32 Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

The eagerly awaited The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is now available for both the Wii U and the new Nintendo Switch. It is a convertible tablet that also doubles as a home console when docked to your TV, reimagines the popular video game series with a wide-open world and fewer restrictions on how you can approach each new challenge. Critics have hailed it as one of the best video games ever made, and fans are happily investing countless hours in it. On your tablet or smartphone, sadly, you won’t find it. Although there may ultimately be a mobile Legend of Zelda game, the haste of game developers won’t keep you hanging for long. The evaluated and decoded model of Zelda has been used by other developers to create exciting iOS and Android games that provide reliable and more cheap entertainment while on the road. Today we’ll be taking you on an interesting trip to these games like legend of Zelda for Android smartphone which won’t have you deciding with your pockets, but before that, let’s have a prima facie intro about the true Zelda game.

Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

Nintendo created and launched The Legend of Zelda, an action-adventure game, in 1986. It was first released in Japan under the name The Hyrule Fantasy: Zelda no Densetsu.

  • The first game in The Legend of Zelda series is set in the fictional world of Hyrule and revolves around a young boy named Link who seeks to assemble the eight pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom to save Princess Zelda from the villain Ganon.
  • Link is a character in the game that the player controls from a top-down viewpoint as he explores the overworld and dungeons, gathering weapons, slaying foes, and learning mysteries as he goes.
  • The Family Computer Disk System’s launch title was initially made available in Japan in February 1986.
  • The first game for a home console to use an inbuilt battery for data storing was released in cartridge form more than a year later for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America and Europe.
  • Later, in 1994, this version was made available in Japan as The Hyrule Fantasy: Zelda no Densetsu 1.
  • The game is playable on the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U through the Virtual Console after being converted to the GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

The Nintendo Switch’s NES Switch Online service makes it one of the 30 games that were bundled with the NES Classic Edition device. Let’s now dive into the alternatives of the game.

1. Titan Souls

Titan Souls Appstore webpage. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

The game isn’t available on Google Play Store, however, it can still be downloaded from Amazon Appstore. You may be reminded of The Legend of Zelda when playing Titan Souls by the story that surrounds it. Collecting Titan Souls will provide you power because they are the life energy that is a component of your adventure’s goal. To gather shards, you must navigate the planet by destroying giants. Only ardent Zelda Android fans will see the benefit of purchasing this title because it is often one of the more costly ones on the list.


  • Colossal Titans: Investigate the historic sites left behind by your ancestors to find amazing and singular titans, each with its own vicious attacks and secret weakness. To kill the animals and devour the primal force that is inside them, identify and take advantage of their flaws.
  • Easy combat: Fire your lone arrow at the terrifying giants, then call it back to your hand to deliver another powerful blow. Do not be afraid of dying because it is both unavoidable and common in Titan Souls. Instead, dash and flee from the titan’s strikes.
  • Arcane Secrets: This world has several mysteries to be revealed. Find them, kill them, and claim their souls for your own to learn the real amount of power that lies here. Forgotten giants are lurking in the shadows and prowling around the farthest reaches of the country.

2. Ys Chronicles 1

Ys Chronicles 1 Play Store webpage

The Android game Ys Chronicles 1 is produced by DotEmu and is a strong choice in games like legend of Zelda for Android.


  • Play the part of the brave young swordsman, Adol Christin from Ys. Early in the story, you find yourself on a strange beach in Esteria, a nation whose settlements are under attack by hordes of demonic monsters.
  • You have the support of the people of Esteria if you can defeat the demons and free the kingdom.
  • Find six sacred volumes that contain both the knowledge required to restore peace and the history of the ancient land of Ys to accomplish your goal.
  • Throughout the game, you may gain power and experience by finding enchanted tools and artifacts. Become a mighty knight to vanquish your adversaries!

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3. Ys Chronicles II

Graphical user interface website Description automatically generated. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

The heroic fantasy JRPG game Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished – The Final Chapter, also by DotEmu, is a follow-up to the first installment in the Ys Chronicles series. Like the previous one, the sequel too is a total fit when talking about Android games like Zelda.


  • It is set in a stunningly beautiful Japanese aesthetic setting. After defeating Dark Fakt, you (Adol) must go on with your quest to discover the island’s mysteries.
  • Use your sword skills, new weapon mastery, and newly acquired magic knowledge to free the legendary city of Ys from evil.
  • With your unyielding determination, you must infuse a world plagued by demons and paralyzed by hopelessness!

4. Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest Play Store webpage

For Android and iOS, Shiny Box, LLC has created the role-playing and single-player game Dungeon Quest. The game has action-packed gameplay and presents a range of characters, each of them having their own special skills. It takes place in a realm of fantasy where the player may gather boosters to improve his skills. New levels with enhanced visuals, physics, and controls are included. The updated maps now feature dynamic shadows, and the settings menu gives the player complete control over the shadow quality.


  • The player may construct valuable tools and weapons to use against foes during gameplay by using the crafting function.
  • The offline Action Role-playing game sends the player on an epic quest to get the greatest riches and perform tasks.
  • Popular character classes for gamers in the game include Wizard, Rogue, and Warrior.
  • Core elements of Dungeon Quest include randomized loot, evil-plagued lands, upgrades, the ability to test your skills, and more. Enjoy it as you look up for more Android games like Zelda.
  • It has four acts with illustrious bosses
  • It has Bluetooth native controller integration.

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5. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

Although Genshin Impact lacks some of the features seen in Zelda games, it does include magnificent cel-shaded graphics, a sizable area to explore, and several challenging boss battles, along with this, an additional gacha element just to add to the appeal of the game.


  • Since its debut, it has broken several records and has become the game with the largest lifetime first-year revenue.
  • To avoid falling victim to the Genshin hype, one would have to practically live under a rock. For these reasons, we have included Genshin Impact on our list along with some other uncommon and obscure treasures.

6. Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 Play Store webpage. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

Gameloft Montreal’s amazing Dungeon Hunter 5 is an Action RPG with hack and slash elements. It is a part of the Dungeon Hunter Series. You may choose from one of three classes in the game, each with a unique set of strengths and skills that you can use to fight off adversaries. The titles of these classes are Warrior, Rogue, and Mage; each class has a unique set of skills and abilities that you may use to play the game’s many classes.


  • This game provides you with a few trial modes so you may gauge your skills and talents.
  • The game Dungeon Hunter 5 is amongst the great games like legend of Zelda for Android and is given love by many till date, you may as well try it out.
  • Legendary abilities, gear, and weaponry
  • Unmatched visuals
  • Multiplayer cooperative mode
  • Simple and intuitive controls for fighting maneuvers

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7. Anodyne

Anodyne Play Store webpage

Anodyne is an excellent Action-Adventure and Fantasy-based RPG video game that features gorgeous Game-Boy-style visuals and delivers immersive gameplay and mechanics making itself a great choice in the list of Android games like Zelda.


  • The game has a twisted narrative in which you are thrust into a realm within your own head and must explore several dream-like locales, fight a variety of bloodthirsty adversaries, etc.
  • The main objective of the game is to explore the strange world, exact revenge on your enemies using a special weapon (a magical sword), collect a variety of magical artifacts and treasures, interact with NPCs to let them guide your actions, and solve some difficult puzzles to get to the game’s conclusion.
  • Both the latest Windows versions and Android are compatible with it.
  • It could be available as a package with the most current sequel, Anodyne 2, which was released in 2019.

8. Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn Play Store webpage

Your father vanished one day without a trace, and Oceanhorn sends you into unfamiliar waters to locate him. In addition to being a good choice for games like legend of Zelda for Android, Star Tropics and other classic Nintendo games are also reminiscent of it.


  • It is 3D, which elevates it above the typical Zelda-style game, and it features a memorable tale.
  • If you wish to unlock the full version, you will need to make a single in-app payment.
  • This game offers almost ten hours of playtime and using a controller is one of its two great features.
  • Configurable visual options
  • More than 10 hours of gameplay with a storyline
  • Precision in touch controls
  • Amazing soundtrack created by the top video game music creators

9. Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana Play store website. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

Since it was first launched in 1993, the Secret of Mana is a bit older and hence more suited to retro aficionados who remember playing Android games like Zelda on ancient Nintendo consoles.


  • One of the benefits is that this is unquestionably a full-featured game.
  • The main drawback of this classic game remake is that the 3D version isn’t accessible on Android.
  • However, it includes a ring command system that makes it incredibly simple to carry out operations.
  • For those who are unfamiliar, you play as a guy named Randi who is followed by his two buddies.
  • As you attempt to save the world from danger, it features real-time fights and focuses on the mana’s magical abilities.

10. Hello Hero

Hello hero play store webpage

Fincon is the developer and publisher of Hello Hero, a social, quick-paced role-playing, single-player, and multiplayer game for smartphones and other mobile devices running Android and iOS.


