How to Cancel FFXIV Subscription

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Final Fantasy XIV was created and released by Square Enix. You will have to deal with Square Enix and Sony’s customer care departments if you have a Square Enix account connected to your PS4 or PS5 account and wish to modify it. It is feasible, even though it might be challenging and irritating. Yoshi-P, the game’s designer, recently emphasized that he wants players to enjoy the game as they like. And it is a game with so much to do that it’s quite tough to get bored. It is easy to become a little burned out or feel like you are spending too much time on the game. Thus, a key component of gameplay mechanics is the opportunity to take a break from it and return to it later. If you are someone looking for tips about how to cancel FFXIV subscription Steam, stay tuned till the end. We are bringing you a helpful guide that will teach the same in detail along with answering other queries such as FFXIV subscription cost and Mogstation cancel subscription.

How to Cancel FFXIV Subscription

How to Cancel FFXIV Subscription

FFXIV game replaced the unsuccessful 2010 version of the software with this one, which was designed and developed by Naoki Yoshida. Eventually, compatibility for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and macOS were added. It was initially published globally for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3 in August 2013. Five years after the events of the 2010 original, Final Fantasy XIV is set in the mythical nation of Eorzea. When the first game ends, the primordial dragon Bahamut escapes from its lunar prison and starts the Seventh Umbral Calamity, a cataclysmic event that obliterates most of Eorzea. An interpretive paradigm that differs from many other instances of the category may be seen in the MMORPG Final Fantasy 14.

In addition to playing Final Fantasy 14 and maintaining your memberships, you must have a Square Enix account, regardless of where you purchase and access it. Just one Square Enix account may be connected to each system is where things could become complicated. Accordingly, if you purchase it for the PC via Steam, you will be forced to play on Steam indefinitely, as well as for any upcoming updates, provided you don’t mind purchasing a new copy from the Square Enix Store beginning again with new characters.

  • Cross-platform multiplayer between the PC version and the PlayStation version is possible.
  • The same user may use the same account to play on both the PC and the PS4 or PS5. Nevertheless, this prevents any possibility of an unintentional PlayStation profile linkage to a different Square account.
  • Final Fantasy 14 has to be bought numerous times on various systems.

Keep reading to learn how to cancel FFXIV subscription and the FFXIV subscription cost.

Is FF14 Expensive?

Yes, FF14 is expensive. You now have to invest the staggering USD 59.99 for the Digital Standard Edition or USD 139.99 for the Digital Collector’s Edition. You can also get the Digital Starter Edition for USD 19.99. These are the FFXIV subscription cost.

How to Buy and Start Playing Final Fantasy XIV?

For those systems, you may acquire the Digital Collector’s Edition by going to Steam or the PlayStation Store. Look at the eagerly awaited fourth expansion pack for the highly regarded game FINAL FANTASY XIV online. You can buy FINAL FANTASY XIV through Steam or PlayStation Store. Here’s how to start playing Final Fantasy XIV:

Step 1: Create Character

Making your own Warrior of Light is the very first step you must accomplish before playing Final Fantasy XIV. Six races will be available for you to select from Hyur, Elezen, Lalafell, Miqo’te, Roegadyn, and Au Ra, which had been introduced to the new free trial. The male Hrothgar and female Viera are two additional races available to you, albeit whether you decide to buy the Shadowbringers extension will rely on your decision. However, Male Viera entered the game with the release of Endwalker to be a bunny-boy.

Step 2: Choose Job

You must select your first job, also known as a Class, in the character creation while playing Final Fantasy XIV for the first time. There are a lot of possibilities, so it might be challenging. However, selecting the one you think you’ll love to start is advised. Choosing your first job quest doesn’t mean you have to stick with it indefinitely. Your first selection of a class is a prerequisite class, which will change once you have reached Level 30 and finished the quest for the specific job. It’s vital to remember that your initial class and city will both be where you start the game. So if you want to play with pals right away, selecting a job that will put you in their city is suggested.

Step 3: Follow Quests

  • Main Scenario Quests (MSQ): Going through the MSQ should be your primary focus in Final Fantasy XIV. To go on to expansion areas and high-level access content in XIV, which is predominantly a narrative MMO, you must follow the MSQ. You should keep an eye out for the entire gold meteor indicator on your map or check the top left corner of your screen to see where to travel next to follow the MSQ.
  • Class/Job Quests: Your job quests should be your second priority when you are questing. As you level up, you must do all your job objectives to decrypt new powers and, ultimately, your relic armor. The next stage of your job will become available after you reach Level 30 and receive your Job Stone.
  • Quest Icons: Side missions have blue quest icons, according to the quest symbols. These symbols signify the existence of unlocked content, such as a dungeon, a test, or a mechanism. You should keep an eye out for some of these early on in the game and after you’ve finished ARR MSQ since some will unlock intriguing plot lines and other crucial content.

