in Australia. The record high price is $25.95, and the record low price is $9.08.

Note: The prices may vary in the future.

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How Much Did The Forest Cost?

Following are the prices of The Forest to get and play on PS4 in different regions:

  • US: $19.99
  • UK: £13.99
  • India: INR 1,415
  • Australia: $25.99

Is the New Forest Game on PS4?

No, the new Forest game, a.k.a. Sons of the Forest, is not currently available on PS4. It is only available on Steam for the PCs. However, the game might be ported to PlayStation 4 and other consoles soon by the developer Endnight Games.

Sons of the Forest on Steam

How Much Will Sons of the Forest Cost on PS4?

At present, Sons of the Forest is not available on PS4. The PC version of the game can be purchased for $29.99, which was officially confirmed prior to its release. However, Endnight Games had said in a developer interview that they are interested to launch a console version of the game in the future. Hence, the price of Sons of the Forest on PlayStation 4, when it releases, might lie between $29.99 to $40.

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In conclusion, The Forest game is available on PlayStation 4 for $19.99, but the sequel Sons of the Forest is currently not available on consoles. However, it might be launched on PS4 in the next few years. We hope we answered your query of whether can I play The Forest on PS4 has answered your queries. Leave your comments below and don’t forget to explore our website for more helpful guides.

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