Best Pokémon Go Hacks And Cheats To Double The Fun

Pokémon Go is Niantic’s AR-based fiction fantasy game where you get to fulfill your childhood dream to become a Pokémon trainer. Exploring the world to discover rare and powerful Pokémons and challenging your friends to a duel, isn’t that something you always wanted? Well, now Niantic has made it possible. So, go out, run free, and be true to the Pokémon motto “Gotta catch ém all.”

The game encourages you to step outside and travel from one place to another in search of Pokémons. It spawns Pokémons on the map randomly and designates specific areas (usually landmarks) in your locality at Pokéstops and gyms. The ultimate objective is to gain XP points and coins from collecting Pokémons, taking control of gyms, participating in events, etc. Now, you can either do the hard work and go around collecting stuff from different places or take the easy way out.

There are several hacks and cheats which make the game easier for you. Unless the thought of cheating makes you suffer from an ethical conundrum, this article shall be your guide to unlocking a whole new level of fun. To be honest, Pokémon Go is a pretty biased game itself as it clearly gives a lot of advantages to people living in big cities. The game is much more enjoyable if you are residing in a heavily populated metropolitan city. Therefore, we find nothing wrong in using a few hacks and cheats to make the game more fun and exciting. Starting from getting easy access to resources to winning battles at the Pokémon gym, these hacks and cheats can help you get the most of this game. So, without any further ado let’s get started and see what are the Best Pokémon Go Hacks And Cheats to double the fun.

Best Pokémon Go Hacks And Cheats To Double The Fun

Best Pokémon Go Hacks And Cheats To Double The Fun

What are some of the Best Pokémon Go Cheats?

1. GPS Spoofing

Let’s start the list with something simple and fairly easy to pull off. We all know that Pokémon Go works on your GPS position. It collects your location information and spawns Pokémons near you. GPS spoofing allows you to trick the game into thinking that you are in a different and new location; thus, you are able to find more Pokémons without even moving. 

This also allows players from the countryside to enjoy the game better. Also, since the Pokémons are spawned in a thematically appropriate environment, GPS spoofing is the only way for people living in a land-locked area to catch water-type Pokémons. To pull this off, all you need is a Fake GPS app, a mock locations masking module, and a VPN app. You need to make sure that your I.P. address and GPS are set to the same fake location. This is one of the best Pokémon Go hacks if you can pull it off properly. 

Using this hack, you won’t even have to step outside to catch Pokémons. You can simply keep changing your location and have Pokémons spawning right next to you. However, make sure not to use it too frequently, or else Niantic will be on to you. Try to set your location to such a place where you will find a lot of Pokémons at once. If Niantic finds out that you are using a Fake GPS ad, it might even ban your account permanently. So, we will advise you to take the risk only if you are okay with the consequences, i.e., losing your account forever.

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2. Botting

This hack is used by the laziest of the lot. People who do not want to make any effort whatsoever can use bots to do their bidding. You can set multiple bot accounts to automatically spoof your location and catch Pokémons for you. They will visit different places and catch rare and powerful Pokémons for you.

You can assign one or multiple bot accounts to essentially play the game for you. They will use your credentials to log in and use your current location (or any fake location that you want) as a starting point. Now they will emulate a walking motion by GPS spoofing and sending appropriate data to Niantic from time to time. Whenever it encounters a Pokémon, it will use a number of scripts and call an API to catch the Pokémon by throwing Pokéballs at it. Having caught the Pokémon, it will move on to the next location.

This way, you can simply sit back while the bots collect Pokémons for you and gain rewards and XP points. This is the easiest way to progress through the game in a very short period of time. It definitely features in the list of best Pokémon Go hacks but you got to admit that it takes the fun out of the game. Additionally, Niantic has been working pretty hard to eliminate bots from the game. It imposes shadow bans on bot accounts, which prevent them from finding anything but common and low-powered Pokémons. They also slash out any Pokémon gained unfairly, making them useless in battles. 

3. Using Multiple Accounts

This does not really fall under the category of cheats and hacks but still allows users to get an undue advantage. As the name suggests, people use multiple accounts created in the names of their friends and family members and use them to take control of gyms quickly. The user will have multiple accounts, and each of them will be on a different team. He/she will then quickly use these secondary accounts to clear gyms before logging into the main account and using it to fill up these already cleared gyms. This way, the user will face almost no challenge while fighting to take control of a gym.

Meanwhile, others can use these secondary accounts to fill up other gyms and preparing more easy targets for the main account. Niantic is aware of this trick and comes down strongly on players who are discovered using this.

