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11 Best Animoji Apps for Android

You might already know that Animoji was first released by Apple for iOS users a few years ago. Since then, the trend has been on high, and users are enjoying it to the fullest to augment the level of engagement in texting. However, several Android users feel they are missing out on using this fun feature to enjoy more animated conversations with their loved ones. Their concern is understandable as Animojis are more fun and expressive than 2D emojis. So read this article further to know which Animoji for Android you can use and how you can download Animoji Android to spice up your virtual conversations.

11 Best Animoji Apps for Android

11 Best Animoji Apps for Android

Animoji, short for animated emoji, is a type of 3D emoji iOS users can create with the help of their camera and send to others through messages. These Animojis can also be sent as a video with sound through the texts. Following are a few points regarding Animojis.

  • The Animojis on iOS devices, especially iPhone X, are created with the high-tech Face ID technology and the RGB camera.
  • And as Android phones do not possess such hardware capabilities, the Animojis are created with the normal camera available on the Android device.

So, you may notice the differences between the performance of these Animojis created on Android phones and iOS devices. Hence, the apps of Animoji for Android mentioned in this article will give you similar features to those of iOS ones, if not the exact ones. Continue reading to know about the Animoji apk download for Android.

1. ZEPETO: 3D avatar, chat & meet

ZEPETO: 3D avatar, chat and meet. 11 Best Animoji Apps for Android

ZEPETO is one of the apps of Animoji for Android, which allows users to create self 3D characters and Animojis. Here are some features of this app listed below.

  • It allows you to customize Animojis and share them with the friends you meet on the same platform.
  • To create your 3D avatar and Animojis, you can choose already available presets or even can take a photo.
  • You can choose your style by customizing the outfits, accessories, and hairstyles to be unique among others present on the platform.
  • You can send the Animojis from the direct messages.
  • ZEPETO also allows you to share the feed posts to anyone you wish.
  • You may make new friends with any other 3D avatars available on ZEPETO.
  • You can also enjoy multiple adventurous missions to earn gold coins and further unlock several other customization options.
  • It also allows you to create your own worlds and items within the platform to earn more gold coins.

2. Emoji Maker- Personal Animated Phone Emojis

Emoji Maker- Personal Animated Phone Emojis

Emoji Maker is another app of Animoji for Android that helps us create exciting and funny Animojis, stickers, and memes. Following are some features of this app:

  • This app is easy to use and creates personal stickers and Animojis effortlessly.
  • The content of stickers in Emoji Maker is more diverse like fox, pig, dog, cat, chicken, monkey, panda animated animal emoticons can be created and shared among the users.
  • You can share the Animojis, stickers, GIFs, and memes with anyone you want.
  • The animation effects of this application are supported by multiple private messengers on Android, such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Character image stickers have animated scene reproduction or actions in this app.
  • You can convey more emotions through Animojis because the emoji facial features and expressions change according to your facial movements.

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3. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

MomentCam Cartoons and Stickers. 11 Best Animoji Apps for Android

MomentCam application is another well-known Animoji application. You will eagerly want to find this app and download Animoji Android due to the following features.

  • It allows you to create funny Animojis and cartoons from your existing photos.
  • You can easily create your personalized avatar and backgrounds from any picture from the phone album.
  • You can use the MojiWorld feature to customize caricatures.
  • The application gets updated daily with the latest backgrounds to keep your creations more and more fresh and imaginative.
  • You are also allowed to engage in activities by sharing Animoji creations within the MomentCam community to win various exciting prizes.

4. MojiPop – Art Metaverse

MojiPop - Art Metaverse

MojiPop is mostly known as the app which can create animated stickers and caricatures fluently with the device camera. Below is the list of a few features of this app.

  • You can access caricatures and Animated stickers from the vast library using your face and its specific movements.
  • You have to take a selfie and proceed to search and find the stickers of your choice out of the myriad options available.
  • Multiple stickers in the library are added and updated constantly with the categorization according to certain emotions or situations.
  • You can add the MojiPop keyboard through the phone settings and then can select it from the system panel to share the stickers you have created with your friends.
  • It is super easy to look for stickers while chatting in any of your favorite messaging applications.

