33 Best Scary Roblox Games to Play with Friends

Roblox is an engaging and popular platform for playing and creating games, but have you imagined how scary games will feel in the same space? Having said that, you are probably as astonished as the rest of us that scary Roblox games exist. We realize it isn’t easy to imagine, especially since Roblox mainly focuses on more humorous multiplayer action or simulation games that kids can play with their pals. The artwork and names are typically more appropriate for that vibe. So, let us have you for a different vibe today because we’ll be discussing some of the best scary Roblox games multiplayer versions. Keep on reading this article to know each of the best scary Roblox games in detail.

Best Scary Roblox Games to Play with Friends

30+ Best Scary Roblox Games to Play with Friends (Multiplayer)

Roblox is a treasure mine of horror games that are independently made and planned. If one is intrigued enough to start looking, there are hundreds of them. They’re all good horror games in terms of frightening storylines, eerie graphics, and jump scares. You don’t have to wait until Halloween to play these terrifying Roblox games. Here is the list of the best scary Roblox games available. The list also contains a couple of solo player games for you to have a chilling experience alone.

1. Dead Silence

Dead Silence | 33 Best Scary Roblox Games to Play with Friends (Multiplayer)

Dead Silence is a disturbing and breathtaking experience that has topped the scary horror movie lists and has long been regarded as one of the scariest Roblox games.

  • Dead Silence puts you in the shoes of an investigator, based on the horror film of the same name.
  • Your mission is to find out what happened to Mary Shaw, a slain ventriloquist who is said to haunt the surrounding community.
  • This creepily disturbing Roblox game will ensure that you leave the lights on when you go to sleep, with a level design that will make you scared of every corner, topped with ominous creaking sounds and hushed hushes.

2. Lloyd Residence

Lloyd Residence

If you enjoy mythology and spooky stories in gameplays, Lloyd Residence is a suitable game for you.

  • The game’s protagonist is Chuck Lloyd, an elderly knight whose past dreams have left him scarred and regularly suffers from sleep deprivation.
  • The Lloyd Residence can theoretically be divided into two games: the Lloyd Residence and Chuck’s Basement.
  • You will also enjoy this game if you are into solving puzzles and uncovering clues in a game.

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3. Alone in a Dark House

Alone in a Dark House

Roblox’s latest horror game is another exploration-based adventure. Alone in a Dark House is a horror film that blends plot themes, walking mechanics, and many jump scares.

  • The game takes place in August 1996 and casts you as a private investigator on a mission to a small town.
  • Your investigation will lead you to a large house filled with secrets, where you will investigate a gruesome vehicular murder.
  • While you may believe the vacant space is devoid of anything but furniture, you will discover secret passages containing terrible secrets.
  • You must solve several puzzles before getting to the bottom of the larger mystery. You’re not alone in that house, by the way. Best wishes.

4. Roses

Roses | 33 Best Scary Roblox Games to Play with Friends (Multiplayer)

Roses is one of the best scary Roblox games and might be the perfect game for you if you enjoy horror movies and adventure games.

  • Roses, developed by Clockwork Entertainment, is an undeniably well-made game, with the creators putting in a tremendous amount of time and effort to augment the user experience.
  • The script, voice-over, and even the background props are all exceptionally well-done.
  • Roses is a Roblox-exclusive first-person horror game.
  • You’d play a character who died in an asylum with a pal named Max.
  • It is now your responsibility to locate Max in the same old asylum.
  • You will be able to interact with the backdrop items and props during your facility investigation because the developers have given close attention to the details.
  • So, if you’re naturally curious and like to pay close attention to even the smallest things in games, you should check out Roses by Clockwork Entertainment.

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5. Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers is one of the best scary Roblox games in which you must labor for your scares.

  • You’re a paranormal investigator, and you’ve been tasked with looking into strange events at a family’s home and must solve clues to figure out how the family vanished.
  • These hints will appear in the form of hidden dark areas and the need to collect discs.
  • However, you must be cautious since the discs contain an evil monster that will pursue you.
  • Finders Keepers is a fantastic horror mystery game with plenty of jump-scares and disturbing sounds.

