15 Best AI Mental Health Chatbots

Mental health, in its essence, seeks acceptance and emphasis. You do not need to use fancy fonts or just include that word in parentheses to describe and advocate for mental health. While sadness is an emotion, depression is a clinical condition that calls for consideration and professional help. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the help they need. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the finest AI mental health and therapist chatbot tools that can provide significant assistance rather than just offering forced affirmations.

15 Best AI Mental Health Chatbots

15 Best AI Mental Health Chatbots

Mental health conditions are not uncommon. As with any physical condition, it needs to be acknowledged and treated properly. While artificial intelligence already plays a big role in our daily lives, let’s explore its capabilities and review some of the top AI mental health tools.

Note 1: We do not recommend relying solely on these AI mental health chatbots. However, they can be a valuable resource for individuals seeking some assistance in their fight for mental well-being. If you feel these chatbots are not helping much, seek advice from mental health professionals.

Note 2: We do not endorse or sponsor any of the apps listed in this article. Users should ensure the protection of their data for privacy or any data loss.

1. Woebot


It’s rare if you were unaware of Woebot prior to reading this article. Woebot Health is an automated conversational agent, an AI mental health chatbot that provides users with behavioral health solutions using the principle of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The objective is to let the user talk and speak about how the one feels and the program will monitor the user’s moods and fluctuations in it, for which the chatbot empowers you to schedule a therapy session every day.

  • Friendly informative conversation combines natural language, psychological expertise, writing, and humor
  • Evidence-based, scientific CBT, IPT, and DBT therapeutic approach
  • User-friendly with no time constraints and appointment hustles
  • Average time of 3–5 days to build a bond
  • 91% satisfaction rate with a 22% reduction in symptoms of depression
  • 24/7 service and immediate responses
  • Personalized conversations, advice, and solutions
  • Download this free mental health chatbot app from the App Store and Google Play Store

2. Wysa


You do not have to look any further than Wysa to get heard. It is another emotionally intelligent chatbot that utilizes techniques of CBT, DBT, Yoga, and meditation to support users in reducing stress, sadness, and anxiety and improving overall mental health and well-being.

Wysa is like having a cute and adorable happiness buddy by your side, ready to talk and make you feel better with empathetic questions, and understand your emotions whether you’re coping with low self-esteem, anxiety, or depression. Official claims suggest Wysa has engaged in over 500 million conversations and helped more than 5 million people.

  • 24/7 active across 95 countries globally
  • Mental health tests and depression tests based on PHQ9 and anxiety tests like GAD7
  • 20 mindfulness exercises for effective anxiety relief, depression, and stress management
  • Self-care library with a wide range of learning modules on pregnancy, stress, anger, grief, and more
  • Anonymous usage to keep privacy ensured
  • Wysa Well-being Coaching offers 30-min coaching and a live text session
  • Globally present AI mental health chatbot tool
  • Download this free mental health chatbot app from the App Store and Google Play Store

Plans and Prices:

  • Free (One exercise per module)
  • Premium: $68.99/year (Android) and $74.99/year (Apple)
  • Coaching Sessions: $29.99/individual

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3. VOS: Mental Health, AI Journal

VOS: Mental Health, AI Journal

VOS serves as a trusted companion to the mental health of over 3 million users worldwide. Post-learning about the aspects of a user’s life, provides guidance on self-care and self-therapy, empowering individuals to reduce stress and anxiety, gain a deeper understanding of their emotions, improve their sleep, and ultimately achieve a greater sense of peace of mind. With VOS, users can embark on a transformative journey toward improved mental wellness.

  • Personalized science-based CBT tools
  • Self-help tips, breathing and meditation exercises, tests and challenges, quotes and affirmations
  • Mood trackers, AI-powered smart journaling, notepad writing
  • VOS toolkit hub for users to access a first aid kit or an online therapy chat with mental advisors
  • Personalized insights, personal Mood Chart
  • Operates in 8 languages
  • Download this free mental health chatbot app from the App Store and Google Play Store

4. Youper


The AI mental health chatbot, teletherapy, and behavioral coaching app, Youper is designed to understand emotions and help users deal with their mental health condition. Youper utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and mindfulness to guide users through exercises and help them feel motivated, improve their mood and sleep pattern, calm anxiety, and reduce symptoms of stress and depression.