  • The fantasy-themed game has more than 300 heroes that the player may acquire and hire, including ice skaters and fearsome swordsmen.
  • On twenty different continents that have been overrun by the wicked Keronic, there are more than two hundred quests accessible.
  • To defeat bosses and win the game, the player must battle in the arena and overcome a range of obstacles.
  • In addition to featuring simulated 3D graphics, the game provides hundreds of distinct characters for players to team up with.
  • The game offers a variety of difficult game modes, including Story Missions, Dungeon Mode, PvP (Player vs Player), Boss Raids, Arena, and more.
  • With hundreds of armour pieces and weaponry at his disposal, the player may outfit his heroes for an adventurous trip across a variety of beautiful environments.
  • Numerous modes, the ability to challenge friends, a variety of landscapes, and other notable features are available in Hello Hero. You ought to give it a shot and enjoy it.

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11. Portal Knights

Portal Knights play store webpage. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

With Portal Knights, a multiplayer 3D sandbox action RPG, you may leave the known world behind and enter the fascinating unknown. It’s no surprise as it shines alone when talking about games like legend of Zelda for Android.


  • Enhance your character’s stats and create potent weapons to fight foes in tactical real-time battles.
  • Explore a vast number of islands created at random and put an end to The Fracture’s chaos to bring about world peace.
  • The overall product of this one, which incorporates some Minecraft inspirations, is very amazing.
  • Create, build, adventure, and more. It’s something you can do by yourself or with others, and you’ll almost always have a good time.

12. Evoland

Evoland play store webpage

The aesthetics and gameplay of Playdigious’ Evoland range from 4-bit 2D graphics to 3-dimensional gaming.


  • The gameplay combines elements of Final Fantasy’s Active-Time Battles with The Legend of Zelda’s action role-playing genre scoring a potential entry in the list of Android games like Zelda.
  • Dungeons, caves, woodlands, and communities full of NPCs may be found throughout the map of the globe.
  • Players can locate hidden stars and cards that are dispersed across the game area as part of a side mission for the story mode.
  • The latter can be utilized in a collectible card game based on Triple Triad from Final Fantasy VIII.
  • It is definitely worth the entry fee because there aren’t any commercials or in-app purchases.
  • If you enjoy it, you may also subscribe to get more content, however, it will probably cost more because it’s a more modern game.

13. Evoland 2

Evoland 2 play store weboage. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

A fascinating journey through RPG history may be found in Evoland 2.


  • There are hints of several different Zelda periods as well as many other great RPGs here.
  • You may get your fill of switching between different gaming genres without becoming tired by playing 2D RPGs, 3D versus fights, shooters, trading card games, and more.
  • Evoland 2 is more than just one game; it’s a collection of them, all connected by a compelling narrative that will take you back in time while introducing you to cutting-edge gaming technology.
  • Although it occasionally feels a little disconnected, it’s still worth a look.

14. Honorbound RPG

HonorBound RPG play store webpage

HonorBound RPG may have been at the top of the list if not for the bugs. This RPG is certainly for the fans who prefer games like legend of Zelda for Android since it is magical and exciting.


  • This game takes place in a mythical realm where dragons, orcs, ogres, and the living dead reign.
  • For any gamer, it is a compelling enough incentive to get this title.
  • You can choose to play as a wizard, knight, cleric, or rogue.
  • You may build alliances and join forces with other heroes, which adds to the excitement.
  • Along with thwarting the powers of evil, you may also hunt for mystical components, and locate legendary riches, and unusual prizes.
  • The finest thing is that without the big boss battles, this game wouldn’t be a Zelda-style title.

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15. Legend of the Skyfish Zero

Legend of the Skyfish Zero play store webpage. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

The company Crescent Moon Games created Legend of the Skyfish Zero and it serves rightfully as one of the greatest Android games like Zelda.


  • A fishing rod is the only unique gear and weapon in this wonderful adventure puzzle game.
  • Take part in Little Red Hook and the Moonwhale’s battle with the monstrous Skyfish by following their progress.
  • As you go, upgrade your fishing rod to use it as a grappling hook or a weapon.
  • In Legend of the Skyfish, you can expect gorgeous hand-painted visuals, challenging action puzzles, and unusual foes.
  • Explore a huge region of 45 handmade stages as you obliterate enormous monsters.

16. Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales play store webpage

Kakao Games Corp. has released the game Guardian Tales which is another considerable one amongst Android games like Zelda.


  • Lift gigantic boulders, hurl explosives, and hurl oneself through walls to locate secret passages to wonderful treasures!
  • Duck, dip, dive, and dodge your way through formidable foes and enormous monsters.
  • Take on the terrifying, dark bosses that reside in the dungeons you explore!
  • The hero has come, so beware, wicked pig monsters! To compete against other players in real-time fights for glory, assemble and synergize your best team of three heroes!
  • Travel alone, gather, and use more than 50 different Heroes and 100 different weapons, each of which has unique special abilities!
  • Meet new people, brag about your heroes, and have fun in the Guild House! Likewise, be considerate of the Guild Scarecrow.

17. Taichi Panda: Heroes

Taichi Panda Heroes play store webpage. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

Action role-playing, single-player, and multiplayer video game Taichi Panda: Heroes was created and distributed for Android and iOS by Snail Games USA Inc.


  • To provide an engaging experience, it blends Action-Adventure, Fast-paced, Combat, and Exploration aspects.
  • You may choose from a variety of playable characters, each with their own special skills, and then you can enter the universe.
  • With the help of the customization options, you can give your character a completely different look and choose from a variety of potent weapons to use against foes.
  • The game is played isometrically, and in order to advance through each level, you must exterminate all of the monsters.
  • Toto avoid dying, you battle to quickly deplete the monster’s health by combining many hits into combinations.
  • You engage with other players during gaming, get experience points, and may utilize these points to unlock new content to advance to the master level.
  • The game has a PvP mode where you may play against actual gamers from across the world or collaborate with them to form a team.
  • Command your Army, Explore the Fantasy Land, Join Allies, and more noteworthy elements can be found in Taichi Panda: Heroes. Give it a go as it is still a good entry in this list of Android games like Zelda.

18. Zenonia 4

Zenonia 4 play store webpage

Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend, often known as Zenonia 4, offers an unusual and pretty wonderful blend of Action, RPG, and Hack and Slash components and transports you to a world where an unknown ancient evil force threatens to wreck the earth. Almost all gamers would hear about Zenonia franchise when searching for games like legend of Zelda for Android.


  • To defend the planet from the invasion of Evil, Zenonia 4 assigns you to be a part of a warrior legion that includes Regret, Lu, Ecne, Chael, and others and begins on a mission to destroy the evil forces and save Zenonia.
  • Zenonia 4 has a massive game world to explore, which you can become a part of after choosing and customizing your online avatar, arming yourself and your crew with lethal weapons and armor, engaging in epic melee combat encounters with the enemy, and destroying them in order to complete the game objectives.
  • The game gives you a whole new viewpoint on Action, RPG, and Hack & Slash gaming with ultra-HD visuals, engrossing gameplay, and a beautiful story.

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19. Battleheart Legacy

Battleheart Legacy play store webpage

The developer of Battleheart Legacy is Mika Mobile, Inc. This is a revamped comeback of Battleheart’s spirit and should be utilized as one of Android games like Zelda.


  • In the fantasy role-playing game Battleheart Legacy, you’ll explore a vast and intricate fantasy world while designing your own hero with hundreds of potent skills and weapons, fending against hordes of enemies, encountering eccentric individuals, and discovering the tale of a troubled land.
  • A powerful magician or a notorious rogue—which one will you become? Does he appear to be a brave knight or a vicious barbarian? How will you make an impact that lasts? Play along and make your choices to claim your destiny.

20. Dash Quest Heros

Dash Quest Heros play store webpage. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

In Dash Quest Heroes, you get a chance to become a Legendary Hero and go across a large fantasy universe thus being a good choice for those searching for games like legend of Zelda for Android.


  • Zaru, a demonic creature, has captured the Kingdom of Solas, and it is up to the world’s Heroes to vanquish him.
  • Set off on a trip over undulating hills, mysterious tunnels, hidden woods, and more as you gather wonderful gear and create new stuff!
  • Only the most powerful Heroes will live on in mythology. You concentrate on smashing up the evil guys in this condensed action role-playing game.
  • It won’t engross you like a genuine Zelda game, but it’ll pass the time when you have a few free moments just rightfully.

21. Across Age

Across age play store webpage

Across Age gives a superb opportunity to recreate the amazing Zelda experience on your portable devices and is a terrific blend of Action, Adventure, RPG, and Fantasy-based aspects.


