What to Do If Roblox Account is Deleted?

Roblox is an online platform where games can be created, and you can even play the various games created by others. Roblox is developed by Roblox Corporation, and this platform is not country dependent. It is active for all users globally. But what if your Roblox account is deleted, or you suffer from a banned Roblox account? In this article, we will discuss the ways for retrieving the Roblox account deleted. So, keep reading till the end to also learn why you can’t delete Roblox account.

What to Do If Roblox Account is Deleted?

What to Do If Roblox Account is Deleted?

Read this article till the end to learn valuable tips about what to do when your Roblox account is deleted or banned.

Why Can’t You Log Into Your Roblox Account?

There can be many reasons why you cannot log into your Roblox account. We have discussed them below.

  • Check the date and time of your device. If it is not accurate, then you have to make it correct according to your time zone. This is because the incorrect date and time will cause Internet connection issues.
  • Try switching your device network to a stronger network. Then try logging in to your account.
  • There may be some glitches with the browser. Open up a browser on your device, preferably Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox. Then go to the Roblox website and try logging in to your account from there.

If it still does not work, you can visit the Roblox support page, and the support team will help you.

support page of Roblox | What to Do If Roblox Account is Deleted?

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Do Roblox Accounts Expire?

Yes, Roblox accounts do expire. If you stay inactive for a year, your account will be terminated. And you cannot get back once the Roblox account deleted from the database. Roblox does this to free up space on the database for the active users.

Why Does Roblox Ban Old Accounts?

Roblox does not actually ban old accounts. It deletes accounts if they are inactive for more than a year. But yes, if any illegal activities, such as using foul language, sharing inappropriate images, etc., are done from any Roblox account, it gets permanently banned. Once it is banned, it is very unlikely that you will get your banned Roblox account.

What to Do If You Get Banned from Roblox?

There is only one thing you can do after your account is banned, and that is to appeal to the Roblox team to review your account again and remove your ban. You can do this from the Roblox support page. Make sure to include your username and a short description of your issue.

Note: You can only appeal once after the review team has reviewed your account. Then, you won’t be able to ask for a review again, so explain your issues in the first request itself. Also, make sure you raise the appeal within 30 days of the ban, or your appeal won’t be accepted.

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How Long is a Roblox Ban?

There is no fixed time length of a ban on Roblox. It depends on the severity of the offense the user has made. The ban can range from 1 day to a 1-year ban. The most dangerous bans are the Poison ban and the Mac address ban. A Poison ban means your account is permanently banned, and you cannot even create new accounts. And the Mac address ban is the ban in which you cannot use the same device and hardware for any new Roblox account. You can read more about the Roblox bans on the Roblox Fandom website.

Types of ban on Roblox

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Why Does Roblox Delete Accounts?

Below are a few reasons why Roblox may delete certain accounts:

  • If your account is inactive for more than 1 year, then Roblox deletes your account to make some free space for its active users.
  • But Roblox even deletes active users’ accounts if they perform illegal activities on the platform, such as using foul language or sharing inappropriate content.

Why Did Your Roblox Account Get Deleted Without Any Reason?

This will happen mostly if your account is inactive for 1 year. Roblox does this to free up space on the database for its active users. Still, if you are sure that you are not inactive or have not done any inappropriate activities on Roblox, you can raise an appeal to get back your account. Note that you can request an appeal only once. If it gets rejected, then you won’t be able to get back your account ever again.

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Can You Get Back a Deleted Roblox Account?

Yes, but it is very much unlikely that you will get it back. If your account was deleted because it was inactive for a year, you won’t get it back in any case. But if it is deleted/terminated while you are active, you did some inappropriate activities. In this case, raising an appeal to the support team might help.

Why Can’t You Delete Your Roblox Account?

You cannot delete your account yourself, but you can get it deleted from the support team. You can communicate with the support team, or you can even mail them at info@roblox.com requesting them to delete your account. Ensure to include your username, email, and address for the ID verification. This would have answered your query about why you can’t delete Roblox account.

How to Delete Your Roblox Account?

You won’t find any account deletion option in your Roblox dashboard, as the deletion can be done only by the Roblox Support team. You must write the Roblox team your account deletion request with your username, email ID, and address at info@roblox.com. The support team will then process your account deletion. This is the only way to make the Roblox account deleted as of now.

Can You Retrieve Data From Deleted Roblox Account?

No, once an account is deleted, the data is also deleted. If Roblox terminates your account, you can request an appeal to get your account back. Make sure to do this within 30 days of the ban. You will get all your data back if they unban your account.


In this article, we looked at what to do if the Roblox account deleted and how to retrieve the banned Roblox account. We hope that we have solved all your issues regarding the same. Drop your queries or suggestions in the comment section below, if any. Also, let us know what you want to learn next.

10 thoughts on “What to Do If Roblox Account is Deleted?”

  1. Hi roblox my account got deleted i don’t know what I did and whatever I did I won’t do it again please just get my account back it is Trouble4us I just want my robux and stuff back and I want to play with my friends so so so so sorry please I am begging you I love playing your game😭😊

  2. my account got deleted i tried to log back into my acc i got the message on my acc saying this when i logged in Account Deleted idk what this means but i need help! my acc is xxaliaxxahaider

    1. Hello @XXALIAXX… etc., this means your account has been terminated from Roblox and you are able to create a new account and start all over again with new progress! If you want you may attempt to contact Roblox via support and make an appeal regarding your accounts status. You have 1 shot at it so make it worth the while in the first try, if a moderator declines it your info/ account will be gone forever and you will be forced to restart Roblox all over-again! (I am not the owner of this website, I just know how these work.)

  3. my account(s) got deleted:adriannaomg22,kittykay5222,savannah123 and my sydonfire2 account is banned for one day!!!!!!?????

    1. Hello @AUTUMN, this just simply means you will not be able to play for a day (24 hrs.) and the next day your account should be re-activated. (I am not the owner of this website, I just know how these work.)

  4. My sisters roblox account got banned for no reason someone reset her password please help her her username is Amelia_party13 thanks

  5. Hello guys, I see a lot of you questioning why your account(s) got deleted or banned, these are all good questions. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns about Robloxs’ rules. I know them well and I’ll be able to assist you with these matters and complaints. nickteslnick@gmail(.)com (Also feel free to add my ALT account theytheylolp to reach me the best.)

  6. you can get ur data back even if it’s permanently deleted they use the same codes over and over so its easy to overwrite and “undelete” and account

  7. hi igot kicked outta a game and then out of my account i did nothing wrong and i love this game my user is ob3lixx display is oliver and it kicked me out of roblox not a ban it just kicked me and my password didnt work

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