  • 24/7 interactive chatbot listens and responds to users
  • Users can describe how they are currently feeling and even ask Youper to identify how they feel
  • Comprehensive conversation for users to identify the factors or events causing an emotional burden
  • Quick interventions to rule out toxic self-talk, negative thinking, and emotional challenges
  • Personalized recommendations and activities based on individual needs
  • Journal logs record users’ responses to How are you feeling prompt
  • Mood logs store users’ responses to What made you feel this way prompt
  • Helps users to learn the pattern of their emotions, and points triggering factors
  • Price: $36/month, easy cancellation (Free assessment)
  • Download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store

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5. MoodKit


Help improve your mood with the wisdom and guidance of MoodKit at your fingertips! That’s how the company introduces its app that leverages the effective strategies of professional psychology and offers help for users battling with depression. MoodKit follows the techniques of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and enables it to be used to enhance professional treatment.

  • MoodKit Activities with a wide array of tips to elevate mood, reduce negative feelings
  • Activities in 5 categories Productivity, Social, Enjoyment, Physical, and Healthy Habits
  • An additional activity category called ThriveTips
  • Thought Checker to keep a check on negative feelings pertaining to any given situation
  • Identifies and understands patterns of negative thoughts, and modifies positively
  • Mood Tracker for users to create, save and analyze daily ratings of mood
  • 30-days (landscape) and 7-days (portrait) compilation of exportable mood ratings
  • MoodKit Journal to create, save, and export notes surrounding activities and observations
  • Designed templates to help users journal with creativity
  • Buy and download the app from the App Store for $4.99

6. MoodNotes


Just like MoodKit, MoodNotes is also a thriving product by Thriveport. The app entitles users to keep a tab of their mood fluctuations over time, avoid being trapped in a cluster of burdening thoughts, and surround themselves with the perception of happiness. It also helps users to be more self-aware and reduce worrisomely.

  • Backed by CBT and positive psychology, this app aims to change the view of users toward happiness and positivity, and compliance with current situations.
  • Visualizes mood by taking a picture of the user’s face
  • Studies and detect patterns of mood
  • Download the app from the App Store

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7. Kintsugi


Do you believe in the power of mending broken things? Imagine being able to repair your favorite bowl that slipped out of your hands, leaving behind another reason for lingering sadness. This is the essence of Kintsugi, a Japanese art form that involves fixing broken pieces uniquely by putting them together with gold, resulting in a prettier and stronger piece than before. Inspired by this novel philosophy, the Kintsugi app aims to strengthen the roots of mental wellness and scale access to mental healthcare for every individual who seeks it.

  • Journaling and self-care with voice
  • Displays insights into one’s mental health by using his or her voice biomarkers
  • 24/7 accessible AI tool for mental health
  • Mindful breathing minute-timer
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy exercises
  • Track emotional progress
  • Kintsugi Voice API for real-time mental health identification
  • Buy and download the app from the App Store for $24.99

8. Limbic


Limbic is a free mental health chatbot that provides mental health services for patients, care providers, and clinicians. It brings neuroscience, machine learning, software engineering, and psychology together on its platform with the objective of driving information within psychological therapy. Recognized by NHS Academic Health Sciences Network and used by National Health Service (NHS) talk therapy clinics, this app leverages the power of AI to treat psychological illness.

  • Limbic Chatbot to manage thoughts and feelings
  • Analyzes patterns and generates personalized insights
  • Drives users to a therapy session without any distractions
  • No registration or sign-in is required
  • Records daily therapy sessions and maintains a journal of mental health to track progress
  • Download this free mental health chatbot app from the App Store and Google Play Store

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9. Mindspa: The Mental Health App

Mindspa: The Mental Health App

Mindspa targets people with extreme sadness, depression, loneliness, self-doubt, and a lot more emotional burden in the form of emotions like distrust, jealousy, apathy, resentment, and more. With psychoeducation, this app educates its users to cope with emotions, understand psychology, and manage their moods. Tips, exercises, and courses all work together to improve one’s mental health.

  • Psychology-based articles, mental wellness tips, personal development courses
  • Self-assessment tools, mental wellness workouts, Psychosutra self-help workouts
  • In-built mod and psychotherapeutic diary to track moods, emotions, and instances
  • Free AI mental health chatbot for emergency needs with faster responses
  • Download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store

10. Rise Up

Rise Up

Rise Up is still a newbie to the market of AI mental health therapist chatbots but looks highly capable of helping individuals cope with depression, anxiety, stress, anger, poor confidence, and low self-esteem. Rise Up creates a safe and secure space for users to express their thoughts and emotions freely, depending on which they can seek therapy.