6. SCP-3008


SCP-3008, a real-life IKEA shop with an endless interior room, serves as the basis for this game. The game’s main objective is to stay alive while exploring the store’s premises. Inhuman monsters known as the Staff will follow you around. You must find food and defend yourself by building bases.

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7. Geisha

Geisha | 33 Best Scary Roblox Games to Play with Friends (Multiplayer)

Geisha is ideal for your Roblox adventures if you enjoy horror games with urban tales baked right in. If you’re seeking a solo horror Roblox adventure, look no further than Geisha.

  • Geisha is based on the Teke-Take urban legend and will transport you back to your childhood, but we doubt it was as terrifying as the game will be.
  • You discover that your family has vanished when you return, leaving you perplexed.
  • However, you don’t feel alone. As if you can see something from the corner of your eye, but when you look, there’s nothing there.
  • Players will explore the eerily silent house in this terrifying Roblox game, hunting for any clues.

8. The Mimic

The Mimic

The Mimic is one of the best scary Roblox games multiplayer you’ll ever play.

  • The game is a horror adventure with single-player and multiplayer options.
  • It is divided into segments. The Mimic is based on four stories from Japanese history and urban legends, each with a different twist.
  • Each chapter, disguised as four distinct books, will transport you and your buddies to fascinating and scary realms filled with very disturbing level designs, unexpected loud noises, and plenty of jump scares.
  • While you may play this Roblox horror game alone, we recommend bringing a friend if you don’t want to suffer.

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9. Bear Alpha

Bear Alpha

In Bear Alpha, you’ll take on the role of a killer bear whose mission is to track down and murder all other players in under five minutes. While the bear moves a little faster than the players, the players can fight back by creating weapons. The game’s setting and design elicit a powerful emotion. One of the best scary Roblox games to play with your pals is Bear Alpha.

10. The Mirror

The Mirror

Mirrors and the horrific possibilities they present are some of the terrifying phobias in the horror genre. The Mirror is the game that provides you with just that to entertain and scare you.

  • It is one of the best scary Roblox games multiplayer based on this precise occurrence and takes place in a tunnel filled with mirrors.
  • You must explore the area and find these numerous mirrors as the player.
  • On the other hand, the mirrors conceal a lot more than your reflection.
  • The Mirror is a Roblox horror game with jump-scares around every corner and frightening sounds everywhere.
  • While this horror game can be played with companions, you should play it alone if you want to scare yourself the most.

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11. The True Backrooms

True Backrooms | 33 Best Scary Roblox Games to Play with Friends (Multiplayer)

The True Backrooms is one of the best games to be tried to get chilled out.

  • You have one clear goal in The True Backrooms: to get out.
  • Navigate your way through the maze-like building you’ve discovered. It won’t be that difficult.
  • The majority of the places have adequate lighting. You’ve got a flashlight (unless it’s not available yet) for the ones who aren’t.
  • Don’t be concerned about the noises; instead, concentrate on locating the exit.
  • Is there an excessive number of hallways? Do you ever feel as if you’re going around in circles? Impossible. You’ve just awoken in a storage area.
  • It is impossible to become stuck. Right? This game is more psychological thriller and suspense than horror, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get the creeps!
  • As you dash about trying to escape The True Backrooms, you’ll need all of your wits about you.
  • Make sure your sound is turned on because the sound is vital to solving and completing this game!

12. Project Lazarus: Zombies

Project Lazarus: Zombies

Project Lazarus: Zombies is similar to Call of Duty, just it contains Zombies. It is a round-based survival game with barriers, power-ups, and points that may be used to purchase weapons and obstacles. The game’s goal is to survive against waves of zombies that never stop coming. Each subsequent round will be more difficult than the last. The game ends when all the players are dead.

