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12 Bad iPhone Habits to Break Today

iPhone has various amazing features, and the user experience is great. Moreover, you can use your iPhone for a very long time provided, you are not making mistakes like overcharging battery or overheating it. In this article, we will discuss bad iPhone habits you need to break today to prolong the life of your beloved Apple device.

12 Bad iPhone Habits to Break Today

Bad iPhone Habits You Need to Break Today & Forever

An average lifespan of an iPhone can be 5-7 years easily and with proper maintenance few more years can be added. So how long iPhones last is really in your hands. Read the below-mentioned bad iPhone habits carefully and ensure that you do not make these mistakes.

1. Overlooking Battery Health

Many iPhone users overlook the battery health of their phone and take it for granted, but in the long run, this might affect your device. The battery health of the iPhone is deteriorated due to many reasons, for instance, charging it multiple times throughout the day, and using cables and other adapters instead of the original iPhone charger.

The battery health can also get impacted if you charge your phone when it is completely dead. By making use of the low power mode feature on your device you can prevent this situation. So, now you might know that neglecting the battery life of your iPhone is a bad iPhone habits to break today. Thus, stop neglecting and start caring about the battery health of your device.

2. Not Updating iPhone

Apple releases new updates for iPhone which include the latest features, security update features, fixes bugs, improves performance etc. Some people update their iPhones to the latest version as soon as the new update is available, whereas some people ignore the new software update.

If you also ignore the new updates, then let me tell you that it is a bad habits with iPhone or bad iPhone habits to break today. So, update your iPhone to the latest version regularly and if you do not update then you will miss new security features which will badly affect your iPhone. Moreover, some apps require the latest iOS version to work normally. Thus, keep these points in mind when next time you ignore the latest update again.

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You must however be aware of iPhone Support End Dates for you to plan your next purchase in advance.

3. Letting Apps Track You

In this contemporary era, where everyone spends so much time online, it is essential you protect your privacy online. Apple launched a feature known as App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14.5. So, now what happens is whenever you install any new app on your device, then a prompt appears on your iPhone screen asking you whether you want the app to track your activity and data.

In this case, always choose the Ask App Not to Track option because if you allow the app to track your activity then they would share your data with third parties thereby annoying you with the personalized ads. If you have allowed the apps to track you, then do not worry because you can turn off this feature by navigating to Settings> Privacy> Tracking.

4. Excessive iPhone Usage

Another bad iPhone habits to break today is too much usage of your iPhone throughout the day. Excessive usage can affect your mental health, and sleep schedules, and can also lead to eyesight problems, concentration and learning issues, anxiety and stress, bad posture etc.

Therefore, make sure you reduce the usage of your iPhone by carefully tracking the screen time feature on your device thereby figuring out what app you spend the maximum time on and then reducing its usage slowly and gradually.

5. Turning On Background App Refresh for Unnecessary Apps

Many apps on our device make use of the background app refresh feature. This feature allows apps to refresh their content when on a mobile network or Wi-Fi in the background. The content is refreshed even when you are not using them, if this feature is turned on then a lot of power is consumed, so try turning off background app refresh for those applications that you do not use often and for whom you do not want to keep yourself updated all the time.

tap on Background App Refresh again

6. Using iPhone Without Tempered Glass or Back Cover

If you also use your iPhone without the tempered glass or back cover, then do not forget that if someday you drop your iPhone accidentally then it will cost you so much because getting the iPhone repaired is very expensive. This is also one of the bad iPhone habits to break today. Therefore, you should put the tempered glass to protect the front glass of your iPhone from breakage or scratches and use the back cover to protect the backside.

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7. Using iPhone Without Passcode

In this modern era, where your personal information can be misused so easily, using your iPhone without a passcode is dangerous. Passcodes act as a security tool and thus prevent your financial information as well as your personal information on social media, email etc to be misused by the other person who by chance gets hold of your iPhone.

8. Overlooking Phone Insurance

If you do not get your phone insured, then the repair cost would be quite expensive, and it is bad habits on the app store. So, to get your iPhone insured, AppleCare+ is the iPhone maker’s extended warranty program.

9. Keeping Brightness Level Too High

If you keep a high brightness level on your screen, then remember that it would use more battery power. Thus, try to lower the brightness level on your iPhone or turn on the Auto-Brightness feature. The auto-Brightness feature adjusts the screen brightness automatically for the current light conditions by making use of the in-built ambient light sensor. When you turn off the Auto-Brightness feature then battery life and long-term display performance can get affected on your device.

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10. Using Phone while Charging

Another bad iPhone habits to break today is using your iPhone while it is charging. Doing this could overheat the battery which in turn would reduce the lifespan of your device and battery. So, if you are doing this then stop it. Let your iPhone charge and after it is charged then use it to prevent the negative consequences.

phone charge

11. Running Many Apps at Same Time

If you are running multiple apps in the background, then remember that it is a bad habits with iPhone. Doing this uses so much processing power and memory thereby draining the battery of your device easily. Thus, close the unnecessary apps. You can close the apps completely by swiping them up from the bottom of their screen to lower the RAM usage and preserve the battery life.

12. Keeping Push Emails and Location Services On

Turning on these features consumes a lot of power as push emails checks for new messages continuously and location services provide specific location information to its users by making use of location-based data and GPS. So, turn them off to preserve the battery power.

Location Services Toggle iPhone Settings

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This brings us to the end of our article. We hope after reading our guide you were able to able to gain insights on bad iPhone habits to break today. You can reach out to us with your suggestions and queries via the comments section below. Also, let us know what topic you want to gain insights on in our next article.

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