  • The game allows you to experience high-quality gaming in the same way that you did in the well-known Zelda series by offering remarkable Zelda-like gameplay and mechanics.
  • With stunning 16-bit graphics, Across Age lets you explore an enchanted environment, battle some deadly foes, control one or more characters, each with their own special talents, use weapons like swords, axes, and hammers, and obliterate your foes with all the special abilities you possess.
  • You may complete several challenging puzzles in Across Age to get experience points, which can then be used to purchase significant upgrades and power-ups.
  • Across Age is an enjoyable game to play thanks to the NPC conversations, the numerous puzzles to solve, the excellent character customization and selection possibilities, and the excellent gameplay.
  • A second version of the game from Across Age is accessible on both iOS and Android devices which is worth a try too.

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22. Stories of Bethem – Full Moon

Stories of bethem full moon. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

Cristobal Mata’s classic action-RPG adventure, Stories of Bethem – Full Moon, is filled with exploration and riddles. This is a close point to games like legend of Zelda for Android and still worth a try.


  • Another open-world game, where players are free to wander about at their leisure.
  • Puzzles and tasks abound throughout the dungeons. The story mode may be finished in 20 hours of gameplay, after which the player is free to gather in-game gear and engage in open-ended monster combat.

23. Ittle Dew

Ittle Dew play store webpage

The Adventuress Ittle Dew and her friend Tippsie arrive on an exotic island that is teeming with wealth and strange characters are what Ittle Dew from Ludosity AB is all about. The storyline is a bit different but it can still stand in the lot of Android games like Zelda.


  • They know right once that this may be their biggest adventure ever.
  • Ittle Dew reduces the traditional adventure genre to its core element: enjoyment.
  • You may expect tricky puzzles, classic gameplay, and lots of adventure.

24. Adventures of Mana

Adventures of Mana play store webpage

Final Fantasy Adventure for the Game Boy was remade in 3D and released as Adventures of Mana in 2016.


  • This particular game has been remade twice, the first being Sword of Mana for the Game Boy Advance in 2003.
  • The initial Mana game exposed players to the majority of the aspects that would later come to define succeeding titles, including its high fantasy settings and action RPG gameplay.
  • Mana is a long-running video game franchise hence it serves just right if you’re fetching games like legend of Zelda for Android.

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25. Zenonia 5

Zenonia 5 play store webpage. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

Gamevil Inc. developed and released Zenonia 5, an action role-playing single-player video game amongst Android games like Zelda.


  • A major battle was fought to restore the unity and tranquility of humanity in the game’s fantasy universe, which features an intriguing plot.
  • However, as time went on, the man’s hearts became tainted by money and ego. The tranquil kingdom is soon attacked by evil forces, who then try to obliterate everything.
  • The kingdom is then saved by a legend who emerges from the village in ruins.
  • Assuming the character of the hero, your objective is to battle and vanquish adversaries to put an end to the conflict and accumulate as many points as you can to become a legend.
  • You can choose from one of the four character classes to participate in the bloody combat.
  • You may give your hero access to a wide range of weapons and equipment, and it features a dynamic action role-playing aspect.
  • There are hundreds of missions available for you to accomplish, as well as a tonne of stuff and awards.
  • Several key elements of the game include new challenges, dynamic gameplay, a detailed environment, intuitive controls, etc.

26. Zenonia 4

Zenonia 4. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend, often known as Zenonia 4, offers an unusual and pretty wonderful blend of Action, RPG, and Hack and Slash components and transports you to a world where an unknown ancient evil force threatens to wreck the earth.


  • To defend the planet from the invasion of Evil, Zenonia 4 assigns you to be a part of a warrior legion that includes Regret, Lu, Ecne, Chael, and others, and begin on a mission to destroy the evil forces and save Zenonia.
  • After choosing and customising your online avatar, equipping yourself and your crew with lethal weapons and armor, and engaging in epic melee combat engagements with the enemy to defeat them in order to achieve the game’s objectives, Zenonia 4 provides a vast gaming world to explore.
  • Zenonia 4 allows you to experience Action, RPG, and Hack and Slash gaming from a whole new viewpoint thanks to ultra-HD graphics, immersive gameplay, and a beautiful story.

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27. Swordigo

Swordigo play store webpage. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

The creators of Swordigo are Touch Foo.


  • Enter a fascinating world full of towns, dungeons, wealth, and evil creatures.
  • Gaining experience will raise the level of your character. Find strong tools, spells, and weapons to defeat your adversaries.
  • Dive through dark tunnels and dungeons that are illuminated by an eye-catching dynamic lighting system.