Step 4: Level Up

You’ll find that leveling up in Final Fantasy XIV’s tale is very simple in the beginning, but there may come a time when you can’t go on to the next MSQ unless you reach a particular level. This is where the daily tasks known as the Duty Roulette come in when you want to earn that additional XP. After the daily reset, you may participate in Duty Roulette in the Duty Finder, providing you with Gil and extra XP for finishing. As you progress through the game, we strongly advise finishing your daily tasks since doing so will allow you to continue the MSQ without being concerned that your level isn’t high enough. Read till the end to find the steps to cancel FFXIV subscription.

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What is FFXIV Subscription Cost?

You have to pay USD 59.99 or the full game price for the entire edition of a game released more than ten years ago. The game’s current additions are included in this volume, along with the core game. Here are FFXIV subscription cost:

Standard Subscription USD GBP EUR
30 days $14.99 £8.99 €12.99
90 days $41.97 (save $3.00) £25.17 (save £1.80) €35.97 (save €3.00)
180 Days $77.94 (save $12.00) £46.14 (save £7.80) €65.94 (save €12.00)
Entry Subscription USD GBP EUR
30 days $12.99 £7.69 €10.99

These are the FFXIV subscription cost you should know about.

Can You Pause Your FF14 Subscription?

No, you cannot pause your FF14 Subscription. You cannot interrupt a subscription in the manner that you presumably imagined. You cannot stop the remaining days of your membership and then revive it when you are prepared to use them all up. The only option available to you is to terminate your membership. Once you do that, you can use the membership for the remaining days left in your paid version before being disconnected until you renew. Continue reading to find the steps to Mogstation cancel subscription.

What is Difference between Cancel Service & Subscription of FFXIV?

Although the terms cancel service and cancel subscription may seem similar, they are not the same. Let’s see what differences make these two terms dissimilar from each other:

  • Cancel Service: When you use the Cancel service, your whole account is truly deleted. You will restart at the beginning after having your whole account, along with all characters, destroyed. Only select this if you wish to completely remove all information related to your FFXIV account for any reason. Instead, take the choice described below if you believe there is some possibility you could come back at some point.
  • Cancel Subscription: It only ends your existing subscription to FFXIV if you cancel the subscription. However, after those days have passed, your FFXIV membership will not extend automatically, and you will need to renew this again manually. You may still enjoy the remaining time you have already paid. If all you want to do is take a break, use this alternative. You can always come back to FFXIV later using this method.

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What Happens If You Cancel Subscription FFXIV?

The consequences of canceling your subscription are listed below:

  • Canceling your subscription will only end your existing subscription to FFXIV.
  • Your FFXIV membership will not be extended automatically, and you must manually renew this again.
  • You can play in the remaining time for which you have paid.

How to Cancel FFXIV Subscription on Steam?

Follow the below steps on how to cancel FFXIV subscription Steam process:

1. Visit the Steam website on your browser and Sign in to your account with account credentials.

Visit the Steam website on a browser and log in to your account | How to cancel ffxiv subscription

2. From the home page, click on your profile name > Account details from the top right corner.

From the home page, click on your profile name - Account details from the top right corner

3. Click on Manage Subscriptions under the STORE & PURCHASE HISTORY section.

Click on Manage Subscriptions under the STORE & PURCHASE HISTORY section

4. Click on Cancel to end the subscription.

Note: Refunds for the remaining subscription period will not be refunded if you cancel your subscription in the middle of it. Your subscription will be valid as long as the subscription period is still in effect.

Click on Cancel to end the subscription

Read the section below to understand how to Mogstation cancel subscription.

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How Do You Unsubscribe from Mog Station?

After learning how to cancel FFXIV subscription, follow the below steps for the Mogstation cancel subscription process:

1. Visit the SQUARE ENIX Account Management System page in a browser.

2. Log In to your account using your login credentials.

Log in to your account using your login credentials

3. After logging in, click on Mog Station.

4. Click on Manage Service Options.

Click on Manage Service Options

5. Click on Cancel Subscription under Service Account Status.

Click on Cancel Subscription under Service Account Status

6. Click on Next.

This is how to unsubscribe or Mogstation cancel subscription.

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How to Renew FFXIV Subscription PS4?

Follow the below steps on how to renew FFXIV subscription PS4:

1. Visit the SQUARE ENIX Account Management System page and Log In to your account.

2. After logging in, click on Mog Station > Manage Service Options.

Click on Manage Service Options

3. Under the Subscription Renewal section, choose the desired payment method.

Under the Subscription Renewal section, choose the desired payment method

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to renew your subscription.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you have learned to cancel FFXIV subscription Steam and the Mogstation cancel subscription process. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.

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