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13. Identity Fraud [Revamp]

Identity Fraud Revamped

Identity Fraud [Revamp] will appeal to anyone who enjoyed The True Backrooms’ maze-like aspect.

  • Monsters hide in every dark corner of this strange, asylum-like maze, and it’s up to you to figure out how to avoid them.
  • There are challenges to keep things interesting along the way (as if being hunted by spooky shadow guys wasn’t enough), but the true challenge is discovering what makes each creature tick.
  • For example, there’s a monster that won’t move or chase you as long as you keep your gaze fixed on him. So, you can walk backward the whole time to get away, but he’ll stay still.
  • The game’s architecture is quite simple, with mere corridors of brick walls and torches as the environment.
  • However, the horrors, tension, and strange sense of vulnerability make this one of the best scary Roblox games worth playing. You will get chills because your character is weaponless and defenseless.

14. Stop it, Slender!

Stop it, Slender! | 33 Best Scary Roblox Games to Play with Friends (Multiplayer)

Another Roblox game based on a renowned urban legend is this terrifying, Stop It, Slender!, one of the best scary Roblox games multiplayer.

  • Based on the terrifying Slender Man, this Roblox horror game challenges people (players) to locate all eight secret pages concealed throughout the area.
  • You’re not alone, though, as the Slender Man himself is on the hunt for you, serving as a ticking time bomb.
  • This game replicates the urban legend fairly beautifully in Roblox, with a frightening atmosphere and your flashlight that tends to flicker.

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15. Horror Elevator

Horror Elevator

In Horror Elevator, you’ll begin on an elevator that pauses at any different floor out of the total 24 floors. Players will be confronted with a distinct horror scenario on each floor. A game can only have a maximum of 10 players. This type of Roblox horror game multiplayer is quite addicting.

16. Survive the Killer

Survive the Killer

Survive the Killer is a game similar to Friday the 13th.

  • Players can choose between being survivors or killers in this famous Roblox horror game.
  • As a Survivor, you must flee and hide from the assassin who is stalking you and your companions.
  • You have the option of hiding alone or banding up with companions to flee.
  • Before the victims escape or the timer runs out, the killer must eliminate as many players as possible.
  • Survive the Killer, one of the best scary Roblox games, is a terrifying but thrilling journey that you and your companions may enjoy.

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17. The Maze

The Maze | 33 Best Scary Roblox Games to Play with Friends (Multiplayer)

From a perspective standpoint, The Maze is also distinct from the others on this best scary Roblox games multiplayer list.

  • You can see everything from the top to down, as opposed to most Roblox games’ traditional first-person or over-the-shoulder viewpoints.
  • The goal is to get out of the maze before someone catches up with you.
  • Just keep in mind that every detail counts: everything from the directions to the lighting to the music to the barely discernible noises.
  • For the best experience, the designer recommends using headphones, so be sure you have some on hand.
  • It’s not quite as terrifying or heart-pounding as the other games on this list, but it’s still a tense experience!

18. A Wolf or Other

A Wolf or Other | 33 Best Scary Roblox Games to Play with Friends (Multiplayer)

A Wolf or Other on Roblox is a Werewolf game. You’ll take on the position of an innocent, a hunter, or a werewolf. The innocents will strive to track down the werewolf so that the hunter can eliminate him. You must, however, complete it before the full moon, or you will be defeated. Rather than being a horror game, it is more of a party game.

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19. Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack

Zombies are a must-have for every horror game list, and you’ll be happy to know that the Zombie Attack game has that.

  • Zombie Attack is a Roblox game where you and your friends can play together in a wave-based zombie shooting game.
  • You must fight and eliminate as many waves as possible as part of the survivors.
  • You gain access to new weaponry and lethal combat to take them out along the road.
  • On the other hand, progression unlocks rare zombies and even the huge Zombie boss, which you must defeat to win more goodies.
  • Zombie Attack is a classic horror shooter on Roblox that you can play with your pals. It’s packed with guns and gore.

20. It Lurks

It Lurks

It Lurks is one of the best scary Roblox games multiplayer and isn’t a game for the faint of heart! It is a solo player horror game.