  • Records users’ moods and empowers them to create a mood chart for periodic evaluations.
  • Mental health assessment to understand symptoms of one’s mental health
  • Personality tests help one in learning about their own personality
  • Multiple meditation and breathing techniques
  • Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store

11. Calm

Calm | AI mental health chatbots

Ultimately, what’s the point of all the chaos, if there is no calm in the course of time? One of the most anticipated AI tools for mental health, the Calm app empowers users to deal with everyday stress and anxiety. A long day feels shorter at night with the app that helps in improving sleep quality through meditation and relaxation. If not resolve things, good sleep can make you feel better, and help you tackle every hard-hitting stone while also prioritizing self-care, and refocusing attention by balancing moods.

  • Seasoned experts to guide on meditation
  • Mindfulness includes deep sleep, calming anxiety, focusing, breaking bad habits, and more.
  • Sound sleep with sleep and bedtime stories for adults and children
  • Calming music, sleep sounds, and soundscapes to help insomniacs
  • Daily 10-minute programs like Daily Calm, Daily Trip, etc.
  • Emotional and mental health tracker with daily streaks and mindful minutes
  • 7 and 21-day mindfulness programs
  • Calm Business for employees with Team and Enterprise plans, Calm Family plan
  • Download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store

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12. Talkspace


Talkspace was founded by Oren and Roni Frank in 2012. Talkspace connects users who cannot afford or are reluctant to seek face-to-face therapy sessions to over 3000 licensed therapists through their website or app. By scheduling therapy sessions for individuals, couples, teens, and psychiatrists, the objective of the company is to improve the accessibility of therapy and promote awareness of mental illness.

This platform is designed to provide a comfortable environment for users to exercise a session with any matched therapist via text, audio, and video. All you need to do is let the platform know about your preferences and they will provide you with a personalized match within 48 hours and you can begin therapy.

  • Cuts down the time and hassle of searching for and scheduling therapists
  • Flexible plans to cater to users’ needs
  • Can easily switch between providers at no extra cost
  • Online Therapy, Couple Therapy, Teen Therapy, Psychiatry, and more
  • Talkspace for Business to make mental healthcare more available
  • Accepts insurance and can be accessed by an average copay of $30
  • Very affordable AI mental health chatbot tool
  • Download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store

13. DotCom Therapy

DotCom Therapy

Having commenced their services in 2015, DotCom Therapy has taken a comprehensive approach towards mental healthcare and currently is partnered with 28 schools in seven countries including Alaska where they started and employers to provide reliable and personalized online support for kids aged up to 21 and direct therapy services to schools, health systems, and community programs in addition to educating them.

  • Direct content assessment and activities, including Virtual Therapy Services for students
  • Digital content and education for families and schools
  • Network of over 150 providers offering speech therapy, mental health therapy, occupational therapy
  • A 360-degree approach ensures school psychology and professional development as part of the service
  • Over 8000 monthly sessions across 40 states
  • Qualified and Licensed Clinical Social Workers offer mental therapy
  • Direct speech and language therapy, holistic evaluations, and treatment
  • With a track record of 4.97/5 patient satisfaction, it is one of the best AI mental health chatbots

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14. Finch


Finch is the ultimate supportive companion that craves to rather infuse love, affection, and joy into your life. Unlike any other AI mental health chatbot, Finch is more like a loyal pet that strives to keep you content and promote self-love. With daily self-care exercises, habit-building tools, and mood journals, this app encourages you to spend quality time with yourself and gain a deeper understanding of your emotions.

  • The user interface is set to happy mood tones to imbibe positivity
  • Lightweight and fun self-care tracker
  • Quick mood checks that energize you and your pet
  • Goal tracking, mindful breathing exercises, quizzes
  • Prioritized gratitude and motivational quotes for positivity
  • Download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store

15. Audyn

Audyn | AI mental health chatbots

Audyn is a tool that has recently set sail as an AI mental health startup. However, we firmly believe that this innovative platform has the potential to become a compassionate, empathetic, and non-judgmental companion for individuals seeking to maintain their mental well-being. Audyn offers users a safe space to discuss a wide range of topics, including mental health and wellness, emotions, and more. Individuals can navigate their highs and lows with ease, ensuring that their psychological sanity remains intact.

  • Mental health specialists created in collaboration with professionals
  • Quick responses at any time of the day
  • Long-term memory with deeper conversations
  • Trained in behavioral psychology, they can coach you in different instances.
  • Encrypted communication and E2E storage
  • Download this free mental health chatbot app from the App Store and Google Play Store


These AI mental health chatbots provide comfort and security for those who prefer to address their mental health conditions in the privacy of their personal space, rather than dealing with the hassle of appointments and attending therapy sessions. Our picks are intended to serve you well. With this, we conclude our article here. Thank you for reading, and please feel free to share your suggestions and your journey of well-being in the comments section below.

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