What are Differences Between Telegram and Telegram X?

Telegram is used widely by many people worldwide. Especially recently, when it recorded a rise in downloads when WhatsApp was about to go down due to privacy issues. A newer version was released, and it was given the catchy name Telegram X. In essence, Telegram is presenting this as an experimental branch of the messaging service, but we’re not sure if we should call it so. Today, we’ll be comparing the two versions and chalk out their differences in the Telegram vs Telegram X competition.

Differences Between Telegram and Telegram X

What are Differences Between Telegram and Telegram X?

Telegram purchased Challegram, a rival messaging app, which they then took over and rebranded as Telegram X. You might be wondering what extra features you receive with version X above the standard version given that it is presently accessible on iOS and Android. Read till the end to find out.


Telegram official website

Developed by Telegram Messenger LLP, Telegram is a cloud-based desktop and mobile messaging application. The app’s initial release took place in August 2013. Cloud-based messaging is one of the major components of the Telegram software. The user account may be accessed from various devices thanks to this functionality.

  • Users have the option of sharing items like images, movies, and audio with a single recipient or a group of up to 100,000 people.
  • The program also gives users the option to delete or alter texts sent from either party.
  • In so-called secret conversations, messages are transferred with client-to-client encryption, which is another key feature of the Telegram app.

The primary weakness of this software was the use of a specially created encryption protocol rather than the more dependable and secure end-to-end encryption.

Telegram X

Telegram X official website

A new software named Telegram X was released by Telegram Messenger LLP in 2017 with improved battery life, sticker animations, and performance. They purchased Chellegram, a substitute client, which they then took over and rebranded as Telegram X. Despite having similar functionality to the previous version, the app has undergone several adjustments and new functions.

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After knowing the base apps, let’s proceed toward the difference section on Telegram vs Telegram X.

1. New Gestures

The swiping movements available in conversations have expanded.

  • To move between calls and chats, swipe left or right in the conversation list. A message can be shared or replied to by sliding right or left on it, respectively.
  • Conversation previews are a feature of X that allows you to examine the contents of the chat page without opening it. To do this, long-press on any chat and wait for a pop-up to appear at the top of the discussion list with the new messages.
  • The ghost mode in Telegram that this function offers is pretty intriguing. You may read a message this way without the tick mark for that message displaying, saving you from having to visit the chat tab to see the received messages. This function is available in the calls tab in addition to working with one-on-one or group discussions.
  • At the bottom of the previews, you may find a tonne of choices, including mute, pin, delete, and open.

2. Night Mode and Bubbles Mode

You can reach the special Night mode tab from the menu as well. It is very nice and it works great with OLED panels.

  • The ordinary app doesn’t have a night mode, but you can change your theme to a dark one to achieve the same result.
  • There is also an automated night mode that employs the light sensor to smoothly switch between the night mode and the default theme color.

Telegram X themes

The default method of seeing messages in text bubble form is simulated by the Bubbles Mode setting on Telegram X. On the X version, you may disable it so that the posts display in a straight line as this is usually on in the regular Telegram client.

3. App Interface

The first thing you’ll notice when you launch Telegram X is that the home user experience differs somewhat from that of the standard Telegram app so that existing Telegram users will immediately feel at home. Like on Telegram X, conversations and calls are divided into tabs, similar to another popular messenger WhatsApp.


  • In the Telegram app, you can find the call choices inside the chat menu and its history on the main menu.
  • The ability to show photos in the X version without adding margins to the images is another significant distinction between these two.
  • In contrast to Telegram, where photos are delivered with a frame that makes them appear considerably smaller in the chat environment, this makes the images look a lot more cozy and full screen.
  • Moving back and forth between menus and chats seems smoother and faster in the X app than in the original Telegram client, indicating that it is running faster.

4. Saved Messages

Saved Messages is a wonderful feature that comes with Telegram X. People utilize the Saved Messages tab on Telegram X to save things like posts, documents, and media. Your saved posts are now simpler to find thanks to this.

You must first hit the Saved Messages button on the default Telegram app before you can access the tabs; this extra step is unnecessary which is the most convenient among the differences between Telegram vs Telegram X.

5. Advanced Mode

An advanced mode in Telegram X is also available and comes with a tonne of additional capabilities. They include things like:

  • flashing forward options,
  • concealing keyboards, and
  • performing swipe actions.

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6. Sticker Usage

In Telegram, there is a sticker part on the keyboard when you open the conversation to type a message. Meanwhile, Telegram X has a dedicated area in the settings for all sorts of stickers, including animated stickers.


7. Blocking Features

blocking options

With Telegram, there are only two choices for blocking chats: PIN and password. However, with Telegram X, there are five alternative blocking methods available: PIN, password, fingerprint, keyboard pattern, and motions.

8. Settings Section

settingsTelegram X settings

While Telegram has a separate setting option, Telegram X provides extra settings choices including the ability to configure chat previews and have GIFs automatically play.

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9. Message Encryption

Since end-to-end encryption is more dependable and safe, Telegram’s primary issue was its specially constructed encryption protocol. Contrarily, Telegram X has end-to-end encryption as its main strength rather than a specially created encryption protocol, making it more dependable and safe.

10. Secret Texting

Secret messaging, which is possible in so-called secret chats with client-to-client encryption, is another crucial feature of the Telegram app. Even so, Telegram X includes several new features and adjustments from Telegram, such as end-to-end encryption in place of customized client encryption. It still functions in the same way as Telegram, though.

11. Cloud-based Messaging

Cloud-based messaging is one of the major components of the Telegram software. The users accounts may be accessed from various devices thanks to this functionality. Users have the option of sharing with individuals or groups of up to 100,000 members with images, videos, audio files, and other materials.

Still a cloud-based service for chatting and file sharing app, Telegram X shares similar features here. But it has a faster speed and beautiful themes, stickers, and animations. Most crucially, compared to its predecessor, it uses less battery.

12. Data Saving

Due to the lack of a data saving feature, the Telegram app is just a data killer. Mobile data usage is high. The Data Saver function has been introduced to Telegram X. When you use roaming and mobile data, it saves data.


These are a handful of differences between Telegram and Telegram X which will help you understand the feud between Telegram Vs Telegram X which furled up after the announcement from the Telegram messenger LLP aired. If this article added some value to your life, do share your valuable feedback and experiences in the comment section below.

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  1. i only use tg x because telegram did not allow me to log in. said that to log in i need to check a verification message in the app itself, but i could not log in to begin with. no option for call/sms verification. downloaded x, no such issue

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