How to Get Free TikTok Coins

It comes as no surprise that TikTok has become one of the most popular apps worldwide. Owing to its popularity, TikTok is being used by almost every influencer and has quickly become a famous entertainment hub. But have you ever heard about coins on the TikTok app? Yes, there are TikTok coins you can use to do certain actions on the platform. And today, we will be discussing this in detail. Stay tuned till the end!

How to Get Free TikTok Coins

How to Get Free TikTok Coins

Keep reading further to find out how you can get free TikTok coins and learn more about various coins available on the TikTok app.

What are Coins for on TikTok?

TikTok coins can be used for sending gifts to your favorite content creators during their live streams. You can also give influencer gifts in their chatbox. The coins are bought with real money and are valid in the app only. And you can buy the coins via your bank or PayPal account.

TikTok Browse page

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Can You Cash Out TikTok Coins?

Yes, Influencers can cash out TikTok coins for which they need a PayPal account. The minimum balance that you must have in your TikTok account is $100. The maximum everyday limit of withdrawal is $1000 as well. The coins earned by influencers are first converted into diamonds and one diamond is equivalent to 100 coins. Also, each diamond values 5 cents. And the diamonds are redeemed in cash.

How Much is a Coin On TikTok Worth?

The value doesn’t remain the same all the time. The value of the coins depends on the exchange rate. Hence, these coins have different values every time. Since the exchange system is always dynamic, the value of coins you have today may not remain the same tomorrow.

How to Get Coins on TikTok for Free?

Some of the ways to earn free coins are:

  • Watch Videos: You need to perform some tasks while watching videos to earn free coins
  • Participate in Challenges: TikTok can gift your these coins if you participate and win challenges
  • Gifts: Other users can provide you with free coins as a gift

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How Do You Get Free TikTok Coins?

You can get free coins if someone gifts you these. Even TikTok can give you coins if you win some challenges or earn them by watching videos on TikTok.

How Much is 500 TikTok Coins?

Presently, the value of one TikTok coin is 1.3 cents in the US. Based on the calculation, the 100 TikTok coins will be equivalent to $1.3. While 500 coins are currently valued at $6.49.

How Much is 100 TikTok Diamonds?

To put this into a simple calculation, 100 coins are equivalent to 50 diamonds. It is because TikTok Diamonds are just 50% of the value of coins. The value of each diamond is 5 cents. So 100 diamonds are equivalent to 50$.

How Much is 7000 Coins on TikTok?

Based on the current calculation, you can buy 7000 coins on TikTok app for about $129.99. The value of one coin is 1.3 cents as it is the cost of coins in the USA. The value may be different based on the exchange rate of different countries. Your account will be able to tell you the exact amount if you search about it in the Recharge section.

Recharge section

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How Much is a Rose Gift on TikTok?

Sending gifts to your favorite influencers can be quite fun. Influencers can really enjoy the love they get in the form of gifts as well as make money out of their talent. So, if you’re planning to gift a rose to someone, then keep in mind that 1 rose costs $1 only.

How Much is 100 Roses on TikTok?

As one rose on TikTok costs $1, 100 roses will cost $100.

How Much is a Lion Worth on TikTok?

A lion is one of the most famous gifts to present to someone on TikTok. However, gifting a lion can cost you a whopping amount. Yes, a lion comes at the price of 29,999 coins on TikTok. This is not a modest present to gift someone, but if this is in your plans, then you would have to shell out 29,999 coins.

Lion for 29,999 coins

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How Do You Turn TikTok Gifts Into Cash?

Tiktok allows you to withdraw cash once you have 1000 followers. The gifts you earn are first converted into diamonds and these diamonds are redeemed in cash. It is also important to know that TikTok takes 50% of the commission on your earnings. By going into your account, under the Balance section, you will be able to see the live gifts and accumulated diamonds. You can tap on Withdraw tab to get cash transferred to your Paypal account.

Balance section


We hope that you learned about how to get TikTok coins. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.

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