Can You Have Multiple Robinhood Accounts?

Robinhood is a stock trading app developed by Robinhood Markets Inc. in 2013. The app has eased the trading process for investors by providing a royalty-free exchange of cryptocurrencies and stocks. With more than 15 million active users, Robinhood has become a prominent name in the stock industry. When profits are flowing, people find ways to double their investments. Hence, the question arises, can you have multiple Robinhood accounts? Continue reading this article to find the answer. And if it’s your first time on the Robinhood app, this guide will guide you on if can you make a new account on Robinhood and add your wife to your Robinhood account. You will also get to learn whether can you delete your Robinhood account and make a new one.

Can You Have Multiple Robinhood Accounts?

Can You Have Multiple Robinhood Accounts?

You will get to know if can you have multiple Robinhood accounts further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

How Many Stock Accounts Can You Have?

You can have as many Demat accounts as you want, but there is one condition. You are not allowed to open multiple accounts with the same stockbroker. Only one Demat account per broker is considered legal in the eyes of law.

Can You Have Two Stock Accounts?

Yes, you can have multiple stock accounts, but each one of them should be with a different broker. The other things to take into account before opening multiple Demat accounts are:

  • The brokers charge Annual Maintenance Fees (AMF) for running the backend services smoothly. You will be required to pay these charges irrespective of your activity on the account.
  • Your broker can freeze your stock account in case it is found inactive for extended periods of time.

Can You Make a New Account on Robinhood?

Yes, a person can make a new account on Robinhood once the previous one has been closed. You can transfer all your assets to your bank account before closing the previous account. Once done, you can apply for a new account using a different email address than the one linked to your older account. If you want to know if can you have multiple Robinhood accounts, keep reading this article further.

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Can You Make 2 Robinhood Accounts?

No, it is considered illegal to own multiple accounts on Robinhood, as the law states that a person can have multiple stock accounts, but each one with a different brokerage firm. However, if you decide to close your existing account, you can apply for a new one using a new email address.

Can You Have Multiple Robinhood Accounts?

No. According to the law, a person may have several stock accounts, provided that they are each with a different brokerage. It is against the law to own multiple Robinhood accounts simultaneously. However, you may apply for a new account with a different email address if you decide to delete your account and make a new one.

Can You Add Your Wife to Your Robinhood Account?

Yes, you can add your wife to your Robinhood account as Robinhood allows you to add beneficiaries to your account at any point in time. You can do so by going to Settings > Beneficiaries > Edit to add or change beneficiaries.

Can You Delete Robinhood Account?

Yes, before deactivating your Robinhood account, you will have to either withdraw any balance in the account or transfer the account to another brokerage firm. Once done, you can go ahead and delete your Robinhood account. You may still access your account statements, tax records, and transaction confirmations via the app even if your account is terminated. But your account won’t be reactivated upon reinstallation of the Robinhood app.

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Can You Delete Your Robinhood Account and Make a New One?

Yes, it is possible to delete your Robinhood account and make a new one. Before terminating the former account, you can move all of your assets to your bank account. Once this is done, you can register for a new Robinhood account using an email address other than the one associated with your previous account.

Does Robinhood Affect Credit Score?

No, Robinhood does not affect your credit score as brokerage firms do not report to the credit bureau. Additionally, it is not necessary to have a good credit score to open an account.

Is Webull Better than Robinhood?

Let us take a look at the differences and similarities to find out the better one between the two brokerage firms:

A. Differences

  • On one hand, Robinhood allows investors to reinvest their dividends easily, on the other Webull requires additional funds for dividend reinvestment.
  • Robinhood has an option to invest repeatedly, this decreases the chances of missing out on good investments. Webull does not offer this option.
  • Webull has longer extended trading times as compared to those of Robinhood.
  • Webull allows you to choose from a variety of account types, such as taxable investment accounts, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and rollover IRAs. Whereas, Robinhood only has an option for taxable investments account.
  • Webull offers more detailed and in-depth analysis tools than Robinhood.
  • Robinhood charges $5 for maintaining a margin account, while Webull offers it free of cost.

B. Similarities

  • Robinhood as well as Webull do not require any minimum investment to begin trading.
  • Trades and investments are royalty-free on both platforms.
  • They offer identical trading assets namely stocks, cryptocurrency, exchange-traded funds (ETF), and options.
  • Fractional investing is available on both platforms. It attracts more people to invest as you do not have to save huge amounts of money to invest.

Now that we have discussed in detail the differences and similarities between the two brokerages, it is safe to conclude that Robinhood should be the choice of beginners because of its compact and flexible trading options which are suitable for learners.

And Webull is a better option for experienced investors as it provides extensive analysis tools and vast account types.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to find the answer to the question can you have multiple Robinhood accounts. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article. 

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