4. Sharing Accounts

 Another comparatively harmless cheat that features in the list of best Pokémon Go hacks simply because it is simple and easy to pull off. All that you need to do is share your login credentials with your friends or family members who are living in a different city or country and have them collect Pokémons for you. This way you will be able to collect more rare and unique Pokémons. You can add to your collection some special Pokémons which would never naturally spawn in your locality. If you have friends living in highly populated big cities then share your account with them and have them collect some great Pokémons for you.

Now, although it isn’t technically cheating, Niantic frowns upon the practice of Account sharing. Therefore they have banned several accounts that were frequently indulging in this act. So, be careful while using this hack. Make sure to spend enough time offline before asking someone to log in to your account from a different location. This will lead Niantic to believe that you actually traveled to a new location.

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5. Auto-IV Checkers

IV stands for Individual Values. It is a metric to gauge the combat abilities of a Pokémon. The higher the IV, the better are the chances of a Pokémon winning in a battle. Every Pokémon has three basic stats in addition to its CP is Attack, Defense, and Stamina. Each of these has a maximum score of 15, and thus, the highest stat that a Pokémon can have is a full 45. Now IV is a percentage representation of the Pokémon’s total score out of 45. In an ideal situation, you would want to have a Pokémon with 100% IV.

It is important to know the IV of a Pokémon so that you can make a better decision as to whether or not you would like to spend candy to evolve it. A Pokémon with a low IV will not prove to be very effective in battle, even if you fully evolve it. Instead, it would be wiser to spend precious candy in evolving a stronger Pokémon with more IV.

Now, since you don’t have access to these stats, you can’t really predict how good or bad a Pokémon is. The most you can do is get an appraisal from your team leader. However, this appraisal is a little ambiguous and vague. The team leader generates a performance report of a Pokémon using stars, stamps, and graphical bars. Three stars with a red stamp indicate 100% IV. 80-99% IV is represented by three stars and an orange star, and 80-66% is indicated by two stars. The lowest that your Pokémon can get is a one-star that represents 50-65% IV.

If you are looking for more accurate and precise results, you can use third-party IV checking apps. Some of these apps work manually, and you need to take a screenshot of your Pokémon and upload it to these apps for checking their IV. Using these apps are safer in comparison to using Auto IV checkers that link directly to your account. An Auto IV checker saves a lot of time as you can simply tap on the Pokémon in-game and find out their IV. There is no need to take individual screenshots for all your Pokémons. However, there is a good chance that Niantic might discover this little third-party app integration and decide to ban your account. So, tread carefully.

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What are the Best Pokémon Go Hacks?

Up until now, we have been discussing some pretty serious cheats that could get your account banned. Let’s dial it down a little and try to focus on some clever hacks that are perfectly safe to use. These hacks merely exploit some loopholes in the game’s code to make it easier for the user to gain rewards and benefits. We must say that these are some of the best Pokémon Go hacks, and we sincerely thank and appreciate all the dedicated gamers out there for discovering these tricks. 

1. Get Pikachu as a Starter Pokémon

When you launch the game for the first time, the first order of business is choosing a starter Pokémon. The available options are Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. These are the standard choices that every Pokémon trainer is offered. However, there exists a secret fourth option, and that is Pikachu.

Pikachu will not appear initially. You will have to wait. This can be considered more like an Easter egg that Niantic has cleverly placed in the game. The trick is to wait long enough without choosing any Pokémon and continue to wander about. Eventually, you will find that Pikachu will also appear on the map along with the other Pokémons. You can now go ahead and make Pikachu your starter Pokémon, just like the protagonist Ash Ketchum.

2. Make Pikachu sit on your shoulder

One thing that we loved about Pikachu is that he preferred to be on the shoulder of Ash or walk beside him instead of staying inside a Pokéball. You can experience the same thing in Pokémon Go. Besides being super cool, it also has other additional benefits in the form of rewards. This was made possible due to the Buddy system introduced in September 2016 update. 

You can choose Pikachu to be your buddy, and he will start walking at your side. Walking with your buddy also allows you to earn Candy as a reward. Now, when you complete a 10km walk with Pikachu as your buddy, he will climb up on your shoulder. This is a super cool trick and definitely deserves to be one of the best Pokémon Go hacks.

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3. Add Friends in no Time

There are certain special events (known as Special Research) that require you to add a friend in order to participate. For example, Team Rocket’s “A Troubling situation” and Jirachi’s first appearance in the “A Thousand-Year Slumber” special research can only be started after adding a friend.