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5. Bemoji

Bemoji. 11 Best Animoji Apps for Android

Bemoji is a 3D avatar creator, emoji, and sticker maker application with an emoji keyboard. Following are some features of this app:

  • You can create your own facially customized Animojis, and it also lets you create personalized stickers and cartoons.
  • It provides several options for face characters and outfits to help you build and style your cartoon.
  • You can make use of the Bemoji avatar to create your own Animojis and memojis.
  • It is easy to share the created Animojis and stickers with your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, etc.
  • You can also edit your photos with the help of cute avatar stickers in the application.
  • Further, you can share the images and videos of your avatars to gain more followers across social media platforms.

6. Bitmoji


Bitmoji is another application to download Animoji Android and use to have fun during virtual conversations. Following are a few features of this app:

  • Bitmoji allows users to create personal emojis with the in-built phone camera.
  • You can search for stickers in the huge Bitmoji library that are customized according to your facial features and movements.
  • It is also possible for you to create an expressive cartoon avatar.
  • You can share the customized stickers in applications you chat in, like Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc.
  • Further, if you use Bitmoji on Snapchat, a Friendmoji feature gets unlocked where two people can feature in a single Bitmoji.

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7. Mirror Moji Maker

Mirror Moji Maker. 11 Best Animoji Apps for Android

Mirror Moji Maker is an app by Mirror AI of Animoji for Android that provides users with several advanced 3D features to create the desired Animoji. Here are some features of this app listed below.

  • It allows you to create memoji AR stickers, characters, memes, avatars, and big emoji stickers.
  • Moreover, it also allows you to create a personalized emoji keyboard to chat and send the stickers and Animojis you have created.
  • This app allows you to insert your pics to edit and convert them into 3D avatars and stickers.
  • You will also have access to personalized animated gifs and keyboard customization to keep sharing your creations through WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, or Telegram.
  • You can use the meme emoji generator to create meme stickers of pixel art, anime, 3D, line, and many other styles.
  • You can even make a caricature from a picture existing on your phone album.
  • It also allows you to edit your avatars and customize the outfits, hairstyles, etc.

8. EMOJI Face Recorder

EMOJI Face Recorder

EMOJI Face Recorder is an exciting app to create Animojis based on various animal themes. Following are some features of this app:

  • This app allows you to record your face and create personalized 3D models of your face.
  • Animas like Zebra, Deer, Santa Claus, Octopus, Pig, Unicorn, Panda, Horse, etc., are some of the preset characters available for users to create more expressive Animojis.
  • Moreover, the usual emoji mood icons like laugh, cry, angry, love, and surprise are also available for customization.
  • You can record yourself as these Animojis with sound and share it with anyone through various messaging apps.

However, you might experience lagging while using this application if you have an Android phone with a weak and incompatible processor.

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9. Mug Life

Mug Life

Mug Life is a 3D face animator application. This Animoji for Android app has the following features:

  • You can download community animations and apply them to your photo to create stunning photo-real clones.
  • It is easy to export and share your creations as HD images, GIFs, videos, and animated Facebook avatars.
  • It is an ad-free application while downloading the unlimited number of creations of yours for free.
  • You can also opt for the subscription of this application which provides pro tools for an unlimited time.
  • You can share those HD images, GIFs, and videos with your friends on any messaging application.

It is an early access application, so you may experience some instability while using it.

10. VideoMoji

VideoMoji. 11 Best Animoji Apps for Android

VideoMoji is another Animoji Android app that you can download which is famous for creating virtual 3D shareable characters. A few features of this app is listed below.

  • This app makes it easy to bring any emoji to life with AR emojis.
  • You can record funny videos with customized emojis and send them to your friends.
  • Any of your creations can be shared with your friends through any messenger application.
  • You can record yourself as a 3D tiger or panda to communicate in a more expressive and funny way.

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11. Chudo


Chudo is a social metaverse application with personalized avatars available for users. It is another one of the best Animoji Android apps that you can download. Following are some features of this app:

  • You get to create a digital copy of yourselves in the form of a 3D avatar of a rabbit, unicorn, or anything.
  • You can construct anything out of your imagination, like a virtual school, house, or even a dream-like castle.
  • It allows you to talk instead of texting with its AI technology that turns your audio streams into real-time animations.
  • You can chat with your friends while sharing 3D avatars in the form of images, videos, GIFs, and animations.


These were some of the best Animoji for Android applications available for you. You can use any of the applications to bring more fun and entertainment to your daily messages. Leave a comment down below to let us know which application you liked the most.

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