28. Headland

Headland play store webpage

Northplay created the Headland game. Another close-by while listing games like legend of Zelda for Android, you won’t be disappointed.


  • A powerful force shatters the creative heart of Nor’s Headland.
  • With the aid of his robot friends, he must find the shards and engage in combat to restore his unbounded creativity.
  • Headland is a quick-paced action-adventure video game that was made by the award-winning Northplay studio.
  • Take a look at a completely mobile-based fresh spin on the action-adventure genre.
  • Engage in fighting with a variety of monsters using our cutting-edge swipe-and-tap combat system.
  • As you go through the arenas, you may unlock new weapons and upgrade them with resources you’ve gathered along the route.
  • Tapping through a story full of colorful characters will let you explore a vast, beautiful imaginary realm.

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29. Aeon Avenger

Aeon Avenger play store webpage

Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd. has created and published Aeon Avenger, a video game with elements of adventure, role-playing, and isometric perspective.


  • The setting of the game is rooted in fantasy, and it follows an epic quest for retribution over time and space.
  • Three periods, Past, Present, and Future, are used to divide the game of revenge’s plot.
  • The story claims that in the distant past, world dominance was held by lords, and people were endowed with legendary powers.
  • Technology was developed over many ages while rulers were forgotten. Lake, Rean, Mimi, and Law are the four playable characters; each has a different set of talents, abilities, and playing preferences.
  • The player can take on the role of a new character in each era, such as Rean and Lake in the present, Mimi in the past, and the Law in the future.
  • An isometric view is used to play the game, in which the player may modify the environment, communicate with NPCs, and attempt to earn experience points by fulfilling objectives.

30. Taichi Panda

Taichi Panda play store webpage

Snail Games’ Taichi Panda is an incredibly addicting Action-Adventure and RPG video game that can’t be forgotten while naming some good games like legend of Zelda for Android.


  • Along with everything else, the game has fantastic Quests, Adventures, and hack ‘n’ slash aspects.
  • Taichi Panda, set in the mythological land of Demons, Goblins, and Bandits, allows you to embark on thrilling missions to battle opponents, gather treasures, and show off your outstanding martial arts talents, among other things.
  • Taichi Panda lets you engage in great action-packed gameplay in which you’ll have to kill your adversaries utilizing melee techniques and weaponry, crawl through several dungeons, and enjoy the game with a slew of varied enemies, boss encounters, PvP and PvE events, and an awesome combat system.
  • Taichi Panda has fantastic aesthetics, thrillingly immersive gameplay, and an engaging quest-based plot to pursue.

31. RPG Djinn Caster

RPG Djinn Caster play store webpage

Once again Kotobuki Solution Co. Ltd. brings a free-to-play, hack-and-slash RPG Djinn Caster – A fantasy action role-playing game with a wide scope!


  • Raise the Djinns to transform the world! These are the towns of Dulshara, concealed in the vast desert that envelops them, under the alluring mirages and violent sandstorms.
  • The people have always prospered strongly, even despite the Sultan’s persecution.
  • However, warnings of impending doom kept appearing, like a serpent pursuing its prey.
  • The Sultanate Army began mass abduction of people, followed by a cloaked person operating behind the scenes, and then a sequence of weird events occurred.
  • One day, Elmir, a young man, is offered a curious weapon by a dying man fleeing the army. It had an energy that was obviously from the past.
  • The term Djinn is used to describe this power. The long-awaited world’s rescuer must seek and acquire power as the planet is about to be destroyed as a result of the resurgence of an ancient evil. Elmir and the Djinns hence proceed on their path to mutiny.

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32. Cat Quest

Cat Quest play store webpage. Best Games Like Legend of Zelda for Android

The Gentlebros recently published Cat Quest.


  • Set out on a fantastic adventure packed with dragons, magic, and cats in the purr-suit of the evil Drakoth and your kidnapped sister!
  • Explore the expansive overworld of Felingard, take the chance to enter dungeons in pursuit of incredible riches, and take on a host of side missions involving a variety of furry characters.


Above are some of the best games like Legend of Zelda for Android platform that are still actively available for downloading from the Play Store. Do tell us your experiences while trying out these games and also do mention any other games which you feel should’ve been included here that we might’ve missed in the comment section below. Hope you liked the topic and we’ll be back with more such interesting articles, until then, ciao.

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