This seems like a fairly easy task if you have a lot of players in your vicinity. However, for people living in remote areas, all the players are already friends with each other. In that case, you need to use a simple workaround and take advantage of a small loophole. You can simply remove an existing friend from the Friend list and add him again. It will do the trick. Moreover, you won’t even lose your friendship level or any unopened gifts from the friend. Niantic does not mind this hack and would not fix the loophole because then it would be really problematic for someone who accidentally removed a friend.

4. Kick out Powerful Pokémons from a Gym easily

How often have you come across a gym that is filled with powerful Pokémons that you can’t defeat? If the answer this quite often, then this hack would probably be the most useful one for you. It can help you take control of any Gym by kicking out powerful, fully charged Pokémons like Dragonite or Greninja. However, this trick will need three people, so make sure that you get two friends to help you in the act. Follow the steps given below to win any Pokémon battle at the Gym.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is start a Gym battle with three players.
  2. Now the first two players will leave the battle almost immediately, and the third player will keep fighting.
  3. The first two players will now start a new battle with two players.
  4. Again, one of them will leave immediately, and the other will keep fighting.
  5. He/she will now start a new battle and keep fighting.
  6. All three players will eventually finish the battle at the same time.

The reason why this trick will successfully defeat any Pokémon is that the system will treat all the three different battles as separate encounters. As a result, any damage dealt will be considered three times, and the opponent Pokémon will be knocked out easily. Not even the strongest Pokémon stands a chance because it has to deal with three sets of damage at the same time.

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5. Enjoy Pokémon Go in Landscape mode

The default orientation setting for Pokémon Go is Portrait mode. Although this makes it easier to toss Pokéballs and catch Pokémons, it significantly restricts the field of view. In landscape mode, you would see a much larger portion of the map, which means more Pokémons, Pokéstops, and gyms. 

Niantic only allows you to change the orientation if you make a special report by filing a High priority issue. However, you can make this work even without filing and report and making the system think that an issue has been reported. Follow the steps given below to see how.

1. Firstly, hold your phone horizontally and launch the game. Remember to continue holding the phone horizontally while following all the subsequent steps.

2. Now tap on the Pokéball button at the bottom-center of the screen to open the main menu.

tap on the Pokéball button at the bottom center of the screen.

3. After that, tap on the Settings option.

tap on the Settings option on the top-right corner of the screen.

4. Here you will find the “Report High-Priority Issue” option towards the bottom. Tap on it.

5. Now tap on the Yes button to confirm, and this will close the game and start loading the website page to report issues. 

6. Before the page loads, tap the home button and come to the main screen. 

7. Now continue to hold the phone horizontally and launch Pokémon Go again. 

8. You will see that the Settings page will open, and the orientation will be changed to landscape mode. The game will continue to be in landscape mode even when you exit the settings.

Playing Pokémon Go in the horizontal mode has its pros and cons. The wider angle allows you to load a much larger section of the map. As a result, the game is forced to spawn more Pokémons near you. Additionally, you get a better view of the Pokéstops and Pokémon gyms near you. On the downside, some aspects of the game might not work properly in the landscape mode as buttons and animations won’t be properly aligned.

It might be difficult to catch Pokémons and interact with other items like Pokéstops and gyms. The list of Pokémons might not load properly, and thus, you won’t be able to see all your Pokémons. Battles at the gym however will still work as usual. The good this is you can revert to the original Portrait mode at any time by simply closing the game and relaunching it.   

6. Gain XP fast with the Pidgey Exploit

Technically, this isn’t a hack but a clever plan to make the best use of special resources to gain a lot of XP in a short period of time. It features in the list of best Pokémon GO hacks for being very simple and ingenuous. 

Now one of the main objectives of the game is to rank up by getting XP (stands for experience points). You are awarded XP for performing different tasks like catching a Pokémon, interacting with Pokéstops, fighting at a gym, etc. The maximum XP that you can get is 1000 XP, which is awarded upon evolving a Pokémon.

You might be familiar with the Lucky Egg, which, when activated, doubles the XP gained for any activity for a period of 30 minutes. This means that you can gain a lot of XP points if you make the best use of this time. The trick is to evolve as many Pokémons as you can as nothing gives you more XP than that. Now, when the actual motive is to gain XP, you should choose to evolve common Pokémons like Pidgey because they do no cost a lot of candy (Pidgey requires only 12 candies). Therefore, the more Pokémons you will have, the fewer resources (candy) you will have to spend to evolve them. Given below is a more detailed step-wise explanation to use the Pidgey exploit.