  • The idea appears basic enough: you have an older cranky brother who tells you to get out of his room and a pleasant father who goes to go grocery shopping (but not before reminding you to get to bed by 10).
  • Once you fall asleep, the scary stuff begins. You wake up in the middle of the night, everything is black, and you’re alone.
  • You know it’s not a good idea to walk down to the basement, but it’s the only way to start the game and get through this terrifying night.
  • The images aren’t overly dark, which is a welcome relief.
  • Everything is, in fact, incredibly colorful and bright! But, just in case, make sure you have all of your lights turned on.
  • It Lurks is filled with monsters, eerie sounds, and plenty of jump scares.

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21. Nightmare Mines

Nightmare Mines

Nightmare Mines is a puzzle game with a rich backstory. To reach the mine’s heart, you must pass through a sequence of rooms and tunnels. Each room will present you with a unique set of puzzles and threats to overcome. It is undoubtedly one of the top multiplayer Roblox horror games you can enjoy with your friends.

22. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2

Players of Trouble in Terrorist Town and fans of Among Us will enjoy this multiplayer game.

  • Murder Mystery 2 divides players into three teams: Innocents, Sheriffs, and Murderers, and uses the same concepts but on a scarier map.
  • As the team of Innocents, you must flee and hide from the assailant while attempting to figure out who it is.
  • The Sheriffs on the team must collaborate with the innocents to take out the murderer because they are the only ones with a weapon.
  • The murderers must take everyone out.
  • Murder Mystery 2 is a frightening Roblox game that belongs in the same category as Among Us.

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23. Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor | 33 Best Scary Roblox Games to Play with Friends (Multiplayer)

Hello Neighbor game has several jump scares (but not too terrifying) and exhilarating missions to your neighbor’s house. If you enjoy action, thrillers, and suspense films, this is of the best scary Roblox games multiplayer for you.

  • Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game in which you must figure out and expose your neighbor’s criminal activity.
  • As in any stealth game, your main goal is to avoid death and defeat your opponent (which is your neighbor).
  • Remember that your next-door neighbor would go to tremendous measures to keep his secrets hidden.
  • With that, you must avoid being caught by him, or you will perish.
  • The game would begin with your character moving into a new house, much like any cliché movie.
  • And as time goes on, you’ll notice your neighbor’s strange and paranoid conduct.
  • Even though it is a stealth game, there is no active violence, unlike other horror games.

24. SCP: Roleplay

SCP: Roleplay

SCP: Roleplay is a Roblox horror game, which is short for Secure, Contain, and Protect, includes an intriguing storyline and roleplaying components.

  • Governments sponsor the SCP foundation, which is tasked with preserving the globe from various abnormal species in the SCP universe.
  • Players in SCP will have the opportunity to roleplay as a Class-D SCP, a scientist, a security guard, and various other SCP characters.
  • If you’ve always been intrigued by the world of SCP, now is the perfect moment to give it a try in the Roblox universe.

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25. All Insanity

All Insanity | 33 Best Scary Roblox Games to Play with Friends (Multiplayer)

All Insanity is a must-see for fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

  • You will spend roughly five nights working as a security guard for asylum during this game.
  • People will try to hurt you during your watch because it is an asylum.
  • You can ensure that you are always on the alert by flashing the windows, closing the doors, checking the vents, and keeping an eye on all the corridors you travel through.
  • Keep in mind that the difficulty level increases as each night passes.
  • Don’t let your guard down; there will be more people to watch out for each night.
  • Expect loud noises and scares throughout the game, just like in FNAF.

26. The Asylum

The Asylum

Eagle Studios, an independent studio specializing in horror Roblox games, created The Asylum, a terrifying Roblox game. The asylum, which is divided into chapters, turns players into explorers as they explore this abandoned, horrifying facility in search of answers. While the first episode takes you on a tour of the asylum, the second takes you to a terrifying facility nearby. If you’re brave, play this scary Roblox game.

