How to Unban PSN Account

As we all know, PlayStation has drastically changed the way games are played and developed. They did the unthinkable with the development of the VR (Virtual Reality) Headset, allowing players to experience the game in real-time. The motion sensors only add to the joy of playing a VR game on a PS4. Players need to have a PlayStation Network account to access and play games on the console. If you don’t know why was your PS4 account temporarily suspended or you want to learn how to unban PSN account, we are bringing you this helpful and effective guide for that. It will instruct you about the unban PSN account hack and how to reverse your PSN account ban.

How to Unban PSN Account

How to Unban PSN Account

Launched in 2013, Sony Entertainment’s PlayStation 4 console was just a glimpse of what lay ahead for the gaming community. And the revolutionary PS4 is owned by over 100 million players worldwide. So, Read this article till the end to learn the steps demonstrating the procedure to unban your PSN account in a detailed manner.

Why Did Your PS4 Account Get Banned?

Sony Computer Entertainment has a zero-tolerance policy toward any misconduct on their platform. Because of these very strict policies regarding player conduct, you automatically adhere to them while creating a PSN account or playing games on their consoles. If you were banned on your PS4, Sony Computer Entertainment must likely have sent a mail to your registered email address stating why it was banned.

However, if you are unable to find the mail, listed below are possible reasons for your ban:

  • Violation of Code of Conduct of PlayStation
  • Hate speech promotion
  • Bullying or harassing players while playing games
  • Discrimination against other players based on their age, gender, color, sexual orientation, and other factors
  • Taking advantage of bugs or glitches
  • Cheating in any of the games
  • Disseminating malware, viruses, worms, or spyware
  • Taking part in prohibited activities
  • Using, creating, or distributing illegal software or hardware
  • Impersonating other people
  • Stoppage of bank payments to PlayStation

PlayStation Network Code of Conduct

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Is It Possible to Unban a PSN Account?

Yes, it is possible to reverse your PSN account ban, but you need to understand the difference between a permanent and temporary ban.

  • If you got your PS4 account temporarily suspended, various ways might help you unban your account.
  • However, if your account was permanently banned, there is no way to recover it again.

How Long Does It Take to Get Unbanned from PSN?

The longevity of your PSN account ban depends on the duration for which Sony has disabled your account. The duration of the ban is mentioned in an email sent by Sony to your registered email address. Your account will be automatically unbanned after the ban period is over. Check your inbox for the email address to know for how long your account was banned.

Is a PSN Ban Permanent?

No, the type of your PSN account suspension entirely depends on Sony’s decision to deactivate your account. Sony typically bans users for a minimum of 7 days, extending up to an infinite period (permanent ban). After the ban period expires, your account will be immediately unbanned. However, nothing can be done to unban your account in the case of a permanent ban.

Why is Your PS4 Account Temporarily Suspended?

Many users get their accounts banned without knowing the reason for their suspension. Unfortunately, we have some bad news for you if you are amongst those players. Your account might have been suspended due to a violation of PlayStation Network’s Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. The major violations have been listed underneath to help paint a better picture for you:

  • Cheating while playing games on the platform
  • Promotion of hate speech
  • Threatening or bullying other players while playing games
  • Engaging in any discrimination against other players based on their age, gender, color, sexual orientation, and other factors
  • Trying to gain an advantage by misusing bugs or glitches
  • Distributing malware, viruses, worms, or spyware
  • Stopping bank payments to PlayStation
  • Engaging in illegal/prohibited activities
  • Using, creating, or distributing software or hardware which is considered illegal
  • Impersonating other gamers

Can You Appeal Your PSN Account Suspension?

Yes, you can contact PlayStation Support if you believe your account was wrongly banned or suspended. You must include a message with as many details as you can regarding your account and the events that led to the suspension. The Sony Support Team shall look into the matter to see if your account was incorrectly suspended or banned.

Playstation Support website

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How Can You Get Your Banned Account Back on PS4?

If you are looking for the answer to how to unban PSN account, your search ends here. We have listed down the steps to contact PlayStation Network Support using which you can get your PSN account back by:

1. Visit the PlayStation Support page in your browser.

2. Click on Account & Security.

Select Account and Security | How to Unban PSN Account

3. Click on Suspensions.

Tap on Suspensions

4. Call the given customer care number.

Call the given customer care number | How to Unban PSN Account

5. Convince the support team to unban with an appropriate reason.

If you are lucky enough, the PlayStation Network Support team will be convinced by your request and will help you unban your PSN account within a few days.

Note: If your account was suspended due to account debt, your account would be restored as soon as the debt is settled.

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How to Unban PSN Account Hack?

There is no direct unban PSN account hack that can get you unbanned on your PS4. However, you can convince the PlayStation Support team to unban your PSN account mentioning the genuine and responsible reason. If you can assure them that whatever caused the account ban will not happen again in the future, they might unban you. The chances of this method working are low, but there is no harm in trying. Follow the steps given below on how to unban PSN account:

1. Navigate to the PlayStation Support page.

2. Click on Account & Security > Suspensions tabs.

Tap on Suspensions | How to Unban PSN Account

3A. On the bottom of the page, locate and call on the phone number mentioned.

Call the given customer care number.

3B. You can also contact the PlayStation support team on the following mail IDs:

4. Convey the authentic reasons for the incident that led to the account suspension.

If the support team gets convinced, you might get your PSN account back.

What Happens If You Get Banned 3 Times on PS4?

Sony takes violations of its Terms of Service and Community Guidelines very seriously and takes appropriate action as soon as possible. Your account will likely receive a permanent ban if you are suspended three times on a PSN account. Moreover, you will not be allowed to have your account back.


We hope that you learned about how to unban PSN account. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.

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  1. Why did i get banned for? it’s been 5 months i really wanna play again i missed ps4 so much please i don’t mind if you tell me reason why i got banned my account was (VimPerEye)🤨really like why😐

  2. I got a month ban because of a picture that’s circulated through our clan groups for over 3 years they were def adult inappropriate pics but we are all over 21 at the lowest Id say 25 to 40 and been talking and playing together for bout 5 years Ive never been banned before…. And I got hit w that when I hardly play during the week but have finally got myself to and weekend warrior play iwork 50 hrs a week play just over 20…. because of an inappropriate picture but we were all mature enough to see it.

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