17 Best Free App to Learn Korean for Beginners

The new Korean wave is coming stronger than ever. Not only the younger generation but every age group is submerged in this new genre. The Korean show Squid Games spiked 40% of new Korean language learners in the US. If you are also into K-pop, K-Movies, or K-Drama, you must also want to learn the language as well. Do you want to learn Korean on the best Korean app offline? If you can relate, then that is wonderful, as we bring you the list of the best free app to learn Korean for beginners.

17 Best Free App to Learn Korean for Beginners

Best Free App to Learn Korean for Beginners

In recent studies, Korean is the 14th most spoken language in the world with over 70 million Korean language speakers. This Korean wave is so huge that in 2020 alone almost 160,000 students enrolled in Korean classes aiming to learn the language. If you also want to learn and master the Korean language, then keep reading to find the best free app to learn Korean for beginners.

List of Best Apps to Learn Korean for Free

If you want to speak Korean fluently to understand your favorite Korean drama or movie. Learning an entirely new language may sound hard to many, but with the help of easy-to-use learning app, you can master a new language with ease. We have listed out some of the best app to learn Korean for beginners. Have a look at it.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo Homepage

Duolingo is by far the most popular free Korean learning app making it the best Free app to learn Korean for Beginners. You can easily get access to the app in Google Play or in the web browser and learn the basic Korean alphabet or Hangul for free. Learn and master to speak and make sentences in Korean in less than 48 hours. You better get a notebook and write down the Korean consonants and vowels to help you out remembering the alphabet as Duolingo also offers simple tests after each lesson to examine and also help you remember the Hangul script slowly. Have a look at what this best Korean learning app offline has to offer.

  • It is available on Android, iPhone, and web browsers.
  • It is free.
  • You can learn other languages such as Portuguese, German, Spanish, Chinese, etc.
  • The certificates and scores are accepted by Universities and institutions.
  • Audio lessons are available.
  • Track your learning progress.

2. LingoDeer

LingoDeer Homepage

LingoDeer is another best free app to learn Korean for beginners, as it allows you to learn and master the basics first. Just like Duolingo, LingoDeer offers multiple language courses apart from Korean. It is a fun way to learn a new language with cute animations. You can learn the basic Hangul alphabet as well as learn to make the structure of a sentence. They offer you to practice your Korean pronunciation by repeating their audio.

  • It is compatible with Android and iOS.
  • It is completely free.
  • It offers engaging stories.
  • You get to practice with HD audio.
  • Provides effective learning.
  • You get detailed explanations for every lesson.

3. Annyeong Korean

Annyeong Korean homepage. 17 Best Free App to Learn Korean for Beginners

Another great learning app for beginners. Annyeong Korean offers online lectures to learn Korean for free. The lectures are on Korean consonants, and vowels, regarding greeting phrases, as well as social etiquette, ensuring you not only learn and master the Korean language but also learn more about the culture.

  • It is available on iPhones, iPads, Macs, and iPod touch.
  • It is completely free.
  • The app teaches correct pronunciation.
  • It provides detailed lectures by native Korean speakers.

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4. HelloTalk

HelloTalk homepage

HelloTalk is another best apps to learn Korean for free that matches you directly with people who are fluent in the language you choose, or wish to be fluent in. If you are looking forward to learning Korean, the app will link you to someone who is already fluent in that language. Once you are linked with the person, you can text, video call, voice call, or voice message that person to make a comfortable environment to learn.

  • Available on Android and iOS.
  • It offers more than 150 languages.
  • It provides you with intuitive language tools.
  • You get access to build your own community by chatting.
  • You can search for exchange language partners.
  • It is completely free.

5. Memrise

Memrise homepage

Memrise is a powerful flashcard system that allows you to submit your own vocabulary desks. You get to download hundreds of vocab lessons for free from TOPIK prep books, and Sogang or Yonsei University-compatible curriculums for absolutely free. Memrise also goes through spelling challenges, auditory quizzes, and vocabulary units using mix-and-match games so that each word is implanted deep in your brain.

  • It is compatible with Android, iOS, and desktop browsers.
  • It offers 23 languages.
  • Lear faster with a learning algorithm developed with the best cognitive science.
  • Access to multiple devices from one account.
  • It is free.

6. Learn Korean- Beginners

Learn Korean Beginners on Google Play. 17 Best Free App to Learn Korean for Beginners

Easily accessible on Android, Learn Korean-Beginners is another free Korean learning app that splits the grammar structure into bit-size, is smartphone-friendly for users, and is relevant. As you know, to learn any language, you need to have a good hold of grammar, and Learn Korean lets you have that grip over grammar, its structure, and the use of grammar. It offers you practical sentences accompanied by audio.

  • It is only compatible with Android.
  • It is completely free.
  • It is extremely easy to follow.
  • It also offers quizzes and tests.

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7. Mango Languages

Mango Language homepage

Mango Languages as sweet as the name suggests provides a sweet and simple language learning app that is geared towards teaching you practical phrases to use in everyday life. Practice learning Hangul by recording audio. You need to sign up for a group subscription as they sell their services to larger educational institutions such as public libraries, universities, and community centres. If you are subscribed, you will have access to more than 70 languages on top of Korean.

  • It is compatible with Android and iOS.
  • It also offers lesson quizzes.
  • You get the option to download lessons offline.
  • It offers vocabulary and grammar lessons.
  • Subscription for a single language is $7.99, and for all languages is $17.99.