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27. School History

School History

School History is another fantastically spooky Roblox game from the same mind behind, The Apartment. School History by TubPong simply might change your mind if you’ve ever wanted to explore your school after dark.

  • You and your pals must unearth the school’s mysteries and deadly realities with nothing more than a candle and your wits.
  • Explore the school grounds (in near-total darkness), searching for keys, equipment, and other objects that will help you unlock doors and survive whatever lurks behind them.
  • The graphics are decent, and the music is fantastic, but it’s the atmosphere that sets this game apart.
  • It’s dark, murky, and there’s only the tiniest sliver of light to guide you.

28. Happy Oofday! (Alpha)

Happy Oofday! Alpha

Happy Oofday! is a remake of the original from 2018, which scared the Roblox community into playing it.

  • The newly redesigned Oofday is a single-player oof-themed horror Roblox game with multiple chapters.
  • The first chapter of Oofday, which was recently released, is about a birthday party.
  • To celebrate your birthday, your pals have invited you to an abandoned yellow mansion.
  • However, none of you know that the house is haunted by a wicked spirit with a yellow appearance.
  • Happy Oofday is a funny-sounding but terrifying Roblox game with several endings that can take you anywhere.

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29. Insane Elevator

Insane Elevator

Insane Elevator is a Roblox horror game that dials back the scares by a smidge so that gamers of all ages can enjoy it.

  • Insane Elevator requires players to board an elevator to enter a drawing for various prizes.
  • Pennywise, the Clown, Sired Head, and even the Rake is among the killers you’ll encounter.
  • You must go through several stages and complete challenges as the player.
  • You may invite your friends and everyone to be crammed into the same Insane Elevator if you want to because this is a multiplayer Roblox horror game.

30. Breaking Point

Breaking Point | best scary Roblox games multiplayer

Breaking Point is one of the best scary Roblox games multiplayer that was briefly banned for being too frightening, but it is now back and better than ever.

  • It is a Roblox murder mystery multiplayer game in which players are seated at a single table to begin the game.
  • The players all have the same goal in mind: to eliminate everyone else. And it can be accomplished by the players taking turns and using weaponry.
  • Breaking Point also includes a variety of game variations, such as Who Did It, in which one player is chosen as the murderer, and the other players must determine who it is.
  • If you’re searching for the best scary Roblox games multiplayer, check out Breaking Point.

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31. The Rake

The Rake

The Rake is a Roblox horror game based on the creepypasta figure of the same name. This enormously popular survival horror game places you on a map with The Rake, a creepypasta creature who is not at all friendly. You must survive against the Rake while trying to save your sanity in a game that takes place in a variety of locations and scenarios.

32. The Haunted Imperial Hotel

The Haunted Imperial Hotel | best scary Roblox games multiplayer

The Haunted Imperial Hotel game is a Roblox horror game with powerful, strange emotions, including an abandoned hotel that was closed down due to several deaths caused by a collapse.

  • It lets you explore a reputedly haunted hotel full of inexplicable secrets, and it’s based on exploration mechanics blended with horror.
  • You must navigate the building as the explorer while avoiding attackers and traps.
  • This terrifying Roblox game is full of jump scares and horror. You can always play multiplayer with your buddies if you ever feel lonely.

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33. Piggy


Another spooky one for you, Piggy is an eerie, terrifying game available on Roblox.

  • Piggy combines puzzle solving with horror, leaving you both afraid and perplexed.
  • You must solve puzzles while avoiding Piggy, the evil, to win.
  • It is one of the most popular and constantly updated games, with more than 9.1 billion player visits.
  • There are books and chapters in the game series. Piggy is on Chapter 11 of Book 2 at the time of writing this. Have fun with Roblox’s most recent Piggy horror game.


These were some of the best scary Roblox games you’ll ever find to entertain yourselves. Share your experiences playing these games in the comment section below and interact with the same-minded community. If you have suggestions regarding such articles, reach out to us directly!

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