1. Let’s begin with the preparation stage. Before you activate the Lucky Egg, make sure that you have enough common Pokémons like Pidgey. Do not make the mistake of transferring them.

2. Also, save those Pokémons that will evolve into something that you haven’t caught before as it will give you even more XP.

3. Since you will have a lot of time left after evolving all Pokémons, try to make the best use of it by catching more Pokémons.

4. Go to someplace with multiple Pokéstops nearby and stock up on Incense and lure.

5. Now activate the Lucky egg and immediately get to evolving Pokémons.

6. Once you have exhausted all your candies and there are no more Pokémons to evolve, attach a Lure module to a Pokéstop or use incense to attract more Pokémons.

7. Use the remaining time to catch as many Pokémons as you can to maximize the XP gained.

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7. Bypass the Driving lockouts in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is meant to be played while travelling on foot. It encourages you to step outside and go for long walks. As a result, it only registers kilometres travelled when you are on your foot. It won’t add any ground that you cover by some means of transport like a bike or a car. Pokémon Go has multiple speed-based lockouts that suspend the counter when you are found moving at unusually fast speeds. These are known as driving lockouts. They also suspend other functionalities of the game like spinning Pokéstops, spawning of Pokémons, displaying Nearby and Sightings, etc. 

Once it registers a speed of 10km/hr and above it will stop counting the kilometres for buddy walks (that gives candy) and egg hatching. Once you hit the 35km/hr mark, other functionalities like spawning Pokémons, interacting with Pokéstops, etc., also stops. All these lockouts exist to prevent players from playing the game while driving, as it could be very dangerous for everyone. However, it also prevents passengers (in a car or bus) from playing the game while on the move. Therefore, you can use certain tricks to bypass these lockouts. We would strongly advise you to use this only when you are in a safe position and never play Pokémon Go while driving. Follow the steps given below to see how to bypass the driving lockouts.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is launch the game and go to the Eggs screen.
  2. Now simply tap on the Home button and come back to the main screen.
  3. Do not open any other app, and make sure that the screen is kept On at all times. 
  4. Now get in your car and drive for about 10 minutes (do not let the screen go black in the meantime).
  5. After that, launch the game again, and you will see that you have gained all the distance. 
  6. If you have an Apple, watch you can also try a different trick.
  7. Use your Apple watch to start a Pokémon Go workout and get on a slow mode of transportation like a bus, scooter, or a ferry (the slower, the better).
  8. Now, while the vehicle is moving, keep moving your arm up and down and this will emulate that you are walking. 
  9. You will find that you are gaining distance.
  10. If everything works fine, then you might even be able to interact with Pokéstops and catch Pokémons.

8. Get Information about Spawns, Raids, and Gyms

Pokémon Go was designed to be a spontaneous adventure where Pokémons randomly spawn around you. You are supposed to go out there, exploring the city in search of rare and powerful Pokémons. Pokémon Go wants to be there physically at a Pokémon Gym to find out which team controls it and what Pokémon is on it. Special events are Raids are meant to be stumbled upon and not known from beforehand.

However, just imagine how much time you would save if you already had all this information even before leaving your home. This would be a great help in catching Rare Pokémons that do not spawn quite often. Seeing the huge potential, many Pokémon Go enthusiasts deployed an army of bot accounts to travel to different locations and gather information about it. This information is then compiled on a map and made available to the public. There are several Maps and Tracker apps that are designed specifically for Pokémon Go. You can find a lot of information about Pokémon spawns, ongoing raid locations, information about Pokémon Gyms, etc. They make the game really easy and convenient and thus get a spot in the list of best Pokémon Go hacks.

Although it is a great way to discover secrets, a lot of maps and tracker apps were deemed useless after a recent change in the game’s API. However, there are still a couple of them that work so you will have to try multiple apps before you find one that is active in your location. 


We hope that you find the Best Pokémon Go hacks and cheats helpful. One thing that we have to agree that using cheats and hacks is usually frowned upon. However, if you want to try them just for the sake of experimentation and fun, there is absolutely no harm.

Some of these hacks are really clever and must be appreciated by trying at least once. If you don’t want to take the risk of getting your original account banned while trying them, make a secondary account, and see which ones work. When you get tired of playing the game the usual way, try using these hacks for a change. We can guarantee that you will definitely have fun. 

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