TOPIK on Google Play

If you are interested in taking the TOPIK exam, this app provides you with the previous versions of the test split into former beginner, intermediate, and advanced test levels. You are free to practice the four sections of Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, and writing. The TOPIK app not only helps you strengthen your Hangul but also prepares you for the intermediate levels of learning.

  • It is easily available on Google Play.
  • You can download it for free.
  • It will prepare you for TOPIK exam.
  • It is available for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.

9. Drops

Drops homepage. 17 Best Free App to Learn Korean for Beginners

Are you looking for an app that gives you a mental workout? This free app limits you to learning five minutes a day which includes increasing your vocabulary and strengthening your grammar. If you think this will stress you out, then stress not, as Drops includes games and quizzes to make learning as fun as possible. As you might have guessed, Drops offers tons of languages including Korean, so, if you are a beginner and thinking of building your language skills, Drops is a great option for you.

  • It is available on Android and iOS.
  • It has a free version, but the premium version costs $13.24/month.
  • It offers you short and focused learning sessions.
  • You can learn 2000+ Korean words.

10. Dongsa

Dongsa homepage

Dongsa which literally means verb in Korean, portrays exactly what this app has to offer. Yes, it is a verb app that gives you meaning and sentence example of any verb. This incredible tool that makes up to the list of the best free app to learn Korean for beginners is all about conjugation. If you are a beginner, this app can come handy, if you do a little bit of writing practice or at least are familiar with the Korean script.

  • It is available on Android and iOS.
  • It is completely free to use.
  • It acts as a dictionary.

11. Learn Korean

Learn Korean by Bravolol homepage

Another one that is one of the best free app to learn Korean for beginners, Learn Korean makes learning fun. The app says aloud any phrase you select and the audio is recorded by native speakers. If the speed of the audio is too fast for you, you can select a slower speed and also record your own voice to check pronunciation. Learn Korean has both a free and a paid version, but you can access the paid sections by viewing a five-second ad, which is a great compromise! It is available offline making it one of best Korean learning app offline.

  • It is available on Android and iOS.
  • It has a free version; the paid version costs $4.99.
  • Pronunciations are recorded by native Korean speakers.
  • It is available offline.
  • Voice recording and playback are available.
  • It also offers customizable font sizes.

12. TenguGo Hangul

TenguGo on App Store

As a beginner, TenguGo Hangul is a great choice to learn Korean. This app focuses on reading and writing along with its audio aid. You can learn the basic Korean alphabet and you can also learn about Hangul’s history. Although there isn’t much content apart from teaching Hangul, the animations can make learning fun for beginners.

  • It is available only on iOS.
  • A free version is available; the paid version costs $2.99.

13. Mondly

Mondly homepage. 17 Best Free App to Learn Korean for Beginners

Based on the very heart of Romania, in Idyllic Transylvania, Mondly is another influential app that allows you to explore new languages and this includes Korean. Gone are the days when you had to buy heavy books to learn the base of a new language. With the help of one of the best free apps to learn Korean for beginners, you can learn and master a new language within hours. You can learn the pronunciation with the help of its audio pronunciation feature.

  • It is available on Google Play, Apps Store, and web apps.
  • It offers 41 languages.
  • It also quick daily lessons for constant improvement
  • You also get access to more than 1000 language combinations.
  • It offers quizzes, phrase learning, and various lessons.

14. Eggbun

EggBun homepage

Eggbun is another best app to learn Korean for free. It provides a vocal list of every lesson which shows everything learned in the lesson along with pronunciation. With the help of its feature, you can role-play a variety of scenarios that will ensure you use phrases and pronounce words like a native.

  • The app is available on Android and iOS.
  • It has a free version and a premium version is available for 45.99 per month and $28.99 per year.
  • It offers useful cultural tips and tricks.
  • It offers Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese.

15. Teuida

Teuida homepage. 17 Best Free App to Learn Korean for Beginners

Teuida, being one of best apps to learn Korean for free, offers you if not the best but one of the best tutors for the lessons. The app provides its lessons from the best bilingual teachers including the K-pop star Nancy from MOMOLAND. Isn’t it crazy how you can learn the language you want to master from your K-pop idol?

  • It is available on Google Play and App Store.
  • Get the app for free.
  • You get to learn from native speakers.
  • It is a very easy-to-use app.

16. Write It! Korean

Write it! Korean on Google Play

Without a doubt, it is one of the best apps to learn Hangul. Unfortunately, you need to get the paid version to access its features. By using Write it! Korean, you can practice the script and can redo the lessons as many times as needed along with the tests to get more comfortable. One of its best features is that it guides you to make only correct strokes, and will not respond if you make a wrong stroke. This way, you instantly know your mistake.

  • It is compatible with Android and iOS.
  • It has a free version, but the paid version costs $6.99.
  • It provides practice and tests.
  • The app is available offline.
  • It also provided audio support.

17. Learn Korean Language

Learn Korean Language on Google Play. 17 Best Free App to Learn Korean for Beginners

Another app that lets you learn Korean with fun and with ease. Learn Korean Language is an extremely easy-to-use app that enables you to learn Korean words daily. You can record yourself pronouncing the words and later check to get a clearer idea of your progress.

  • It is available on Android.
  • It is completely free.
  • It provides you with an audio recorder.


We hope that you found best free app to learn Korean for beginners in this article. We have provided some of best apps to learn Korean for free, but if you have any doubt, feel free to use the comment section below. Also, do not forget to add your suggestions, as we love to hear from you. What app did work best for you?

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