What is WildTangent Games?

You bought a new laptop, and while you are going through it, you see WildTangent. You must wonder what it is and why it is on your laptop. You may also be wondering whether it has some use or is just pre-installed software in your laptop just for promotion. If you are someone who wants to know about what is WildTangent, this article will guide you with that. It will help you understand what is WildTangent Games and whether or not is WildTangent a spyware. Also, you will learn how to download WildTangent Games and how can you delete WildTangent Games on your PC.

What is WildTangent Games?

What is WildTangent Games?

You will get to know what is what is WildTangent and how to download it further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

What is WildTangent Games on Laptop?

WildTangent Games on a laptop is a pre-installed application software. WildTangent Games network powers game service for several PC manufacturers, which includes HP, Dell, Toshiba, Gateway, Acer, Samsung, and Sony VAIO. You’ll find the option to uninstall some of these devices. While on some, you can’t, and on those devices which don’t have WildTangent pre-installed, you can download it from their official website.

WildTangent Games website | delete WildTangent games

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What is WildTangent Games in Windows 10?

In Windows 10 and other versions of Windows, WildTangent is an application store where you can purchase games or rent them for a certain time. The application is only supported on devices that run on the Windows operating system, while on other devices, you can individually download the games developed by WildTangent for supported devices.

What Does WildTangent Games Do?

WildTangent Games develop and publish games for Windows, Android, and iOS. They do have their own application, which consists of 1000+ games of different categories, including the games developed by them and the ones developed by other developers. So, it’s like a store for games from where you can purchase paid games and can also rent them for some amount.

Is WildTangent Games a Virus? Is WildTangent a Spyware?

No, WildTangent is not a virus or any spyware. But in 2004, it has found that their original web driver was a potentially unwanted program and soon WildTangent shut it down. It also has been found that WildTangent is collecting user data and using them for their promotional stuff. Using this software on their system, most users found that their computers are getting slower and computer performance has decreased. Now, you know exactly whether or not is WildTangent a spyware.

Is WildTangent Safe?

No, WildTangent is not safe. WildTangent comes pre-installed in desktops and laptops from the manufacturers like HP and Dell, which was found to affect the performance of your system negatively by using your system resources, even if it’s not needed. And due to this, the system used to hang and get slow. While setting up an account on WildTangent, the user needs to add their information. And it is found that WildTangent is using this information for promotional purposes and having WildTangent on your system might affect your privacy.

Are WildTangent Games Free?

Yes, the WildTangent Games app is completely free on Windows, and you can download it from the official WildTangent website. In this app, there are some games that you’ll be able to play for free. While for some others, you need to create a WildTangent account and purchase or rent the game for some time. The prices of the games vary from game to game. Some games are totally free, while for some you have to pay the price.

Can You Play WildTangent Games on a Tablet?

Yes, you can play WildTangent on a tablet. WildTangent app can be found for Windows but is not available for Android. If you own an Asus tablet, you’ll be able to get the premium version for free.

Is WildTangent Games Still Available?

Yes, WildTangent is still available for the Windows operating system. They have their game services running smoothly, which you can download from the WildTangent Games App page. It is not as popular as it was in the early 2000. And currently, the ownership has been also shifted to Gaming AG. You can find almost 1000 plus games on their application which doesn’t need a great PC just a decent one is enough to play them.

WildTangent Games App page

What Happened to WildTangent?

A lot of events occurred with WildTangent, both good and bad since its launch in 1998. It acquired a lot of games and wanted to be the biggest game company and provided service to manufacturers, like HP and Dell. They owned almost 1000 plus games and were the most prominent service provider in the US and Europe. Before 2004, users reported to the company that their products were harming their PC’s performance. In 2003, WildTangent’s original web driver was found to be a potentially unwanted program, and WildTangent shut it down. In 2019, a German gaming company acquired WildTangent.

What is WildTangent Games List?

The WildTangent Games list is the list of video games that are developed and published by WildTangent. The games developed by them are Blackhawk Striker 2, BlasterBall 2 and 3, Crystal Maze, Fate series, Final Drive, Penguins, Phoenix Assault, Polar Golfer, Polar Pool, and many more.

Blackhawk Striker 2

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How to Download WildTangent Games? How Do I Download WildTangent Games?

To download WildTangent games on your PC, just follow these steps:

Note: Make sure your device must be running the windows operating system.

1. Visit the WildTangent Games App page on your browser.

2. Click on GET IT NOW to start the download.

Click on GET IT NOW to start the download.

3. Click on Save to download the game on your system.

Click on Save to download the game on your system.

4. Go to Downloads and double-click on the WildTangent App setup.

Go to downloads and double-click on the wildtangent games app setup.

5. Click on Agree to agree with the terms.

Click on Agree to agree with the terms.

6. Click on Finish once the setup is installed.

Click on Finish once the setup is installed.

7. WildTangent app will automatically launch by itself.

8. Search and select the desired game of your choice.

Search or select the game of your choice and click on it.

9. Click on PLAY to download the game.

Click on PLAY to download the game.

10. Click on INSTALL to download and install the game.

Click on Install to download and install the game | delete WildTangent games

This is how to download WildTangent games on your PC, and let’s see if you can delete them.

Can I Delete WildTangent Games?

Yes, you can delete WildTangent app. You can purchase or download the different categories of games from WildTangent and you can anytime remove them if you don’t want them. To uninstall individual games, you need to click on the trash icon > Uninstall to remove them from your library completely. If you don’t download any games, it’s useless for you, and can consider deleting them from your PC.

Can I Uninstall WildTangent?

Yes, you can uninstall WildTangent. If you don’t use WildTangent anymore to download and purchase the games, you can surely uninstall it. Just like you uninstall any other application on your windows computer. Uninstalling WildTangent won’t remove your WildTangent account, but only the data that is associated with the WildTangent app saved on your PC.


We hope that you learned what is WildTangent games, is WildTangent a spyware, and how to delete it. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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